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Question: When Ross Webster is talking to his accountant Simpson, he wonders how $85,000 disappeared. Wouldn't Simpson be able to see all the payroll checks to see that Gus had two of them if he dug deeper in his investigation vs. both him and Ross seeing Gus pull up in a shiny new Lamborghini and outing himself as the thief? I realise Simpson isn't a fan of computers as this scene has established, but all he would have had to do was talk to the payroll clerk about the two checks that were presented to Gus when they were handed out, assuming no-one else had two checks with two vastly different amounts in them. (00:28:39 - 00:30:42)


Question: How does Roman find Sidney's info for the crisis hotline? We never see him use Dewey's phone and I don't think it's possible he attacked Neil because Sidney would've found out about it.

Question: There's talk of Rachel having to cancel her date with Brady. Why couldn't he just go along with her taking Jamie trick or treating?


Answer: Rachel probably doesn't want to ruin his whole Halloween night by making him a third wheel. She likely figures they can just reschedule and he can find other stuff to do since it's a holiday. There's also the chance they had other certain "things" planned that they couldn't do around Jamie.


Question: Why transfer him at night in bad weather? That and given his past why not have him cuffed to the gurney and have armed guards there regardless of his comatose state?


Answer: The best in-universe answer I could give you to your first question is that Michael just happened to be scheduled to be transferred at night and the weather ended up being crummy. I've been transferred between hospitals at night before. (Albeit, I'm not a homicidal maniac.) But honestly, the real answer is simply... "because movie." It's a horror movie - it's just more dramatic for the scene to be set at night during lousy weather. It wouldn't be nearly as effective a scene if it was during the day in nice weather. A dark, stormy night is sort-of a convention of the genre. As for the second question, he was severely burned in a fire and has been in a comatose state for years and years. Realistically, it was safe to assume he wouldn't wake up, and even if he did, a normal person's muscles would have likely softened into jelly in the meantime. They assumed they'd be safe... but they were wrong.


The question would be why did the characters transfer him at night in bad weather, not why did the film makers set it up like that. The viewer may thought he or she missed the in-film explanation or was looking for someone with expertise in transferring patients to provide an answer. And again, was there any in-film explanation given or persons with experience in transporting patients like Michael (albeit without supernatural powers). Pointing out the caveat of character's actions isn't realistic because it was scripted that way is fine, but pointing out that a movie is a movie isn't a valid answer (or correction).


I did amend my answer slightly before I saw your response. I really don't think my initial answer was that invalid though. That's honestly the truth - it was done that way for dramatic purposes, and any other answer would be pure speculation.


If no in-film explanation is given, speculation is OK as long as it aligns with something that would happen in real life (although I would suggest saying it's speculation). Sometimes people do ask question about why film makers would do something, and an answer like "to make it more dramatic" would be acceptable.


Question: Just who all are all those other Sawyers in the opening scene? I saw The Cook and Grandpa but who were the rest and why were they there?


Answer: We are to presume they are extended family members and/or associates of the family that we simply didn't see in the original film.


The Brockton College Killer (No. 92) - S6-E18

Question: When reviewing the cold case, Elizabeth describes the death of 3 women in 2013 or which Tobias confessed and was sent to prison. Soon after, in the podcast, it's said there were 5 women that went missing in 2013, and 2 more in the present. Is this a mistake or am I misunderstanding something? (00:07:42 - 00:11:15)

Cathrine R

Question: Why didn't Royal Pain use the pacifier on Will when he comes to confront her at the end of the movie?

jon snow

Answer: She is holding Will's father, The Commander, in her arms. She didn't have the Pacifier, besides he was a high school student superhero, with no real combat experience. She thought he would be a pushover in battle.

But she had the Pacifier before. She could have gave Will's father to Lash (The evil guy who works with her) and got the Pacifier and shoot at Will. Why fight with Will if she can turn him into a baby like the others?

Show generally

Question: This probably spans the whole Star Trek series, but I noticed it specifically on DS9. How does the computer locate an individual on the station without a com badge, but at the same time, can't locate an individual if his or her com badge is taken off (i.e. the computer only locates the com badge)? Is it ever revealed, in any Star Trek show, if individuals (such a guest) without com badges are given something else?


Question: SPOILER Why were Han's dice still in the Rebel base when Kylo entered? Shouldn't they have disappeared when Luke died?

Answer: They did disappear when Luke died. The moment the dice actually fade away is meant to be the same moment Luke dies. We see that same moment from 3 different perspectives: Rey/Leia, Luke, and Kylo Ren.


Question: Why does Steppenwolf call humans primitive being for using missiles, which are way more advanced than the axes, arrows and swords he has faced? Why are technologically advanced missiles considered primitive? He says nothing of the sort to the Amazons even though human technology is light years ahead of them. Humans could take out all Amazonians in a day without breaking a sweat.

Answer: He comes from a technologically advanced planet, he been to thousand of other words with the same advancements. In the comic book universe, Earth is still a backwater planet. As far as the other aliens were concerned it was the dark ages.

