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Question: When handing the nurse Joel's file, why didn't she question Richard as why Joel's original diagnosis was crossed out and a new one in its place?

Answer: She assumed another doctor had done it and Richard was merely the messenger. In the chaos of the aftermath of the car wreck, it would be reasonable that a doctor had changed the initial diagnosis.

Answer: She did. That's what she's asking when she demands "Who changed those orders?"

Not the nurse who confronted Richard about looking at Joel's file. The nurse who said to get Joel into ER immediately.

Answer: There wasn't one singular city used. It was shot in and around various locations in California, plus on a lot of sets and backlots. Ex. Some scenes were shot in LA, some in Pasadena, some in Santa Barbara, etc.


Question: When the trio first found the tail, Nando writes "Go Up 18 Still Alive" in the tail. The fuselage is lower than the tail because after the tail was detached, the fuselage slid far down. The trio had to climb up the mountain to find the tail. So why does he write "up" instead of "down"?

Bunch Son

Question: Did Zira think that Simba killed Scar? Or was she aware of the fact that hyenas killed him?

Answer: She assumed Simba killed him. The movie mentions the hyenas ran off. If they ran off after killing scar, she never would have heard a confession from them and likely wouldn't have believed Simba if he told her. Even she did see them before they ran off; there's a good chance they lied to her to avoid her revenge as she is obviously pretty vengeful.

Question: As a janitor, when tending to the boy in the lift, the boy tells Kimble his chest hurts. Why does Kimble write the notes on the board - while pressing on his chest? He could've held the board in his hand.

Answer: I just watched the clip on YouTube. The paperwork is in a manilla (paper) folder, not on a clipboard, so it is practically weightless. Kimble places the folder on the boy's lower abdomen rather than the chest and opens it. He is holding the left-hand side of the folder with one hand, slightly lifting as he writes new instructions. He is not pressing on the boy's body at all. Because the folder is flimsy, Kimble could not have written on it efficiently if he was completely holding it up.


Question: When interviewed by the police, why did none of the doctors provide Kimble with an alibi, stating he'd been doing the operation at the time of his wife's murder? They all state how much of a great doctor Kimble is, but not once do they say he was doing an operation.

Answer: Because the surgery wasn't much of an alibi, the police and the prosecution are arguing that Richard killed Helen after the surgery. The time of Mrs. Kimble's death does line up with Richard coming home after the surgery and fighting Sykes. Since nobody but Richard and Sykes know the exact second Helen died, the police theorized that Richard came home from the surgery and killed his wife so his colleagues mentioning the surgery is meaningless.


Question: What caused Joey to scream and swear when he came home to an empty house?

Answer: The fact that his wife left him with nothing.


Why did his wife leave him? Was she cheating on him?

He was cheating on her.


She found out that he was cheating on her.

She found a picture of him cheating.

Question: What does Wallace mean when he says "Short handled holes" in which Montana responds "I've used a few of those myself"? This takes place in Delano.

Answer: Short handled hoes... not holes.

Question: I know it's a long shot, but does anyone know the name of the song the dad was playing in his car at the beginning of the movie?

Answer: Https:// Here's a link to IMDb's soundtrack listing. It could possibly be in there.


Question: What kind of medicine was Nana bringing into the nursery to give to the children?

Answer: They never officially confirmed; but it was likely castor oil or morphine. Both were used around this time period as a common "medicine" for children.

Cocaine, heroin, and alcohol-based elixirs were also commonplace at that time and considered "safe and effective" for children.


Cyrano de Tripper - S2-E8

Question: In this episode, Chrissy's Date Michael asks her (while eating a salad) "How did you introduce the dressing?" Chrissy responds, "I just said salad meet the dressing, dressing meet the salad." Although the response made for a very funny scene, my question is what did Michael actually mean by "introduce the dressing"?

Answer: Michael, being a chef who thinks Chrissy made everything, I think he's basically asking how she prepared the salad. Did she fold the salad into the dressing, drizzle it over the salad, etc.


Answer: Lord Farquaad said "The ogre has fallen in love with the princess!", meaning Shrek is in love with Fiona. To which she asks if that's true.


Question: Why can't the kids at the back of the school bus just tell the driver to stop for Tommy instead of letting him chasing it?


Answer: He was the fat kid. I was teased in school for being the nerd who wore glasses and read books.

Answer: Because they're being mean and wanted to watch Tommy chase the bus.


Why were they so mean to Tommy?


He's an overweight doofus, which makes him a prime target for bullying.


Question: Why wouldn't Miss Hannigan sign the papers to have Annie adopted by Warbucks? I get she wanted Warbucks to like her but I'm still confused.

Answer: Because she was a mean and unhappy woman, if she can't be happy why should everyone else.

Question: I've heard that, because the film was shot in sequential order, some of the actors were unaware who the spy is until the last three days of filming. When they were offered their roles, wouldn't they have received a copy of the script to read in advance to learn their lines?

Cubs Fan

Answer: The cast would have received copies of the script but with parts of the last scene omitted. They would be given the missing pages during the last days of the shoot, in which time they learn their lines, rehearse, then film the ending. Considering the time involved in filming a movie, actors do not necessarily memorize the entire script beforehand, but do so as each scene is shot. Also, it's questionable as to whether or not any of the cast did not know the ending as the movie was based on the Broadway play.


Question: In the original, Andy slides toys down banisters, crashes them into stuff using RC, use a reclining chair to fire them across the room... Not forgetting Molly repeatedly whacking Mr Potato Head on her crib loads of times. Yet in this film, when other kids "play" with them they seem to have an issue with it. Why?

Answer: The kids at the day care center are overly rough to them because they don't love the toys like someone who owns them would.


Question: The Connors and Dyson go to great lengths to make sure the original T-800's chip and severed arm are destroyed so that it can never be rebuilt by CyberDyne. However, the "good" T-800's arm was also severed and left inside the heavy cog machinery during the fight against the T-1000 at the steel mill. Surely this leaves a plot hole, in that someone could retrieve THIS arm and still use the technology to recreate the T-800 one day? (albeit without the chip).


Answer: The chip was the main reason they could replicate the technology, the arm an added bonus. The first arm was intact too, this one is crushed, probably beyond recognition. When the factory gets remodeled, they will probably simply break it all out of the machinery and throw it away without knowing what it is.


Answer: From a real world perspective, the film was pretty long with a dense plot. Besides a lot of changes occurring, a lot was left out and the decision to show what Sarah and John ultimately did to the crushed arm may have just been left out. However, in Randall Frakes' novelization of the film, it mentions that John remembers the crushed arm and retrieves it and throws it in. As an audience, it seems we are to assume it being crushed was the same as it being destroyed.


Question: Why is the secretary was so rude to Howard when he tried to find the job?


Answer: As she said to Howard, she believed that he was using his "outlandish" appearance to be unable to find work and collect money through unemployment. She's probably dealt with people who did the same thing and was eventually sick of it.

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