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Track of a Soldier - S12-E18

Question: When we figure out at the end that Juan was Lloyd's killer, how come it didn't show a flashback of him stabbing Lloyd? Like the other scene where it shows Peter discovering his dead body and picks up the knife, and also at the end it shows Greta discovered his body too and turned his body around to look for the diamond, but didn't show Juan murdering him.


Answer: It may simply have been a matter of time, as this was a one-hour show. The murderer is always revealed at the end, though it is not necessary to show the actual murder. Also, at that that time, it may have been considered too graphic to show someone being stabbed on a family TV show.

raywest Premium member

Question: At the end of the first Mummy, Ank Su Na Mun was resurrected into her mummy corpse, but how can that be if, as we saw in the Mummy Returns, that Ank Su Na Mun is reincarnated into this modern era. That would have to have meant that she was alive when her soul went into another corpse. How does that work?

Answer: The same way Evie's memories are entwined with that of someone from ancient Egypt. Imhotep's followers used magic to bring Anck Su Namun's soul back, basically using someone else's body (one of her ancestors) and put her soul into it. So it's not really her body, just her mind/soul.


Answer: It's also likely a case of "Flanderization", where as the show progresses, the writers zero in on a single aspect of a character that they get the most material out of, and think is the funniest, and expand it at the expense of realism or development, to the point where it is the character's entire personality.

Answer: It was likely a group of male executives who decided the show's format. The sexy, ditzy/dumb blonde was an over-used and cliched trope in an era when women were blatantly objectified.

raywest Premium member

Question: Jack Sparrow comes to port royal to commander a ship. But gets stopped by two soldiers, who tell him the dock is off limits to civilians. Why is the dock off limits to civilians?

Answer: Because it's a navy dock, not a public one and there are naval ships moored there.

raywest Premium member

In much the same way as modern naval docks are off limits to civilians.

Ssiscool Premium member

Jack would have been able to get one the of ships if he had permission.

Ok. But my question is are naval docks off limits to keep civilians from stealing or sabotaging their ships?

It will be off limits for many reasons. Including, but not limited to, preventing sabotage, preventing stealing, security of naval secrets and general security.

Ssiscool Premium member

One of those civilians could be a pirate you know.


Question: Morpheus points out that he has seen agents punch through brick walls, during his fight with Smith, Morpheus is punched several times, now the rebels in the matrix still experience pain and can die, so shouldn't a punch from Smith, who we seen punch through brick walls in the subway scene, shouldn't the punches that hit Morpheus kill him? Or at least break his face so badly he ends up brain dead?


Answer: Smith or the other agents don't want to kill him. They need his brain for information. They basically fight like that against all of them as they can extract information from all of them.


Question: When Smith interrogates Morpheus, Smith says "I must be free", the other 2 agents come in and say "what are you doing", what's this about? Why were they concerned with what he was doing and why does Smith seem less "robotic" than the other 2 agents, it is like he has actual wants and needs?


Answer: Smith has spent too long in the Matrix, according to himself, and wants to leave. He has gone quite insane already unlike the other agents, call it a bug. He might be older than the other agents and malfunctioned, or something went wrong with his programming. In any case he went outside of his programming as an agent, developed a personality and emotions.


Answer: When Agent Brown says "What were you doing?", I believe he is asking why Smith removed his earpiece and disconnected himself from the others, meaning they don't know what he said to Morpheus and he doesn't know about the rooftop attack.

Sierra1 Premium member

Show generally

Question: Where do the stairs in the substation lead? It has been said multiple times that they lead to the living room of their loft but they are never seen. There are stairs on the sides but the ones going down are to their basement.

Answer: Honestly I've been confused too. Thought the ones going down went to Justin's bedroom or to the station. Then the ones out the door went maybe to an elevator to those stairs I guess. Then the one to the side went to the lair But the freezer also leads to the lair or a secret spot sometimes too.

I think the ones in the sub shop go right up to a hallway in front of the loft, then the ones in the lair go to the bedrooms upstairs. Now there's a way to get to the lair from the loft and I believe it would be past the kitchen down to the hallway where we don't really see except in like one episode. Now what confuses me the most is the lair because when Harper finds out you see Alex using magic to open it into the lair but in every other episode you open it and it's the lair.

Question: When Kimberly's friends died first in her vision she and her friends died last, but why were they killed before everyone in reality?

Answer: Kimberly and her friends died last in the premonition. By not getting on the highway, they're cheating death already. The diesel ends up on its way to kill Kimberly and her friends, but the cop pulls Kimberly out of the way, causing her to cheat death again.

Answer: I'm not sure of a very logical explanation for this, but it should be noted that the premonitions in the films are not 100% accurate as the accidents are not caused by Death itself and may not be based on reality. They are just premonitions that the characters have of an impending accident that happens due to some unfortunate circumstances such as malfunction or improper precautions. In short, It is merely Death's job to clean up those who manage to cheat death in these misfortunes. He plays no part in causing the accident itself.


Question: At the beginning with the 3 cars coming after the bus, you can see Mia driving one and Brian driving the second car. Who's driving the 3rd car?

Answer: Leo and Santos are driving the 3rd car. This scene is a continuation of the ending scene from Fast and Furious (the 4th movie) where the pair are shown driving that car.


