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Take It to the Limit - S2-E13

Question: I don't understand Lily's nervousness about impressing Dean in this episode - almost as if they have never been on a date. She already referred to him as her "boyfriend" in "Smoke on the Daughter", and they arranged a date in that episode. And he has been in her bedroom and brought her a Christmas present ("I Saw Daddy Hitting Santa Claus"). Why does this episode suddenly make it seem like they have never been on a date?

Answer: "Take It to the Limit", while aired as the 13th episode, was the 7th episode produced for the 2nd season (production code 207). "Smoke on the Daughter" was the 8th episode (208) and "I Saw Daddy Hitting Santa Clause" was the 10th episode (210) produced. Often shows air episodes out of production order for various reasons. If they had aired 210 in order, it would have aired on Jan 23rd instead of Dec 19th, hardly a good time to air a Christmas themed episode.


Question: What did Mac say right before he exited the stairwell to shoot at the chopper with Roth and the others onboard?

Answer: "Go get it." He was just pumping himself up.


Question: Why did Wendy just wave at Squints instead of getting up and walking over to the fence to talk to him?

Answer: She was the lifeguard on duty.


Answer: In addition to being on duty, girls/females during that time period were not likely (or as likely compared to now) to approach and/or initiate conversations boys/males.


Question: Would it really be possible to get a fingerprint off glass using the method Ben uses in the movie?

Answer: Simply put, yes, but that would be the easy is doubtful that a simple ink impression would be able to fool a fingerprint scanner of the sophistication of the one at the National Archives. Most importantly, high-end scanners don't just read the print, they measure the ridges and minute imperfections, which a 2-D impression on a rubber glove wouldn't provide. Some even measure the user's pulse rate and can detect the difference between actual skin contact and "dead" tissue (e.g, a rubber glove). So, it's a mix of real technology (used often in law enforcement, etc.), and Hollywood magic to advance the plot.

Answer: In the comics, Hobgoblin's true identity was kept a mystery for a long time intentionally and while many fans deduced it was Kingsley, and creator Roger Stern was leaning that way, Stern left the series in 1984. In 1987 Hobgoblin's identity was revealed to be Ned Leeds and then Macendale became Hobgoblin. It wasn't until 1997 that Sterns wrote the mini-series "Hobgoblin Lives" and retconned Kingsley as the original Hobgoblin.


Answer: I could be wrong, but I believe the Hobgoblin in Marvel Comics around the same time this show was airing was also Jason Macendale. I have a Hobgoblin trading card from around 1992 or 1993, and it identifies him as Jason Phillips Macendale when listing his real name.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Probably to save on costs of filming the same scene. In the reused shots they have always morphed so you can't see the actors. They just have to pay them to do voice-overs rather than the entire scene.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: They have fingers. It's just artistic license how their hands are drawn.

Brian Katcher

The same way they don't have proper feet. Just shoes on the end of their legs.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: What is the book on Stu Redman's bed when he is in the hospital?

Question: Why was Gandalf so afraid of Moria that he refused to speak about it?

Answer: He knew about the Balrog. Or heard rumors of it, Durin's Bane it was called. He had guessed its nature.


Answer: A sequel is still possible, but PIXAR and Disney say there are no current plans for one. They are open to the possibility but claim to be moving away from a sequel-heavy slate to instead focus on original projects. Although it received good reviews, Onward under-performed at the box office, though that was partially due to the COVID pandemic. A sequel is doubtful, or, if there is one, it could be a straight-to-video DVD.

raywest Premium member

Answer: It's hard to say for certain, but any movie that ends up making a lot of money is pretty much guaranteed nowadays to get a sequel, as it signals to the studio and producers that they now have a recognizable and lucrative IP.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: What happened to the baby brother? I know that he died but how?

Answer: Henry caused his younger brother's death by drowning, just like he was planning to kill his sister, Connie.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Officially, the individual has been ordered to attend, failing to could be interpreted as either, Failure to follow orders, dereliction of duty, going AWOL, or even desertion. It would depend on the underlying reason as to why the person doesn't appear.

Question: Why does the probe even wish to talk to humpback whales?


Answer: It's stated by Spock in the movie, even if he is just speculating. He mentions that humans are not the only intelligent special on Earth, and that it's human arrogance to assume that the probe's signal, "Must be meant for man." The point is, the aliens were communicating with the whales, and when that communication stopped, they sent the probe to find out why.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Answer: There is a hypothesis by Spock that the probe was perhaps sent to find out why they didn't hear the whale song any more.

