Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Question: After Peter yells at Kevin "You spent $967 on room service?!", where does Kevin run off to? It's not clear from what's onscreen.

Answer: He's heading back to the hotel most likely to apologize for spending such a huge amount.

Answer: It's Kevin's dad who screams out. You can tell because Buzz looks at the bill, smirks, and says, "Oh, Dad." I've always interpreted it as Kevin running away. The joke is that Kevin's dad screams so loud from the hotel room that Kevin can hear him from the park. So Kevin wouldn't want to face his dad.


I just watched the clip on YouTube and yeah you're right, it is his dad. The sound of his voice when he yells "Kevin" sounds exactly like Buzz, so it probably conditioned a lot of viewers such as myself to accept it as Buzz's voice for the whole line.

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Question: What happened to the limo on the curb of the toy store after Kevin got out? Why did the limo driver leave him there?


Answer: During that time, the hotel found out the credit card Kevin used was stolen. So since they were the ones who got the limo for Kevin, it's safe to assume they also called it back.


Answer: The limo company may have only had an agreement with the hotel to take Kevin to one destination of his choosing or to drive him around for a certain amount of time.

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Question: Why are they all so shocked that Kevin called Frank a cheapskate? He is. He also just practically admitted that he's not paying for this trip?


Answer: I think they are just more shocked with how brazen Kevin is with telling off his uncle.

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Question: How does Kevin manage to keep quiet the events of the first Home Alone movie involving Harry and Marv without anyone else in the family knowing, especially the parents? I imagine that Kevin would've had to take time off from school to testify against Harry and Marv in courts. And even if the trial took place during the summer months, I would think Kevin's parents would have had to consent, or at least have knowledge, to their son testifying in court against the two burglars.


Chosen answer: Remember that Kevin didn't give his name, nor did the police ever see him. When he called, it was from a different address and he gave his name as "Murphy." There is no reason to think that Harry and Marv would tell the police about Kevin, since they would have to admit being outsmarted by a child and also admit to kidnapping, assault, battery, and a wide array of charges for what they tried to do to him. Even if he did testify, there is no reason to think his parents wouldn't know.

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And by the way Kevin knew nobody would believe him.

Not entirely correct - He rang the Police from the phone in his parents bedroom just before the spider scene.

Answer: Harry and Marv were career criminals, who expect to spend some time in jail or prison. Considering how they were caught and the police being able to link them to burglaries where the water was left running, it would be likely that they pleaded guilty (meaning there was no trial or need for anyone to testify) in exchange for a shorter sentence.


Question: Can somebody tell me the English translation of what the foreign guy, who sits next to Kevin on the plane, is saying?

Answer: "What's that? I'm from France and I'm a tourist here, it's my first time coming to America. Do you know a good restaurant? Or maybe your parents. They know a good place? Why aren't you responding? You speak a bit of French right? I don't speak English at all, give me a bit of help at least. My name is Andre, what's your name?"

Answer: he is saying, "I come from France, I'm a tourist here. It's the first time I've come to America. Can't you tell me of a good restaurant, maybe your parents know a good place. Why aren't you replying? You speak French right? I don't speak English at all, help me out here. You don't want to talk to me, do you? Are you upset with me?" (I got that from a website).

Question: When Harry and Marv capture Kevin from the hotel, what are they going to do to him and where are they taking him?


Answer: They are presumably taking him somewhere secluded so they can exact their revenge.


Answer: According to Harry, he wants to take Kevin to the subway tunnel and kill him.

Question: How did Harry and Marv know that Kevin would escape through the back door of the Plaza Hotel while waiting for him?


Answer: It's most likely a plot hole, but one possible explanation I can think of is that perhaps Harry and Marv observed from afar the scuffle between Kevin and the concierge and deduced that he would try to flee the hotel from a door that wasn't necessarily being watched by the hotel staff.

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Question: Why did the credit card come back as being stolen? The police told Peter to notify the credit card company, so they could track Kevin if he used them - they wanted Kevin to use the credit card, so why would they have put a block on it by reporting it as stolen?

Answer: They did not know where Kevin got off the airplane (or how far away he may have ended up). There were numerous flights to various cities and they initially wanted to know if Kevin used the card and, if so, what city (maybe even country!). This would give police an idea of where to start looking; it was a technique to narrow down the possibilities. If one's credit card is "missing" or in the hands of an unauthorized person (such as Kevin being in possession of the card), it should be reported as stolen (or missing) so that the credit card company is on the alert for an unauthorized user. If this missing card is presented to a merchant (or ATM for cash withdrawals), the person will be unable to use it to make any purchase or continue charging items. The credit card company will know if/when someone tries to use the card and can then notify police of the exact location; the police can investigate from that point. Reporting the card "stolen" as soon as possible (as soon as one realises it is missing) helps protect the card's owner from being held monetarily responsible for whatever unauthorized charges are made over $50; the credit card company will consider the card's owner to be limited to a maximum of $50.


