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Question: How is it that there are winter fairies at the talent choosing ceremony in the first movie, Tinkerbell (2008) when in the fourth movie they state that winter fairies cannot fly in the warm areas?

Answer: I guess the writers hadn't quite figured out the whole universe of the fairies when they made the Tinkerbell movie. Seems easy enough to edit out the fairy placing the snowflake and when Clank and Bobble fly through winter with her. I agree it is a glaring error, and they should fix it.

Question: At the end, during Cindy's play, there's a woman in a cream color coat in the audience that the camera and lighting seem to focus on. She's sitting cross legged and not reacting like the other extras. She seems totally out of place to be just an extra. At first I thought she was suppose to be someone and was going to do something (like reveal her superpowers or something). Is she suppose to be a character, like Ace? Did we see her earlier in the film? Is there a deleted scene with her? Or is it truly just a random extra?


Answer: She could be Cindy's Mom, who is video taping her daughter and not surprised by her powers. If not, she probably a government agent sent to keep tabs on her.

It's not Cindy's mom. The woman is after the boy is pulled up. Later Cindy's mom says "that's my princess" and it's a different lady (though a very similar outfit up top). I tried to see if there were other "out of place" people watching the other kids to see if government agents were watching them, but didn't see anyone.


Question: What was Peggy Sue's mother doing when she came home early. Selling jewelry? Having an affair? Who's jewelry was she selling? is she a thief?

Answer: She was selling jewelry because the Edsel was a purchase they couldn't afford. She didn't want Peggy or her husband to know. The same reason they eat creamed chipped beef on toast and rutabagas - cheap food. The hat business was not doing well in 1960. Fewer men were buying and wearing hats by then.

Question: How is that Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, The Riddler, and Cat Woman can suddenly have perfect vision after going insane as well as their accidents?


Answer: Most of these, if not all of them, had something supernatural happen to them. This supernatural event enhanced their abilities, their bodies. This includes their eyesight.


Question: How many raptors are in the movie? When Ellie goes to turn the power on there is one raptor inside there. Around the same time two are preying on Muldoon. Later in the kitchen two appear, sneaking for Lexi and Tim. Tim locks one into the freezer. Towards the end one appears at the control room door. Dr. Grant gets on the phone with Hammond and ask "there are only the two raptors?" Then Grant is heard shooting at it through the glass. Finally our heroes are surrounded in the compound center by two raptors. This is where the T-Rex enters to finish them off. Always makes me wonder how many Velociraptors were really in the movie.

Answer: There were always only 3. Muldoon mentions they had 8 originally but one of them killed all the others but 2. 2 attacked Muldoon whilst the 3rd attacked Ellie, one is locked by Tim and the last 2 attack the Rex which kills them.


There are 3 at the end. So either they messed up their count, or the freezer raptor got out.

The Raptor that followed them to the control room is the same one that jumped at the skeleton hanging from the ceiling. The one that Ellie locked in the maintenance shed is the one that enters the visitor center from behind the plastic sheeting. Rex comes and kills one and then the other one jumps on Rex. The third Raptor was nowhere to be seen as she was busy turning into an ice cube.

Question: Rather than sending an army into enemy territory to save a single soldier, wouldn't it have made more sense to put the word out among troops to try find Private Ryan as they found each other? It would have been awfully risky to send an army unit into enemy territory to save a single soldier.

Answer: It's only a squad of soldiers, definitely not an entire army. Word wouldn't spread fast around France during the early stages of an invasion. All original communications were cut and the infrastructure is hell, they had to use pigeons to contact England for a reason. If you want to send word out or find someone you have to send men.


It wouldn't have just been dangerous to a squad into enemy territory to save one man at the time which the movie takes place. They would have had to spend what could be many days to trying to locate him since they didn't know what Ryan looked like.

Question: Was the whole pileup because death tried to kill the survivors of the pileup? I mean he tried to fix their earlier survival due to the survivors of flight 180. I don't get the whole relation of the survivors of the pileup to the survivors of flight 180.

Answer: There is a scene later on where several of the characters realise they were 'supposed to die' in the first film but were spared because Death tied up the loose ends from the people who got off 180. They are loosely linked to the survivors of the first film, yes. Death is catching up in this film by causing the pile up, but because of the girls premonition, they basically cheated death twice.

