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Answer: Like Norman, Peter came in late to the thanksgiving dinner and Peter had a wound at the same spot Norman wounded Spiderman.


Answer: When Green Goblin and Spider-Man are fighting during the apartment fire, Goblin is able to cut Spider-Man on the arm. Later, after the fight, when meeting for Thanksgiving dinner, Norman sees Peter has a cut on his arm in the same spot as Spider-Man.


Question: When the kids were coming out of the hospital, Pruitt was there and said that Dawson was going to charge them $50 for the tire, which he knew they didn't have. Earlier in the movie when he saw them on the expressway, he said he would treat them to a tire as a nice gesture. He paid for the window because that was his fault, but why did he suddenly decide not to buy their tire for them when he knew they were flat broke?

Answer: He's on the lam after shooting at his wife's lover. He probably needs whatever cash he has on hand.

Brian Katcher

Answer: He didn't decide not to buy them the tire. He said Dawson wouldn't let him buy it for them.


Question: Near the end, during the dinner party at the Ryan house, how did Jack figure out that Lord Holmes' assistant, Watkins, was the IRA informant? He seemed to put it together very suddenly.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Because, while everyone was scared and running for safety, he was the only one cool and calm. Plus, everyone was together, he was the only one alone and appeared out of nowhere.

Question: When Andy was cured of the werewolf curse, what happened to undead Amy? Was she freed or will she remain in limbo since he didn't actually die?

Answer: Once you're cured of the curse, everything that comes with it goes away.

Question: Is there a scene involving Joseph violently hitting a soldier over the head during his escape to Egypt with Mary and Jesus? This would appear to be missing from all usual prints of the film though many attest to images of it being inside comic book versions of the film issued in cinemas when it was released.

Answer: I agree with the other answer. This could possibly be a scene in another movie from this era. Biblical films were quite popular and plentiful in the 1950s and early 60s. The Greatest Story Ever Told, Ben Hur, The Robe, Spartacus, The Bible, Quo Vadis, Demetrius and the Gladiator, are just a few. The movie you're thinking of could be one of those.

raywest Premium member

Answer: I've been watching "King of Kings" for decades, and I've never seen that scene.

Question: I am curious about one scene. After Bender gets his "stash" back from Brian, Andrew looks at Claire and shakes his head. Claire walks off and Andrew and Brian have some kind of whisper exchange and Brian then walks off. My interpretation of this scene is Andrew has just dumped Claire and Brian can't understand why he"s done it. If not, could someone explain this scene to me?

Gavin Jackson

Answer: Andrew and Claire were never a couple. They knew each other casually in the school hallway. They were upset that Bender would use Brian to hold his "stash." They thought Brian was too smart to do something that stupid. They were also upset at Bender for bring his stash to school and involving someone else in his scheme. They were starting to become friends at this point and disappointed at both of them.

Answer: It's rather simple. Andrew is trying to tell Claire and Brian not to go smoke pot with Bender, in addition to trying to hold back from his own desire to try it.


Question: Why does Big Boy tell Tess he loves her after he ties her to the gear? (01:30:30)

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: He was babbling like an idiot, he was trying to justify his actions not only to Tess but himself. The "I love you so much I have to kill you" defense.

Question: When Frank is writing Jane a letter from prison, we see a flashback of his former fiancé running up to a tiny house only for Frank to open the door and knock her off the cliff. Is this a spoof of any particular movie?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: It's a parody of those Romance Novel advertisement commercials. The young beauty searching for her true love. FYI, that particular scene was originally part of the trailer only. It was never part of the film, but fans protested after an early preview of the movie. They demanded it in the film and it was put in.

Question: Amy Finch (played by Julie Bowen) was killed by Andy his first night as a werewolf in the cemetery. After he was cured of the werewolf curse, what happened to her undead form? Would she remain in limbo forever or would her soul be freed?

Answer: Even though it's never seen, she most likely would be free since Andy was able to free himself from his lycanthropy. However, this is just speculation.

Question: What happened to Weasel after Estelle bit down on his dick?

Answer: She leaves him to bleed to death, which, without prompt medical attention, he surely will.

Question: Did Theodore Roosevelt have the personality shown in the movie?

Answer: No, Adam and Barbara are just using their ghost powers to levitate her.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Lydia is being possessed, like during the "Tally Me Banana" scene earlier in the movie.


Let me clarify: like the others at the dinner party during the "Tally Me Banana" scene.


Question: Is this true that Jenny McCarthy almost got the main role in this movie but was fired after it was discovered that she couldn't dance?

Answer: Yes.

Question: How much time did it take to apply Hellboy makeup on Ron Perlman's body?

Answer: According to Jake Garber (Ron Perlman's personal makeup artist on Hellboy), he was allowed four hours to apply the makeup each day during production; but Garber said he gave Perlman an hour or so break right in the middle of makeup application, so the actual time in the chair was only about two-and-a-half hours. That was just for his head, neck, chest and hands every day. There were actually very few shoots that required full torso prosthetics and makeup, and the full torso with arms required about five hours, with several more makeup artists assisting.

Charles Austin Miller

Question: Why didn't Terminator scan the punks clothes before ordering to hand them over?

Answer: He probably did but we just didn't get to see it like we did in Terminator 2.


Question: How was there a thunderstorm and rain inside the ship while traveling through space?

Answer: That wasn't a "thunderstorm and rain" inside the Nostromo. It was condensation dripping down from the ship's ventilation/cooling system. When searching for the cat, Brett (played by Harry Dean Stanton) removes his cap and stands beneath a cooling shaft, allowing the condensation to splatter like rain on his head and face.

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: What scene are you referring to?

Chosen answer: A single layer sleeveless top like Billy wears after his possession by the Mind Flayer would probably not make a big difference to his body temperature, but even if it did, it's possible he deliberately wore it to fight or hurt the creature invading his mind as he does later demonstrate some ability to keep it at bay.

Sierra1 Premium member

Billy did wear long-sleeved top after his possession. It was unlike him. I know he used to wear sleeveless top or didn't wear top at the pool before his possession. Your second answer makes sense, though. Thanks.

Bunch Son

Chapter Six: The Spy - S2-E6

Question: With the doctors, Will points to one point on the map, and he says, "That's it. I just know he doesn't want me to see there. I think it's important." What exactly does he refer to that he thinks is important?

Bunch Son

Chosen answer: The spot Will points out on the map is an an area he feels the shadow monster (Mind Flayer) is attempting to hide from him, so he thinks it is important. He later admits that the creature coerced or influenced him into indicating that point, and sure enough the soldiers the government sends in there are massacred by demodogs, so it was a deliberate trap where the mind flayer used Will to eliminate a perceived threat.

Sierra1 Premium member

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