Answer: It was never explained, but as whales are highly intelligent animals capable of communicating with one another, the visiting aliens somehow were once able to establish contact. Perhaps the alien's form of language was more compatible with the humpbacks.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Wouldn't you if you could?

TonyPH Premium member

Question: How many scenes were removed from this film?

Answer: Will need a bit more information to answer accurately. Are you referring to a TV broadcast? A web stream? The standard DVD release? The extended dvd release? The VHS release? Netflix version (in the UK at least) is around 11 mins shorter than the 1 disc DVD release for example.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: "Hear You Me" by Jimmy Eat World.


Question: Roughly 12 minutes in during the sidewalk gunfight a person is whacked with a gun after the fight. There is white text that flashes on screen shortly after. What does the text say?


Answer: I think the scene you're referring to happens about and hour and nine minutes in. An Indian is knocked off the horse by a union soldier. I couldn't see any text flash on the screen. There are white signs with black letters in the background that belong to the general stores. Maybe you saw the flash of a horse or saddle?


You're right on the time mark. My mistake. I watched an HD version and it wasn't there. Is the one that TCM aired maybe different than the hd version? I wasn't the only one watching who saw it. There were others.


You probably just saw the name of the station airing the film. The sidewalk scene with 4 soldiers takes place in the middle of the movie. When you rewind a non-recorded show on a DVR, the minute mark is often how many minutes past the hour it is or how long you've been on that channel. 12 minutes into the movie is when they're turning themselves over to the Union before being slaughtered, a little prior to that is the opening credits and fighting montage scene, but no sidewalks around. Most DVR remotes allow frame by frame and slow motion playback (pause then use the fast forward or rewind button).


It wasn't the name of the station. The text was several lines long from top to bottom in the middle of the screen. You're time mark is right. No text on screen in the HD version I watched. TCM aired the one with the text, don't know if it's different in some way.


If you're watching it on a cable channel, it could be their logo that they're flashing on the screen, rather than something that was part of the movie. I see this all the time on movies and other programs I watch on cable.

raywest Premium member

I screen captured it! Could not get it all. Reads at bottom LEFT RIGHT CH 7,8 - English. (?) LBY EDIT 342. 1/23/ (?) TMC.

Question: Why did Wendy ban all the gang when only Squints pulled the kiss on her, and they didn't know about it?

Answer: As far as Wendy is concerned the whole gang is a bunch of miscreants, since they associate with Squints. She doesn't really care if it's fair to ban them all.


Answer: I watched the YouTube clip. The closed captions interpret it as, "Hey, Ricky, get this limo out of your yard." Listening to it, however, it sounds like he says, "lame-o" (as in a lame person) rather than "limo."

raywest Premium member

The closed-caption setting on YouTube is voice-activated, and it often displays typos and "approximate" words when it doesn't recognize the audio output (especially slang terms). In that scene, Rumsfield yells, "Hey, Ricky, get this lame-o out of your yard!" In response, Ricky puts his arm around his friend's shoulders and laughs, "Get out of my yard, Lame-o!"

Charles Austin Miller

Question: How did Karen know there was a game on if the players hadn't yet come out of the corn?

Answer: As was demonstrated throughout the movie, different people had different perceptions of what was happening in the magical field. Ray Kinsella, for example, heard a disembodied voice urging him to take action before (and after) the ghosts made their first appearance; Terence Mann, also, heard a disembodied voice half-way across the country and long before he ever arrived at the field; meanwhile, Ray's cynical and skeptical brother-in-law couldn't see or hear any players, even when a full ghost-game was in progress right in front of him. Apparently, whatever supernatural things you perceived were dependent on your level of belief. It's most likely that Ray's young daughter, Karin, received her own private disembodied message or precognition telling her the game was about to begin.

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: The players could have emerged and begun playing and Karen saw them, and then went and told her father. We may have been shown the events out of order for theatrical/dramatic effect which directors sometimes do in movies.

That could be. But within the movie as it's given, the players were just coming onto the field from the corn. So it's a good question.

Question: Hopefully this is not a silly question. What is the meaning of the title "Closer"?

Answer: No such thing as a silly question. The title refers to the central theme of the film and the play upon which it is based: Knowing the truth doesn't bring us closer together. It is meant to be ironic, truth offers clarity but actually drives people further apart.


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