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Question: Is it me, or do all of Ardeth's Egyptian dialogue lines end sounding the same way, despite completely different words being used to make his sentences? Is there a reason for this or something that I'm not picking up on, or is there no reason at all?

Answer: The script writers chose to truncate (shorten) the Egyptian words as they were often quite long which made for slow and clunky dialogue. The familiar sounds from Ardeth are simply due to the truncation limiting the variety of words being spoken.

Question: Did the actor have a stunt double? In certain scenes (such as the one where she draws the town) her hair is significantly more red than in other scenes.

Answer: I read all the end credits after the movie and didn't see a listing for "Opal's [AnnaSophia Robb's] Stunt Double", but this does not rule out the possibility that one was used - there could be an uncredited one. In general, a stunt double will be used to perform any of the actor's role that is dangerous or could result in injury or death. This is particularly true for child actors (not legally adults) who must be protected or shielded from danger. Movie producers/directors don't want to jeopardize the health/ safety of any person playing a character and also do not want to have to delay or stop production while an actor recuperates; there are physical and emotional as well as economic harms resulting from injuries. It is best to "play it safe" by using a stunt double. Child labor laws restrict the number of hours per day and the time-frame a child actor may work, so a stunt double or stand-in is often used during the restricted hours to help preserve the child actor's limited time.


Question: What caused Finn and Alexis to become technophiles?

Answer: I'll provide a "response." This seemingly simple/ straightforward question has a straightforward answer as well as a complicated one. The simple answer is it is impossible for anyone to know with certainty what "caused" them to be or become anything. There are theoretical perspectives that may offer different possibilities. Scientifically, there can be factors that are associated/ correlated with being a technophile, but there can also be unknown factor (s) that contribute. The complicated answer would break down your question and not take it for granted: What do you mean by "technophile"? What criteria are used to define someone as a technophile? Is "enthusiasm" measurable? Do Finn or Alexis meet the criteria for a technophile? Is using a technology that is readily available because of the historical time in which one lives the same as being enthusiastic over new technology? Is an addiction or obsession the same as enthusiasm? What evidence do you have that they are technophiles, etc?


Both Wikipedia and Home Alone Wiki state that Finn and Alexis are technophiles.

Does either provide a definition of "technophile" or provide criteria or evidence?


Finn is obsessed with video games and Alexis is obsessed with listening to music via headphones.

Question: Have there been two separate endings made for this film?

Answer: Rumor says there was another ending, where they meet again and she says too much time has passed, she has a career and they could never recapture the magic they once had. She leaves him at the airport and he watches her fly away.

Question: What were those things Shang had the recruits wear while having them climb the pole to retrieve the arrow? And how much did they weigh?

Answer: They were weights that he made everyone use to try to get the arrow. It's unknown how heavy they were but they must have been heavy enough to even make a strong guy like Chien-Po fall to the ground.

Question: Tony's boss says that he wants Tony and Virginia out of the apartment "today." Are landlords not required to give a tenant notice - often between ten and thirty days?

Answer: He is being dramatic. He wants them out of the apartment quickly. Most landlords are required to give a certain number of days, depending on the local laws. And most tenants can't pack all of their belongings and leave before the next day.

Answer: His remark could be interpreted in different ways. There is a legal process involved in giving an eviction, but he could mean that as of that day, they are being given notice. It is also a hyperbolic figure of speech and is something someone would say in anger, meaning to get out as soon as possible. Also, it being a TV series, it streamlines the plot, and the dialogue sounds more dramatic and immediate when the character states it in that way.


Question: Since one male from each family in her village is required to report for training to serve the emperor, how is it that no-one recognizes Mulan - especially when she gives in to her chi?

Answer: Although it isn't said (in either this film or the animated original), she reports to a different camp than anyone else in her village. Otherwise, the men would not only recognize her physically but they would know beforehand that Hua Zhou never had a son so the ruse would never work. How she knows nobody from her village will be at that particular camp is never explained in either film.


Question: Was the poison that killed both John Ruth and O.B. (by causing them to vomit blood) purely fictional? Does it have any equivalents in the real life? If it does, then what kind of poison was that?

Answer: It's not PURELY fictional, as plenty of poisons lead to vomiting and bleeding (cyanide, arsenic, etc.), but Tarantino, as is his wont, definitely takes some artistic license and kicks it up several notches for dramatic/gross-out effect.

Question: So, how do they find the dogs?

Answer: I believe they returned to the base camp. The dogs apparently stayed in the area and, although there were no dogs when the people first got to the camp, the dogs heard them and came over the hill.


