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Answer: Because there was a very strong bond between them. Ash and Pikachu were emotionally attached to each other.

Answer: Because Ash and Pikachu have been together since the day that Ash received him. They have a strong bond with each other and are kind of like friends.

"And are kind of like friends" that's because they are friends.

It's important to remember Pikachu is Ash's best friend.

Question: What baseball hat was Jack wearing at the ending? (04:44:00)

Answer: It appears to be a Baltimore Orioles hat with the '89-'97 logo. Edward Norton was raised in Maryland, just outside of Baltimore.


Answer: Mrs Hannagan said to Mrs Farrel that Annie has it coming to her for trying to run away all the time. She is supposed to be punished etc., not spend a week in the lap of luxury. So she's trying to keep Annie there. But later in the movie, after Hannigan saves Annie's life, it is implied that she actually does care for Annie more than she lets on. So maybe Annie was actually her favorite orphan and she really just wanted her to not leave. After all Annie spends time comforting Molly and the others, when it's supposed to be Mrs Hannigan's job, but she's too busy drinking. She probably actually liked having Annie around but would never admit it or show kindness outright. Until the end, when finally she did.

Answer: Hannigan was plotting with her con-artist brother for him and his girlfriend to pose as Annie's long-lost mother and father. The couple would claim Annie to collect the $50,000 reward that Warbucks was offering to find Annie's real parents.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Thomas the Tank Engine is a 0-6-0 tank locomotive, based on the LB&SCR E2 Class.

Quantom X Premium member

Question: How did Rodney become magnetized after being kicked out of Bigweld industries?

Question: Madam Pomfrey grimly said that Ron would live. But what did the book mean by grimly? What kind of expression did Pomfrey have on her face?


Answer: It would mean that the situation was serious and Pomfrey's expression reflected that, even though Ron was going to be all right.

Question: Winnie (Alexis Bledel) runs away from her family and stays with Mae Tuck (Sissy Spacek) and the Tuck family. Winnie's family organise a search party to look for Winnie. Ben Kingsley (The Stranger/Man In Yellow Suit) also seeks Winnie and the Tucks, as they have secret information he wishes to acquire. Ben Kingsley finds Winnie and the Tucks. He threatens and intimidates them with a loaded revolver, even manhandling Winnie and holding the revolver barrel at Winnie's head. Sissy Spacek is standing behind Ben Kingsley. She hits him on the head with a rifle butt, killing him. At this point the search party converge on the Tucks' home. They see Sissy Spacek kill Ben Kingsley, so she is arrested for murder and sentenced to be hanged. Would any court find Sissy Spacek guilty of murder? She was obviously acting to defend her family and Winnie from an evil man with a loaded gun.

Rob Halliday

Answer: It depends on the court. If the court believed killing the man was not necessary to save Winnie (ie. if a judge thought he was outnumbered and the men could and should have wrestled the gun away from him); then yes. A court could still find Mae Tuck guilty if they believe death was an excessive use of force in defending Winnie.

Question: What happens to Melanie's dog that is shown in flashback of her skateboarding with it at the beginning of the movie? She (as an alien) and her hidden family never speak of it at all the whole film.


Question: Why did Marty insist on shooting the firework at the werewolf? It took him far less time to turn the bike round and roar away than it did to light the rocket it and aim it.

Answer: Simple fight or flight response. His first thought is to fight whatever is stalking him. Once he discovers it's an actual werewolf he takes off.


Answer: He might have been hoping that the sudden loud bang and/or flame would scare the beast (werewolf) away - most (if not all) wild animals respond to noise and are afraid of fire.


Question: So, what happens to David and Teddy after the movie is over? Wouldn't they be alone on Earth after David's mother dies again?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: It is implied that David dies after spending the day with Monica. The narrator says that he falls asleep and goes to "that place where dreams are born" which could be interpreted to mean the afterlife. Teddy's fate is never mentioned. However, the words of the narrator could also be interpreted literally, and David simply falls asleep and has a dream. It's up to the viewer to decide how they view the ending.


Question: I wonder if someone can figure out what is Roman muttering to himself during the opening of the movie, or rather the opening of "3 weeks later" flashback. Close captions on Netflix say; "PC the first degree." Is that what he says? It does not appear to be a correct reference to the California Penal Code, and from what I heard later on, most other references to specific articles appear to be spot-on.

Sammo Premium member

Answer: DJ overhears Poe on the comlink telling Finn that Holdo is loading the crew onto shuttles and is preparing to abandon the cruiser.

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Season 7 generally

Question: How did Sean and Erica know that wiping the servers would erase the files Chloe was downloading off the memory card? How did they know it was a self deleting (which doesn't exist) card and not just an SD card or similar that doesn't self delete?

Question: Why did the guy in the engine room turn that big wheel before throwing the engines into reverse?

Answer: In order to reverse the engines, they have to be completely stopped first. So first they shut the dampers so that the engines slow and turn the wheel to release pent up steam. Then they go into reverse.


Question: Why would Aunt May realise she was wrong about Spider-Man just because he saved her? She always knew he saved people.


Answer: I'd say this is typical of many people who disbelieve or discount something that does not personally affect them, but have a radical change of thinking when they personally experience it.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Because she was like this in the comic books for years until he said he wanted to help her in Amazing Spider Man issue 200 when she'd been held hostage by Mysterio then The Burglar. They merely did this as a nod to the likes of stories like that one.


Question: Why would Shrek all of a sudden want to be scary, when in the original, he hated everyone treating him like a monster?


Answer: He felt his life had become too complicated and thought he wanted to go back to a simpler time.


Question: Why would Matilda interfere with the FBI investigation? Wouldn't she want her father to go to jail?


Answer: At the end of the day, he's still her father, and she's a young child. It would be difficult for her to give the FBI the smoking gun.

Answer: No. She didn't get along with her family, but she was a basically kind girl who still looked out for her father.

Brian Katcher

Question: After Buckbeak's execution and Scabbers bites Ron and escapes, why is Ron more shocked and upset about Scabbers biting him instead of running away?


Answer: He is his pet rat, he probably runs away all the time but always comes back.


Answer: Ron is shocked that his beloved pet would bite him, something Scabbers (Pettigrew) had never done before and was out of character.

raywest Premium member

Question: What happened to the car radio when Truman was going to work and accidentally discovered someone was narrating his whole movements in advance?

Answer: The radio caught the radio chatter of the director giving instructions to the actors. They have to do that constantly as they follow Truman so they can react and improvise in time and prepare the coming situations.


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