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Question: How big are the characters in Veggie Tales?

Answer: The VeggieTales characters are fruits and vegetables that live in a regular human kitchen. So all the characters are meant to be the same size as their real-life counterparts.


Question: Why is Robin omitted from this film?

Gibson Rickenbacker

Answer: According to screenwriter Sam Ham, Batman started out solo in the comics.

Gibson Rickenbacker

Answer: Probably because this was the first movie in the series. It spends much time setting up the entire Batman premise and going into Wayne's backstory before he met Robin. Adding Robin at this point would only clutter and confuse the plot. It would also slow the action and diminish the conflict between Batman and the Joker. Robin being introduced later allows for his own history to be better incorporated into the overall story.

raywest Premium member

Answer: In addition to the other answers, it may also be a factor that around this time the "current" Robin, Jason Todd, wasn't very popular, to the extent that a phone poll was taken which ended up with him being killed off not long before this film was released. Batman was Robin-less in the comics from 1988 - 1991. Given Robin's lack of popularity and strong association with the Adam West Batman series, the filmmakers may well have felt that a clean slate would be a better approach.

Question: At the end when they destroy Starkiller Base, did it become the new sun for that star system? Because it sure does have the features of one after the implosion.

Answer: Yes the sun was restored when the base was destroyed. Basically creating a new solar system.


Question: Two characters are named 'Mulligan' on the film: the absent priest (Father Mulligan, played by Larry Randall) and Pat Mulligan (played by Fintan McKeown), one of Maggie's suitors. Are they related? It's not very often that characters are named the same.


Question: When Richard's parents are building the treehouse, are the facts Richard states about accidents on ladders and trees true?

Question: Who shoots Herod the first time in the final showdown with Ellen? I have replayed the video several times and her gun does not fire until the second, kill shot to the head. Cort is just behind her. Are we supposed to surmise that he shot Herod first? Just a mistake?

Answer: Ellen shoots Herod both times. There is a muzzle flash and sound effect from her gun just as Herod's shot hits her. If it helps, watch the scene in slow motion.


Question: Was it only Wonka bars that the golden tickets were hidden in? Charlie's family seemed to buy him something that looked like a Wagon Wheel rather than a chocolate bar. Was there a chance to get it from all Wonka products or did Charlie's family just make a mistake?

Answer: It was just the Wonka bars that had the golden tickets no other Wonka products.


Question: How come not a single person saw that Evan managed to "change his clothes" instantly? There were people sat behind him looking straight at him. Wouldn't they see him in his suit one second, blink and then see him in the robes? They all laughed and thought he was crazy but surely they all saw him come in wearing the suit and it's not like you could miss someone getting changed.

Answer: God wanted to see what he wanted them to see, to believe in something you can't believe requires faith.

Question: Is it true that James Cameron hated this movie?

Answer: A quote from the man himself from a BBC News article in 2003 "Great. There was a small part of me that hoped it wasn't good - but another part of me hope'd it succeeded. And it did. And I'm so glad it did. Jonathon's made a great movie. Arnold's in great form. I really like what he's done with it."

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: The four troublemaking hot rods nudged Mack onto the rumble strips. Did they mean to? Also, were the rumble strips what caused one of McQueen's souvenirs to fall and hit the button that opens the trailer door? (03:56:18)

Answer: Not sure on the first part but yes, the rumble steps caused vibrations in Mack that resulted in the ornament falling and opening the tailgate.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: During the hill top fight between VL and 3P, Spiders Impala doesn't show any damage until the end when it shows the windshield with a shotgun blast. Was that shooting part of an extended scene that was cut in editing?

Question: When Cole Williams catches Ben counting, him and his assistant drag him down a hotel's basement. He mentions that Micky Rosa stole seven figures from his casino. The most from a counter in just one night, At the time, he was attending his father's funeral in Barlow. Now with all those cameras (probably way before facial recognition but still real humans watching those tables) in his casino, how could Micky Rosa get away with that much money?

Question: Why did the ROARs congratulate Sully and invite him to join them after seemingly losing the Scare Games to Oozma Kappa?


Question: In the final race, Lightning stops at the finish line and gives up the win to help The King. I don't get why. If he wanted the win and the Dinoco sponsorship, then why not win, then go help him. Sure, he was being a good sportsman, but even in football, you can win, cheer, and then go congratulate the team and say good game. He would have been praised either way.

Answer: It was about choosing character over fame and monetary reward. Lightning McQueen knew that if he won, the ensuing glory and adulation could be shallow and fleeting, as it had been for Doc. McQueen was already selfish and arrogant, and he realised winning the championship would have made him worse. He instead makes a sacrifice to help someone else, stays loyal to his less-glamorous Rust-Eze sponsor, who always supported him, and knows who his true friends are so that, moving forward, he can build a more meaningful life.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why wasn't Jason recovered after Tommy drowned him at the end of part 6?

Answer: Jason was dead at the end of Part 6, the girl used her E.S.P. powers to bring him back to life.

Answer: Any answer is pure speculation, but my personal theory is that people just decided to turn their heads and look the other way. It seemed like Jason was finally dead at the end of part six, so authorities just decided to leave him where he was to rot. At least that's my theory.


Question: How did the T-800 figure out that John's foster parents were dead?

Answer: He tested the T-1000 by asking him about the barking dog. The dog's actual name is Max, so the T-800 asks "What's wrong with Wolfie? I can hear him barking." When the T-1000 answers that "Wolfie is just fine", The T-800 knows that the T-1000 has killed Todd and Janelle. There's actually a deleted scene (reincorporated into the Director's Cut) where the T-1000 then goes outside, kills the dog, and checks the tag to find out if he was duped.


The Last One (1) - S10-E19

Question: How did they not know Erica was having twins? They had the picture of the ultrasound when Monica and Chandler had the first meeting with her. Surely it would have shown two babies in the scan?


Answer: Depending on how old the scan picture is, it's possible for a "hidden twin" to exist. If the scan is from early in the pregnancy then its more likely. (I will add it's been about 10 years since I watched the last season of Friends so I could be wrong).

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: When Miranda was confined in her cell and Rachel was throwing her from wall-to-wall, the guards found out through the camera monitor thinking she was trying to kill herself. But the time when Miranda escaped and went to Chloe's cell, looked through the glass and noticed the Anima Sola tattoo (sheriff Ryan's chest tattoo) was that not captured on tape? I know Chloe was not the main character/story, but that bothered me since she was supposedly getting abused by "the devil" in the institution. Either a security cam inside the cell like Miranda's, or a security cam out in the hall to see the sheriff walking in and out of Chloe's cell.

Answer: The Sheriff either had another accomplice or bribed someone to look the other way. Miranda's husband was his partner, he may have given him access codes or cards to get in and out without being seen.

Question: When Audrey Hepburn confronts Cary Grant by saying that Carson Dyle is dead, shouldn't he have asked her how she knew that fact? (00:50:57)

Answer: Grant is secretly investigating the case and already knows that Carson Dyle is not dead, and has probably figured out how Reggie (Hepburn) knew that fact or else it doesn't matter.

raywest Premium member

Question: I understand that Sullivan killed Barrigan at the end of the movie because there needed to be someone dead other than Costigan that Sullivan could pin as the mole in order to evade being caught. But why couldn't Sullivan keep Barrigan alive and then both of them pin Trooper Brown, who Barrigan had killed just a second beforehand, as the mole?

Answer: It is unlikely that Trooper Brown would be believable as a member of the Irish Mob, considering the fact that he is African American.


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