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Question: Many people believe that Simone is a real person. But what about the actors that work with her? Clearly, they would know that Simone is not a real person but an A.I., since she's never actually in any scenes with them, and the actors themselves would say they never actually met her.

Show generally

Question: Why is this show called "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" and not "Heracles: The Legendary Journeys"? Heracles was of Greek mythology and Hercules was from Roman mythology.

Answer: Because most Americans are more familiar with the name Hercules. The show, as I recall, wasn't exactly true to the original Greek mythology anyway.

Brian Katcher

Question: After Veruca goes down the chute, Wonka tells Mr. Salt that the chute leads to the furnace. Mr. Salt laughs and says that Veruca would be "sizzled like a sausage", but then gets scared when Wonka says that Veruca could be stuck inside the tube. Why would Mr. Salt laugh at the idea of Veruca being burned alive but terrified at the thought of her being stuck?

Answer: Because at first, he thought Wonka was being silly and making up the fact that she went down a garbage chute and then thought he was piling on the joking by saying it led to a furnace. So, he was playing along with the joke until he realized Wonka was being serious.


Question: Whip is talking to co-pilot Ken Evans in the hospital after he wakes up from his coma. When Ken is talking about Whip's health, he mentions him reeking of gin or something. If Whip smelled that bad of alcohol, why didn't Ken alert security before takeoff?

Answer: Possibly misplaced loyalty to a friend/co-worker and wanting to protect Whip's career. Ken may have believed he himself could handle any flight situation that might arise if Whip was incapable; he may have intended to confront Whip later to demand he get help or else he'd report him.


Season 1 generally

Question: In the first few episodes, the Walshes live in a different house than the one they live in throughout the series. Nothing was ever even mentioned, I don't think. Was it a mistake, or did I miss the explanation?

Question: Spoilers. The end of the movie shows Meg at home, apparently surviving the ordeal. In the final frames, though, we see the eviscerated body of Meg wearing the same clothes she wore in the final fight. How did Meg get zombified? Every other zombie monster had to go through the breach machine to transform, but Meg was still human at the time the machine was destroyed.

Answer: Sorry, no answer here, but at the end I was left with the same questions. I gave this a watch because the music was supposed to be directed by a member of the Canadian band RUSH. I'm not a fan of zombie flicks, so I don't know the rules or conventions, but I do remember a long and tedious scene toward the end where the demented scientist was explaining to the sheriff how the breach device works and what he was trying to do.

Question: When we first see Goldmember, he comes out and says, "Hi everybody, I am from Holland. Isn't that weird?" What is so weird about him being from Holland?

Answer: Name one supervillain, from any spy movie, who has come from Holland. Then you get the joke.

Question: How was it possible in the beginning of the movie for Doris Walker to be able to look out her window and see into Mr. Galey's apartment, where he and Susan were watching the parade? This takes place when Doris returns home midway through the parade and asks Cleo where Susan is. Cleo replies, "Oh, she's watching the parade with that nice Mr. Galey." Doris then goes over to her window, looks out, and sees Mr. Galey and Susan watching the parade.

Answer: I don't understand the question. She looks out of her bay window and sees her daughter with Mr. Galey in his apt. Most buildings in New York are U-shaped, so looking out of your window and seeing another apartment is not uncommon. Besides, buildings were designed with an Art-Deco look back in the 1940s.

Question: Unless it needed final tuning, why doesn't Kingpin order Doc Ock to operate his collider that very day, as soon as possible?


The Die is Cast (2) - S3-E21

Question: Two questions: 1. When Odo is being tortured, he tells Garak that he wants to return to the Great Link. Did Odo really want to return or did he just say that to get the torture to stop? 2. If Odo did want to return, why? Considering the atrocities the Founders committed, wouldn't he want nothing to do with them?

Answer: Part of the answer is found in "The Search: Part II" (season 3 episode 2). The female changeling told Odo that "the urge to return home was implanted in your genetic makeup. So he hardly has a choice in that. But being a sentient, thinking being, he recognizes the atrocities that his people are behind and he can't condone their actions. So it's a matter of his conscious mind warring with his instinctual gestalt. But on a more general level, we all instinctually wish to be among people who are like us. No matter how much he may like and love those around him and feel that emotion returned, there are numerous aspects of his life and existence that absolutely nobody on DS9 can empathize with or understand. And that's not even to address the pure joy and acceptance that is brought by the Great Link.


