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Question: If Ron didn't like the robes he was given for the Christmas ball ,why did he not himself or find a teacher that could use a magical spell to make them look more up to date?


Answer: In the book, Ron did use a spell to alter the robe's look somewhat by removing the lace, but magic could only do so much to change the appearance. A teacher might have been able to do more, but it is unlikely they would replace what a parent had selected for their child without permission, no matter how hideous or ridiculous it looked.


Question: Do Django and his wife finally get free, or they have to hide from other bounty hunters?

Answer: Since the film ends with their riding off together after blowing up Candieland, any answer would be speculation. Obviously, it's meant to be a happy ending, our conquering hero triumphantly riding from the scene of his victory over Candie and all his racist minions. Realistically speaking, of course, there would obviously be a huge price on Django's head after the carnage at Candieland, and they are fugitive Black people in the pre-Civil War Deep South; every single bounty hunter and law enforcement officer, not to mention just everyday racist yokels who hear about a giant payday, would be looking for them. In the real world, they would likely be apprehended within days, if not hours. So, maybe it's best not to think too much about what happens next.

Answer: Then again, Django is one of those larger than life Hollywood heroes, and before telephones, he'd have a great head start. Who's to say he and his wife didn't vanish in the wilderness and started over somewhere after the Civil War?

Brian Katcher

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Question: Why did they let Benson adopt? Given she's single and has a dangerous job wouldn't this be carefully scrutinized? After all, she could end up dead, thus the boy goes back into the system.


Answer: As this particular adoption case the judge presiding over it personally knew Olivia; that can make all the difference in the process as most adoptions are presided by judges who do not know the person and are going solely off how they look on paper as to whether or not it can be approved. This was likely the case of when Olivia mentioned she had previously been turned down for adoption. With Noah not being a healthy infant, the judge would not want to be too picky with who can adopt him as unhealthy infants have a high risk of never being adopted. With the judge personally knowing Olivia, that would help seal her confidence that even in the event of Olivia's death Olivia would have already made sure it would be pre-arranged for Noah to be cared for rather than put back in the system.

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Question: Doesn't Earl have to pay state tax or whatever on his lottery winnings, and thus would be down to only 88 grand or so?


Answer: He would definitely have to pay a Federal income tax, but state tax laws vary. My own state does not have an income tax, and instead collects revenue through sales taxes.


Question: The first disciples to follow Jesus are shown as John and Andrew. But where did James brother of John vanish and there is no record in the Bible that these two followed the Baptist. Surely Philip and Bartholomew also are involved at this point or shouldn't the whole scene have started with Peter and then moved back to Andrew and the two boys of Zebedee? The assembling of the Apostles doesn't follow biblical accounts at all and a juvenile John is very much set apart from any brother.

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Question: In one episode (not sure which one but it was in the Dick York era), Darrin was arguing with Samantha and said something like "Confiding in a woman is like broadcasting by Telstar." What exactly does that mean and what was Telstar?

Answer: Telstar was an early communications satellite system. Darrin, in a particularly sexist manner reflective of this era, is saying that telling a secret to a woman means it is guaranteed to be "broadcasted" to multiple people.


Answer: The Telstar Reference was in Dangerous Diaper Dan when Samantha engages in too much gossip.

Question: When Miss Ernst says she wants Luke to be found, she screams that he must be eliminated, causing Miss Irvine to look shocked. Why would she react this way considering Miss Ernst's plan was to kill all the children in the world?

Answer: She probably didn't know about her master plan, just about turning kids into mice. Most likely she thought they'd be kept in locked cages and held prisoners.

During the meeting, Miss Ernst says that every child in England must be "Rubbed out. Destroyed." A clear indication that she was talking about killing the children after they get turned into mice but, Miss Irvine doesn't seem shocked or upset after hearing this.

Question: How do the players beat the house?

Answer: They were card counting, specifically group card counting, which betters the odds of them winning. You can learn more about it here:


Answer: In addition to counting cards, their surreptitious or conniving behavior - in other words, their "underhanded" techniques (pun intended).


Question: After Conan falls down into the pit where he finds his sword, there's a shot of a shadow in the hole and it looks like someone walked up to it, but then walked away. Is there a deleted scene or something that can explain this?

Currahee - S1-E1

Question: Was Colonel Sink hoping all would turn out well if Captain Sobel was not held accountable (in this case, mutiny)? Mutiny is serious, but what was he hoping would happen if no-one came forward about the situation with Sobel? I am puzzled.

