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Question: Not sure if there's an answer, just speculation, or a plot hole. As I understand it, the premise of time travel in the show is the Legends can't go back to a time they've already been to because then time would fold in on itself, etc. For example, the 3 get stranded in 1958, picked up in 1960, but the rest of the Legends can't try again by just going back to 1958. But then it's revealed that Chronos was Rory all along, so how is Chronos/Rory able to time travel back to a time Rory has already been to without doing any real damage to time? And if the idea is, well no-one knew Chronos was Rory, so they didn't know they were interacting with a time traveling version of themselves (or what ever the reason), then all the Legends have to do is disguise themselves to interact in the same time.


Answer: My speculation... As Chronos was sent by the Time Masters, the armour he is given may have some sort of 'time folding preventive' system built into it? (A pure assumption on my part).

Question: The dirty cop who shot Costigan; how did he end up there? Costigan names the time and location over the phone to Sullivan. He also states while on the roof to Anthony Anderson that he called him for verification of who he was. That relates back to their time at the Academy together. It's a bad gaffe in the climax of the story. It's like he just magically appears, unless I'm missing something. Any answers as to how that other rat in the staties on behalf of Costello who kills Costigan ended up at that point to kill William?

Answer: If Leo was in the lineup for Costello's crew, why didn't Anthony Anderson pick him up in the line up while investigating Costello? They had pictures of the whole crew. Anthony Anderson was in SIU. Bothers me.

Pick him out as what? Someone who supposedly washed out of the academy and turned to crime? Costello knows this - it's part of Costigan's cover.

Answer: The implication based on the dialogue is that Trooper Barrigan had been following Sullivan ever since he discovered that Costello was an FBI informant. He states that because of Costello's actions, the two of them have to stick together now and look out for each other.


Answer: Both.

Question: Dr Evazan and Ponda Baba (the two that confront Ben Kenobi in the cantina in Star Wars) have a small cameo in the city of Jedha. Is the assumption that they made it out of the city before the empire destroys the city within the short time of their cameo?

Answer: Yes. They were on their way to the starport when they were encountered. They left the planet a short while later, before the Death Star attack.

Question: When Adam and Barbara start to age and die near the end of the movie, I don't get how they didn't "die" again. How did they end up completely fine at the end?

Answer: Otho is attempting to exorcise them (remember how the afterlife janitor said exorcism was death for the dead), but Beetlejuice interrupted the ceremony, restoring them.

Brian Katcher

Answer: It's not completely clear what was happening to them but it's somewhere along the lines of the ritual making them corporeal or even partially resurrecting them but the ritual wasn't done properly so their bodies started to decay. Beetlejuice reversed that process and turned them back into ghosts.


Question: Why did the mom's boyfriend Ben adopt Joe? Shouldn't the minister have adopted Joe seeing as he was the boy's father?

Answer: For the reverend to admit to being Joe's father, meaning he not only had a child out of wedlock but knowingly abandoned him, would destroy him. Ben knew him and cared about him and would be able to take care of him.


Question: If Annie's parents died in a fire how did the police know where to take the items that they had found?

Answer: Sometimes the parents keep the address of the orphanage where they dropped their child off.

Answer: Wouldn't have been much fun for her. He would be working most of the time and she would be stuck in the hotel. They wouldn't even he able to go out to dinner as he mentioned they would order room service. And the kids would be there so they wouldn't have any time alone together.

Answer: Erin along with the child make it out alive however the fate of them both following the events of the film are unknown.


Answer: The last we see of Erin, she's alive. And not so well. But she did survive. What we saw. But what would be left of her?


Question: Why were the aliens abducting people and why did they bring them back?

Answer: It wasn't definitively answered, but it appears the aliens took people in order to learn more about humans. It's unclear if all those who were returned had originally gone willingly, but the intent was not to keep them indefinitely or harm them, and they were returned to Earth, albeit many decades later. At the end, after the aliens had made contact, a new group of humans, including Roy, went with them voluntarily.


Question: When Damian learns that he is the Antichrist, he is very upset about it. Later in the movie, why does he choose to embrace who he is and his destiny?

Answer: Having lived as a "normal" boy, Damien is initially shocked to learn his true identity. After having time to adjust and being surrounded and groomed by satanic supporters, he eventually embraces his true persona.


