Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Factual error: When Koba steals an Armored Security Vehicle class M1117A Guardian, he kills the gunner from the turret and then somehow manages to use the 240B attached to the turret. First, it takes three men/apes to operate the ASV, and second, the ASV cannot be operated from the turret. In that scene, it is assumed that Koba is operating the entire vehicle, something most humans cannot do or do not know how to do. Let alone a 240B, MK19, or .50 Cal M2 Browning. The ASV turned in the direction of the wall, which was the only way that the Apes were able to breach the city walls. This is also kind of an important plot hole blunder too because if it were not for the breach from the ASV, the Apes would not have won. The other blunder from this is that the gunner would not have been exposed from the hatch, since the ASV was using .50Cal and MK19. No need to use the 240B.

Bradley Holmes

Continuity mistake: At the Dam Hydro Plant Caesar throws Koba on his back and pummels him. Then they roll once to the right, which now puts Koba on top of Caesar. Yet a quick-cut to their faces shows they kept Caesar on top, still pummeling Koba.

tedloveslisa Premium member

Factual error: In the scene where Gary Oldman looks at his iPad after the power has been restored, the power shows as being 74% full, meaning it's charged far too fast. Plus the charger is plugged into the iPad, so the battery should have a charging symbol, which it does not. (01:14:55)

Continuity mistake: When Koba is approaching the soldiers to kill them, he is smiling and jumping around, then he makes a front flip, but the distance between Koba and them changes between shots.


Continuity mistake: The Apes cross the timber-pile beaver dam en route to the hydro-station. On their approach, the upstream canyon is shown to have a low water level. As they cross, the water is spilling through that dam.

tedloveslisa Premium member

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