Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Corrected entry: Just before Kevin's plane to NYC takes off, he puts on a pair of headphones and listens to some music. In reality, passengers are not allowed to use any electronic equipment (laptops, cell phones, headphones, CD players, etc.) in order to ensure no interference in communications between the plane and air traffic control during takeoff and landing.

Correction: Since when do kids follow the rules? Besides, the stewardess could have told Kevin to remove the headphones after the announcements.

William Bergquist

Corrected entry: When Marv kicks open the front doors to Kevins' uncle's place, the doors slam into the walls and stay still. They don't bounce back

Correction: When Marv kicks the front doors, observe the speed of the doors when they open. The doors open slower than expected to be, giving the doors less momentum to bounce off the walls and showing that the hinges of the doors are sticky (which is an acceptable possibility considering the condition of the house). Doors with well-oiled hinges will fly open faster than the doors shown in the movie, giving them enough momentum to bounce off the walls.

Corrected entry: When the McCallisters are in the airport van, Kate gives Megan her ticket and then Megan and Linnie compare their tickets and Megan asks Kate, 'How come none of us are sitting together?' How would she know if she only compared her ticket with one other person?

Correction: The McCallister's probably have had their tickets for some time and that time at the airport wasn't the first time they saw their tickets. They probably would have had time to ask others where they were sitting and compare their tickets.

Corrected entry: Kevin takes his father's backpack to New York, but if its his father's bag, then why does it say "K. McCallister" on the back when his father's given name is Peter?

Correction: Kevin brought 2 bags to New York, his dad's bag was not a back pack.

Corrected entry: When Marv goes to wash his hands after being covered in paint Kevin is supposed to turn the electricity on. If you look closely he actually turns the switch off.

Correction: He turns the switch "on". "ON" and "OFF" are clearly marked at either end of the switch.

Corrected entry: When Kevin is going up the garbage tunnel for the first time, you see an exterior view of the tunnel wobbling. Off to the left of the screen, you can see a string attached to the curve of the tunnel, which is causing it to wobble.

Correction: This is supposed to be there. The rope (not string) is holding up the garbage tunnel, and is visible throughout any shot of this.

Corrected entry: When the bellhops chase Kevin into the elevator, Kevin says, "I've committed credit card fraud." While he is saying his line, you can hear Tim Curry on the other side of the door beginning his line, "Get me security." Then, in the next shot, Tim Curry says the same line over again.

Correction: He says "Get me security" more than once. Twice whilst Kevin is inside the lift, and once when the camera goes onto Tim Curry. This isn't a mistake, he just keeps repeating this line as he is angry at Kevin getting away.

Corrected entry: The reason the family almost miss the flight is because the alarm clock is re-set when the father is un-plugging it to get his camcorder charger. When the clock is disconnected it makes a fairly loud beeping sound. Now, with the parents sleeping just inches from the clock, don't you think they would hear this beeping? They can't be heavy sleepers because the sound of the door-bell is enough to wake them, especially in such a big house.

Correction: I have that kind of clock and it doesn't beep at all when disconnected or when it's plugged back in.

Corrected entry: At the start of the film, Kevin tapes his Uncle Frank singing in the shower, but he doesn't tape all of the singing. When Kevin is in the hotel in New York, he plays back the tape when the blow up clown is in the shower, all of the singing is on the tape, including something his uncle said when Kevin ran away from him.

Correction: Kevin only ran away after Uncle Frank was done threatening him, meaning he did tape everything we hear repeated in the Plaza shower.

That isn't true. His recording extended long past the moment he ran away, you can hear it playing in the scene as mentioned above. The recording time doesn't match.

Corrected entry: When Harry sticks his flaming head in the toilet, there is an explosion and the scene shows the exterior of the house with the front doors closed. The doors should be open seeing as Marv previously kicked them open before he fell in the hole.

Correction: It wouldn't be that hard for wind or a draft to close a door.

Corrected entry: Harry and Marv could easily see that Kevin was taking their picture with an instant camera. But later Harry asks Kevin to give them the camera, even though the pictures he wants wouldn't be in it.

Correction: True. Very true. But remember how stupid these two characters are. They aren't exactly the cream of the crop

Corrected entry: When the hotel staff burst into Kevin's suite, he plays back the gangster movie soundtrack, and it's directed at the nasty bellhop. The gangster reads off a list of people that this bellhop has supposedly been smooching with. When the gangster says Cliff, the tape stops because the old security guard is named Cliff, and we see his reaction. But Kevin could not have known this, or even that Cliff was in the other room, or when to stop the tape.

Correction: Kevin doesn't stop the tape at "Cliff," he stops it at "I could go on forever, baby." There is a pause, but only in the dialogue of the guy on the tape. The fact that the bellhop was named Cliff is a funny (and intentional) coincidence.

Corrected entry: When Harry and Marv are climbing down the rope to catch Kevin, Marv asks Harry if he is wearing aftershave. Harry tells Marv that the rope is soaked in kerosene. Marv then says, "Now WHAT would anyone soak a rope in kerosene?" Instead of saying either: ...WHY would anyone soak a rope in kerosene? or ...WHAT would anyone soak a rope in kerosene for?

Correction: Marv does say "why," not "what"; the way he chuckles while uttering this word only makes it sound like he is saying, "what."

Corrected entry: Kevin's family is going on a trip to sunny Florida. Yet, Kevin's bag is packed with winter clothes.

Correction: We do not know this. Kevin's bag is never opened by his family (that we could see anyway), and the bag he had with him in New York was his father's. This proves the above plot hole to be correct, as well: any clothes he wore he had to have bought while in New York.


Corrected entry: When Tim Curry goes into Kevin's room, he goes into the bathroom where Kevin is controlling the clown blow up doll, but Kevin packed the clown into his suitcase, he only has his father's bag that dosn't contain the blow up doll.

Correction: We see Kevin pack the clown in his brown bag on the bed at the beginning of the movie, not his suitcase. He carries the brown bag with his father's bag inside it throughout the entire movie.

Corrected entry: In the swiming pool scene, when Kevin is asking permision from the old people in the pool to jump in, the lady on the chair behind him is there then not there and then there again.

Correction: In the shots with the lady present, we see two chairs with a plant on a table between them, and she is sitting in the right chair (with respect to the camera). In the shots with the "missing" lady, we only see one chair. This suggests that the lady is behind the pillar.

Corrected entry: The toys Kevin buys in Duncan's Toy Chest comes to $23.75 cents. Kevin pays only in notes and the cashier, Mr. Duncan, gives him his change, also consisting of only notes, surely some of the change should have been coins?

Correction: If you look at Mr Duncan when he opens the till, he takes change out the till with his right hand and gives it to Kevin.

Continuity mistake: In the first film, it is mentioned several times that Kevin is 8 years old. However, in this film it is stated that he is 10. When his parents are in the Miami airport security office, they say that he was left alone last Christmas. That would make him 9. Both films take place the same days, from about three days before Christmas until Christmas morning, so even if Kevin is born around Christmas time this is still a mistake.

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Kate McCallister: What kind of idiots do you have working here?
Desk Clerk: The finest in New York.

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Trivia: When Kevin arrives at New York Airport, the woman at the counter who tells him which city he's in is Ally Sheedy. This film was written and produced by John Hughes, who also directed her in the 1985 film "The Breakfast Club."

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