The answer is correct, and I'm just going a into a bit more detail. During the events of the first film, Damien is normal until Mrs Baylock entered his life. She started teaching him about who he was, but he was only five or six, which would have been far too young for him to understand. He started acting more malicious after this point. After the movie ended, it skips ahead to Damien living with his uncle, aunt, and cousin. During that time, it's conceivable that the forces surrounding him decided to give him a period of peace. He was raised by his aunt (secretly a Satanist), but she might have been instructed to give him a normal upbringing so he wouldn't call attention to himself. As a result, he probably forgot about it, and started to believe he wasn't any different. Once he learned of his unholy lineage he began to remember and eventually embrace it, especially since he had several followers (Buher, Neff, and many others he may not have met yet) to help and protect him.


Question: Wasn't President Roosevelt's "Four Freedoms" speech as heard in the movie given before Congress on January 6, 1941? The movie, or some of it, takes place December 6th/7th 1941.

Answer: FDR's Four Freedoms speech (which was his eighth State of the Union address) was originally given on January 6, 1941, some months before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The filmmakers appear to have deliberately compressed the two historical events to emphasize the dramatic change in the world. FDR gave the speech to gain public support for the U.S. aiding Britain and the other allied forces, even though it was not yet involved in the war.


Question: Why are they transporting entire missiles instead of just detaching the warheads (which are air portable)?

Answer: Because detaching them and reattaching them would have taken time, which they didn't have.

But, after the crash, they remove the warheads and transport them by helicopter and leave the boosters behind, as they only need the warheads.

Question: Does the death of Bruce's parents and the arrival of Superman happen after the death of Barry's mom? If not, then how could Barry saving his mom change what happened in the past?

Answer: These events did happen before Barry Allen's mom died. Flash even asks Professor Zoom how events that happened before his mother's death could have changed when he saved her. Zoom says "Break the sound barrier and there's a sonic boom. You broke the time barrier, Flash. Time boom. Ripples of distortion radiated out through that point of impact...shifting everything just a tiny bit. But enough. Enough for events to happen slightly differently." So these ripples did affect the past (events that happened before Barry's mother's death).


Question: After Sidney and Billy have sex, is her questioning him implying that she still thinks he's done it? Because I thought he's already convinced her that he is not the killer. Why would she have sex with someone she believes to be the killer?

Answer: She simply thought of a detail/new question - who did Billy call while in jail? - after they already had sex.

Answer: Love makes people do stupid things maybe?


Question: While recognizing that this film is entirely fictitious, how likely is it that an IT firm in 1999 would have allowed a former employee access to the premises after being laid off, never mind continue to send him a paycheck as with Milton Waddams? I myself was fired the following year and got the walk of shame treatment ("you have 5 minutes to clear your desk - the taxi's waiting outside") which at the time already seemed pretty standard.

Answer: They never told Milton he was fired, they just cruelly cut off his paycheck, figuring he'd eventually get fed up and leave (he'd actually been laid off years ago, but a payroll glitch kept him getting a paycheck). The management is hoping if they're cruel enough, he'll stop showing up.

Brian Katcher

This is actually the reverse of what happened. The glitch caused him to continue to receive a paycheck, even though he'd been laid off. The "Bobs" corrected the glitch, so he would no longer receive a paycheck. In an effort to avoid confrontation, they chose not to say anything to him, hoping he'd realise it and leave on his own.

Answer: Simply because he is basically invisible to them. Anyone can walk into that place, no guard outside, no key-card required. Nobody cared. At least you got a taxi.


Exactly. These things can happen. It depends on the place and how they operate. As recently as January 2024, I read about one young woman who went into a Kroger grocery store and worked for six hours, as an experiment. She has also done this at Target and Walmart. She wears clothes that look like a real employee's.

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Question: What is the point of any supporting character, such as Sissy or Jim, learning anything about Lyoko or Xana if the 'return to the past' function erases their memories about it later?

Question: How does Ma spend seven years with 'old Nick' and never catch his real name? She must call him something to his face.

Answer: Old Nick keeps Joy completely isolated from the outside world. He never has any reason to mention his real name to her and she certainly is in no position to force him to do so. What she calls him to his face, if anything, is never addressed.


Answer: He had it on under his clothes. When the regular clothes burned off his fireproof uniform was all that remained.


Thirty Days - S5-E9

Question: Was Tom successful in his mission or did the torpedo that was launched by Tuvok from Voyager stop him from succeeding?

Answer: The torpedo stopped him from succeeding.


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