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Question: Louis is arrested for theft, and ultimately also booked for PCP possession. Penelope pays his bail and gets him out so the plot can carry on, but the theft and drug charges never come up again. Why is all of that dropped? Do the Dukes just drop the charges?

Answer: Petty theft and first time drug possession wouldn't be impossible to have the charges reduced or dismissed. If found guilty it would most likely be a heavy fine and probation. Also, after the scandal with the Duke brothers and Bryon Beaks, the plot against Louis would have been uncovered.

Answer: Louis became a millionaire again, and likely just hired a good attorney to get the charges dismissed.

Brian Katcher

Answer: The woman was just a random family friend or Geller relative invited to the rehearsal dinner. Because she was in a black dress, Rachel mistook her for Chandler's dad (played by Kathleen Turner), who Monica had described as wearing a black dress. The character, named Amanda, is merely a plot device to set up a humorous bit where Rachel messes up and embarrasses herself.

raywest Premium member

Question: Can someone explain what the one Johnson agent meant to the other one when he said "it's like Saigon, ain't it slick?"

Answer: I don't remember the exact quote, verbatim, but using your wording, the proper punctuation would be "It's like Saigon! Ain't it, Slick?" The older Johnson is referring to Army Helo Ops in Vietnam. He's calling the younger Johnson "Slick", as a nickname. I believe the younger's response was something like "I was just a kid then" or something similar.


The younger one says "I was in junior high, dickhead". :-) Clearly not holding the older Johnson in especially high regard, or keen to make it clear he's not as old.

Answer: The elder Agent Johnson is a Viet Nam vet who excitedly says, "It's just like f***in' Saigon, eh Slick? The younger Johnson mockingly responds, "I was in Junior High, dickhead!" meaning he was too young to have served in the war. The older Johnson is comparing shooting at the terrorists (or just John McCane) atop the Nakatomi Tower to killing enemy soldiers from a helicopter in Nam. He is macho, has lost objectivity about the hostage situation, and is treating it like an arcade game. As pointed out in another answer, "Slick" is just a nickname, like calling someone "Dude."

raywest Premium member

Answer: "Like Saigon" could mean that under the circumstances, they were not likely to win or be successful in what they were trying to accomplish. Largely in the 1960s, the U.S. military was stationed in Saigon. While there, parts of the city were ruined or demolished by fighting. There was a lot of destruction in the Die Hard movie, and the situation seemed dire.


Question: At the start it skips to Children's Clinic in Haddonfield and states 1 year later, then we see Jamie having an episode - then she mimics Myers movement as he wakes up and kills the man who looked after him. It's happening at the same time yet it said it was 1 year later - was Myers unconscious for all that time? Or have I got that totally wrong?

Answer: Don't know about being unconscious, however it's safe to assume the old man who found him kept him there and healed him. With all those bullets he took, no surprise it took a year to recover.


Answer: Apparently that is true. The river current was stronger than anyone anticipated and Mortensen's heavy costume weighed him down so much that he was barely able to get out of the cold water.

raywest Premium member

Question: The man who goes into the bunkhouse to get a gun and gets shot in the stomach in the beginning is the same one in the gray suit acting drunk in the saloon fight big Jake has.

Question: In the scene before Billy finds the bodies, he cuts open a tree and starts drinking from it - what is he actually drinking because it doesn't look like water.

Answer: According to the script, it is water: it says Billy uses his knife to cut a thick vine and drinks the stream of water that pours out. The drops on his clothes look a bit cloudy so it could have been mixed with sap or some other organic substance.

Sierra1 Premium member

You got it exactly right. Climbing "water vines" that grow on trees in tropical areas contain a substantial amount of fluid and are a reliable source of safe drinking water.

raywest Premium member

Question: Is there any particular reason why Jack Wade asks Bond if he likes gardening, or is it just random filler dialogue?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: It's a reference to the rose tattoo he showed Bond moments prior.

Answer: It's unknown what happened to him, but the character, English, had indicated to Morris that Wolf would be beaten up by him and his gang. Presumably they followed through.

raywest Premium member

Question: When Lawrence finds the note given to him by Jigsaw, what did the message mean that the cigarettes were harmless but smoking is poisonous only when it ends in bloodshed and that he didn't need a gun to kill Adam? Were the cigarettes really harmless and if they were, what did Jigsaw mean that Lawrence didn't need a gun to kill Adam?

Answer: The blood that jigsaw pours on the floor contains poison. By dipping the cigarette in there the poison is passed to Adam.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Matty introduces her friend as Mary Ann, but in the year book, the friend is actually Matty Tyler, and she is actually Mary Ann. Were both girls in on the scam? (00:31:22)

Answer: It appears that the real Matty Tyler was not initially in on the plan. It's confusing, and there're many plot holes, but it seems the fake "Matty" (Kathleen Turner) intended for the real Matty to eventually discover that her identity was being used (by Turner). The real Matty was then apparently blackmailing fake Matty to keep quiet. It appears that fake Matty intended to lure and then murder the real Matty, framing Ned Racine for her murder, as well as Edmund's. The real Matty's body was identified as being Edmond's wife through her dental records. Fake Matty probably intended for Ned to be killed in the explosion.

raywest Premium member

Question: How did the alien queen get to earth in the first place to infect everyone?