Answer: We don't actually see however it would be a safe bet that it would be one of their accomplices from their contacts. The events are actually a direct follow on to Fast and Furious 4 so would be someone from that film if anyone.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Why don't Nicholas' two goons wait for Harry and Lloyd to come back to their apartment? The woman said they'd have to come back sometime, so why not wait, instead of killing their bird as a message?


Answer: At this point, Shay and Mental think that Harry and Lloyd are professional criminals who have been following them secretly for long enough to know about the entire kidnapping operation. They don't want to wait because it could leave them as sitting ducks if Harry and Lloyd were violent. In addition, waiting simply puts them for a long time and in front of many witnesses at the scene of what could be a murder (if they killed Harry and Lloyd).

Answer: Plus, Nicholas' cronies think that Harry and Lloyd work for someone who's trying to stop them retrieving the briefcase, which is shown when they go to confront them the second time and find the note on the apartment door. It's not until later on, that they realise that Lloyd and Harry aren't the pros that they think they are, and it's then that they try to kill them at Dante's Inferno.

Answer: Because if they had, the movie would be over in 20 minutes, and on a very violent note. It's a common film convention: To advance the plot, and to fit the tone of the film (here, a goofy comedy rather than a gangster thriller), characters behave in ways that real people in their position would not. There is no in-universe explanation.

Question: There are 2 scenes in this film that reminded me of Shaun of the Dead, the first is the scene in which they use times to aim and shoot, they use the same funny specific times like "11:45" etc. The second is the having characters who look like the main characters. Has the director ever commented on inspiration from Shaun of the Dead, is it a nod or a ripoff?


Question: Before Tris went on the zip line, why didn't anybody tell her there would be obstacles in her way that could have killed her if she didn't avoid them?


Answer: That and they do crazy stuff like this all the time so not telling her about these obstacles is keeping in character as they leap into everything seemingly blindly.


Answer: That was the Dauntless way - you have to be prepared for the unexpected and meet the challenge. Just because her team won does not mean the competition is entirely over, nor can one assume it's an easy ride to the finish line.

raywest Premium member

Question: They mention his dad leaving with no follow-up or importance to the film (apart from him finding his new father figure). What do we know about his father leaving, and why? Or was it a set-up for the Treasure Planet 2 film which was unfortunately cancelled?

Answer: The father abandoned the family because he apparently did not want the responsibility of providing for them. It's an old story of wayward irresponsible men leaving their wife and children for their own selfish reasons. Whether or not it would have figured in a sequel is unknown.

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Question: When Obi-Wan is told by Dooku that the republic is controlled by Darth Sidious, he does not immediately believe it. Later in the movie he mentions it to Yoda and Mace Windu and he remarks that it does not feel right. Why were the Jedi not able to connect the dots and figure out a pattern when Palpatine stayed in office longer than he should have? That should have been a red flag. Are the Jedi not clued in at all?

Answer: The influence of the dark side of the force clouds their judgements, it causes a disturb in the force so they can't see through it to discover the truth. Even at the end of the war all they feel is that the dark side of the force surrounds the chancellor but they can't figure out what that means.


Question: In the film, the way the actors and actresses are dressed refers to the late thirties (rain coats, Panama hats, sophisticated dresses), why?

Answer: No reason. It is simply retro-fashion. Fashion trends go in cycles. In the 1960s, the film "Bonnie and Clyde" led to a popularity in '30s style fashion. In the 1990s, fashion trends from the '70s was revived. It's also an artistic choice. The costume designer on this movie likely was inspired by vintage styles that he/she incorporated into a futuristic film.

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Question: After Seabourn Legend is way past the oil tanker, it heads straight for the island. There were sailboats all around. So why didn't the other half of the passengers just jump off the back of the ship away from the propellers? That way they can be saved by the sailboats.

Answer: Jumping off a large cruise ship, even from the lowest deck, hitting the water from that height, would result in many fatalities or severe injuries.

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Question: I heard there was a scene where Ron and Hermione hug but it was cut. Does anyone know at what point in the movie this hug would have taken place?

Answer: Other than when Hermione turns to Ron and puts her arms around his shoulders after the Trio thinks they've just witnessed Buckbeak's execution, there does not appear to be any other time when she hugs or embraces Ron. All of the Azkaban deleted scenes are online or were included with the DVD and none contain this.

raywest Premium member

My understanding is that the specific scene where she put her arm around Ron was actually supposed to be a real hug but Emma Watson didn't feel comfortable doing it so they changed it to only an arm.


It was more than just her arms, she had her face buried in his neck.

Show generally

Question: Looking for the episode where a parody of the Incredible Hulk is standing before a judge and requests a change of venue, arguing it "cannot get a fair trial in Springfield."

Answer: S20e01, "Sex, Pies, and Idiot Scrapes." It was St. Patrick's Day and the Nationalist Irish (dressed in green) and the Unionist North Irish (dressed in orange) people got into a fight. There's a scene where a parody of Hulk fights a parody of The Thing. Later, all the people involved in the fight are lined up to see the judge and Mulk says he can't get a fair trial in downtown Springfield.


Answer: There's a difference between Amy trying to get the best take for Fun with Flags and Wil flat out insulting her.


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