Tooth Fairy

Other mistake: In a hockey game, Derek Thompson slams an opposing player into the wall and knocks out a tooth. Inexplicably, the tooth shoots straight up into the air and there is absolutely no blood on the tooth or around the player's mouth.

Factual error: Hockey player Derek Thompson is nicknamed "Tooth Fairy" because he often knocks out the teeth of opposing players. His car license plate reads #1 TOOTH. In Michigan, where the movie takes place, the symbol # is not available for use on a license plate.

Character mistake: Dwanye Johnson is called onto the ice, the first thing he does is throws a player through a glass pane. The player looses a tooth. The close up shows that the tooth is a molar, but the commentators say, seconds later, "Ohhh that's an incisor!" (00:01:00 - 00:02:35)

Continuity mistake: When the "Toothfairy" met the cat for the first time after they fall out of the bed, you see only a piece of block, and 2 shots later there is a skateboard next to it . (00:35:45)

Visible crew/equipment: When Rock is learning to fly, the top of the cyclorama wall is visible and the top of his flying rig harness is very visible with attempts to blur by post production on only some parts.

Other mistake: At the last game when Derek flies out of the rink, the crowd is standing quiet and still from shock at what they've seen. When the camera is panning across the crowd, if you look in the right hand side, towards the top, there is a lady with black hair and a red coat waving her arms and looking straight at the camera (like the extra is trying to be seen by family and friends). (01:20:55)

Factual error: When Derek Thompson is seen with his full hockey gear on without a jersey, he is wearing the wrong type of chest protector. The type he is wearing is only used by goalies, not skaters.

Deliberate mistake: All Minor Hockey Leagues in North America require players to wear visors with their helmets.

Continuity mistake: When the Rock is giving the kid his present (a hockey stick) the paper covering it changes height in the shots. He even takes the paper almost all the way off when in the next shot it is back on.

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