Question: When the police pick Jennifer up and start driving her home, Doc says the Skyway is jammed and it's gonna take them forever to get there. 1) Wouldn't the police be sat in the same traffic? Taking Jennifer home isn't an emergency, so they wouldn't be using lights and sirens. 2) If the Skyway is jammed, why not just do it the old fashioned way and drive to Hilldale rather than fly?

Answer: Regarding your first question, the police (and other local government vehicles) would always have alternate Skyway lanes they can use, regardless of whether it's an emergency. As far as using ground roads, there may no longer be the same direct land routes to Hilldale.


Question: When Marty is walking through 2015 Hill Valley, he sees a billboard from Goldie Wilson III in which he is offering a hover conversion from $39,999,95. Where did Doc get the money from to have the DeLorean converted in the first place? This was also the starting price of a hover conversion, it may have even been more than $40,000 depending on how complex it was to fit it to the DeLorean.

Answer: Doc probably did the conversion himself, perhaps using parts from scrapyards. Seeing he has money from several time periods, it's quite clear he has been to many places ever since he put the Mr. Fusion on the car. Could have done it at any time.


Question: When Pinocchio finds Geppetto inside Monstro's stomach, Geppetto has shoes and socks on. But when Pinocchio and Geppetto are escaping on the raft, he is barefoot. Where did his shoes and socks go?

Answer: It's not explained. This appears to be a plot hole or whatever happened somehow got edited out.


Question: At one point in the film, the Crypt Keeper tells the main characters he's trying to warn them about what could happen to them. Why would he tell them this if it's later revealed that they're already dead?

Answer: Basically, it's a plot-twist ending to surprise the audience. Telling the characters that they are already dead and going to Hell would certainly affect their reaction to the situation and it would ruin the shock value for viewers. The Crypt Keeper also has a perverse sense of humor.


Question: After watching Star Trek: Wrath of Khan recently, something I'd never noticed before... Why does the Kobyashi Maru have 300 passengers? It's an ore-carrier with just over 80 crew. You don't have oil-bearing ships ferrying holidaymakers about now, but maybe in a little over 300 years, things might be different.

Answer: Being that "Kobyashi Maru" is a Star Fleet Academy training exercise for a no-win situation that future officers might face, the details might be somewhat exaggerated for a more dramatic effect. It's conceivable that a civilian transport ship also carries paying passengers. Today's cargo ships also carry some passengers. It's a cheaper, no-frills way for people to travel.


Question: Regarding the subway bomb, if McClain and Zeus had actually made it to the payphone in time, then what would Simon have done to make sure the bomb went off?

Answer: The bomb was going to get off anyway, it didn't depend on them not making it in time. I don't think Simon cared much if they had made it or not. If they did, the bomb would have blown up anyway, and the game he was playing with him would simply be over. He'd probably have McClane killed right after that, before he might figure out the hows and whys.


Question: On approach to the airport, the crippled 747 is shown lining up with the runway. Meanwhile, there are cars going back and forth on a service road right at the end of the runway. Why wouldn't they have momentarily stopped the ground traffic on that road until the plane had made a safe landing?

Question: Even though one of the bounty hunters took on Charlie's appearance in the first film, how and when did the real Charlie become one of the bounty hunters?

Answer: From what I recall, Charlie followed the bounty hunters as they walked away in the first film. So the implication is that they decided to let him tag along with them. (And that makes sense. After all, he helped them destroy the Krites in the first film, so he'd be useful.)


Question: Why didn't Loretta call 911 instead of just the Masonville Police station when she learned the two people her kids were staying with were not their Grandparents? In the event of two escaped psychopaths holed up in the house with two vulnerable kids, police would have connected the dots with a SWAT team, probably called in to rescue them. Tyler and Becca being in the house with the two unpredictable, deranged killers was basically the equivalent of a hostage situation.

Answer: 911 calls are usually automatically routed to the nearest local emergency dispatch center. From what I remember (haven't seen the movie in a while, so I could be wrong), the mother was still out of town, so dialing 911 wouldn't have been much help... she'd need to be rerouted, etc. Directly calling the police station was simply a faster way to contact the authorities closest to her children.


Question: Del was able to get a rental due to having Neil's card. Then, how was Neil able to get a rental card that eventually got him left in the parking lot if he didn't have a card?

Answer: He had multiple cards. He shows the burnt remains when he tries to rent a room.

Brian Katcher

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