Stupidity: Barbara and Adam can obviously interact with physical objects (the statue horse, holding the door shut, etc.) but when trying to scare the Deetz's they tried visual stunts rather than throwing or moving objects.

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Suggested correction: Barbara and Adam are not aggressive, intimidating people. Maybe they could have thrown and moved objects, but that would be almost violent. They would rather try a few visual stunts, instead of possibly hurting someone and/or damaging something in the house.

I respectively disagree with this. One of the visual tricks Barbara and Adam tried was her holding a bloody knife over his decapitated body, that in itself would have been violent and aggressive if they had been seen.

Suggested correction: They first off didn't really understand how to interact with the physical world and secondly they didn't realise yet they were invisible.


I'm not sure the point of this correction because we see none of this is true. Barbara picks up a physical object and moves it without thinking about it. Then she looks at herself in the mirror with the horse and sees she doesn't have a reflection.


I have to agree. Even if Adam and Barbara couldn't be seen, the noose that Barbara "hanged" herself with or even the knife she was holding still should have been seen as they are physical objects and a knife, to the Deetz's, would be floating in midair and would probably scare them off.

Stupidity: If none of the Dietz (aside from Lydia) can see the ghosts of the Maitlands, why were they hiding out of the window when they went up into the attic after Delia's critics left? They could've been standing there in plain sight and none except Lydia would know that they were even there.

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Continuity mistake: When Otho is going through the house suggesting changes he is wearing white sneakers in one room and red ones in the next. (00:16:25)

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Adam: Well, how is it that you can see us but nobody else can?
Lydia: Well, I read in that Handbook for the Recently Deceased. It says, "Live people ignore the strange and unusual." I, myself am strange and unusual.
Barbara: You look like a regular girl to me.

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Question: Why does Bettlejuice give Lydia some BS reason why he can't tell her his name, but them puts her through a ridiculous round of charades for her to guess it?

Carl Missouri

Chosen answer: Because he can't say his own name, therefore the charades is the only way he can get her to figure out what his name is to say it.


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