Question: When they walk down to Hagrid's why does Hermione have her mouth open then have her arms folded and glare at the executioner right after that?


Answer: All of her actions and expressions are a result of her being angry, disgusted, and defiant that Buckbeak is to be unfairly executed. She is specifically directing her anger at the executioner as he gleefully sharpens his huge ax.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Eye rolling is a rude act in general. People do that because they think the other person is being what they believe to be "stupid" and are visually making it known by eye rolling. Hermione believes Harry is being "stupid" because risking being seen could cause the others in the hut, including himself, to think dark magic is going on and they may attack the Harry traveling back in time. She's rolling her eyes to let it he visually known that she believes he's being "stupid" by putting himself in harm's way out of anger.

Question: The group is held in a farm house with a grass roof. Kate climbs out and over the roof, but begins to slide off the roof. Then the other member runs to the other side of the room, breaches through the roof, grabs her hands to save her from falling and says I'll pull you in. To which she replies no. My question is why did she have to scale the roof from the other side if he could reach through the roof and grab her hands? He could have easily used that as a point of escape to begin with.

Question: Do hospitals have devices for women with asthma so they can breathe while in labor and can a baby really be breastfed by another woman as done here?


Answer: As far as breastfeeding, yes, a woman can breastfeed another woman's infant. Historically, wet nurses (lactating women who were not a child's mother) were used when a woman produced too little milk or was otherwise unable to breastfeed her own child. Today, commercial formula is used to fully supply or supplement a baby's diet.

raywest Premium member

Question: Did this movie have some sort of point? That genocide of several million to prevent war was a good idea? That and how did they avoid being sued considering Batman's got an Owl Man, a Spider Woman was in existence before this spider super heroine and the white masked guy seems to be a take on The Question.


Answer: Why would they be sued? DC own both the DC comics properties and the Watchmen characters.

Answer: You forgot where DC ended up owning Captain Marvel claiming he was a Super Man ripoff and how Marvel sued the name away from the character.


Answer: There is no "spider super heroine" in this movie. Silk Spectre has no superpowers, so I'm not sure where you're getting the connection to Spider-Woman from. Watchmen is a DC property, as are Batman and The Question, who was acquired by DC several years before the Watchmen graphic novel was published, so there would be no plagiarism lawsuits in response. The point of the movie, much like the graphic novel it is based on, is to illustrate the dangers of nuclear tension and war, and how regular people pay the price of the actions of contentious governments.

Phaneron Premium member

And to show that someone who is supposedly super-smart is also usually super-insane.


Answer: I mean as in Bob Kane suing since Owl Man's sort of like Batman.


Bob Kane undoubtedly received royalties for creating Batman, but the character is owned by DC. It's not as if he had the right to start his own comic book company and take Batman away from DC, so even if he felt slighted by Nite Owl II having some similarities to Batman, he would have no legal grounds to sue for it. Furthermore, characters would have to be blatant ripoffs in many ways in order for comic book companies to be able to sue over. Marvel and DC have many characters that are similar in powers, appearance, etc, but those similarities are usually so superficial that they can be dismissed as homages or parodies and it would prove difficult for one company to sue the other over it. A really good example would be Deadpool who was practically created as a parody of Deathstroke. The only case I can think of where a lawsuit had enough merit to go to court was Marvel suing Awesome Entertainment for redesigning Fighting American into a shameless ripoff Captain America.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: During the car race, we see Cha-cha say "Cmon babe." Is she referring to Danny or the Scorpions leader? (Remember that Danny wasn't originally supposed to be the driver).

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: She's referring to Leo, the leader of the Scorpions.

Super Grover Premium member

Answer: I think she's secretly meaning Danny because at the dance she calls him "Zuko Baby" and then at the race she says "c'mon baby"

Question: How does Biff know how to work the time machine? Why doesn't Doc notice the date on the machine where it shows you where you have been and where you are going to travel to? Why didn't Doc notice the top of old Biff's cane when he first got into the car?

