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Question: What shirt is Laddie wearing under his military jacket?

Season 2 generally

Question: In season 2, why does Norm's employment status change between episodes several times? One episode he is an accountant, Sam's to be specific, and then the next episode he is unemployed. But the episode after that, he is employed again as an accountant.

Answer: Early in the first season, Norm originally had a steady job as an accountant at an accounting firm, and then he was fired. From then on, he worked for himself as an independent accountant, which results in Norm being unemployed much of the time. Hence, Norm's employment status can change between episodes.

Super Grover

Question: At the bank, near the beginning, what was the security guard watching on the TV?

Answer: The film is Touch of Evil (1958), directed by Orson Welles. *SPOILER* Within the specific scene that the guard is watching, Quinlan (played by Welles) is holding a box with dynamite sticks inside, with Vargas (played by Charlton Heston) contending, "I looked in that box, just now, there wasn't anything there" (the box had been empty when Vargas was in the bathroom). This scene in Touch of Evil is foreshadowing the end with Cosmo in Sneakers (1992).

Super Grover

Question: Can anyone explain the part where the Mariner says he's gotta throw the girl over the side? He tells Helen the reason as "My boat's tore up, I'm taking on water. I'd be lucky to get half a hydro ration out of that." What does his boat taking on water have to do with his water-making device?

Answer: The water-making device, just like the boat, was damaged when the Smokers attacked the atoll. With the device damaged, the Mariner wasn't sure if it would still be possible to get it to work and get any water to drink from it. Not only that but, with his boat taking water, it would eventually sink. He needed to repair it before that happened.

Question: When the "hotel" left Danny just before the boiler set on fire, why didn't he use that chance to leave the building?

Question: A while ago, I read about a deleted scene in which Draco is having a conversation with a friend, who was not Crabbe or Goyle. It was noteworthy because this friend would be someone whom Draco treats like an equal (instead of harassing them, bossing them around, etc.). I think it was going to be in the Deathly Hallows book or movie, but I am not sure. Was it ever written and/or filmed?

Question: Do the teachers have a way of checking that other teachers awarded or deducted points for appropriate reasons? For example, Snape called Hermione "an insufferable know-it-all" and took five points from Gryffindor. I remember him doing that in the book also.

Answer: Adding on to the response by RayWest: In the books, it's common for the teachers to deduct or award five to ten points (twenty or more if the student has done something especially good or bad). The Heads of House are probably not suspicious about most incidents of someone winning or losing these smaller amounts.

Answer: I remember that the four giant hourglasses (one for each House) that is located in the entrance hall magically added and deleted House points by using different-colored gemstones. Even though it was done automatically as soon as a teacher awarded or deducted points, they were also supposed to report it to the House heads and would give their reasons.


Question: In the opening scene, why did Stauffenberg just sit in the jeep idly while watching the fighter's bullet path come towards him? Even if he saw that too soon, he could've at least tried to open the door and throw himself to the ground.

Answer: You have to understand, this is a dramatic reenactment of the incident which caused Von Stauffenberg to get his injuries. It is not based on reality. They are trying to add drama to the scene by having him watch his demise approach, which is common in movies.


Question: When Hermione tells Harry and Ron that Neville has a partner for the dance, why doesn't she tell them that it's Ginny, Ron's own sister?

Answer: Because it's not really her place to tell them anything. She probably enjoys keeping them guessing, particularly Ron, and wants them to find out for themselves, which will surprise them even more. I don't remember how it was in the book, but for the movie, it sets up the scene for the audience to be surprised as well.


Question: Dr. Sayer turns down the date with the nurse and appears to live alone. Was he a recluse? Socially awkward?

Answer: Sayer suffered from extreme shyness. He later overcame it enough to ask Nurse Costello out for coffee.


Question: When Long let Dwan fall into the water, we see that the water she plunged into is pretty deep. How deep was the waterfall when she fell in?

Answer: He probably knew it wasn't deep. It's his island; he knew every inch of it. Besides, it's a pool, not an ocean. It most likely had a small underground tunnel which spilled out somewhere on the island.

