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Question: When did this conversation between Gamora and Nebula that Thanos showed Gamora on his ship take place?


Answer: We aren't told for certain, but it was most likely before the events of the first "Guardians of the Galaxy" film.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: This may be weirdly specific, but does anyone know what the two background music clips from the Region 1 DVD menu are from? There's two different songs - one is a short, creepy 5-second clip that plays when you hit "Play Movie," and the other is the general background music from the DVD menu, which is a sort-of slow, sad guitar piece. I'm assuming they're just royalty free music from a collection of some sort, but I quite enjoy them.


Question: Was "Dakota" really the secret word the money carrying horses trained to stop for?

Answer: In the movie, yes, it was. Historically, nobody knows as different teams of horses were most likely trained to respond to different code words. The code word "Dakota" was just an example the movie used to illustrate that code words were used for stagecoach deliveries, especially when the coaches were transporting high-value cargo.


Answer: It's unlikely that code words were used like that in real life; horses don't understand "words", just sounds. Expecting a team of panicking runaway horses to respond to a separate code word that means stop, when their regular voice command for stop ("ho" or "whoa") is ineffective just doesn't make sense.

Question: At what point did Carmen stop making fun of Juni and they started to get along?


Answer: When he told her that he knew about her still wearing diapers. He did it to get back at her for being so mean to him and they decided to call it even.

Question: What kind of car did Steve drive to the dinner date with Stella? (01:00:00)

Answer: 2002 Aston Martin Vanquish.


Question: How did the sad core memory end up in the memory dump?

Answer: Joy made her drop it.

Question: What was that man at the airport saying in English?


Answer: He is way better than you and good looking.

Question: Who was the $10,000 for?

Brian's Play - S11-E10

Question: Stewie tells Brian it took Peter a year to figure out Stuart Little - is there a joke I'm missing in there?

Answer: The idea being Peter is so dumb as to not understand Stuart Little was the name of the mouse, but Peter was still able to follow the plot of Brian's Play.


Question: How does the T Rex get to the visitors center at the end of the movie after Ellie turns the power back on?


Answer: After Nedry turns the power off to the fences, the T-Rex is free to leave its paddock. Even though some fences remained on during Nedry's absence, they were all turned off accidentally when the system was rebooted. At this point the T-Rex could have gone literally anywhere it wanted. By the time Ellie turns all the fences back on, the T-Rex is already roaming around the area that houses the visitor center.


When Tim gets zapped, it was Ellie turning on the perimeter fence, if I am not mistaken.Then we hear the T. Rex roar inside the perimeter fence. Is the visitor center inside the perimeter fence? Otherwise how did the T. Rex get through? Did she already knock holes in the fence possibly?

The implication is that the T. Rex is already in the area. Whether she got there by a hole created earlier or just before the fence is turned back on is not clear. The fencing that Tim is shocked by is the main perimeter fence. The visitor center is located on the west coast of the island and is separated from the actual park by the giant wooden gate and perimeter fencing. For a map, visit here:


Answer: There were several minutes before the electrical fence turned on. Between the fence perimeter sounding and Laura Dern flipping the switch, the T-Rex could have gone through.

Question: How long after Adrian wakes up from the coma did Rocky have to train before the fight?

Brandon York

Answer: The exact date of the rematch between Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed is never mentioned, however it is known to have taken place in November of 1976. Rocky, Jr. was born on November 5, 1976. It is not clear how long Adrian was in a coma after Rocky, Jr.'s birth but it can be assumed to be at the very least several hours. It could be as long as a few days. It's long enough that several people tell Rocky he should go home and get rest but he refuses. So at the most, Rocky only has about 3 weeks to seriously train for the fight assuming the fight is held at the very end of November. If the fight is closer to the beginning of November, it could be as little as a few days.


Question: What did Windu mean when he said "We will not be hostages to be bartered, Dooku?"

Answer: He means he and the other Jedi will not let themselves be captured and held for ransom or used as leverage against the Republic.

Quantom X Premium member

Question: Why did everyone completely ignore Penguin biting a man's nose off?


Answer: He didn't bite it off, but almost. The people in the room are all just power and money hungry, they decide to ignore it in hopes to keep their job.


Answer: The same reason real-world employees might not say anything if their boss is abusive or inappropriate - they want to stay quiet and keep their jobs. Best not rock the boat, so to speak. Also, both Penguin and Max Shreck are very influential people - not exactly the sort of people you'd want to mess with or contest. Hence, everyone sort-of just ignores what happened and continues on with their day.


Question: How did Penguin assemble his gang if he had never left the sewers?

Answer: He's left the sewers before. In a scene where Bruce is reading through old articles, the film itself blatantly implies that at one point in his life, he was taken in by a traveling circus and advertised as the "aquatic bird boy", which is where he met most of his gang. He retreated back to the sewers after children went missing, and he was blamed. The implication being that he either kidnapped or killed children out of rage for having what he never had - a family.


Question: Who sings "Jingle Bells" in the theatrical trailer?

Answer: Acording to IMDB there are several versions of Jingle Bells in the film: 01 Performed by Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters 02 Performed by Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians 03 (uncredited).

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Why didn't Eli want the hijacker leader to touch him?

Answer: Anyone experienced with hand to hand combat knows not to allow an opponent to lay hands on him. That almost always leads to escalation.

Jason Hoffman

I thought he was simply defending himself since the hijacker leader, along with the other hijackers were probably dangerous men.

He probably considered the hijacker leader an opponent due to the way he was threatening him.

Question: What happen to D'leh's dad?

Answer: When the mammoth numbers diminished, D'leh's father (the chieftain) left on a quest to find new hunting grounds in order to feed the tribe. Not knowing the true nature of his quest, many tribesmen thought the chieftain left because he was a coward, which was a source of anxiety and guilt for D'leh. Later in the movie, it is learned that D'leh's father was captured by slavers and died as a slave.

Charles Austin Miller

Question: Thanos said he ignored his destiny once and cannot do so again - what was the other time?


Answer: On his home planet he ignored the rising population, causing a catastrophe that killed it. He won't have that again.


Answer: The time he allowed the leaders of his homeworld Titan to make the decision not to act on the overpopulation problems. Thanos sat by as the leaders (in his mind) did nothing and the planet was brought to ruin.


Show generally

Question: How come the gang never knew about Gunther having feelings for Rachel?


Answer: He never openly expressed his feelings, but the friends also never paid much attention to him or thought of him as anything more than Rachel's one-time boss and the person who serves them coffee.

raywest Premium member

Question: Where did Mary Lee live before moving into Ross' old apartment?


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