Question: Two questions about the scene in which the Green Goblin comes to JJ Jameson's office: 1) Why does JJJ cover for Parker and say that the photos of Spider-man come in the mail? I would expect him to protect himself before Peter. 2) The Green Goblin says "Jameson, you slime." As Norman Osborne, does he have a prior conflict with Jameson?

Answer: He might be a bad boss but not so bad he willingly gives up his employees to homicidal maniacs. JJJ is probably known to a lot of people as a slime, considering how he runs his paper. Osborne has probably been featured many times in it.


Show generally

Question: Do the actors sitting at the table outside of MSec office along with Matt, Daisey, Blake and Jay, ever say anything? What's their purpose?

Question: Why is the "shusher" a rock instead of a egg?

Answer: The in universe reason is that it is weird and alien. The story telling reason is so Smek can clobber other Boovians with it.

Question: After kidnapping Mrs Lundegaard, the kidnappers return to Brainerd where they get pulled over and it all falls apart. My question is... Why do they return to Brainerd? They end up keeping her in a cabin near the twin cities metro area. So they drive down to the cities from Brainerd, kidnap her, return to Brainerd where they're pulled over, and then return again to the cities to lie low in a cabin. So why make that initial return to Brainerd? They likely had the cabin arranged in advance.


Answer: I was confused and questioned why things occurred in certain places - Fargo vs. Brainerd vs. Minneapolis vs. The cabin's location, identified as Moose Lake near the end of the movie. Other than the beginning barroom meeting in Fargo between Jerry and Carl/Gaear, I didn't see the significance of Fargo. Jerry and his wife (kidnapping victim) lived in Minneapolis. The murders took place in Brainerd, and Chief of Police Margie eventually investigated some leads in Minneapolis. We don't know where the kidnappers planned on holding Mrs. Lundegaard. IF the kidnappers were from Fargo or even Brainerd, they may have been planning on taking her to one of their homes and were in the process of driving there when pulled over by Brainerd Police. No one was supposed to get hurt, but the murders occurred and their plan was no longer going as expected. Instead of continuing to a home, it may now have made more sense to "hide" somewhere to avoid getting caught. Moose Lake could have been chosen.


This change in plans would mean they did NOT already have the cabin rented. Maybe Carl or Gaear owned it, but didn't initially intend to use it because they were not really committing a kidnapping and preferred to go home.


Question: When the siblings are outside and Tim calls for help, they are unsure whether he did or not, so he tries again to get a muffled sound. Why didn't they run away from the house and try again? Try and keep clear of the house? (01:19:00)


Question: What happens to Mouss after beating up and robbing John? He doesn't get his comeuppance, does he?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Question: At the end of the final chase scene when they're on the bridge, why do Briana and Reyes saying they can't outrun them and that they have no more room left? Couldn't they just keep driving on the bridges in hopes that they get away? Or when they do get off the bridge, just go through another chase?

Answer: So the thought would be that the bridge was really pretty damn long, they were already gaining on the cars that were pulling the heavy safe slowing them down significantly. It's not out of reason to easily assume that they would have been overtaken had the chase continued on the bridge. Dom and Brian were only even able to get away from all the cops initially by the help of Roman and Han and by making constant quick turns to get away from the straightaways.

This Side of Paradise - S1-E25

Question: All crew members left the Enterprise and Captain Kirk was alone on the ship - how was he able to beam down to the planet and then back up to the ship? No one was on board to manage the transporter.

Answer: In other episodes of Star Trek it was shown the Transporter could be operated automatically: set the coordinates, hit the "energize" button (there is a timer to give the person beaming down time to get to the transporter pads), then get to the transporter pads before energizing.


Question: Just want to make sure... so the bank and the insurance were both used by Dylan's dad? And that's why they took their money because they didn't pay for the dad's death? Correct me please.

Answer: No they took the money to impress their fans and to reveal the bad guys.

Answer: They both ripped off Thaddeus. It was part of the frame.

Question: I've heard rumors there's an Unrated version of this film - possibly released on BluRay in Germany? I've hunted for more info on this, but not having a lot of luck. Any chance the rumors are true?


Answer: I don't know for certain, but there is a website called that details and contrasts scenes in alternate versions of movies compared to their theatrical releases, and when I checked, they don't have this film listed.


Question: What happened to the groups of men and women that were supposed to be the members of Drax's master race? They're never seen again after he gives his speech on the space station.


Answer: Most were killed in the laser battle, if you look carefully you can see some of their bodies laying on the floor of the station afterwards. The others were most likely sucked into space or blown up, when the station exploded.

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