Tooth Fairy

Other mistake: In a hockey game, Derek Thompson slams an opposing player into the wall and knocks out a tooth. Inexplicably, the tooth shoots straight up into the air and there is absolutely no blood on the tooth or around the player's mouth.

Character mistake: Dwanye Johnson is called onto the ice, the first thing he does is throws a player through a glass pane. The player looses a tooth. The close up shows that the tooth is a molar, but the commentators say, seconds later, "Ohhh that's an incisor!" (00:01:00 - 00:02:35)

Factual error: Hockey player Derek Thompson is nicknamed "Tooth Fairy" because he often knocks out the teeth of opposing players. His car license plate reads #1 TOOTH. In Michigan, where the movie takes place, the symbol # is not available for use on a license plate.

Continuity mistake: When the "Toothfairy" met the cat for the first time after they fall out of the bed, you see only a piece of block, and 2 shots later there is a skateboard next to it . (00:35:45)

Visible crew/equipment: When Rock is learning to fly, the top of the cyclorama wall is visible and the top of his flying rig harness is very visible with attempts to blur by post production on only some parts.

Plot hole: Obviously, tooth fairies are real, in this movie at least. During the movie, Derek has to retrieve each child's tooth and put money under the pillow. He's paged as soon as the kid loses the tooth, since he often has to wait till the kid goes to bed before intervening, and he is required to do it as soon as possible. But parents are doing the same, and at one point in the movie Derek actually stops a dad that just did the swap and extorts the tooth from him. That of course creates a parodox: the majority of parents in the world apparently have been subjected for centuries to the freak occurrence of finding already under their pillows mysterious money and their children's baby teeth missing as they go do the deed themselves. You can't have both the fairy and the parent do the same task.


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Suggested correction: This is part of the suspension of disbelief for holiday movies like this. Doing this means you would have to apply the exact same logic to every Christmas movie depicting Santa as real leaving presents for children when the parents would just see gifts appear they didn't leave behind.

Quantom X

I thought the same, but the thing is, it's all left to the imagination, for instance you can assume there's some "magic" that makes the parents forget everything and just assume they bought the gifts themselves even if they did not. If they meet Santa, it's considered a special deal, and its consequences are not shown, so it all stops here. Not here, here there are specific magic devices (a magic dust of forgetfulness exactly to erase memory of what happened, for instance) that in this encounter is not used by The Rock. So this movie is awfully specific about the interaction between the magical agents and whatnot, to the point that they need to erase their traces and not be spotted, but those rules don't make internal sense. Had they said nothing about it, I would have just assumed it was like every Santa movie as you mentioned, where it is not presented by the movie itself as an issue with contradictory solutions.


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Continuity mistake: When the Rock enters the first kid's room, pay attention to the blue building block on the floor and how it is turned. Just for the shots where the cat arrives and The Rock has to hide behind it, the block rotated 90°. It goes back to how it was a moment later, otherwise the curved path would not face the door and the Rock couldn't fly towards the door. (00:33:30 - 00:36:15)


Continuity mistake: Right as The Rock lands in the Tooth Fairy world for the first time in his dazzling tutu, one of the first fairies that cross his path is a black fairy, moving from what would be The Rock's right to his left. In the next shot he's all the way to the Rock's right. In general in the scene there's a lot of extra recycling, a Hispanic fairy with heavy makeup and big cheekbones, quite recognizable, that keeps advancing behind The Rock without ever really moving. (00:11:55)


Continuity mistake: The Rock is goofing around with his fiancee's little girl playing a vampire. Randy scoffs and goes to open the fridge. In the first shot he's reaching for both doors, in the closer shot he is opening just one, brief cutaway shot and then he's re-opening the same door. (00:05:35)


Factual error: Derek's license plate not only contains an illegal character (and Michigan's Secretary of State seems to be quite strict on vanity plates too), but also the state of MI issues just one plate. Derek's car has identical Michigan plates both front and back.


Continuity mistake: Derek invites everyone to dinner after the makeover party but he receives a call on his blackberry. He handles it with his right hand, but in the last shot he's holding it with his left. (00:49:15)


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Continuity mistake: As he is walking with Tracy, The Rock meets a random fairy questioning his attire. The guy has a single string showing above his left shoulder, doubling in the next shot. (00:12:40)


Continuity mistake: When a pint-sized Rock argues with Tracy on the doorstep of the first kid, the shadows of the two change depending on the angle of the shots. (00:32:00)


Other mistake: At the last game when Derek flies out of the rink, the crowd is standing quiet and still from shock at what they've seen. When the camera is panning across the crowd, if you look in the right hand side, towards the top, there is a lady with black hair and a red coat waving her arms and looking straight at the camera (like the extra is trying to be seen by family and friends). (01:20:55)

Factual error: When Derek Thompson is seen with his full hockey gear on without a jersey, he is wearing the wrong type of chest protector. The type he is wearing is only used by goalies, not skaters.

Deliberate mistake: All Minor Hockey Leagues in North America require players to wear visors with their helmets.

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Continuity mistake: When the Rock is giving the kid his present (a hockey stick) the paper covering it changes height in the shots. He even takes the paper almost all the way off when in the next shot it is back on.


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Trivia: When the goalie is scared away by Billy Crystal during the end credits, he yells the Wilhelm scream.

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Answer: It was all Black Market merchandise. Usually not of any good use; total rip-off.

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