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Question: Why did Eddie try and pull the trailer up with the car? Wouldn't it have made more sense to use the trailer's own power?

Answer: He might not have had the keys to start it. He might not have known if the damage inflicted on it by the T-Rex had made it inoperative. It could also be simply down to fear! Would you like to be behind the wheel of something that is falling off a cliff, because I sure as hell wouldn't! If it suddenly started to fall faster, it would take far less time to jump out of the car than what it would to get from behind the wheel of the trailer, get up on the dashboard and jump through the broken window.

Answer: Half of the trailer is hanging off the cliff and the other half is slipping. He needs the weight of the car to try and anchor the trailer while the car's reverse motion pulls the trailer away from the edge.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: What would Jacob have done if Renesmee left? Would he have followed her? Wouldn't it be emotionally painful for him to be away from her?


Answer: If, in the future, Renesmee left, Jacob would have to accept that, regardless of whether or not he was emotionally hurt by it. Because he imprinted on her, he is bound to abide by her needs and decisions.

raywest Premium member

Question: In the end credits scene, what is it that the Volturi wanted? If it was Renesmee, is that a mistake, since they were informed about it in part 2?


Answer: They want Alice because she can see into the future, which would be a significant advantage to the Volturi. Aro destroys other covens, sparing the one member who has some special ability.

raywest Premium member

Answer: No, he does not know or suspect he has a different biological father.

raywest Premium member

Question: When Woody Harrelson is eating the key lime pie in the opening scene, how exactly was that pie made? It looked more translucent like Jello, as opposed to regular key lime pies, which resemble cheese cake.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Yes, it definitely does not look like a key lime pie. I suspect that because Woody Harrelson is a strict vegan, that it is a substitute made with vegan ingredients.

Question: Did the scene where the Taliban pretend to surrender really happen?

Question: When the main body of the toys and the "false" Buzz, and then also the "real" Buzz are climbing up the elevator shaft to rescue Woody, how do any of them know which specific floor/vent intake to get off at?


Answer: The new store Buzz watched as the elevator stopped at floor 23, the penthouse. When they were all in the elevator shaft there was one vent opening under the number 23 printed on the wall, so that's where they entered, then they walked until they heard the sound of Woody's voice.

Super Grover Premium member

Question: This is a two part question: firstly if Crazy Carl was onto Sonic why didn't he find any of Sonic's quills when Tom found one without even looking for one? Secondly: what happened to the ring that Sonic threw and bounced of the robot, did he get it back, or will it play a part in getting Robotnick back in the possible sequel?

Darth Crucible

Answer: First, it seems Sonic doesn't shed his quills that easily. Tom found one just by sheer luck. Second, yes that ring is likely going to play a part in the sequel.

Answer: Sound designer Matthew Wood said they retired the Wilhelm scream after The Force Awakens, and that a new scream sound would make an appearance from Rogue One onwards. He didn't give any detail but Metaflix theorised the new scream was from WALL-E, although ABC News said sources told them the new audio easter egg was a scream by George Lucas recorded for American Graffiti.

Sierra1 Premium member

Answer: No other lightsaber in the films was shown to have a yellow blade, so this is one she constructed herself.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: I believe you are talking about the medal. That is one of the medals from the end of A New Hope (Star Wars) that was given to Luke and Han. Presumably it is Han's medal.

Answer: It's a medal similar to the ones Han and Luke received at the end of "A New Hope." Whether it's a new one, or Leia was in possession of one or both the medals that belonged to Han and Luke respectively is unknown.

Phaneron Premium member

It is Han's medal which Leia had saved. It says so in the novelization.

Question: What happened to the rest of the Death Eaters (that didn't die in the Battle of Hogwarts) once Voldemort dies by his own hand at the end of the battle? Did the Malfoys get off (even though they were very faithful to Voldemort)? Asking because they are shown sneaking away during the battle and Draco is shown seeing his children off at Kings Cross at the end with all the others.

Answer: To fully understand this you need to have read the books. However, upon the downfall of Voldemort, many death eaters claimed to have been under the imperious curse and thus unaware of their actions. The Malfoys are one family that use this defense though by the battle of Hogwarts they no longer cared who won as they just wanted to protect Draco.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Andy didn't kill his wife and her lover. Still, he says in the beginning of the film that he did do something wrong. What does he mean by that?

Answer: He later tells Red that he was a distant man and a workaholic whose neglect drove his wife into the arms of another man, where she was killed. Andy thinks if he had been a more attentive husband, she never would have strayed, and therefore blames himself for her death.

Brian Katcher

Question: While running away from the bad guys, John McClane severely wounds feet by stepping on broken glass. Wouldn't his feet be at risk of infections if they were as severely wounded as shown in the movie? He's feet don't appear to have any infections.

Answer: Infections take time to set in. The whole events of this film take place over 1 evening. Not long enough for an infection to set in. Especially since he receives medical attention at the end.

Ssiscool Premium member

How long would John have to go without getting medical for his feet to get infected?

Per a google search: "An infection can develop any time between two or three days after the cut occurred until it's healed."


Answer: Infections take a while to develop - the events of Die Hard are borderline real time, and given the injuries happen towards the end of the film, that's way too soon for any significant side effects.

Answer: As mentioned, it would take time for an infection to set in. Also, even though John had some nasty cuts, it doesn't necessarily mean they will become infected and could heal without any complications as long as the feet are cleaned and bandaged.

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Question: Women are getting kidnapped in the area where persons get dropped in front of an France Airport which bystanders would be able to see them. So how have persons of this Syndicate not been caught?

Answer: The people at the airport are just spotters, they contact the eventual kidnappers once they have an address to send them to. They aren't doing anything illegal or suspicious so they can't get caught with anything.


Question: Why are the gang members so spread out? I know there was the truce but surely they would he wary of anything going wrong? I know they needed to show off the different gangs but you will see one member of a gang in the middle of 4-5 members of the same gang, surely people would be more cautious than this.


Answer: There was a truce, but just in case you want different members in different parts of the crowd to see all angels and all exits in case of something. You plan if something goes wrong where everybody will be.

Show generally

Question: Was Sam supposed to have been married and divorced before the first episode? I swear I remember him saying something about having been married in an early episode, but I can't remember specifics.

Brian Katcher

Question: Why would the Riffs instantly believe that The Warriors did it? Wouldn't it have made sense, especially with the sheer numbers of The Riffs, that they search Cleon and anyone still there who they can get hold of?


Answer: The Riffs were informed of the Warriors' innocence of wrongdoing by a member of another gang who had no reason to lie on behalf of the Warriors or to frame Luther (the actual culprit). Apparently Luther had a reputation for dishonesty, among other things, whereas the Warriors were considered to be among the city's more "honorable" gangs.


Question: If Bruce had backed Edward's invention, would Edward have still done what he did in the movie (using the device to grow smarter, try to outdo Bruce etc)? Or did Bruce spurning him cause him to do that?

Answer: It's hard to say for certain. If Bruce had approved of the project, there would have been a lot more volunteers and oversight of its production, which would have alerted Bruce of the device's side effects, at which point he or one of his underlings would order its production to cease. Edward would still feel spurned and motivated to continue his work, but without the resources of Wayne Industries at his disposal, he may have a more difficult time seeing his plan through.

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