Answer: The method of how she got to Earth was never revealed.


Answer: If you saw the mid credit scene at the end of Venom 2, that crossover has happened and Venom seems to have an appetite for Spider-man.

The Venom and MCU Spider-Man crossover is official, but it remains to be seen if the Tobey Maguire version of Spider-Man crosses over with one or both.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: The two films don't take place in the same universe, and although a crossover with Spider-Man: No Way Home seems likely, they are not bound by each other's rules.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: When Josh accuses John Heard of cheating at racquetball, was Heard in fact cheating, or did Josh just not understand the rules of the game?


Answer: Paul (John Heard) tells Josh that the serve has to cross the yellow line. When Josh calls the ball short, Paul is basically trying to cheat and claims he never said the ball has to cross the line. Although I'm trying to figure out what racquet sport their playing. It looks like they're playing on a handball court, but the racquet sports I know, the ball has to cross the short line (the yellow line in "Big") on the serve but you also serve from a service area where you have to stand in front of the short line, which they don't do.


Question: In this film, Marty suddenly appears and spends one week in 1955. So, how does Marty freely roam the hallways and cafeteria at Hill Valley High School (even getting into a physical altercation with another student) without challenge from teachers and administrators such as Mr. Strickland? All the kids are talking about Marty, but nobody in authority questions the fact that he's not enrolled, he's completely undocumented, he doesn't attend any classes, and he's apparently a troublemaker.

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: High school in the 1950s was different from today, which has tight security and students are more closely scrutinized. Not every teacher, and even Strickland, knows every student, so Marty would not necessarily be immediately suspected as an outsider. And though the students are talking about Marty, that doesn't mean the adults are aware. Teens have their own closed-off society. Being as Marty was only in the past for a week, and he isn't at the school all that much, he could conceivably move about mostly unnoticed. If he was there any longer, the school would eventually wise up about him. Also, it's a movie, and suspension of disbelief is employed here. The audience just accepts the plot's premise.

raywest Premium member

Thanks. But I also remember (giving away my age) that teachers and administrators back then were very much aware of students "playing hooky" (skipping classes and wandering around the halls and off-campus during school hours). Back then there were even "truant officers" who patrolled the streets looking for school-age kids skipping school. With all of the attention to 1950s detail in this film, I was really kind of surprised that no-one apparently suspected Marty of truancy.

Charles Austin Miller

I also remember those days. As I mentioned, since Marty was only briefly at the high school during the one-week period he was in the past, he hadn't yet attracted enough attention to be considered a problem or a truant. Eventually, Strickland would have noticed something was amiss.

raywest Premium member

Question: Is this true that line "I didn't know you could read" was improvised by Tom Felton, who forgot his original line?

Answer: Yes. It's a common occurrence in a lot of movies for actors to forget their original lines so they improvise something to help move the scene along and not break character. Tom did this because he forgot what his original line was.

Answer: Yes in the same way Daniel Radcliffe improvised his line about always being around when talking to Lucius at the end.

Ssiscool Premium member

Actually, Jason Isaacs said that, and he and Daniel didn't forget their lines but did it intentionally.


Question: How is it that after sixteen years of living like humans without using magic the fairies still didn't know how to cook or make clothing? Shouldn't they have learned how to do those things by then? What did they do to feed Rose during all the years in between?

Answer: There is no way to answer this because it's never explained, but they somehow managed as best they could. This is an animated fairy tale, simplified for children, and not about reality. Illogical details are just glossed over and accepted with a "suspension of disbelief."

raywest Premium member

Answer: They did, they just couldn't do it right. Like going to school, without proper instructions, they did it hastily, sloppily, and incorrectly.

Question: Does anyone remember the initial theatrical release or perhaps a Director's Cut version of Unforgiven having Little Bill's (Gene Hackman) final word being "F**k?" It was Little Bill's last word when he realised William Munny was definitely going to kill him? That's the only memory I had of the movie. I just watched it last week and Little Bill didn't say it. Am I crazy for having that memory?


Answer: Not crazy, but maybe there's a bit of the Mandela Effect at play. There's no such line in any draft of the script, and it's not in any version of the film I've seen (including theatrical). In any case, Little Bill already knows that Munny is going to kill him, hence his line, "I'll see you in hell." If there was ever any doubt in his mind what was going to happen-as he lay there staring down the barrel of a shotgun, wielded by a man who'd just murdered a roomful of people-it's certainly gone by that point.

Question: In the beginning they say that they are going to be 15 minutes late, but they will make it up because of tailwinds. I thought you only got "good" tailwind when flying from West to East with the Jetstream?

Answer: That is true for the global jet stream but usually at the higher altitudes. Otherwise, continental or local weather systems can produce tail or headwinds in any direction. Pilots receive information on "winds aloft" as part of their weather briefing, and it is quite possible that the weather system that day could produce tail winds. More likely, the pilot would request a higher airspeed from air traffic control to make the on-time arrival.

Question: Why does York suddenly fly backwards on the tower?

Answer: Extremely high winds from the storm. He was relatively protected lying down but blew backwards when he got up.

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