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Question: The premise of "Santa Clause 2" is that the new Santa must find a wife or he goes back to being a normal guy. So, what happened to the prior Mrs. Claus, the one that was married to the Santa that fell off the roof in the first movie - or for that matter, the ones married to any of the prior Santas? Do they just disappear when their husbands are no longer Santa?

Answer: They become widows, presumably, stop being "Mrs. Claus", and go back to living a normal life.


Answer: When a Santa dies, the previous Mrs. Claus goes back into the human world and loses all memory of the north pole and Santa.

Answer: The previous Santas probably didn't have wives and then would die or retire before the elves could find out about the marriage clause.

But that doesn't make sense because Scott Calvin, the current Santa, automatically started to reverse naturally without the elves doing anything.

Question: At the meeting, what did Mother Nature mean when she said "Don't mess with me Santa. I'm pre-el niño." or something like that. What does pre-el niño mean and why did she think Santa was messing with her?

Answer: By "pre-El Niño", she meant what to a mortal woman would be pre-menstrual. El Niño is "an oscillation of the ocean-atmosphere system in the tropical Pacific having important consequences for weather around the globe. Among these consequences are increased rainfall across the southern tier of the US and in Peru, which has caused destructive flooding, and drought in the West Pacific, sometimes associated with devastating brush fires in Australia."

Jeff Swanson

So she was saying she's PMSing?

Yep, that's exactly what she's saying.


Answer: "El Niño" means "the child" so she probably meant to say "don't mess with me, I've been here since Jesus".

El Niño in the context of the line is referring to the weather event in the Pacific Ocean.


Question: Why did Charlie spray paint graffiti in the gym near the beginning of the movie?

Answer: He was getting back at his principal because she hates Christmas.

Question: Who was the blond woman dancing to "Everybody Loves Christmas" in that mid-credits scene? Was she Principal Carol Newman or that Shaina Twain-wannabe?

Answer: The actress dancing to "Everybody Loves Christmas" is Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays Mrs. Claus/Principal Newman.


Question: One of the plot points is that Charlie is acting out due to his dad not being around and him not being able to tell people who his dad really is. If Scott doesn't have to be up at the north pole all year round, why can't he live at home with Charlie most of the year and then go up to the pole closer to the fall/winter? In the first movie he didn't have to report back until Thanksgiving. Can't he do the same the other years as well?

Answer: Bernard said, Scott has a year to get his affairs in order and be back by next Thankisgiving, to forgo his old life and adjust to his new one. By Thanksgiving, the Naughty or Nice list would have been compiled, the toys ready for packing and the reindeer prepared for flight.

Answer: Being Santa Claus is a full time job, keeping updates on the children who are naughty or nice year round. Plus, kids change their mind constantly about what they want for Christmas. One minute it's Star Wars, the next it's Marvel. Technology is also changing, the latest computer game becomes obsolete in 6 months.

This answer doesn't address the fact that in the first film, it's made clear that Santa doesn't report to the North Pole until Thanksgiving. Plus, the naughty/nice list is sent to his house, by FedEx of all things.


Question: How come Scott didn't fly out of the sled like Toy Santa did when the sleigh hit the stairs? Toy Santa probably weighs more than Scott.

Answer: Because he put his foot out on the sled to brace himself.

Question: Why does Scott want to be Santa?

Answer: Seeing as he has been Santa for quite some time now - he doesn't want to stop being Santa, he likes it, and is happy with the way things are.

Answer: Scott wants to keep being Santa because he realised that being Santa helped him be a better person and that it's quite enjoyable, being able to to give gifts to all the children of the world.

Answer: Scott wanted to be Santa so that children would believe in him, otherwise the elves and the whole North Pole world would cease to exist.

Question: Just some questions about Charlie and Principal Newman: 1. So, just to double-check, Charlie defaces the school and gets into trouble because Principal Newman hates Christmas? 2. How does Charlie get over Principal Newman being his stepmom and do they get along in the end? 3. If the graffiti Charlie is trying to get rid of doesn't come off, how does he get it done or does he still have to do it after Principal Newman becomes Mrs. Claus? 4. In the end, is Charlie still on the naughty list?

