Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Corrected entry: There's no way Kevin could have known (when recording as his father) what the hotel reservation lady was going to say, but he got the back and forth dialogue perfect as a recording.

Correction: In these two films, Kevin is portrayed as being a pretty smart and even genius kid. And the way these play out, it requires a lot of suspension of disbelief anyways. This isn't really a mistake so much as an exaggeration of showing how smart Kevin can be.

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Corrected entry: On the morning the family leaves for Florida, there is a wide-shot of the house. In the next shot, one of the airport vans hits the statue out the front of the house, this statue was not there in the previous shot.


Correction: The statue is there the whole time, but in the first wide shot it's blocked by the lamp with the red bow on it. If you look close enough, you'll see the hand of the statue sticking out to the right of the bow.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Kevin bumps into the flight ticket attendant, he loses his ticket in the pile that falls to the ground. But in a later scene, when Harry catches him jumping off the hotel dock, they pull that same plane ticket out of his jacket pocket.

Correction: A similar mistake has already been corrected. He has round trip tickets and therefore 2 different tickets. And you see him holding the actual ticket to Miami (his boarding pass), as opposed to the American Airline envelope sleeve that both tickets were originally in.


Corrected entry: Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine in 'Star Trek: Voyager', and most recently from 'Boston Public') is the cheating woman in the fictional old movie Kevin watches: "Angels with Even Filthier Souls".


Correction: The actress is Clare Hoak.

Corrected entry: When Kevin rolls out his "Operation Ho Ho Ho" plan, similar to the "Battle Plan" from the first film, the printing on it looks to be done by a very young child, with backwards letters, even. But later, when they show the note he wrote to Mr Duncan (the one he wrapped around the brick he threw through the window) the handwriting is much neater - and even a little feminine.

Correction: Kevin only had a little bit of time to draw the "blueprints," so he could have just scribbled and wrote quickly, not paying attention to the writing (and he knew only he would see them). He knew the note would be read by many people and therefore could have taken the time to write neatly - lots of people do that. When it's just them reading something, they don't care; but if they think someone is going to read what they wrote, they watch penmanship and spelling.

Corrected entry: When Harry decides to go into the house, after Kevin has thrown all the bricks, he walks off to the left, past other houses and down an alley. He then tries to enter the house through a window to the left of him. How can that possibly be the right house? He has walked too far and surely the house should be on the right.

Correction: When Harry is walking down the street to the iron gate, he mentioned earlier that he would go around the back to enter the house. What he probably did was go around the block to an alley behind the house but to the left of it if viewed from the front.

Corrected entry: When Harry and Marv finally catch Kevin after he escapes from The Plaza, Marv looks at Kevin's boarding pass and says 'Round trip to Miami' before tearing it up. However, Kevin didn't have his boarding pass at this stage. While he ended up at the wrong gate due to a man wearing a trench coat similar to his dad's, he lost the actual boarding pass while crashing into the woman at the gate, allowing him to get on the wrong plane in the first place.

Correction: This scene is actually valid, he had a round trip ticket, which means he would have had two tickets, one to Miami, the other back to Chicago.

Corrected entry: Why didn't Kevin just throw the camera down to Harry and Marv? He had all the pictures of them robbing the toy store, he couldn't lose anything, and the two thieves would then stop chasing him, as Harry said.

Correction: This is, at best, a question of character motivation. Perhaps Kevin thought that the two thieves (who he knows to be repeat criminals) were lying and would continue to chase him after he gave up the camera. Or maybe he thought that they were seeking revenge for what he did to them last time, so giving up the camera would not matter. Also, there was no way that Kevin was going to let them get away with the money, so even if they HAD kept their word, they would've been long gone by the time Kevin showed the photos to the police. One way or another, this cannot possibly be considered a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: I know that the film is reduced to Harry and Marv's falling on Kevin's traps, but in reality, putting head with fire in flammable fuel would burn Harry to the bone - not just smear him.


Correction: Gasoline itself does not burn - only the fumes it gives off burn. Once the flames were submerged, they'd be immediately extinguished - resulting only in the minor burns you see in the film.

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Corrected entry: Kevin has his dad's bag, whose name is Peter, and while standing in front of the toy store when Harry and Marv spot him, the bag has "K. Mcallister" stitched on it. It should be a "P" since it is his dad's bag.

Correction: Kevin put his dad's bag in his own backpack. So the backpack belongs to Kevin aka "K. Mcallister".


What about the tag on the bag that Rob Schinder finds while Kevin is first exploring the hotel room, it has Peter Mcalister written on it.

That's the dad's backpack, taken out of Kevin's bag.

