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Question: In the episodes where Hogan or the others tell Schultz what they're planning, why doesn't Schultz report to Klink immediately and tell him? Why claim he sees nothing, hears nothing or knows nothing?

Answer: Essentially, because if Schultz reported what he saw, it would mean admitting that Hogan and his men's very elaborate schemes were happening on his watch, which would get him into very serious trouble. His greatest fear is being sent to the Russian Front, and he's in far too deep with Hogan (e.g, accepting bribes of food) to escape punishment if it all came to light. What may have started as small acts of "looking the other way" (Schultz is a generally friendly person, who may have let things slide a bit early on) has become self-preservation. For their part, Hogan et al. try to avoid getting Schultz into trouble, because if a stricter guard were to replace him, they'd come under much greater scrutiny, which they want to avoid.

Answer: But if Schultz told Klink what Hogan was planning, wouldn't that help Klink catch Hogan in the act?

Question: Bitsey Bloom and Zach Stemmons are sharing a motel room together. There are two separate beds in that room so why is Zach sleeping on the floor? (01:35:13 - 01:35:40)


Answer: Perhaps to give her more space and privacy. Bitsey would be less visible to him from the floor.

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Answer: Cooper's role was a cameo. And often, when well-known or well-respected actors appear in surprise cameo roles like this, they go uncredited. Usually to either try to maintain the element of surprise, or try not to overshadow the rest of the cast.


Question: Why did the inside of his cabin look like a tornado hit it, was the maid at the beginning just another one of his hallucinations?

Answer: Towards the end, the townspeople had shunned Mort and refused to provide him with any services, believing he killed Amy and the others. The maid probably quit for the same reason and was likely feared working for him. Mort, dysfunctional and sinking further into madness, was unconcerned about keeping a tidy house.

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Question: I recently bought the Scream Factory Blu-ray. During the opening with the old man telling the kids the spooky story, there's a moment where it cuts from a wideshot to a closeup, and it looks like there's a weird, random zooming effect added that's only about five frames between the wide and closeup shots (between the lines "drew towards land" and "Suddenly, out of the night"). Is that part of the original movie, or is that just some sort-of defect on the disc? It just looks out of place.


Question: Why did Michael stop attacking his sister and take off the mask, showing her the picture?

Answer: He was hoping that Laurie would realise that she's really his sister. However, because Laurie was just a baby and raised by another family, she had no idea why Michael was showing her the picture or what it had to do with her.

Question: What is the song played as Finch is rushing to the bathroom after Stifler puts the laxative into his mocha chino?

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Question: In many episodes, Dick and Mary will go together to a destination, but not leave together. Did one of them walk?

Question: Who was the 4th person killed? In the when he confronts Toby, he says "Help me understand why 4 ppl died..." To my count, there were 3 ppl killed: 1. The customer in the bank in Post 2. Ranger Parker 3. Tanner (Ben Foster). (01:33:20)


Question: Why do they keep saying Christmas is over if Scott isn't Santa anymore? Wouldn't there just be another Santa?

Answer: Becoming Santa was an accident for Scott, it was an emergency situation to put on the suit. It was the years on the job which made him the best Santa. Everyone said so at the Immortals meeting. If he was not up to the job, they would have got someone else. That would take time and effort, which they didn't have.

Question: Wouldn't Jack have blown up with TET? How is he alive to come back at the end? Is it a different version?

Answer: It's not the same Jack. The one who died in the TET explosion was the Jack 49 clone. The clone who shows up at the end is Jack 52, who Jack 49 had encountered in the desert. Both have the same memories. Look closely, and you can see the tech clone designation numbers embossed on their jackets.

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Answer: Children are often told that they can grow up to be anything. As Mr. Adler says "You may someday be doctors or lawyers or scientists." However, many children in an average school will have more common, "blue collar" jobs. These jobs matter, but society often views these workers as inferior. Mr. Adler is being realistic.

Answer: They were scared of him and probably had no other choice to follow the rules. It's kill or be killed.

Question: Using the motion tracker with the screen when Dallas is in the vent, is it top-down or side-view?

Answer: It actually appears to orient both ways, presumably Lambert is switching back and forth between orientations. When Dallas turns; it shows on the readout as a 90 degree turn. When Dallas goes down the ladder the first time the readout shows the dot travelling downwards on the screen. It can't do both unless Lambert is switching them. And it makes sense that she would, she knows where he is because he is calling out his location as he goes. Lambert likely knows the path Dallas intends to take and switches orientations when he does. This confusing set-up is purposefully meant to disorient the audience, so they, like Dallas, have no idea from which direction the alien is coming. Lambert seems to have also become disoriented (this seems an impossible task with no line of sight) and can't give Dallas a direction to escape. She has the screen oriented so "forward" is to the right, Dallas goes down towards the alien, so she says "No! Not that way! The other way! God!"


Question: What did Jane say to Barbara that upset her? The only thing I could make out was, "This place" and "family."

Answer: Jane says "the house is meant for a couple with a family" and is therefore too big for them. Meaning that Adam and Barbara have no children and thus aren't a family yet. It upset her to be reminded that they don't have any children.


Question: How many years is Disenchanted set after the original Disney Enchanted movie? 15 or 10? Also, (connected to this), how old is Morgan now? 16 or 21?

Answer: Disenchanted is set 10 years after the original movie. Also, Morgan is 16 years old since it's set 10 years later and Morgan was six in Enchanted.

Question: Two questions about the song "Touch-a touch-a touch me." 1. Janet tells Rocky that she only kissed before. Columbia looks shocked and asks Magenta, "You mean she?" with Magenta confirming. What was the implication? 2. Janet tells Rocky that she wants to stay the distance. What did she mean by that? Shouldn't she really be saying that she wants to go the distance?

Answer: Janet has only gone as far as kissing. Columbia is saying "you mean she's a virgin?" Stay the distance means basically the same thing as go the distance. I don't know if the phrase was more popular in the 70's or the song writer just liked the flow of "stay" instead of "go."


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Question: What's the episode where they're all travelling on a train, and Phil and Cam see a writer whose books they admire?

Answer: It could simply be a case that he can no longer keep it to himself, and he has to tell someone before he gives a speech about how great Dan was.

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