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Question: I know this might be a stupid question but why do they want to lift the curse? They can't die and can't feel pain.

Answer: As Barbossa explains, their needs and desires are no longer sated - no matter how much they drink they are still thirsty, food turns to ash in their mouth leaving them perpetually hungry, their lust is no longer satisfied no matter what they do, their flesh disappears in the moonlight, etc. And they are cursed to endure this for all eternity unless the treasure is returned. Sure, they can't die and feel no pain... but the trade-off is that they aren't able to truly live or experience any true satisfaction of any kind. The cost of their immortality is simply too great, and they don't want to endure it anymore.


Answer: McCoy's place is aboard the Enterprise. If they fail to deflect the asteroid, everyone left on the planet, including McCoy if he remains behind, will be killed. If they are successful, then both Spock and McCoy can return to continue searching for Kirk. McCoy, being a Star Fleet officer and a doctor, knows that his first duty is to the Enterprise and its crew. "The needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few, or the one," certainly applies here, and it is what Kirk would have expected of him.

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Question: Why does Tim go by his brother's name instead of using his own?

Answer: He is stealing his brother's identity as an IRS agent to research the people he wants to help.


Answer: Everybody Loves Raymond is one of the few TV shows that talks directly to the viewers (such as during the intro) So Meg uses this opportunity to talk to Neil.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: According to Bean's biographical page on Wikipedia, there are rumors that Peter Jackson considered him for the role of Aragorn, but neither Bean nor Jackson would answer this question during any interview. It was intimated that Bean's fear of flying may have been a factor, as the actors, in the subsequent two films, had to be helicoptered to remote and mountainous filming locations. However, this has also never been confirmed.

raywest Premium member

Answer: It's never been confirmed whether Bean was considered for or auditioned for Aragorn, but it is a popular rumor. It honestly wouldn't surprise me, though - actors often audition for certain parts before being cast in different roles.


Question: When Billy and Madelyn are together before she moves out of her apartment (3 weeks left on the lease), he looks at the picture of her when she was a child and admires it. But we had already seen that picture in Colin's (her new) apartment. So either this is an error in the film (unlikely) or they showed the scenes out of sequence. I didn't notice that the first several times I have seen this film. What I liked about it was that it shows that Billy is interested in her child self - a view to who she is - where she comes from and Colin wasn't. He takes it out of the box and hangs it up. I don't think Colin wasn't interested in having her photo out for her protection (as I read in a thread), I think it's because he's all surface and doesn't dare go beneath - to real feelings - like childhood feelings. If she reveals her "self" then he has to also. Why was the viewer shown those two scenes out of sequence? (01:20:11)


Answer: I think this is a continuity error. Another commenter noted that there are many discrepancies and continuity errors in the film. Either this, or after Colin rejected the idea of having her photo out in the living room, she brought it back to her old apartment for the remaining couple of weeks she had on her lease. It's a weak interpretation however, and therefore I try to overlook the issue as simply a continuity error. I interpret the juxtaposition between how Colin and Billy viewing Madelyn's childhood photos as showing the true depth of these characters. On the outside, Colin is a cop investigating organized crime in Boston, as such, society would typically view him as good, honourable, and socially acceptable member of the community. Conversely, at this point, Billy is undercover and is by society as a member of Costello's inner crew and low-life criminal. However, these exterior versions are not the true representations of the character (as the audience very well knows) and showing how they react in the same situation emphasizes how our external facade seldom represents who we truly are as people, and that looks can be deceiving.

Question: Who are the 7 people he has helped?

Answer: His brother Ben gets a lung, Emily gets his heart, Ezra gets his eye, Holly gets his liver, George gets a kidney, Nicholas gets bone marrow, and Connie gets his house.


Question: Why is Asteria living among regular people? She couldn't return home?


Answer: This was not explained in WW84, so any answer would be speculation. It is rumored that Lynda Carter, who played Asteria, may appear in Wonder Woman 3, which will hopefully explain her backstory. She is probably similar to Diana, who also chose to live among regular humans, secretly using her powers for good.

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Question: At the beginning when they meet she sings a few lines of Shallow, then presumably the next day at his show he brings her onstage, and they sing the whole song with the band and is this possible with zero rehearsal time?

Answer: It is highly improbable they could do this, but being a movie, reality is suspended.

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Question: When Todd looks at the classes that Stiles picked for him, the classes listed are girls' volleyball, candle making and French for Chefs. Do any such classes actually exist, or are they just made up for the movie?

Answer: Other than girls' volleyball, the other subjects are unlikely to be offered as stand-alone, for-credit academic classes, though they could be part of a more general course curriculum. Candle-making is something that could be offered as a non-credit, off-hours, leisure class, though "French for Chefs" is highly unlikely.

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Answer: Well obviously Beth sings it a lot, Boog goes to sleep to it. It also helps that Mr. Dinkleman plays the tune after you pull his string. It might be a popular lullaby in timberline.

Question: Can Stanley do anything he wants while wearing the mask?

Answer: It is a magical mask, so yes, he could.

He's basically a cartoon character.


Whenever he puts on the mask, it looks as if he can warp reality.

Answer: She could if her ex knew she had this condition and she was at that time in an incapacitated or altered mental state where she could not knowingly give consent to any sexual activity. She would, however, have to prove that she was sleepwalking at the time.

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Answer: Buttercup is a hero, but she is also a 5-year-old child. She still needs to learn the same moral lessons any other child would. The girls often make the same questionable decisions regular kids do in real life, taken to an extreme because they have super powers and fight crime. Also, this is a highly stylized and over the top show where character traits are regularly exaggerated for a laugh.


Answer: It appears a number of factors led to its demise. It was originally intended to air for 65 episodes, but its popularity extended that. However, there were continual production quality problems, issues regarding whether the content was suitable enough for children, as well as financial considerations that finally led to it being ended.

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Question: What does the skeleton bar joke Jack's uncle says mean? Was it just supposed to be nonsense and not make sense?

Answer: The joke in its entirety is "Skeleton goes into a bar. Orders a beer, and a mop." What the joke means is, since the skeleton is just bones and has no body, the beer would just pass through the skeleton's body and then spill all over the floor when it tried to drink. The skeleton would then have to use the mop to clean up the spilled beer.

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Question: What was Jack's original plan for robbing the bank in the beginning of the movie? Cause when the safe gets stuck and the building starts moving he says "this was not part of the plan."

Answer: It was never specified what his plan was, nor was it important to the overall story, but whatever it was, he never expected the building to start moving. The entire scene is merely a plot device for Jack's entrance into the story in a typically flamboyant manner.

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Question: What does the Environmental Protection Agency billboard say before they paint it black?

Answer: It's never shown or suggested what the billboard used to say - it looks like the whole thing (including the mention of the EPA) was mocked up, printed and pasted up over an existing or blank billboard by Project Mayhem.

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Question: Why is it that everyone is in the exact same position at the gazebo when Alice left to follow McTwisp when Alice returns? Clearly, some time has passed while she was in Wonderland, so it's confusing how it would still be the same day at around the same time.

Answer: It could be time moves differently in Wonderland, than in the real world. In many time machine movies, the Hero goes off on his adventures, then returns as if no time has passed.

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