Corrected entry: When Kevin is running away from the hotel staff, he runs into his hotel room and he doesn't close the door, he just opens it and runs in the room. But when the staff reaches the room, the door is shut all the way, and they have to open it to get through.

Correction: Hotel doors are heavy, so they close on their own.

Corrected entry: When Kevin records the commercial for the Plaza Hotel, the phone number is cut off by his father's voice. When Kevin is in the hotel later on, he plays the tape and his father's voice is not on it at all and he is able to hear the phone number perfectly.

Correction: Kevin had his Talkboy's microphone pointed directly at the TV, so it captured the sound right in front of it and not his father's voice in the background.

Corrected entry: When Kevin first arrives in New York and does all of his sightseeing, there is a point where he is standing in front of Radio City Music Hall. He turns his back to it and takes a picture of whatever is across the street. He would really just be taking a picture of the side of a random building; there is nothing picture worthy across from Radio City.

Correction: Just because the building may not be of any significance doesn't mean there wasn't something picture worthy happening on the street in front of it, specially considering this scene takes place in the center of New York during the height of the Christmas Season when there's decorative displays, Santas collecting for charity, holiday performers and a dozen other events that an average tourist would certainly deem of interest.

Corrected entry: Why didn't anyone spot the burglars in the fish truck? Someone must have in a crowded place like that.

Correction: Who says no one saw them? And if they did, why should they care? It's New York City; people have done crazier things there than hide in a fish truck.

Corrected entry: When the McCallister kids are all asleep at the Plaza, the shot shows Fuller in the big bed and a few seconds before he wakes up, you hear somebody from behind the camera whisper, 'Wake up.' You have to be close to your TV to hear it and it couldn't have been any of the other McCallister kids saying it because everybody else was sound sleep.

Correction: That is actually the sound of someone snoring. It does sound a bit like words, but it definitely isn't "wake up".

Corrected entry: When Harry and Marv get hit by the toolchest, Harry asks, "What's that sound?" Marv answers, "That was the sound of a tool chest falling down the stairs." They had not been on the staircase it came from, and had not seen the tool chest or the stairs - both were blocked by the door.

Correction: Considering the amount of noise the toolchest made, it's not a stretch to think that they were able to deduce what it was.

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Corrected entry: When Kevin is in his hotel room in the Plaza and hears a knock on the door, which is Mr. Hector the concierge who says (with a German accent) "Housekeeping," he runs into the bathroom and turns the shower on full. The next time we see him he has set up the blow up doll and a pulley system in the bathtub/shower. He is 100% dry. How did he set up such a system under running water without getting wet?

Correction: Nothing specifies whether he sets up the system immediately after the 'room service' arrives, or if has been there before then. Considering it involved an inflatable 'Bozo the Clown', it seems as if he needed more than the time given to blow it up.

Corrected entry: No one is seen lining up at the cash register at Duncan's Toy Chest. A place like that would have a whole bunch of people lining up after their conversation was finished.

Correction: Duncan's Toy Chest also has things like trampolines the kids can jump on. A lot of the parents probably spend most of their time getting the kids off the toys. A fancy place like that likely would also have more than one cash register, so there could be people at a different one.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Tim Curry sneaks onto Kevin's hotel room, the time difference from where he knocks on the door until he arrives at the bathroom surely isn't enough time for Kevin to inflate the clown. And there is no point in inflating the clown beforehand, because how was he to know someone would sneak in? (00:35:55 - 00:37:15)

Correction: He knew he was under suspicion. It's not illogical for it to have been inflated already just in case.

Corrected entry: The newspaper at the beginning of the movie says that the "Sticky" Bandits are seen lurking around NY. But afterwords, when they are hiding in the fish truck, Harry says "Here we are, Marv, New York City." So they just arrived?

Correction: New York is more than just the city, it is a fairly big state. The Sticky Bandits may have been doing a few jobs (or just 'lurking around') in upstate New York, before going to New York City itself.


Continuity mistake: In the first film, it is mentioned several times that Kevin is 8 years old. However, in this film it is stated that he is 10. When his parents are in the Miami airport security office, they say that he was left alone last Christmas. That would make him 9. Both films take place the same days, from about three days before Christmas until Christmas morning, so even if Kevin is born around Christmas time this is still a mistake.

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Kate McCallister: What kind of idiots do you have working here?
Desk Clerk: The finest in New York.

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Trivia: When Kevin arrives at New York Airport, the woman at the counter who tells him which city he's in is Ally Sheedy. This film was written and produced by John Hughes, who also directed her in the 1985 film "The Breakfast Club."

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