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The Birnam Wood - S6-E2

Question: Can someone please explain to me the chronology of episode 2 of season six? I don't understand some things, there are scenes that seem to come before others (I'm guided because I see characters wearing the same clothes "supposedly" on different days, or things like that, that I don't understand). If someone explains it to me, I'd appreciate it, please.

Eduardo Sánchez Rodríguez

The Birnam Wood - S6-E2

Question: When C.J. gives the press conference announcing that after lunch the committees would meet to discuss the proposed topics, why do all the members leave in totally different clothes than just before? If it's supposed to be the same day, why would they change their clothes? The president also quickly changed his clothes to meet with the Palestinian president and the Israeli PM. Does anyone know why the costume change in that scene is still the same day? Or could it be a scene error?

Eduardo Sánchez Rodríguez

Answer: There are a couple of press conferences in this episode, so I'm not sure which you're referring to. The final press conference is at Camp David, which is in the woods, so some of the reporters may have changed from wearing suits at the White House to more fitting clothes for outdoors at the summit. It wouldn't also necessarily be the same group of reporters. Some of the faces would stay the same, but reporters get switched out as they go post their stories and others come to replace them, so they rotate.

Captain Defenestrator

Answer: Even when leaders are "cut off from the outside world," there's typically some way to get hold of them. A secure line unknown to the general public, a couriered message, somebody just got in a car and drove there; there would still be ways.

Captain Defenestrator

Question: Anakin's mom says the Republic doesn't exist on Tatooine. Why not?

Answer: It's in the Outer Rim territories. It's far enough away from the central government that they can't really have an effective government. In addition, it's in Hutt-controlled space.

Greg Dwyer

Why not send people to take control of Tatooine, and the outer rim territories away from the hutts?

The Republic has the task of running an entire galaxy, which is billions and billions of planets and solar systems. Sending troops into the Outer Rim, against heavily armed gangsters and with little to no communication, enough resources or backup, would be a terrible plan. At least the Hutts keep things running smoothly and don't let the planets go into anarchy.

Question: Val puts his finger to Armand's cheek or ear and wipes something red on the wallpaper. What is it?

Answer: Make-up - specifically, bronzing foundation.

Michael Albert

Answer: I don't think Wilbur knew that Marissa was a spy. Where in the movie was there evidence of a divorce?

Answer: We are never shown what happened to him but he may have gone to live with relatives or he was simply put into an orphanage.

Answer: John Gustafson and his wife, May, were divorced after 20 years of marriage.

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: Maritime.

Show generally

Question: I am trying to remember the episode that ended with Frank and Jaime fishing on the pier. A police officer says to Frank it's no smoking before he realises he's talking to the commissioner. I didn't get at the time why Frank seems so blase about the law and want to re watch to see if its any clearer to me now but can't remember the season or even what the rest of the episode was about.


Answer: It's in S2xE1 "Mercy" at the very end of the episode, they're at Valentino Pier in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Super Grover

Question: When Anakin reports to Mace Windu that Palpatine is a Sith Lord, Why didn't Windu consult Yoda and the other Jedi such as Obi-Wan before facing Palpatine? It would've been a backup or reinforcements kind of thing.


Answer: Yoda was on Kashyyyk helping the Wookies and Obi-Wan was on Utapau engaging General Grievous. Mace Windu did bring three other jedi with him, he thought he had enough backup. Obviously he misjudged but the Jedi were spread thin throughout the galaxy and Windu had limited choices.


Well he didn't misjudge his ability to defeat Sidious, as he did. He misjudged Anakin.


This is true. You could even argue that he didn't misjudge Anakin, he told Anakin to stay behind knowing his feelings would be conflicted but Anakin disobeyed.


Well he knew there was conflict inside Anakin but he misjudged the level of conflict, or the fact Anakin was basically already a Sith.This new information meant too much for Windu in such a short time, his duty got in the way, he felt it absolutely necessary to do it quickly. If only he had waited and taken his time to connect the dots. So many dots.


The idea that Sidious was beaten by Windu is up for debate. Sidious needed Anakin to do something big to fully succumb to the dark side. He knew Anakin was coming and in my opinion, was acting defeated to force Anakin to choose. Mace was naive and arrogant and assumed Sidious was beaten, when in reality, it was a show.

