Panic Room

Question: I don't really understand why Jodie Foster's character didn't tell the police something was wrong when they came to the door. I know she was worried for her daughter but the robbers couldn't overhear and she could have asked the police to come back later, giving her a chance to smash the cameras. Also, considering that she emphatically denied there was anything wrong, why did the police return later with all the guns etc?


Answer: One doesn't ask the cops to come back later, especially when one's daughter's life is a stake. Also, the cops came back because they just didn't believe her and felt that something was up (call it intuition).


Not only that, Jodie Foster said that "they were good", why would she say that they are good if not that they were right?

Question: Can someone please tell me what happened to Jodie Foster's ex-husband? Did he live or die?


Answer: He survived. His injuries were serious but not life-threatening.

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Question: Why did they keep holding signs up to the camera? Burnham's company builds the rooms and security systems, wouldn't he have known he can speak to them using one of the security panels like Meg does later in the film?

Answer: Meg was using the P.A. from inside the panic room and it only works one way; everywhere else would have a room-to-room intercom system. If there was another P.A. system working the other way, it would have been too loud, as the cop mentioned when he spoke to Meg at the front door. The neighbors heard Meg broadcasting on it. Burnham would know that it would draw unwanted attention and, if heard, could be incriminating.

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There are two possible reasons that I can think of 1) Burnham probably simply forgot that he could do it, the same as none of them thought to smash the cameras until Raoul saw Meg doing it. They were under a lot of pressure as the plan had changed so it probably just slipped his mind. 2) Burnham knew he could do it but didn't want the other two to know. The other two seemed like loose cannons and Burnham seemed to be the only one who didn't want to hurt anyone. He might have been worried that they'd use the intercom to send threats or something.

Question: Why didn't Meg quietly leave the room with her cell phone and go somewhere else in the house to phone the police? She had plenty of opportunities, like when they were running around trying to disable the phone lines, when Raoul killed Junior, etc.

Answer: It was too risky that she would get caught and she would not leave her diabetic daughter unattended. Even with the security cameras, she could not know where each guy was all the time. As she had already left the panic room to retrieve the phone (and was nearly caught), they would be aware she might try it again. Burnham would know that the cell phone would not work inside the room.

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Question: Why would 911 put them on hold?


Answer: They wouldn't in real life. This was a plot contrivance.

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Answer: There could be a serious major event happening nearby where all the resources needed to be sent ASAP. The 911 operator had to prioritize and assumed the current caller's emergency - whatever it was - was less urgent. There could have been a shortage of operators for whatever reason.


Factual error: The mother tells the daughter to keep warm and drink water. In fact that would lower the blood sugar faster. This method is used for high blood sugar to lower it back to normal.

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Junior: She's coming down to you.
Burnham: Hey, I told you, I don't hurt people.

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Trivia: The shot of Meg turning on the security screens took 57 takes before director David Fincher was happy.

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