Answer: The credit card company was aware that an unauthorized person was using the card, which someone in the credit card system could misinterpreted as being "stolen." The police needed that information to track when, where, and how the card was being used to locate Kevin. It was assumed that Kevin had the card, but someone else could have gotten hold of it.

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Question: Are there any deleted scenes?

Answer: While I can't find any definitive scenes that have been deleted prior to theatrical release, there was supposed to be a scene involving Kevin having a similar experience with the aftershave as in the first film. Although I can't find a definitive reason to why. There is also an edited version for TV where the scene from the World Trade Centre is removed following the infamous terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001.

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Question: When Kevin was Lost In New York, why didn't he ever just talk to a Police Officer or go to a Hospital so he could get back safe?

Answer: As he stated to himself when escaping the hotel, "I committed credit card fraud." He may have thought going to the police would result in him getting into a lot of trouble.

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Question: What happened to Harry and Marv's "Oh Kay Plumbing Van" from the 1st film?

Answer: More than likely, it was impounded by the police when they were arrested, as evidence of their crime spree.

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Question: Where did Kevin get swimming trunks? I assumed they were his dad's, but the backpack only seems to carry personal items like wallet and other travel stuff. Do nice hotels provide swim trunks in the rooms? They are too big, meaning he didn't buy them.

Answer: It's never explained. He likely found them in the men's changing room, borrowed them, stole them, or they were provided by the hotel.

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Question: At the Christmas pageant, why is Frank laughing when they all see the pianist falling backwards off the stage? Did he think it was funny?


Answer: Yes, Frank is portrayed as an insensitive jerk in both movies. Note that he was also laughing at the prank Buzz was pulling on Kevin during the pageant, much to his wife's dismay.

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Question: Why do Harry and Marv: 1. Go after Kevin when they should remember the misery he caused them before and 2. Be stupid enough to tell him what their plans are?


Answer: Harry and Marv go after Kevin probably to even the score for a kid having outsmarted them once before. They tell him what their plans are because they're not particularly bright, believe it doesn't matter, and simply because it serves as a plot device. Kevin has to somehow learn their plan, otherwise he could not thwart them.

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Answer: Marv and Harry say in one of the scenes that Kevin is not at his own home meaning "he doesn't have a house full of goodies" to hurt them with (quoted from the scene). So they felt like they were safe from any havoc because he didn't know where he was, of course they underestimated him.

Chosen answer: Harry wasn't annoyed because Marv stole from Santa Claus, he was annoyed that Marv was thinking "small", stealing coins that would help them live day-to-day while Harry wanted to plan really big heists that would set them for life.


Question: Would it not have been necessary for Kevin to at least wait and change the camera batteries while on the flight?

Answer: Movies are full of "if onlys" and this is one of them. Sure, it would have been better to wait but he is 9 years old and excited. He didn't want to wait so tried to do it when they were rushing to the terminal.


Question: Can someone tell me what the movie was that the McCallister family were watching in the hotel right before they received the call about Kevin being found?

Answer: They were watching "It's A Wonderful Life" in Spanish. It's a play on Home Alone 1, when they were watching the same movie in French while waiting to hear about Kevin.

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Question: What is the name of the movie(s) that Kevin watches in Home Alone 1 and 2? Is it the same movie?

Answer: The name of the movie is "Angels with Filthy Souls," but it is not actually a real film at all and was created especially for the franchise.

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Answer: Angles with Filthy Souls, and its sequel; Angles with Even Filthier Souls. Neither are real movies.

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Question: A few questions regarding the pigeon lady. 1. Other than being heartbroken from so many people, is more revealed about how she became homeless? 2. In the room where Kevin and the pigeon lady are watching the orchestra, how did they get in? Does she live there? Did she break in?

Answer: I think that she couldn't handle her divorce and then lost her job and home because of it. And she kind of lost the will to live and now just survives. Odds are a back stairwell or fire escape.

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Question: Harry opens a door causing a bag of tools to fall on his head. In real life, wouldn't Harry have been badly injured if that really did happen to him?

Answer: The YouTube channel Screen Junkies did a video consulting with a doctor called "Honest Action - Home Alone" in which they break down all the traps Harry and Marv encounter and what the real consequences would have been. For this one in particular, they said Harry would have been killed by a skull fracture and a possible epidural hematoma.

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Answer: Yes it would have. In real life, a lot of the traps Kevin sets in both films would have seriously injured or killed both Harry and Marv.


Continuity mistake: In the first film, it is mentioned several times that Kevin is 8 years old. However, in this film it is stated that he is 10. When his parents are in the Miami airport security office, they say that he was left alone last Christmas. That would make him 9. Both films take place the same days, from about three days before Christmas until Christmas morning, so even if Kevin is born around Christmas time this is still a mistake.

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Kevin McCallister: Howdy do. This is Peter McCallister, the father. I'd like a hotel room please, with an extra large bed, a TV, and one of those little refrigerators you have to open with a key. Credit card? You got it.

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Trivia: When Kevin arrives at New York Airport, the woman at the counter who tells him which city he's in is Ally Sheedy. This film was written and produced by John Hughes, who also directed her in the 1985 film "The Breakfast Club."

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