Windu is supposed to be the best lightsaber duellist around, even better than Yoda. I don't believe for a second Sidious was allowing Windu to beat him. Anakin showing up was his gamble, if he hadn't then Sidious would be dead.


Sidious would have sensed the conflict in Anakin and knew that the temptation would force him (no pun intended) to go and intervene.

I think it's worth mentioning that almost everyone on the Jedi Council and most of the Jedi masters were on the front lines when Mace Windu confronts Palpatine, so Kit Fisto and co. were probably the only help he could get? Palpatine may have even orchestrated events so most of the strongest Jedi were away from Coruscant in the first place (so they could more easily be dispatched by Order 66).

The entire war was Palpatine's way of spreading the Jedi thin.


Answer: Possibly the Jedi have the dark side of the force clouding their judgements.

Question: If the waterfall prevents the creatures hearing them, why not live there?

Answer: Building suitable shelter next to a river/waterfall would be next to impossible, and it would be too cold in the winter to rough it.


Question: What do the Wakandans chant when lined up, ready for the battle?


Answer: From what I've read, they are chanting "yibambe," which is Xhosa for "we hold our ground."


Question: Why doesn't anyone ever destroy the stones? What purpose do they serve other than no one person should have them?


Answer: "Doctor Strange" demonstrates that the Infinity Stones are useful in the most dire of situations, when Strange used the Time Stone to prevent Dormammu from taking over the Earth. It's also possible that some of the stones are indestructible. Wanda is able to temporarily destroy the Mind Stone by using her own powers, but the Power Stone will destroy any being that doesn't possess the strength to wield it, and the Reality Stone is shown to have a will of its own and defended itself when it bonded with Jane Foster.


Also, in the comics, if the stones are destroyed they will simply be replaced by something else or even stones again. They represent the existence of the universe and cannot be destroyed for real. Always only temporarily.


Question: Why was Charles Wallace being sent to the office? For calling out on the two teachers or for causing Meg to hurt Veronica? Also, why aren't the two teachers in trouble for making fun of the Murry family?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: We are never told why Charles Wallace was sent to the office. Perhaps the principal wanted to hear his side of the story seeing as he saw what happened. He may have also told the principal what the teachers said as well.

Question: Why did the exit randomly appear when the rooms converged? I much preferred the original's exit being a puzzle the characters had to solve, rather than just holding out, but perhaps there's a more clever solution that went over my head.

Answer: The nature of the original cube was a puzzle that needed solved to escape. This cube was more like a time trial you had to survive to the end of in order to escape. The appearance of the exit was not random however; the cube collapsed upon itself until it no longer existed in three-dimensional space, leaving the survivor standing in the area the cube had previously occupied.


Question: Is the original cut of the film available in Region One territories on either DVD or Blu-Ray? I have the standard DVD and Blu-Ray editions, but they are pretty sparse on content and only seem to have the cut US version of the film, which is missing some plot and comedy beats.


Question: Why did they put "A special thanks to Mexico City: A very special place" in the credits? Was that supposed to be a joke? The movie didn't portray it as very special.


Answer: This was likely meant as an appreciation to the city and its people for their support and assistance during the film's production, and was not a jokey reference to how Mexico City was portrayed in the movie. It's typical for movies to express gratitude to a city, state, the citizens, etc. for their cooperation.


Answer: It could also be sarcasm cause I read that the crew was robbed at gunpoint several times during filming.

Question: Why do the bad guys want the video tape that they are after?

Answer: The cocaine deal, that had gone bad, between the mob and gang. They were afraid it would be turned into the police.


How did the video get recorded in the first place?

The two reporters, Diana and Richard, were hiding above and filming it. After the shootout there's a explosion which exposes them. The mob boss sees them and tells his men to go after them.


Answer: TV Reporter Diane, played by Gabrielle Fitzpatrick, and her crew film the drug deal between the mob boss and the street gang.

Answer: Because of what George said to him in the house after he was robbed. He hurt Dennis' feelings so he ran away.

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