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Question: How does Biff know how to work the time machine? Why doesn't Doc notice the date on the machine where it shows you where you have been and where you are going to travel to? Why didn't Doc notice the top of old Biff's cane when he first got into the car?

Answer: He would have noticed the huge display in the middle as well as the numbered buttons, it wouldn't take a genius to figure out how to use it. It seems that Doc also labelled everything which would make Biff's job a little easier. When he witnessed the DeLorean flying in 1985, he would have seen Doc accelerate up to a high speed before disappearing (plus, Biff being Biff he'd probably wanna thrash the **** out of it anyway). In regards to the time readouts, they keep flashing and Doc has to hit them to get them to start working right. He says "Damn, gotta fix that thing" so even if he did notice it, he would mostly likely assume it is part of the same fault. In regards to the top of Biff's cane, they were in a really big hurry to get Jennifer back to 1985 before she woke up. We all forget to do things or miss things when we are in a hurry so he probably just didn't see it. You could also argue that he did see it but just thought it was some sort of souvenir that Marty had brought back.

Question: During the chase scene, Marty jumps into the water at one end to avoid getting hit by Griff. A few seconds later Marty is out of the water at the other end and climbing up stairs. How did he get to the other end so quickly? Why is he climbing up the stairs after being in the water at the other end of the pond?

Answer: While a few seconds of screen time passed, it was just a cut so we don't know how much time actually passed, but enough time for a crowd to gather and the police to show up. Some of the mall shops were located underground and there may have been an entrance/exit tunnel near the courthouse that Marty ran down after getting out of the pond. The movie doesn't explain it though. If there were stairs going underground near the courthouse, it would make sense Marty runs down them to avoid the crowd coming towards him and the courthouse.


Answer: After Griff and gang crashed into the courthouse, Marty grabbed the hoverboard and swam to the other side of the pond so he could get out faster.

Question: Why did they try to outrun the Dutchman? Wouldn't they have known that Jones had the power to summon the Kraken? The first ship that Will thinks is the Dutchman, Jack prods Gibbs who tries to cover it up by saying "Must have been a foul at the reef" So Jack and Gibbs both know that the Kraken destroyed this ship (Bootstrap even tells Jack that Jones' leviathan is after him) The crew member Will speaks too says it was something beneath them with a foul breath, then the Dutchman appears nearby. When Will is on the Edinburgh, the Kraken attacks again with the Dutchman nearby. At the very least you'd expect Will to be able to put two and two together that every time the Dutchman is near, so is the Kraken! Wouldn't he have warned everyone about this?

Answer: Their best chance is to reach land or at least shallow water, as the Kraken cannot attack them in either area. If they engage the Dutchman or stay in open water, they risk the Black Pearl being completely destroyed.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Why did the Pearl not have any of the damage that the Dutchman or the Kraken inflicted upon it before she sunk? The Dutchman shoots cannon balls through the captain's quarters. The Kraken slams it's tentacles through all of her cannon ports in retaliation after they shoot it and destroys the captain's quarters as well. When they rescue both Jack and the Pearl from the locker, there is no damage to her. I doubt very much Jack had the materials, know how or the man power (he couldn't move the cannons back into place by himself). You could argue that the "locker" has some sort of magic that fixes ships upon them entering but then it wouldn't explain why the Pearl still had her charred hull after Beckett set her alight as the Wicked Wench.

Answer: The locker probably brings it back to its "original state" as the Black Pearl. It's part of Jack's hell, and in that hell he is alone on that ship without wind or water to sail. But the ship is ready to do those things and thus undamaged.


Question: Why after receiving a phone call from Laura's friend at the YMCA does her husband go looking through all her stuff on the bed? Then he finds the ring in the toilet. It just makes no sense why he's tearing through her stuff.

Answer: As that was the last place Laura was before disappearing, he is just looking for anything that could provide a clue that she might actually be alive. He was not sure until he found the wedding ring in the toilet.

raywest Premium member

Question: Where was Truly was going prior to going in the duck pond the first two times? She changes her plans easily.

Answer: It seems those times were occasions when she was on her way to see her father, Lord Scrumptious, at his candy factory, or wherever he may be (like at the Potts' wargaming with Grandpa).


Question: What are the small tubes that are collected in Colonel Breed's H.Q.? General Warden seems to figure out what they are.

Answer: Detonators (for setting off explosives).

Answer: Family Guy - Volume 1: Seasons 1 and 2 (1999) (Region: 1).

Question: Why did Will specifically need the Black Pearl to free his father? The only thing the Pearl had going for it was the speed. Wouldn't a ship fitted with more firepower be better suited for taking down the Dutchman?

Answer: The Black Pearl is the only ship that can catch up to the Flying Dutchman.


Answer: As you mentioned it is the fastest ship. Other reasons, it's a ship Will knows it is one that he has an opportunity to bargain for by betraying Jack Sparrow to his enemies.

raywest Premium member

Also, Will would have very little opportunity or the means to acquire another ship.

raywest Premium member

Question: After Dre threw dirty water on Cheng and his friends they chased him to an isolated area and punched him hard several times in the stomach. Then Mr. Han jumped in and stopped them. But how did Mr. Han know Dre was in trouble and how did he know where to go to help him?

Answer: Most likely, at some point during the chase, he spotted the guys after Dre and knew he was in trouble.