Question: We learn in the film that Shazam and Wonder Woman are friends, and (Spoiler alert) she brings him back from the dead at the end. So, why didn't she help him during the final battle or give any other much-needed assistance during the film?

Gavin Jackson

Answer: The dinner scene, where Wonder Woman has the head of the Wizard, never happened. There's no indication they knew each other, let alone were friends. In the realm where superheroes actually do exist, there'd really be no reason why she, Superman, who is supposed to know them too, or any other hero wouldn't be there to help. So the only answer would be an unsatisfactory one that sounds pedantic: she didn't help because it's a Shazam movie and not a WW or JL movie. One could say that she and the other heroes were busy with fighting crime/battles in their own city or they didn't know they needed help. She only appears at the end, it seems, to restore the god realm. It's also been said they didn't think Gal Gadot would be available to shoot her cameo scene, so Wonder Woman may not have been in the film because of a scheduling conflict. But to me, if she was meant to be in the film, they would have secured her availability long before shooting.


Answer: Where did you get the idea that they are friends? The movie makes it pretty clear they have never met before.

Cause they are having dinner together near the beginning. And you still didn't answer why she didn't help.

Gavin Jackson

Answer: The other superheroes don't sit around waiting for someone to call. Batman has a city full of rogues' gallery: Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc, Catwoman. Wonder Woman also has the same. They're busy people! But they'll come if asked or if they find out another hero needs help.

Question: Where did Mary Jane plan to go, just before getting kidnapped by Venom in a taxi?

Answer: She was wearing her work uniform, so presumably to work.


Question: Did Stauffenberg's adjutant really step in front of him to take the bullet for him as was depicted in this film? And why did he, if he knew all of them were going to be shot anyway?

Answer: Per Wikipedia, yes, he did, as a sort of final act of loyalty and friendship, as well as a gesture of defiance to his executioners.

Question: In the movie, it shows flashbacks of Andy going to what looks like a porn theatre and talking to a strange man there. Is that where he caught HIV?

Answer: Yes. During the trial, Andy said that he went to the theatre and a lot of sex happened there. He had sex with another man and contracted AIDS.

Question: If Kathryn doesn't really care about Sebastian (she thinks of him as "just a toy"), why does she even care if he falls in love with Annette? I thought she was more concerned with Court.

Answer: Either she does care about him and merely calls him a "toy" to conceal her true feelings, or she is jealous at the thought of him loving/wanting anyone more than her. Either way, she manipulates the situation to ensure he and Annette do not end up together. This is the same thing that happens in the novel upon which the film is based, "Dangerous Liaisons."

Answer: I agree with a suggestion made in the other answer: that Kathryn does not want Sebastian to love someone else. I've known people like this. They reject someone but enjoy being desired by that person. Then they become jealous when that person is interested in someone else because they don't want to lose the admiration. Kathryn does not want Sebastian to change his ways and start a new phase of life with Annette.

Question: When Annette tells Sebastian that she doesn't trust herself with him, what exactly does that mean? Does she feel too tempted to sleep with him, or is it something more?

Answer: Just that. She wants to maintain her virginity, but is so attracted to him and wants to have sex with him so badly that she feels like she'll let that desire take over if they're together.

I think it's a combination of this, plus Annette wants to think that she is too good for Sebastian. If she spends more time with him, she might like him more, making it easier for him to deceive her.

Question: What did Beck mean when he said "I'm thinking of earlier times"?

Answer: He speaks of the times when he and others weren't forced to become traitors and are about to die. Times when they believed in Germany.


Question: Why did Stauffenberg have to put in his prosthetic eye whenever he had to be in Hitler's presence?

Answer: In real life, Stauffenberg regularly switched from wearing his glass eye and an eye patch. He wore the glass eye when meeting with senior officers, not only Hitler. At other times, he used the eye patch. This was attributed to the glass eye probably being uncomfortable. Presumably, he did not want to appear handicapped or weak to his superiors. He may also have felt the eye patch was a distraction or looked less dignified.


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