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Question: At the end when Gamora and the Good Nebula are speaking, Gamora asks Nebula what happens in the future and Nebula responds that she tried to kill her many times, but they eventually became friends. Why didn't Nebula bother to tell Gamora that Thanos killed her to get the Soul Stone. Seems odd that she left that out.

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: Nebula already alluded to Gamora being killed by Thanos earlier when she said something along the lines "You know what he does to you?" In this scene in question, Gamora is already disillusioned with Thanos and frees Nebula from captivity to battle him, thus it's not necessary to show the audience Nebula telling Gamora what Thanos did to her. She may have told her offscreen while they were on their way to find the evil Nebula.


Answer: She is watching the TV show All My Children.

Question: How is Lydia able to see Adam and Barbara along with Beetlejuice? Did she have some sort of near death experience or maybe inherited something from her family?

Answer: It's about her personality. She is just quirky and different from other people, maybe a bit psychic, and that has given her the ability to see the spirits. She may have inherited the trait from her late mother.


Question: What led Axel Foley to know that agent Fulbright was in on the scheme? He didn't seem to show any suspicion earlier. Was it just because Fulbright was at the park at the end? The way Foley talked made it seem like he figured it out before know Fulbright was there.


Answer: Just before Uncle Dave is shot earlier in the film Axel figures out that the note he was given was written on treasury mint sample paper - I believe it's at this point that Axel know Fulbright was in on it since the "matter of life and death" note was written some time before the treasury mint paper truck heist.

Answer: Axel was suspicious of Fulbright of knowing everything that was going on in Wonderland but did nothing. He said, they were investigating but Axel was the only one making any progress. Plus, to get the materials needed to make counterfeit bills they were using authentic paper and ink, something only a Treasury Agent would have access to.

Question: In Donna's diary, what date does she say she spent the night with Bill?

Answer: "The night before August 4th".


Question: Why did the robbers stick around after smashing the phone lines in the basement? Were they not at all concerned that Meg had enough time to call the police in that time?

Answer: It was a risk they took. They didn't know for sure if she called or not, but they probably figured that since the lines were down, that she may not have had enough time, and it was a risk they took. As seen later on, they find out that she only called her husband and not the police.


Question: How come Ransom did not realise that Marta had not given Harlan the morphine when he went back to the study room to switch the evidence?

Answer: She didn't drain either of the vials so unless he actually measured how much of each liquid there was to start with, he was unlikely to notice that the amounts weren't quite what would have expected. He knew enough to know that the switch could lead to a death, but he's not anal enough to note every tiny aspect of the situation to verify that nothing's gone wrong.


Question: What music is playing in the background of the church when Christian Slater gets knocked out?

Question: Is there a deleted scene that explains why the girl who doesn't go to the school (the one who Damien points out), has been going there?

Answer: I don't think there is a deleted scene, it's just supposed to be funny because she didn't even go to that school, and she just went there just to talk about her feelings.

Question: Why does Janis insist on pronouncing Cady's name incorrectly (so that "Cad" rhymes with "glad")? Until she and Cady argue on the night of Cady's party, when she does say it correctly.

Answer: She simply called Cady Caddy to be funny, kind of like a term of endearment or a nickname that a friend would use. Once Janis found out that Cady lied to her, she stopped calling her Caddy because they were no longer friends.

Answer: I've met people who do this. For whatever reason, they think your name looks like it should be pronounced a certain way, or they assign you a nickname. It's how they think of you. In particular, this could be an awkward trait for Janis, who has been bullied for years. Maybe she feels a need to "define" people in her mind. When she argues with Cady and finally uses Cady's correct name, it shows how Cady is not the person who Janis thought she knew.

Question: At Bruce Wayne's party, why does Knox (the reporter for the Gotham newspaper) seem to not know who Bruce Wayne is? Knox flat out asks him in the room with the life-size figures "Who are you?" Seems like Knox would know who such a prominent citizen of Gotham is. I understand Vicki Vale not knowing as she is a freelancer in from out-of-town, but Knox not knowing?

