Toy Story 3

Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Slinky, Mr. and Mrs. Potato-Head, Rex and Ham escape from Sunnyside via a garbage truck. They are rescued by the three-eyed alien toys from ending up in the incinerator. Lotso is picked up by a garbageman and tied to the front of his truck. The toys make it home and Woody decides to leave a note on their box. Andy reads the note and instead of putting them in the attic donates the toys to Bonnie. Andy also decides to give Woody to her. He and Bonnie play with the toys before he drives off. Barbie and Ken stay behind at Sunnyside and make it a fun, fair place for the toys.


Deliberate mistake: When the bear pulls Woody into the garbage bin after the other toys have crossed over, his hat is not pulled off when his body is squeezed under the lid when going down. (01:15:35)


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Trivia: Toward the end of the film, the toys are on a conveyor belt heading for the furnace and Lotso jumps off. At the moment when he grabs the wall rungs, the musical score for the next few seconds is taken from Monsters, Inc. when Sully and Mike are running through the hallways looking for Boo. Also when Andy is giving his toys to Bonnie and leaves it is plays the musical score from Monsters, Inc. when Sully and Mike had to say bye to Boo.

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Answer: Yes, he is. He can be seen wearing the same black t-shirt with a skull motif that his younger self wore in the first movie and Pixar have confirmed that the character's intended to be Sid.

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In addition, they are voiced by the same person.

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