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Answer: Why would he? He knew what happened to Sarah when she told people about it, and his parents hardly seem like the sort who would a) believe him, or b) indulge him in his "fantasy." Better to simply get rid of it (as he and Sarah do).

I was pertaining when Alan was still a kid not as an adult.When he discovered the game and he went home immediately. Remember his mother called him and then Alan keep the Jumanji under the sofa.


Given their wealth and status, Alan's parents may not appreciate him bringing home stuff he found buried. In addition, he's probably having difficulty himself believing the game is making the drum noises and wants to investigate first.


Question: When Michael and Claire are discussing whether to hire Peyton, Claire says, "I don't think she'll be a nanny forever, but I think we can get her to commit for a year." Why does she not think that Peyton can be nanny long-term?

Answer: Peyton is young and attractive, and Claire, unaware of her real identity, is assuming Peyton probably will meet someone and want to marry and have a family. Presumably, most nannies do not stay in one position for long and it tends to be a high-turnover profession.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Well for one, his wheels were damaged, and two, if he did try to chuff out of the wall he would still need to perfectly a line his wheels on the track, which is impossible.

Answer: His wheels were destroyed.

Question: How did they stay frozen the whole time if they demolished the building? Wouldn't something that can keep a person frozen, require a lot of power? Did they just decide to demolish the building without checking that the power was out? Didn't they put a fudruckers on top of it? How did they remain frozen so long?


Answer: The science in this movie is far-fetched at best. Assumedly the pods had some sort of battery backup for emergencies. If the battery lasted 500 years, we can just assume it was secret government technology.

Brian Katcher

Question: In Francois Toulour's first scene, he says something in French before switching to English. What was he saying? (00:58:46)

Answer: "What joy, and what a surprise, to see you here."

Question: Any idea what the reference to "banging erasers" is all about? I always thought she said "banging your races" or "banging your braces" but never understood what it meant?

Answer: Banging erasers is what kids had to do as punishment. Erasers are used to clear the chalkboards, eventually they will get full of chalk and not work properly anymore so you bang them together to get the chalk out.


True - but my first grade teacher made it a "reward" by giving the student who had the BEST behavior that day the "honor" of cleaning her erasers.


Well it might be time period dependent. Or teacher dependent.


Question: Who kills the informant on the boat? How is Verbal outside the boat and also supposed to be the villain who's killed everyone?

Answer: Keyser Soze killed the informant, Verbal was telling the cop his version of what happened to the cop and the movie going audience, to misdirect everyone. Confusing everyone until the revelation at the end of the movie.

Question: At the end of the movie, as the credits roll, and in the background, we see Brody and Hooper paddling their way to shore on those 2 yellow barrels. Would I be right to assume this is probably not actually Scheider and Dreyfuss, but instead, 2nd unit filming this with stand-ins for those two? Knowing Spielberg at that time, maybe he did use Scheider and Dreyfuss. If 2nd unit, anyone know who the stand-ins were?

Question: When David steps on the land mine, the group rescues him by tying a rope around him and pulling while he runs. What exactly does this accomplish? It's impossible to outrun an explosion, much less pull someone to safety at supersonic speed.


Answer: Yes, I think the blast of a land mine usually goes straight up, unless it's a bouncing Betty.

Answer: Anti personnel mines usually have a small blast radius compared to a bomb or artillery shell. If they can pull him away quickly enough he can be clear of the blast.

The Savage Curtain - S3-E22

Question: Surak is a Vulcan with better hearing than humans and greater strength than humans. How was he able to be killed so easy?

Answer: Maybe not so easily, Klingons are known for their strength and fierce fighting styles, plus he went up against four of them.

Answer: Everyone knows who George Washington is, also Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and countless others. When you join Starfleet, you have to know other planets, their people and their histories.

Show generally

Question: Trying to remember an episode - a woman would use the beach shower topless, and while the male beachgoers were gawking at her body her boyfriend (I think) would pick their pockets.

Answer: He is careless with it, and doesn't think about if it might accidentally fire. There are safety protocols when dealing with guns for a reason. Gangsters just chose to ignore them.


Vincent is particularly careless with firearms. He leaves a submachine gun lying on the kitchen counter while he uses the toilet with the door closed, knowing that he is only in that apartment waiting for Butch to come back.


Question: What happened to Luke's hand after Vader cut it off?

Answer: It fell into the reactor shaft alongside his lightsaber, unrecoverable. It probably fell outside like Luke did and dropped into the clouds of the gas giant Bespin.