Question: When Davy Jones summons the Kraken after Will escapes with the key, why does Bootstrap Bill not scream "No" until after Davy Jones announces what he's doing (..."and let this day be cursed by we who are ready to wake... The Kraken")... He must know what the Kraken hammer does, why doesn't he react when they first start charging it up?

Answer: I would say it was about timing and building up to the dramatic effect so the audience knows why Bootstrap is reacting that way. If he screamed out too soon, it would be confusing about what he was upset about.

raywest Premium member

Question: Chief Brody and his wife are looking at a shark book in their den and their sons are playing outside in the boat the older son Michael got for his birthday. What is the title of that book? I know I had the same book when I was young kid.

Answer: It's called "Food for Thought".

Question: When the Proctector leaves spacedock, there are Thermians inside the spaceport watching it leave. Later on Mathesar says the Thermians on the Protector are the last ones left. What happened to the Thermians left behind at the spacedock?

Answer: I believe Mathesar was referring to both the Thermians on the Protector and at the base as being all that was left. Not just the ones on the Protector.


Mathesar meant only the Thermians on the Protector were the ones that were still left. The Protector does not go back to the base to pick up the Thermians that were left behind.

We do not know if the Protector went back to pick up the surviving Thermians at the spaceport, as the last act of the Thermians on the Protector was to separate the ship and send the GQ cast back to Earth. Maybe the Thermians did head back to the spaceport to reunite with the Thermians there.


Question: The alien predators are blind and hunt by pheromones. Why don't humans just wear hermetically sealed suits to block the pheromones, or use false pheromones as decoys?

Answer: Probably because it wouldn't work. On "Mythbusters," Adam and Jamie tested whether a tracking dog could still trace a human clad in a hermetically-sealed suit to contain the scent. The dog easily tracked Jamie.

raywest Premium member

Track of a Soldier - S12-E18

Question: When we figure out at the end that Juan was Lloyd's killer, how come it didn't show a flashback of him stabbing Lloyd? Like the other scene where it shows Peter discovering his dead body and picks up the knife, and also at the end it shows Greta discovered his body too and turned his body around to look for the diamond, but didn't show Juan murdering him.


Answer: It may simply have been a matter of time, as this was a one-hour show. The murderer is always revealed at the end, though it is not necessary to show the actual murder. Also, at that that time, it may have been considered too graphic to show someone being stabbed on a family TV show.

raywest Premium member

Question: At the end of the first Mummy, Ank Su Na Mun was resurrected into her mummy corpse, but how can that be if, as we saw in the Mummy Returns, that Ank Su Na Mun is reincarnated into this modern era. That would have to have meant that she was alive when her soul went into another corpse. How does that work?

Answer: The same way Evie's memories are entwined with that of someone from ancient Egypt. Imhotep's followers used magic to bring Anck Su Namun's soul back, basically using someone else's body (one of her ancestors) and put her soul into it. So it's not really her body, just her mind/soul.


Show generally

Question: Who's decided to make Chrissy stupid? Watch an early episode like "Roper's Niece" then a later one like "Jack's Pie", So who decided to make her stupid? Some network executive?


Answer: It's also likely a case of "Flanderization", where as the show progresses, the writers zero in on a single aspect of a character that they get the most material out of, and think is the funniest, and expand it at the expense of realism or development, to the point where it is the character's entire personality.

Answer: It was likely a group of male executives who decided the show's format. The sexy, ditzy/dumb blonde was an over-used and cliched trope in an era when women were blatantly objectified.

raywest Premium member

Question: Jack Sparrow comes to port royal to commander a ship. But gets stopped by two soldiers, who tell him the dock is off limits to civilians. Why is the dock off limits to civilians?

Answer: Because it's a navy dock, not a public one and there are naval ships moored there.

raywest Premium member

In much the same way as modern naval docks are off limits to civilians.

Ssiscool Premium member

Jack would have been able to get one the of ships if he had permission.

Ok. But my question is are naval docks off limits to keep civilians from stealing or sabotaging their ships?

It will be off limits for many reasons. Including, but not limited to, preventing sabotage, preventing stealing, security of naval secrets and general security.

Ssiscool Premium member

One of those civilians could be a pirate you know.


Question: Morpheus points out that he has seen agents punch through brick walls, during his fight with Smith, Morpheus is punched several times, now the rebels in the matrix still experience pain and can die, so shouldn't a punch from Smith, who we seen punch through brick walls in the subway scene, shouldn't the punches that hit Morpheus kill him? Or at least break his face so badly he ends up brain dead?


Answer: Smith or the other agents don't want to kill him. They need his brain for information. They basically fight like that against all of them as they can extract information from all of them.


Question: When Smith interrogates Morpheus, Smith says "I must be free", the other 2 agents come in and say "what are you doing", what's this about? Why were they concerned with what he was doing and why does Smith seem less "robotic" than the other 2 agents, it is like he has actual wants and needs?


Answer: Smith has spent too long in the Matrix, according to himself, and wants to leave. He has gone quite insane already unlike the other agents, call it a bug. He might be older than the other agents and malfunctioned, or something went wrong with his programming. In any case he went outside of his programming as an agent, developed a personality and emotions.


Answer: When Agent Brown says "What were you doing?", I believe he is asking why Smith removed his earpiece and disconnected himself from the others, meaning they don't know what he said to Morpheus and he doesn't know about the rooftop attack.

Sierra1 Premium member

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