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Question: Whilst I appreciate the comedic value of Jeff Goldblum, why has Dr Ian Malcolm been invited to the island? How is his academic knowledge of chaos theory relevant to deciding whether a theme park is safe?

Answer: Malcolm spoke with Hammond about the idea of Jurassic Park prior to the visit. Hammond dismisses Malcolm's math as "codswallop" and "fashionable number crunching," and complains that Malcolm has "never been able to adequately explain [his] concerns..." But why ask him? Malcolm is an expert in complex systems. His particular brand of scientist is known for modeling "the real world" in mathematics. This is why you hear him refer to the complexity of the system in phase space and chaos (as in chaos theory). Gennaro refers to him as 'too trendy." Hammond likely asked Malcom to analyze the idea of the park as a publicity stunt, but got back a scathing paper. Gennaro has picked someone openly hostile to the park to give it a review. The investors want two experts to sign off. Hammond knows that Malcolm is hostile, so Hammond finds a paleontologist and paleobotanist (Grant and Sattler) in the hopes that they will sign off due to sheer awe and excitement.

Answer: Malcolm was there to calculate the probability of what and how the theme park could go wrong. The park's financial backers are aware the dinosaurs pose an extreme danger to visitors that could result in massive lawsuits. They want to know every conceivable scenario of what could go wrong. It's the old adage of, 'If something can go wrong, it will go wrong.'.

raywest Premium member

Answer: From google: Ian Malcolm was invited to the park by Donald Gennaro as an insurance consultant as Donald apparently felt that Ian, as a fiduciary, would be able to notice any dangerous shortcomings the park had.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: According to the wiki, he is brought along by the lawyer Donald Gennero because he is a parent of several children and thus be able to notice any shortcomings regarding safety to children.


Question: Why does Alan Grant struggle with his seatbelt in the helicopter ride to Isla Nublar? It looks like a fairly standard airline seatbelt to me.

Answer: This is a foreshadowing of the events to come. He has 2 female parts of the belt. He then over comes this problem by simply tying the two bits together in the same way all the dinosaurs on Isla Nubar are female to stop them breeding and over running the island. However, they over come this as shown when Dr. Grant finds the eggs after spending the night in the tree.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: In addition to the foreshadowing of the female dinosaurs on the island learning how to breed, I think also works to establish Grant as an unconventional but creative problem-solver, someone who can make the best of an unideal situation. This leads credence to him being able to survive with the children in the park with all the dinos running around. So in that belt buckle scene you have three things going on at once: humor, foreshadowing, and character development. Great writing.

Answer: Alan is not a modern man. Being a paleontologist, he mostly relates to the past and shuns modern technology, as evidenced by his resistance to using the ground-penetrating radar to find buried fossils. He is uncomfortable and out-of-place in today's world and has difficulty using things as simple as a seatbelt.

raywest Premium member

So Grant has never been in a car? My dad can barely figure out this iPhone, but knows how to use a seatbelt. It could be as simply as he grabbed two female ends, which has happened to me on an airplane.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Not everyone uses a seat belt in a car or truck. My late mother never could fasten her own seat belt. She would just try to hold the two sections together with her hands. I always had to belt her in. Was rather comical, actually.

raywest Premium member

Answer: While the show does explore life after death, the show creators intentionally avoided using many religious terms and beliefs, such as heaven, hell, or God. While one could draw parallels of the Good Place and the Bad Place to heaven and hell, in the show that's not what they're meant to be.


Thank you. It just means, to me, they're atheists.


Not sure you can infer them being atheists just because they do not use the terms, "Heaven" and "Hell." Those are mostly traditional Christian concepts. Many religions have different beliefs of what the afterlife is.

raywest Premium member

Well you couldn't really call them atheist because atheists don't believe in any type of afterlife or any deities. The "good place" and "bad place" are merely broader terms that could include most belief systems.

immortal eskimo

Answer: They actually do use those terms, in one episode, when Eleanor starts crying Chidi states he broke God and, there is another episode where someone, I believe Chidi says, we're in heaven. Though not saying those words does not make them atheist, it is stated in the first episode that every religion specifically Christians were a little bit right... So when they got to the good place after learning it is really called the good place it makes no sense to call it something else.

Question: After Spider-Man stops the train from falling off the tracks, how exactly did those two kids find his mask and bring it back to him on the train?

Answer: When he pulled his mask off it was caught in the wind and pulled into the train car.

Question: Why was there such a long delay between this film and the 4th?

Answer: Originally Toy Story 3 was the final film. In 2010, filmmaker Lee Unkrich said that Pixar was not planning another Toy Story film after Toy Story 3, "It was really important to me with this film that we not just create another sequel, that it not just be another appendage coming off the other two... there may be opportunities for Woody and Buzz in the future, but we don't have any plans for anything right now.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: For any military pilots out there: Is it even realistic that Maverick's accident would've been investigated, concluded, and Mav would have been cleared and put back to flight status within the time-frame of the TOPGUN class? Wikipedia says TOPGUN in the 80's was only 5 weeks and today it's 9 weeks. I don't remember how far along they were when Mav and Goose crashed but I'm guessing 1/2 way through at most, so that gives 2-3 weeks to investigate and clear Maverick.

Answer: Totally unrealistic, especially since it was a fatal incident. These can take weeks and months to be investigated and the pilot returned to flight status.


Question: In the beginning, the journalist says "this is the first Starship Enterprise in thirty years without James T. Kirk in command." According to canon, the Enterprise-A was decommissioned in 2293, the same year the B was launched. Was she referring to Kirk's retirement in 2263?

Movie Nut

Answer: She was saying that Kirk had been captain of the Enterprise for around 30 years, so the reference to "the Enterprise without James T. Kirk in command" was referring to Christopher Pike's tenure as captain until 2265 (a bit less than 30 years but she was rounding up).

