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Question: Between the scenes where Jordan and his dad are talking in the office and when it cuts to the party where he meets Naomi for the first time, there is a a quick 3-4 second shot of a random guy that never pops up again in the movie. Who is he and what does he have to do with anything?

Nemesis (1) - S3-E22

Question: In several of the episodes, when they show an exterior shot of the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, there is a Humvee with "Sgt. Mack" stenciled on the windshield. As the military doesn't personalize its equipment (except for fighter jets), is this an Easter egg for somebody? (00:00:10)

Answer: When I joined the Colorado national guard in 2006 I was assigned a HMMWV with my name on the windshield in those exact black diecut vinyl letters.

Answer: The external shots are filmed at the real Cheyenne Mountain, with real military equipment and personnel.

Answer: Vehicles usually had the driver's name stenciled on them in the 80s and 90s.

Question: What is the situation with the maid and the woman who hung herself in the cellar? Not to mention the little boy. I'm aware the Witch cursed them and possessed the mother to kill the child. But are their spirits being controlled by the Witch? I know they scare the Warrens and stuff. But the little boy (Rory) teachers April where to hide and shows where he hides. But why is he hiding if The Witch controls him? Are we to believe the Witch can't find Rory's spirit? But if the spirits are under her control why would Rory help April stay safe?


Answer: The witch controlled their souls to kill themselves, but once they are dead she can't control them anymore. Some spirits just show up in the house but Rory knows what can happen and decides to help April.

Question: It's established that The Witch possesses the mother. So is the Witch controlling the mother like a puppet or is she controlling her as in, she actually is the mother. Because when Ed says "reveal yourself", it's the Witch. When they try to drag her out, she gets dragged back in by an invisible force. So in what way is the Witch in control of the mother?


Answer: She is controlling the mother like a puppet.

Question: It's made clear at the beginning of the film that a demonic force is something that has never walked the earth in human form. Yet The Witch did walk the Earth in human form, but still has all the powers of a demon and Lorraine even calls it a "demonic presence." So can humans become demons when they die or did I miss something?


Answer: The demon takes control of the witch. The witch likely opened a portal for the demon who attached to the witch. As such, the demon still hasn't walked the earth itself.

Ssiscool Premium member

Show generally

Question: Was there an episode where Bobby wrote his name on someone else's jar and tried to rub it off when the owner came back, but it didn't work?

Answer: Most likely thinking of the episode where Connie's cousin convinces Bobby to make meth as their science fair project. One of the judges is a police officer and when he is approaching Bobby is scrambling to remove his name from one of the beakers.

Question: In one scene where Lou is talking to Ivy about Butch she says that someone really hurt him once. What did she mean by that? Did Butch have an owner who was mean to him or abandoned him?

Answer: Butch was abandoned. It's never stated but it's implied.

Ssiscool Premium member

"Okay, well, here's lesson number two: we help them. We work for them. We tolerate that stupid boochy-boochy baby talk. And for WHAT? So that when they go off to college, they can dump you off with some old lady who can't throw a ball without so much as breaking her HIP!" Pretty sure this counts as being abandoned.

As I said, it's never stated outright but it is implied.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: In the beginning of the movie Alice says the virus didn't just affect humans, that eventually the rivers dried up. Why would the rivers dry up? The virus doesn't affect the weather.


Answer: The implication is that the virus has began to effect the environment as well. (Presumably by adapting and mutating).


Question: In one of the last scenes, when the students go into the room with Professor X, there was a moment when he stopped and looked back, then smiled. Why did he do this? (02:04:25)

Answer: It's implied that he sensed Jean was still alive, though the sequel doesn't really follow this up in the same manner, as Jean is discovered after awakening and killing Cyclops. One would think that Charles would immediately send for Jean if he thought she survived.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Is Mr. Wu's grandson an alien like him? When Helen asks him if he's one of them, his response seems to suggest that he's dodging the question.

Answer: It's unknown if his grandson is like him or not as he does not answer the question, but he seems to imply that he might be.

raywest Premium member

Question: How are locomotives able to pull such long trains? Triple 777 pulls a 39 car train, which can weigh thousands of tons when the cars are loaded.

Answer: In the same way locomotives pull long trains in real life. Diesel engines are built to pull the weight. When it gets to a certain point you might need 2 engines.

Ssiscool Premium member

OK but what is the physics behind how locomotives are able to pull so much weight?

I'm not sure on the physics but a quick Google search comes up with: Trains are really heavy, but to move a train, you only have to overcome the friction between the wheels and the [axles]*. But since there are wheels, it's even easier to move it. Imagine a really heavy box. You'd have a very hard time lifting it, but you could shove it a few millimeters horizontally. [But instead of shoving it, you can make it roll!]* The same thing applies to a train. Now, since the train is so heavy, it takes a long time to get it moving, and to slow it down, due to [inertia].