Answer: Sobel was not blamed for the mutiny; it was the NCOs who were rebelling against his command. Sink had to act because the men had done so in writing, but not punish Sobel directly as he technically didn't break any rules himself in his conduct. Hence, Sink demotes Raney, transfers someone else and tells everyone else to 'git' while sending Sobel away from Easy Company to train civvy types to jump, as he is an excellent trainer but horrible commander. Normally a Colonel wouldn't do anything about the situation but as the complaint was formal and in writing, and on the eve of D-Day he had to act quickly before someone took it upon himself to frag Sobel.

Question: If Missy just moved to area and knew nothing about cheerleading, how had she seen (and recognized) that the routine was a rip-off from another school?

Answer: She said she saw them when watching football games, when they played her school.

Brian Katcher

Answer: She recognized the routine as one that was performed by the East Compton Clovers in L.A. She may not know much about cheerleading but that does not mean she hadn't previously seen them perform at a game.


Question: Why didn't Tina Louise reprise her role as Ginger?

Answer: She felt the role typecast her and ruined her career. She also demanded a lot of money to reprise the role but was refused and another actress was cast.


Question: How could Godefroy have descendants living in the present day if when he left his time Frenegonde, the woman he loved, refused to marry him because of her father's death?

Answer: If you saw the movie he returns to the past just in time to stop the crossbow from killing her father. They married and lived happily ever after.

Try - S5-E15

Question: What is the song they are playing on the stereo at the beginning of the episode? It's awesome and I want to get it.

Quantom X

Answer: "Somewhat Damaged" by Nine Inch Nails.


Question: When the doves are released as Fiona and Shrek step out of the onion carriage the guy releasing them has very odd eyes - is there any reason behind this? (00:15:00 - 00:20:00)

Answer: He's a parody of the wall-eyed actor Marty Feldman, perhaps best known for his role as Igor in 'Young Frankenstein.'.

Brian Katcher

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Question: Does anyone know the type of dog Frankie is? It looks like some type of Poodle but I can't find exactly what type.

Answer: I think it is a tea cup poodle.

Question: What did Alex eat from the little tin in the cabin?

Answer: It's canned meat, probably deviled ham or chicken. It looks like the Underwood brand that my mother used to buy. It has a pate'-like texture that can be spread on crackers or bread. It's very salty and fatty. (I only recommend it as a last-resort survival food in the event of an extreme global catastrophe).


Question: Is it actually possible to get on to a moving train as implied in the very last scene?

Answer: Unless the train stopped, it is absolutely impossible for someone, particularly a senior man and a woman in a tight skirt and high heels, to be able to jump onto a moving commuter train, and on one that would have automatic doors.


HA! A looser skirt and flat-heeled shoes wouldn't improve the odds.


Question: How did Marty free himself from the animal box after falling into the ocean? This obviously happened before the scene where he was surfing on dolphins, but it is never shown nor mentioned how he managed to get out of this box.

Answer: It is entirely possible his box hit something in the water and broke or was weakened enough for Marty to escape.


Question: Gary Busey (Angelo) is supposed to be keeping an eye on the bank, the one that he and Johnny Utah expect the Ex-Presidents to rob. Instead, he is reading Calvin and Hobbes comics and not watching the bank at all. As a result, he doesn't see the Ex-Presidents pull up and enter the bank to rob it. Why was he not doing his job? Is he simply an idiot?


Answer: Probably not an idiot, but perhaps a big disappointment to FBI higher-ups. Having Angelo distracted was designed to make the movie more exciting, but there's a good chance this could have happened (and does happen) in real life. Stakeout work is typically long and boring, and may be non-productive because the agents can't know with certainty if/when (or where) the robbers will show up. After years/decades of conducting boring stakeouts where no-one came or robbers arrived after several hours, agents' experiences may lead them to believe nothing is going to happen right away - it will be a long wait. A false sense of security leads to slacking off, and opportunities for robbers to be more successful increase. While it might be required that FBI agents give their undivided attention on the job - no matter how boring - it is unrealistic to expect that all agents stay alert at all times. Reading comics to pass the time isn't impressive, but being able to laugh is a stress reducer.


Dead wrong.


I gave you an "up" vote because I am an idiot and Angelo is "simply an idiot."


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