Answer: 1. Yes. Charlie gets into trouble for defacing school property - his way of protesting Principal Newman's anti-Christmas policies. 2. That question was not addressed but it can be presumed Charlie accepted it and got over it. 3. Charlie tells his dad the graffiti won't come off, but he was just complaining how difficult the paint removal was. It can be surmised the paint was eventually removed (with difficulty and a lot of elbow grease). Yes, he still has to do it after Principal Newman becomes Mrs. Claus, as his dad would not allow the extreme vandalism Charlie did to slide. 4. Most likely Charlie was removed from the Naughty List because he repented, did a good deed by sacrificing a tooth to summon the Tooth Fairy to bring Principal Newman to the North Pole and was also cleaning up his vandalism against school property. After Christmas Day, he started with a clean slate and a new chance to be good for the next year.


Question: What is the name of the principal's rocking horse? Harley or Harvey?

Answer: It was Harvey. She says, "One year was a rocking horse, and I named it Harvey."


Question: Scott has obviously come home before when Charlie has been in trouble or to visit as both Principal Newman and Lucy both know and are aware of him. Question is, does he change his appearance with magic, so he doesn't look like Santa around them? If not, has Lucy ever questioned why he looked like Santa prior to the movie?

Answer: This is simply speculation, as it's never answered in the movie or behind the scenes, but since keeping his identity a secret is essential; we can probably safely assume he does do some sort of a disguise when he visits, so he doesn't obviously look like Santa.

Question: If it really is so important for Scott to find a wife, then why didn't Curtis and Bernard tell him about it earlier? Why put that pressure on him, when they could've just told him after his first year or two? They seriously waited that long just to tell him "you need to get married"?

Answer: There could be any number of possible reasons that could be speculated on. However, the most likely answer is that after the first movie became a big hit and sequel was to be made, this was the plot line that was developed "after the fact."


He says in the movie that it was his "first mistake in 900 years" meaning he didn't realise about Mrs. Claus.

Question: Why do they keep saying Christmas is over if Scott isn't Santa anymore? Wouldn't there just be another Santa?

Answer: Becoming Santa was an accident for Scott, it was an emergency situation to put on the suit. It was the years on the job which made him the best Santa. Everyone said so at the Immortals meeting. If he was not up to the job, they would have got someone else. That would take time and effort, which they didn't have.

Question: Charlie complains that he can't tell anyone his dad is Santa, and he tells Lucy she can't reveal that either. Why though? In the third movie Scott tried to keep Carol's parents from finding out the truth, but he eventually relents as they are his family, and he doesn't want to keep secrets from them. Can't Charlie be allowed to do the same with Danielle if it makes him feel better? Sure she might not believe him at first, but he could show her the snow globe like he did with Carol.

Answer: This falls in with the theme of believing is seeing. Santa's Christmas magic works because children do not need to see him in order to believe there is a Santa. By telling people, it defeats that purpose. If people know something is real, there is no need for belief as it is a fact. The Christmas magic will disappear. By the third movie, Carol is Scott's wife and Mrs. Claus. Her parents share a much greater bond than Danielle has to Charlie. Carol may fight with her parents, but they stay her parents and part of Scott's extended family. Danielle is a just a friend/girlfriend. A fight/break up could have catastrophic consequences. Telling her isn't worth risking the secret of Santa Claus and the magic of Christmas.


True, but then that logic completely falls apart with the third movie as Jack Frost decided to just open the north pole to the public to profit from Christmas and the magic didn't disappear then. And like you said, it does fall in the theme of believing is seeing, but Charlie also tells Lucy that most people stop believing when they get older but people like him, Lucy, and the rest of the family get to believe forever since they know he exists. Not so much fact, but more people can believe.

Revealing mistake: In the beginning of the movie when Charlie is in the gym, the last can of spray paint he uses, just before the Principal catches him, appears to spray 'clear'.

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Bernard: Curtis, you're 900 years old. Grow up.


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