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Question: Does anyone have a clue why Anakin Skywalker from The Phantom Menace was given a normal sized body instead of a shorter one like other smaller characters in the game?


Answer: Originally they were not. The earliest Lego Star Wars sets had normal sized legs.

Answer: Because they are Lego. Most Lego men regardless of age or species are the exact same size.

Quantom X Premium member

Characters who are significantly smaller/shorter (typically young children) are usually depicted with shorter legs in Lego games, those type of legs which aren't rotatable and doesn't have holes in them (excluding the bottom of their feet). Yoda and Boba Fett (From Attack of the Clones), on the other hand, has those type of legs in the game.


At the time of Phantom Menace, Lego did not have those short legs. By the time Attack of the Clones was released, they had developed them. The use of long legs for Anakin is accurate.

Show generally

Question: Why did the cord on the wall phone in the police station change from straight in the early episodes to coiled later?

Answer: There's probably no particular reason. Sets and props on long-running TV shows often change as needed and for various reasons throughout a series run.

raywest Premium member

Question: How come the little girl didn't give Howard back his ball when he tried to retrieve it around the mall?


Answer: Most likely, she decided to keep it and not want to give it to Howard which is why she put it in her mouth.

Question: Why can't Scaramanga see the solex on the floor after he kills Miss Anders, as Bond sees it easily?

Answer: He is a trained killer and like Bond he must watch his back at all times. He was so busy looking around for traps and other agents, that he didn't notice it. Bond, however, is trained to observe everything, his main focus was to find the solex.

Question: Why in the world is Alex, when unmasked at the end, wearing lipstick? Symbolic or something?


Answer: Alex is not the typical one dimensional slasher serial killer, but rather a complex individual with conflicting motivations. The lipstick is a symbol that he is portraying the hurtful people from his past even as he kills them.

Answer: The film doesn't provide an answer (which I think is a good thing). My interpretation is that Alex has somehow absorbed his sister's spirit, symbolically (not literally), and is avenging her death *as* Robin, in a way. Her name is his last word before he dies. A scene was shot but cut which revealed that Robin and Alex were twins. That scene was added back to the television edit of Prom Night.

Question: What did Johnny mean when he said to Ali "Maybe we can call a truce?"


Answer: He's asking for them to make peace and stop arguing.

Jason Hoffman

Menace - S5-E19

Question: Why did O'Neill shoot Reese at the end of the episode?

Answer: Because Reese was controlling the replicators, or at least still linked to them, and he saw shooting her as the only way to stop the replicators. However, Daniel suggests that Reese deactivated the replicators prior to being fatally shot, so the audience is left to wonder who was right.


Question: If Erica arrived after Marin and Harry, why was she surprised to see someone in the kitchen? Surely she saw a car in the driveway. And where did that car go? It wasn't in any scene after Marin and Harry parked. Supposedly, they shopped for groceries and ate dinner the same day they arrived. Why did they change clothes so often? It seemed Marin had her black bathing suit on under her dress at the store but wore something different at dinner. Harry had three different shirts, Erica changed from a scoop to a turtleneck and Zoe seemed to put a sweater over her blue top while shopping but changed at dinner.

Answer: This sounds like it could an editing issue. Movies often film multiple scenes that, for whatever reason, are later deleted, but sometimes portions of those scenes are compressed into one sequence, even though there are obvious inconsistencies like wardrobe gaffs.

raywest Premium member

Tootie Drives - S7-E14

Question: Tootie takes her driving test. The instructor tells Tootie to make a U-Turn and as she's halfway into it, the car stops. I think it was because the car ran out of gas. Because of this, Tootie fails the driving test. Why would the instructor fail Tootie? It wasn't her fault the car ran out of gas.

Answer: I didn't see that episode. When you take your driving test, you have to provide the car for the test, and the car has to be in good working condition. They check for that (blinkers working, etc.) So if the car runs out of gas, yes, it is your fault for not making sure the car had enough gas before the test.


Question: While Will Smith was burying his deceased dog, I remember him taking some pills. Were the pills intended to decrease his sadness for his loss/keep him from going insane of him now being totally alone?


Answer: I'd say they are just painkillers, seeing how he just casually chucks a whole bunch down like skittles. If you do that with antidepressant or something like Ritalin (to keep you awake) your heart will stop. He probably has a headache.


Question: When Harry confronts Peter as The New Goblin for the first time while trying to avenge his father, was he planning to kill Peter, or just torture him by toying around with him in a terrible way?

Answer: He was planning on killing him before unmasking him in the previous film, so likely his intention here was to still kill him. He's shown to have used the gas that Norman tested on himself which made him insane and more aggressive, which would suggest Harry would undergo the same changes.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Harry's intent was to kill Peter because he believed that Peter was responsible for the death of his dad Norman. When Harry tries to knock Peter off a building and even throws pumpkin bombs at him.

Question: Near the end of the movie, Beverly is captured by Pennywise. A few minutes later, Pennywise is making a weird dance: is that actually Bill Skarsgard dancing, or a stand-in dancer?

Smooth Danny

Answer: Standin.

Question: What exactly was Anouk doing when she hid crumbled-up pieces of paper under her blanket to fool her mother that she's just sleeping? What was she trying to do?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Question: Why would Lewis confess to Jonathan and Florence that he brought back Issac from the dead? He could've kept it a secret to avoid being yelled at.

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: He wanted to take responsibility for his mistake in order to help make things right.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why are the aliens in that town? If they come from a oceanic planet then why not go directly into one of our five or so oceans?


Answer: The aliens needed fresh water. All the infected were drinking bottled water. When the gang were examining the slug in the garage, it dried up and died from salt, like a snail.

Answer: Whales and dolphins also lack manipulating appendages and the ability to survive on land.


Answer: The aliens need to infect intelligent life to thrive. There is no intelligent life in our oceans.


That is not exactly true. Whales and dolphins are considerably intelligent, arguably near human-level, and live in complex social groups.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Well if they need to stay hydrated whales and dolphins make more sense than inhabiting people.


Dolphins and whales are also far less numerous. With populations numbering fewer than 10 million total across all species versus nearly 6 billion at the time for humanity.


Answer: It could be the salt or pollution. The aliens were drinking nothing but pure bottled water.

Good answer. Dang all you guys on this site are pretty good at this. I enjoy these answers you give since hardly anybody ever listens to me.


Question: Why would April abandon Splinter and the turtles to the sewers? If they were her pets why abandon them? Why not take them home?


Answer: She was trying to send them away to save them from the experiments. The first place to search if some experimental animals get lost are the houses of the people that are involved.

Anastasios Anastasatos

Question: What happens to Annie and Trixie or even Lawanda? How come they didn't appear in this film?


Answer: It's never explained what happened to them or why they never appeared in this film.

Question: In a real life scenario, could the witnesses face any charges for giving false information?

Answer: No, they wouldn't. They weren't giving any false information at all. They were recounting what they saw happening between Stu and the guy. They believed Stu had killed him but, were unaware of who really killed the guy and told the police what they believed to have happened.

Question: Why was Mr. Bean arrested at the airport?

Answer: For acting suspiciously and acting as though he had a concealed weapon.

Ssiscool Premium member

No Accounting for Murder - S3-E19

Question: Why did the Phantom run out of nowhere after tying up the killer when Grady came into the room with Jessica? Did the Phantom try to avoid being seen by others except Jessica?


Answer: Yes, he didn't want to be a hero. He liked being the Phantom going anywhere and doing what he pleases with people thinking there was a ghost.

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