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Answer: Yes, he is. He can be seen wearing the same black t-shirt with a skull motif that his younger self wore in the first movie and Pixar have confirmed that the character's intended to be Sid.


In addition, they are voiced by the same person.

Answer: The role has been taken over by Blake Clark.


Question: Why did Lotso take over Sunnyside Daycare and turn it into a prison for the toys?


Answer: He was so angry at his owner for replacing him that he chose to take his rage out on other toys.


Answer: More than likely she didn't want them. Besides Barbie the toys never really speak of Molly at all, so it's likely she rarely ever played with them, if at all.


Answer: Then why does Andy have Mrs. Potatohead? From what I remember Molly got Mrs. Potatohead for Christmas at the end of the first movie so shouldn't she belong to Molly?

It is suggested Molly hardly played with Mrs. Potato Head and she was kept alongside Mr. Potato Head in Andy's room since then. The rest of Andy's toys are mostly "boy" toys, so Molly may well not be interested in them anyway.


Either Andy borrowed or even kept it in case Molly didn't need it or want it.


Question: Why didn't Lotso just press the button to turn off the incinerator? Also can someone explain why he said where is Andy now?


Chosen answer: Lotso did not turn off the incinerator because Woody and the other toys were a threat to his rule at the daycare. Even though he was kicked out by Baby with the other toys gone he could manipulate and gain his leadership back. He says "where is Andy now" as a taunt to the toys. Woody and the others spend the movie trying to get back to Andy but when they are in trouble Andy is not there for them.

Question: The trivia for this movie says that a cameo of a toy from Toy Story 2 appears during the credits. I did not notice this cameo. What toy was it, and what happens in the scene?

Answer: I believe it is the cameo of Emperor Zurg, who was last seen playing catch with his "son". This is the only character of significance that I noticed in the credits, though knowing Pixar there may well be more.

Craig Thompson

Question: In the original, Andy slides toys down banisters, crashes them into stuff using RC, use a reclining chair to fire them across the room... Not forgetting Molly repeatedly whacking Mr Potato Head on her crib loads of times. Yet in this film, when other kids "play" with them they seem to have an issue with it. Why?

Answer: The kids at the day care center are overly rough to them because they don't love the toys like someone who owns them would.


Question: In Cars 2, it was decided not to bring back Doc Hudsen out of respect for the late Paul Newman. So why was slinky recast for this film? Didn't the filmmakers feel that Jim Varney deserved the same respect? Considering they didn't bring back certain characters like Bo-peep etc, I find it insulting that they felt so little of Varney.

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: Well, with all due respect to Mr. Varney, he's no Paul Newman. You respect different actors in different ways. Paul Newman is much more of a "remember in silence" type actor, when Varney's much more relaxed and silly style lends itself more toward celebrating the character over the actor, in which case removing the character would not necessarily be the best decision. I don't know if these were things the Pixar crew specifically thought of, but that's how I view it.


Question: Is the actor who played Andy in the first two Toy Story movies the same actor in the third movie?

Answer: Yes, John Morris has reprised his role as Andy for Toy Story 3.


Question: What happened to Little Bo Peep? Was she given away or her voice actress was unavailable? Why isn't she in Toy Story 3?

Answer: The toys make reference to her loss, but it's never stated what happened. We're left to wonder.

Answer: It is explained in the short lamp life. She was given away to another family and in that time the light bulb in the lamp caught fire and burnt her hat. After a while she was lost and found and given to a grown man as a gift and endured constant ridicule until she was lost on the street and found by the old lady at second chance antiques. She made friends and got bored and left with giggles and the sheep for seven years.

Question: Why didn't the toys even talk about coming alive and talking to Andy? Seems they were desperate enough for him to play with them that somebody should have considered this option.

Answer: Because they simply don't do that, it's a fundamental rule of their existence. They're played with as toys, not as sentient moving creatures. Plus there's every possibility that Andy would simply freak out - imagine how you'd feel if all your childhood toys suddenly revealed that they'd been intelligent, with lives of their own, all along. Woody revealing himself to Sid in the first film was a unique case to prevent the deaths of more toys, and Sid was a sufficiently disturbed child that nobody would be surprised if he suddenly freaked. With Andy, it's a normal situation that he's simply grown up and doesn't play with them any more - there's no possible grounds for breaking the rules there.


Question: Why was there such a long delay between this film and the 4th?

Answer: Toy Story 4 was announced in 2014, and concept art can be dated back to 2013 meaning that is most likely when the film started production. The film altered many script changes, and even a change in directors as John Lasseter, director of the first two films, was originally going to direct the next installment again after Toy Story 3 was directed by Lee Unkrich. However, Lasseter was fired from Pixar and Josh Cooley eventually directly the Film. The film also went through multiple endings, but Pixar Decided that Woody could not go back to Bonnie's room and that the ending needed to have a lasting affect on the franchise, hence the ending we got. But Probably the main reason why it took so long is that Toy Story 4 was originally supposed to be released June 15, 2018, and Incredibles 2 June 21, 2019. However, Pixar switched the release dates, and I2 was rushed to come out that summer and TS4 was finished before it released. TS4 probably would have originally been released around 2017.

Answer: Originally Toy Story 3 was the final film. In 2010, filmmaker Lee Unkrich said that Pixar was not planning another Toy Story film after Toy Story 3, "It was really important to me with this film that we not just create another sequel, that it not just be another appendage coming off the other two... there may be opportunities for Woody and Buzz in the future, but we don't have any plans for anything right now.


Question: If the Zurg from the previous movie was the one transported to the daycare at the credits, what happened to the Buzz that decided to stay with him at the end of that movie?

Answer: We are never told that it was the same Zurg toy. If it was then perhaps the other Buzz toy was kept by the person who owned him.

Continuity mistake: When Woody and Co. accidentally configure Buzz to his Spanish setting, they remove two small screws from his back that fall onto the floor. But once Ham starts reading from the instruction manual, one of the screws that landed next to him has disappeared.


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Ken: And this... Well, this is where I live. It's got a disco, it's got a dune buggy, and a whole room just for trying on clothes.

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Trivia: At the Sunnyside Day Care there is a wooden version of Lighting McQueen rolling around on the floor. In the sandbox is the Luxor Ball, the yellow ball with the red star and blue stripe. There is also the Pizza Planet truck.

Chris Skoglund

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