The Santa Clause 2

Santa finds out he has to get married to remain Santa. Also he has to get to his home to take care of Charlie and take care of things in the north pole.Curtis makes a toy santa to make the elves think that santa is still there while the real santa goes home.The toy santa goes overboard and thinks that every kid on earth doesn't deserve toys.Toy santa stops the production of toys and forces the elves to make coal.The real santa rushes to the north pole to stop the toy santa but toy santa is already on his way to deliver coal to all the little boys and girls.

Willard Burton

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Bernard: Curtis, you're 900 years old. Grow up.



In the scene where Santa is getting married, just after they kiss and Santa looks like Santa again, you can see in the bottom left hand corner Bernard and Curtis giving each other the thumbs up. In the very next shot, it repeats them doing this again only in a close up.



In an uncredited cameo Peter Boyle appears as Father Time.