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: The camp guy implied that they have to call authorities. Why is this necessary if Dennis isn't a member of the camp?

Answer: It does not matter that Dennis was not a member of the camp. Dracula dropped a child (Dennis) from a tower, just like in real life, that would be seen as completely inappropriate and unacceptable.


Question: What about those kids he had, what happened to them?

Answer: Nothing, they're from an alternate reality, Jim Belushi was shown a possible future if he had hit that home run. A different life, job, wife and kids.

Answer: He didn't feel that it was his place to interfere in their relationship. Especially as he had feelings for Julia himself and didn't want to make it look like he was sabotaging their relationship for his own benefit.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: When Hunt dies why is it like they don't care? Or act as if it didn't happen.

Answer: Hunt is extremely obnoxious and having little regard for the other 4 who have died before him. They are simply giving him the same treatment he would have given them if it was someone else who died.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Is Griffin always naked? Because his clothes (glasses) are visible but he is not.

Answer: There's a scene where he's wearing swim trunks which are visible, but he gets embarrassed when they're pulled down and he runs away. Obviously just meant to be a gag, but if the thought of people "seeing" him naked embarrassed him, one would think he must normally be dressed in clothes that can't be seen.


Question: Why she didn't even try to break the ceiling glass before shouting for help?

Answer: Who's to say she never did? She's been in the room for many years, that was probably one of the first things she tried. But the man who abducted her probably anticipated this and so made the window out of something highly durable.

Arrival - S1-E1

Question: In the opening credits of Arrival and most subsequent episodes of The Prisoner, Patrick McGoohan/The Prisoner/Number Six walks into a government office and resigns his post. He returns to his house. A man, dressed like an undertaker, pumps gas through the keyhole. He falls unconscious and revives in "The Village." My questions? Is there a "knockout gas" that would render somebody unconscious like this? If so, after inhaling the gas, for how long would they remain unconscious? We never know where "The Village" is, so we cannot know how long it took to move Patrick McGoohan there, but how would they keep him unconscious until they got him to "The Village"? As soon as he comes to in "The Village" he seems 100% fit and alert and immediately begins to explore his new "home." Wouldn't he have a splitting headache, and be dazed, confused and disorientated after being unconscious for so long and then waking up in such a strange place?

Rob Halliday

Answer: Carisoprodol, Cyclobenzaprine, Ether, Chloroform and Nitrous Oxide have strong sedating effects. As for waking up alert, once the effects of the gas wear off, he could wake up as thou had a long sleep.

Question: At the end of the film, which Clint Eastwood is Dave McFly referring to when he tells Marty "Who are you supposed to be, Clint Eastwood? Was he referring to the real Clint Eastwood or to 1885 Clint Eastwood? (Marty's alias in 1885).

Answer: Since Marty is dressed the same way Clint's character in the spaghetti westerrns was, I pretty sure he was referring to the real Clint Eastwood.

Gavin Jackson

Answer: The joke is that Marty as Clint Eastwood has become a historical figure, known probably only in their town. His clothes are probably most remembered, so Dave thinks he is impersonating him.


Question: What happened to the military guy that was injured and left in the Carl's van? Did they simply drop him off the plane along with the van?

Answer: He was given a vague promise about backing for possible business opportunities. Fredo naively never believed that Michael would be killed and thought he was only giving information.

raywest Premium member

Question: Given the Joker's been terrorizing the city and killing people why would anyone be stupid enough to show up for his parade regardless of money?


Answer: Well, given in 2020 there's a global pandemic with a highly contagious disease which is killing thousands, and some people are taking the suggestion / demand to wear a facemask as some sort of personal attack and gathering together to protest against the idea...don't ever underestimate the stupidity of some people. No doubt most of Gotham saw the parade as a dangerous/dreadful idea and stayed home, but there were plenty of idiots who couldn't see beyond their wallets.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Please do not use this forum to make political commentary meant to insult and otherwise detract from the original spirit of the question.

The analogy is perfectly suitable to the question. Jon is also the webmaster for this site, so if he wants to make "political" commentary (there's nothing political about trying to flatten the curve in a global pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousand of people, if not more), that's his prerogative.

Phaneron Premium member

Precisely. Nothing political about wearing a facemask during a pandemic! I just knew that comment would rile up some people, but as you say, it seemed like a perfectly decent analogy to me.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Jon, even before I read your answer, the same thought sprang into my mind.

raywest Premium member

As someone who has recovered from the virus, I wouldn't wish it upon anyone and the analogy is perfectly apt for the question. The bottom line is, if you don't like what you read, visit another website.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: This was in no way a political comment. It was a perfectly factual and timely example that addressed the question. People ARE gathering now without regard to well known risks and this is the very definition of stupid.

Question: What did Barzini promise Carlo if he set up Sonny to be killed?


Answer: It was never specified, but likely a large sum of money and some sort of business arrangement with the Barzini crime family.

raywest Premium member

Question: If imprinting is possible for werewolves then why didn't Jacob do it to Bella? Mad Magazine pointed this out as he does this to her daughter, kind of creepy it was.


Answer: Imprinting is an involuntary mechanism. The shape-shifter can't voluntarily imprint on anybody. Jacob tried to imprint on Bella but was unable to do so and began going around looking for other girls to imprint on but, is unable to do it of his own free will.

On the flip side, Sam Ulee was in love with Leah Clearwater, but then he involuntarily imprinted on Emily, dumping Leah and breaking her heart.

raywest Premium member

Answer: In addition to the other answer, imprinting is not only a sexual thing. As Jacob explains it, it is about being whatever the person who is imprinted on wants or needs, whether it is as a lover, a protector, a life-long friend, etc.

raywest Premium member

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