15th Jan 2018

Rugrats (1991)

Ransom of Cynthia/Turtle Recall - S4-E15

New this week Question: How come Drew didn't let Angelica have the Queen of the World Cynthia Doll?

6th Jan 2018

They Live (1988)

New this month Question: Why did all the police officers destroy the shantytown? And why did they beat the blind priest to death?

New this month Answer: As part of the alien takeover, they're suppressing any resistance and discussion of the plot. They know there's a group, led by the preacher, who are onto the conspiracy and that they're somewhere in the camp. They destroy the camp to disburse them and prevent word from getting out.

Jason Hoffman

New this month Question: How did Harry and Marv know that Kevin would escape through the back door of the Plaza Hotel while waiting for him?

New this month Answer: It's most likely a plot hole, but one possible explanation I can think of is that perhaps Harry and Marv observed from afar the scuffle between Kevin and the concierge and deduced that he would try to flee the hotel from a door that wasn't necessarily being watched by the hotel staff.

Serious B

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