Question: There's a theory that the kid who calls the raptor a "six foot turkey" is Owen. Is there any possibility that Blue (the raptor) is the same raptor that Hammond, Ian, Allan etc witnessed hatching in the Visitor Center? They were all stroking it and such which it seemed to enjoy, so it's had human interaction.

Answer: Blue was a 3 year old Raptor. The events of Jurassic World are meant to take 20+ years after Jurassic Park, so Blue wouldn't have been the one seen hatching.


Answer: No. As Bishop73 has said, Blue is a 3 year old raptor and thus not old enough to have been from the original park. The T-Rex on the other hand, is the same from the original. Note the scars on the side of her neck from the Raptor attack in the main hall at the end of the first film.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, there is video footage of when Owen was working with his three raptors when they were quite small. He had also mentioned that they had imprinted on him at birth.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why wouldn't the cops compare bank records/accounts against the name of each hostage? This would have narrowed down who didn't work at the bank and/or have a bank account. This information would give the cops suspicion of the hostages that could have been the robbers, since they didn't work at the bank or have an account, there is no reason to be in the bank in the first place.

Answer: This was a well-planned heist down to the last detail, according to Dalton Russell. While some of the robbers may be bank employees or had taken out bank accounts prior to the heist, probably at different times and over a staggered period, others could claim they were only at the bank that day to open an account, procure a loan, or for some other service (i.e. a safety deposit box). Only Dalton would not need an explanation as he never posed as a hostage. He remained hidden until walking out days later.

raywest Premium member

Question: How was John expected to kill Winston? It's made clear killing anyone on continental grounds results in death, so why was the adjudicator insisting John kill Winston whilst inside the continental? Wouldn't he technically be excommunicado all over again for breaking the most important rule?

Answer: Winston had broken the rules by allowing John to escape in the first place before trying to kill him. This effectively nullified the Continental's immunity while Winston was in charge do to himself breaking the rules. Therefor, John would not be breaking any further rules by killing him on the Continental grounds as it had been desanctified, and thus John would have been cleaning it to allow it become such once more and clearing his own name.

Quantom X Premium member

Question: When Edward was talking to Paul, and he was sitting on the bed and said he didn't feel well and was dizzy and looked at him (conveyed a blurry vision) and he then got up and hit him, was Edward drugged by Paul?

Answer: No, Edward was simply overcome with emotion.


Question: At the end when the Bible is placed in the book shelf, you can read Holy Bible, New King James Version, Alcatraz. But next to Alcatraz there is something written that I can't pick up. Any ideas?

Answer: Press. Alcatraz Press would be the fictional publishing company of the Bible.


Question: When they are viewing the virus through the microscope, we see its shape is like a long strand, sort of coiled up at one end and uncoiled at the other end (think cobra rearing up). That structure seems too complex to be a virus. Are any viruses really shaped like that?

Answer: Yes, the fictional virus would be a filovirus similar to Ebola. These are filament shaped virus that can coil up.


The Bottle Deposit (1) - S7-E21

Question: When Jerry is driving back from the auction, there's an audible clicking sound coming from his engine, which he later discovers is caused by Newman and Kramer putting groceries under the hood. This sound effect is used in a lot of movies and TV shows to indicate a car is breaking down. Do cars actually make this sound in real life or is it a sound effect made specifically for movies and TV. If they really do make that noise, what exactly is the source of the noise? (00:07:35)

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Given they probably do psych evaluations before people become cops how did Casanova slip in?


Answer: Unfortunately, a functioning psychopath might be able to pass a basic psych evaluation. There are several real life examples of serial killer policemen.


Question: Why did Ray get Robbie and Rachel into the car before he even knew that Manny had fixed it?

Answer: He doesn't know for sure. He's just reacting to the situation, making an assumption after talking to Manny that the car was fixed.

raywest Premium member

Answer: They were in immediate danger and needed to flee. Ray knew that all the vehicles around him had dead batteries, but Manny and his helper were working on fixing the van - which meant that the van was THE only possibility for a working vehicle. Ray was not necessarily certain that Manny had fixed the van, but knew that Manny agreed with his recommendation to try changing the solenoid. The van was not only a good prospect, it was the ONE immediately available chance at getting to flee in a vehicle. If Ray's assumption that Manny DID fix the van turned out to be wrong (the van did not start), little time had been wasted. Ray and his kids would then be running for their lives ("hoofin' it") like everyone else. In short, Ray put the kids in the van because he presumed Manny changed the solenoid and it was now in running condition; fleeing in a vehicle would be much faster than fleeing on foot.


Question: Why does Jamie calling him uncle stop him? That and why honor her request to see his face?


Answer: Sorry about that and thank you.


Answer: The question was more-or-less answered in a previous question, so I'll copy part of my answer here: Director Dominique Othenin-Girard made the puzzling decision to try and humanize Michael in this film by showing he still had some traces of emotion that could be momentarily reached. Thus when Jamie talks to him, he briefly recovers his humanity, takes off his mask and sheds a single tear. Basically, Othenin-Girard felt it made Michael scarier by showing his humanity could be momentarily "reached." Of course, it really doesn't make sense and contradicts the other films... but it was just a decision the director made.


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