Answer: He would have noticed the huge display in the middle as well as the numbered buttons, it wouldn't take a genius to figure out how to use it. It seems that Doc also labelled everything which would make Biff's job a little easier. When he witnessed the DeLorean flying in 1985, he would have seen Doc accelerate up to a high speed before disappearing (plus, Biff being Biff he'd probably wanna thrash the **** out of it anyway). In regards to the time readouts, they keep flashing and Doc has to hit them to get them to start working right. He says "Damn, gotta fix that thing" so even if he did notice it, he would mostly likely assume it is part of the same fault. In regards to the top of Biff's cane, they were in a really big hurry to get Jennifer back to 1985 before she woke up. We all forget to do things or miss things when we are in a hurry so he probably just didn't see it. You could also argue that he did see it but just thought it was some sort of souvenir that Marty had brought back. Plus: As long as Biff returns the time machine to the right spot in time and space, he can take all the time he needs to figure out how it works.

Question: During the chase scene, Marty jumps into the water at one end to avoid getting hit by Griff. A few seconds later Marty is out of the water at the other end and climbing up stairs. How did he get to the other end so quickly? Why is he climbing up the stairs after being in the water at the other end of the pond?

Answer: While a few seconds of screen time passed, it was just a cut so we don't know how much time actually passed, but enough time for a crowd to gather and the police to show up. Some of the mall shops were located underground and there may have been an entrance/exit tunnel near the courthouse that Marty ran down after getting out of the pond. The movie doesn't explain it though. If there were stairs going underground near the courthouse, it would make sense Marty runs down them to avoid the crowd coming towards him and the courthouse.


Answer: After Griff and gang crashed into the courthouse, Marty grabbed the hoverboard and swam to the other side of the pond so he could get out faster.

Question: Why did they try to outrun the Dutchman? Wouldn't they have known that Jones had the power to summon the Kraken? The first ship that Will thinks is the Dutchman, Jack prods Gibbs who tries to cover it up by saying "Must have been a foul at the reef" So Jack and Gibbs both know that the Kraken destroyed this ship (Bootstrap even tells Jack that Jones' leviathan is after him) The crew member Will speaks too says it was something beneath them with a foul breath, then the Dutchman appears nearby. When Will is on the Edinburgh, the Kraken attacks again with the Dutchman nearby. At the very least you'd expect Will to be able to put two and two together that every time the Dutchman is near, so is the Kraken! Wouldn't he have warned everyone about this?

Answer: Their best chance is to reach land or at least shallow water, as the Kraken cannot attack them in either area. If they engage the Dutchman or stay in open water, they risk the Black Pearl being completely destroyed.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Why did the Pearl not have any of the damage that the Dutchman or the Kraken inflicted upon it before she sunk? The Dutchman shoots cannon balls through the captain's quarters. The Kraken slams it's tentacles through all of her cannon ports in retaliation after they shoot it and destroys the captain's quarters as well. When they rescue both Jack and the Pearl from the locker, there is no damage to her. I doubt very much Jack had the materials, know how or the man power (he couldn't move the cannons back into place by himself). You could argue that the "locker" has some sort of magic that fixes ships upon them entering but then it wouldn't explain why the Pearl still had her charred hull after Beckett set her alight as the Wicked Wench.

Answer: The locker probably brings it back to its "original state" as the Black Pearl. It's part of Jack's hell, and in that hell he is alone on that ship without wind or water to sail. But the ship is ready to do those things and thus undamaged.


Question: Why after receiving a phone call from Laura's friend at the YMCA does her husband go looking through all her stuff on the bed? Then he finds the ring in the toilet. It just makes no sense why he's tearing through her stuff.

Answer: As that was the last place Laura was before disappearing, he is just looking for anything that could provide a clue that she might actually be alive. He was not sure until he found the wedding ring in the toilet.

raywest Premium member

Question: Where was Truly was going prior to going in the duck pond the first two times? She changes her plans easily.

Answer: It seems those times were occasions when she was on her way to see her father, Lord Scrumptious, at his candy factory, or wherever he may be (like at the Potts' wargaming with Grandpa).


Question: What are the small tubes that are collected in Colonel Breed's H.Q.? General Warden seems to figure out what they are.

Answer: Detonators (for setting off explosives).

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