Ssiscool Premium member

I'm not sure of the physics, either, but it is my (basic) understanding that having the wheels as well as the rails made of steel minimizes? the friction. [Living in the suburbs of the "Steel City" helped to know this!] I'd clarify your answer above by pointing out a train is comprised of numerous small cars - as opposed to being one very long car - so is somewhat easier to "get moving."


Question: When Kevin was Lost In New York, why didn't he ever just talk to a police officer or go to a hospital so he could get back safe?

Answer: As he stated to himself when escaping the hotel, "I committed credit card fraud." He may have thought going to the police would result in him getting into a lot of trouble.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: He told his mom he would go on his own vacation without any of them the night before they flew out, and since he had his dad's credit card, he saw this as an opportunity to have fun without any of them.


Answer: Kevin may have developed a negative impression of and attitude toward the police from his encounter with Harry the previous Christmas when he was "home alone." Harry impersonated a police office in Kevin's home town. Kevin may have questioned police trustworthiness, or lack thereof, in NYC. Besides, Kevin knew his family was still on a plane destined to France or, once they reached their destination, they were too far away (i.e, not readily available) to collect him.


Question: What is the "terrible accident" that happened to Felecie's mentor? Did it have anything to do with the woman she works for?

Answer: When she was younger she was an extremely famous talented dancer, one day she was doing a show and it was just her on stage. The stage engulfed in flames, and she was seriously injured and could no longer dance.

Answer: She fell while dancing.

Question: Whenever Medusa looks at somebody, they are immediately turned to stone. How come she couldn't turn the Djinn to stone?

Answer: It may be because they were non-human sorcerers, and it gave them protection from her.

raywest Premium member

Question: There are spells that can put injuries completely right, so why didn't Hermione or madam Pomfrey try that on Ron's leg?

Answer: Hermione wouldn't have wanted to try as she is still a young witch and having seen the results a bad spell can have on in their second year, she will have decided it's best for madam Pomfery to deal with it. As to why madam Pomfery didn't use a spell, that's not explained.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: Students would not be permitted to perform such an advanced spell on another student, and Hermione always followed the rules. This would also be very advanced magic, and is something Hermione, only a third-year student, probably would not have learned yet. As seen with Harry's arm in the Chamber of Secrets, more serious medical conditions cannot always be instantaneously healed with a spell. It can sometimes take hours, even days, to mend. This may be the case with Ron's leg.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why did Jor-El send the Codex to Earth along with Kal-El? Krypton was being destroyed, everyone on the planet was going to die and Zod and his followers were trapped in the Phantom Zone. There doesn't seem to be any need to send the Codex to Earth as Clark had no knowledge of it and even if he did, he wouldn't be able to use it.

Answer: When Jor-El stole the Codex, Zod and his followers were not yet sent to the Phantom Zone and Krypton had not begun its destruction. Jor-El was opposed to Zod's plan to use the Codex. Once Zod's rebellion against the council had begun, Jor-El stole the main Codex and hid it with Kal-El. While Jor-El knew Krypton would be destroyed, he didn't know when and wanted to prevent Zod from using the Codex as planned. Zod then killed Jor-El, the council regained control and ended the rebellion, and then sent Zod and his followers to the Phantom Zone (not knowing or believing Krypton was going to be destroyed).


Question: Why was the zombie twitching in the fountain and couldn't get out when he was only shot in the shoulder?

Answer: The bullet severed part of the spinal cord.

Question: How many miles from shore was the oil rig?

Answer: The nearest shoreline would be Louisiana's. It sat about 40 miles southeast from the tip of Louisiana's peninsula (where the Delta National Wildlife Refuge sits). To give it more context, it was also about 100 miles south of Dauphin Island, Alabama, which sits just south of Mobile, AL and the Mobile Bay.


Answer: Short version, because he's dead. Bruce only brought back everyone Thanos "snapped", and Vision was killed before that. Now, whether Shuri managed to finish her work before then, somehow "backing him up" or otherwise separating him from the mind stone, we don't know as yet - it may be they somehow revive him in a future film, or the upcoming WandaVision TV series. But for now, he's gone.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Answer: Technically vision wasn't "killed." He wasn't even alive. He's a robot. Maybe they could have used the mind stone they had to try to revive him, but Thanos ripped out a good chunk of his head already. And they needed to put the mind stone back anyway.


Answer: If you noticed Black Panther's sister had just one connection left with the gem, and who said she didn't download a copy of his Consciousness but didn't finish, due to the snap and the end battle.

Show generally

Question: In one episode, Delko is seen driving away from a deal gone wrong and Delko's informant is seen with him. Delko says that he doesn't feel good and passes out from blood loss causing the informant to call for 911. What episode is this and why was his informant arrested?

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