Well, what about the thing that fell after Luke landed on the satellite dish outside? Was that Luke's hand?

For what it's worth, the descriptive audio identifies the falling object as a piece of the antennae that Luke is hanging from.

TonyPH Premium member

No, nothing as macabre as that. Probably a piece of cloth or something that fell out of his pocket. Or, possibly, his lightsaber. But I doubt they would have him watch his own hand fall.


In the Legends continuity someone found Luke's severed hand and used it to create Luke's evil clone, known as Luuke.

Answer: In the books before Disney, the hand was recovered by an Ugnaught (the pig-like people in Cloud City) and was taken with his lightsaber to the Emperor's secret storehouse on the planet Wayland. It was later used (in the Thrawn trilogy) to create a clone of Luke.


Question: During the scene when Frank and Jane are making a clay pot, what caused the potter's wheel to go berserk and splatter them with clay? (00:50:18)

Answer: The foot pedal controls the speed of the wheel. Frank puts his foot on top of Jane's foot and pushes the pedal down all the way. The rapid acceleration and the fact they took their hands off the clay caused it to go everywhere.


Wouldn't that hurt Jane as Frank's foot is applying pressure to hers while pressing down on the pedal?

Not really, you can see his foot gently presses on top of hers, and both their feet cause the pedal to slope towards the floor, which would decrease the amount of pressure Frank's foot applies to Jane's. On top of that, different people have different pain thresholds.

Phaneron Premium member

This is not exactly related to the question asked, but part of the scene that I could never really figure out. It showed that Jane made something in the shape of a square out of a piece of clay. What did she make and how could she have made it in only seconds with her eyes closed? I also don't quite understand how the clay could've possibly gotten to where she obtained it to begin with (asking in a way of abiding by the guidelines).

The scene cuts to them shaping clay without showing any of the set up. So we don't see how it got to that point, so she didn't do it in a second with her eyes closed. It's just a parody of the scene from "Ghost." In real life, using a clay wheel makes shaping clay faster, although it takes practice. If you put your hand, or a tool, on top and press down, you create a hole (which we aren't shown). It looks like Jane is just making a vase.


I really apologize, but I was referring to after the vase was inadvertently destroyed. It was after Frank apparently had a bodybuilder's physique (which was an obvious body double joke). Then it showed Jane making something out of clay in such a short time with her eyes closed. So sorry about that. Thank you for the reply.

The fact she made it so quickly was a gag, but she makes an ashtray. I would say the joke about that is people will often smoke after sex (or there's a perceived joke they do). It seems the clay comes off Frank's body, like it was there when the clay went everywhere.


Thank you very much. Yes, I never could get that part of the joke no matter how many times I have watched it. Thanks again for the help.

Answer: It wouldn't take a lot of pressure to operate the pedal, probably less than a car's accelerator.

Brian Katcher

Answer: Coach Sylvester is generally bullying to most staff and students but she particularly dislikes the glee club because they compete with her cheerleading squad for limited school funds.

raywest Premium member

Answer: The address to where Tig was going to be at. Tig thought he was waiting for the Prospect, but Jax set him up to take care of the "other problem." You see Marks crumple the paper after Tig says "oh s***."


Question: I haven't read the novel, so I don't know if it's addressed there, but after Javert interrogates whom he later finds out to be Cosette in her own home, he goes back to find the house empty, and Cosette and Valjean are now living in another house. Is this an additional house that Valjean already owned as a safe house, or did he just rent it?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: I'd say it was a house he rented.

Deaths-Head Revisited - S3-E9

Question: When Becker is reading the list of indictments to Lutze, what were indictments four and five? Lutze was screaming so loudly I couldn't hear them.

Answer: #4: That he did personally murder at least 14 (Jews). The last word I couldn't quite hear because of the screams, but I hear an "-oz" sound at the end, so it's an educated guess. #5: That he did sign and put into effect specific orders calling for the gassing and cremating of one million human beings.


Question: One of major Grant's soldiers says he found the device used by the terrorists to tap into the tower's communication system. So, why doesn't this put an end to the entire incident? If the soldier found the device used to bypass the tower, and disconnected it as we see in the scene, how can Colonel Stuart still have control over all the other civilian planes? (01:05:10)

Answer: Because Grant's soldiers were working with Colonel Stuart, they were on the inside making sure that he does maintain control of the airport.

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