Answer: He considers himself a tough hard edge reporter, like Woodard and Bernstein, walking the gritty streets, going down dark alleys and coming face to face with the underworld's rogue's gallery. He regards the entertainment, gossip and high society pages as puff pieces worthy of Catherine "Cat" Grant of the Daily Planet. So he wouldn't recognize the wealthy blue blood types.

Respectfully, that's pure speculation. Bruce Wayne is the most well-known person in Gotham City and surely his name and photo would have been in the newspaper, on magazine covers and on the news many, many times. It makes no sense that Knox wouldn't know who he was. You might not care about Kim Kardashian, but most people would recognize a picture of her.


Answer: In the original comic book lore, young Bruce Wayne travelled the world for years seeking the expertise of the greatest cops, criminals, athletes and martial artists to become Batman. In the movie, "Batman'" had been active for a few months and was considered a urban legend, which means he may well have only recently returned from those travels. Also, at the party celebrating newly appointed Harvey Dent, Bruce Wayne's seat was empty, was means he missed several other ceremonies. He was avoiding the spotlight. Forget "Batman Begins."

Question: Wouldn't the mall staff have removed any gas from the car parked inside the mall?

Answer: Not necessarily, there are many instances where cars are parked inside of malls or even stadiums for promotional purposes. It is a lot easier to have gas in the car if it needs to be moved or replaced for any reason.


Chosen answer: "Flat foot" is American slang for a police officer.

Brian Katcher

Season 6 generally

Question: When the FBI enter the Starkwood compound, they are surrounded by Starkwood militia and Hodges threatens to open fire if the FBI don't leave the property. They are federal agents. Would opening fire on them not still be a crime? Hodges seemed sure he could order it to be done and be within his rights so why was that?


Answer: Hodges had a warped, extremist view of individual and property rights. Harassing, impeding, threatening, or interfering with federal agents engaged in their official duties is against the law, even if the actions of the agents are found later to be unlawful. Once he knew they were feds, threatening to shoot them was a crime.

Question: Assuming that Ripley wasn't infected with the queen before ending upon fury 161, would the facehugger implanted the queen embryo into the dog/ox or use one of the prisoners assuming it can choose which embryo to deposit first.

Darth Crucible

Answer: It could be the Facehugger either has a short life span or a short period of time to lay her egg.

Question: At the beginning of the movie we see little Annabelle Mullins die. Later we met Janice who became possessed and at the end of the film she introduces herself as Annabelle Higgins (because she was adopted). She grew up, kills her parents and kills herself... but at the beginning of The Conjuring we heard that Annabelle Higgins was a little girl who died when she had 7 years old. What's going on?

Answer: Honestly... they just decided to slightly rework the backstory of the doll in the "Annabelle" spin-off movies, leading to a minor discrepancy with the name. There are actually a few other minor discrepancies between the beginning of "The Conjuring" and the "Annabelle" movies. It's what you'd call a "ret-con" - a storytelling device where established continuity is altered in a subsequent work. It's as simple as that.


Answer: It's a little dark, but if you pay attention in the last shot when the phone gets disconnected, it looks like a fishing rod reel.


Peggy's Headache - S3-E3

Question: At the beginning of the episode, John Redcorn pretends that he is at the Gribble's house because he has gingko biloba for Nancy's headaches. Peggy seems awkward and makes the "Uh-huh, sure, I've heard of that" comment. She doesn't yet know about John and Nancy having an affair - she finds out later in this episode - so why is she uncomfortable at this point?

Answer: I think Peggy was pretending to already know something about the herb that John mentioned, gingko biloba. She often wants to appear intellectual and wise about many subjects.

Question: Why didn't Nica use the video cam footage to prove innocence?

Answer: Chances are Chucky was able to either hide it, destroy it or erase it. Really not that hard to do considering Chucky himself was a piece of evidence, and would probably be able to slip around unnoticed at the police station/evidence depository.


Answer: It's called a Bantu knot and it is similar to other historical Afro-texture - also known as kinky - hairstyles. Within the context of the show, the reason for the hairstyle is she probably just likes the look. Within the context of producing the show, they might have felt the hairstyle helped accentuate her deranged facial expressions.


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