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Tooms - S1-E21

Question: While following Tooms, Mulder specifically says that he can't find his Norwegian Elkhound named Heinrick, who he goes moose-hunting with. I know that he is lying about owning a dog, but why the odd details? Am I missing a joke?

Answer: Mulder is not supposed to be watching Tooms. He is making up details on the spur of the moment, so he can pretend that he has a legitimate reason for talking to a dog-catcher.

Answer: Mulder's embellished details reflect his personality and quirky humor. It was not meant to be taken so literally.

raywest Premium member

Chinga - S5-E10

Question: Why does Mulder lie to Scully, on the phone, about construction workers outside his window? Why not tell her about the ball he was bouncing?

Answer: He didn't want her to know that he didn't have anything to do. No friends, girlfriends or places to visit. If she knew, she would have said, "Get a life."

I pretty much agree. I think at this point in the series, Mulder and Scully are realizing how close they are. Which might be awkward for both. Mulder is afraid to trust anyone too much, due to Samantha's abduction and his speculation of conspiracy theories. Scully is a strong woman, who also fears trusting. Not to mention the losses of her sister and Emily, her biological daughter. Later, the Cigarette-Smoking Man points out that Scully would die for Mulder, but is afraid to start loving him.

Question: The witch made the bear Mor'du, in her shop has a bunch of bear carvings, and also turned Merida's mom in a bear. Did the with mess up the spell and made the bears by accident, or did she change them into bears on purpose?

Show generally

Question: Were the interior scenes in Walter's house actually shot inside that house or at another location? The view down the hallway towards their bedroom doesn't seem to fit the size of the house, which from the front looks much smaller.

Answer: The outside shots were filmed on location but by the homeowners own words, "some liberties were taken with the inside"

Ssiscool Premium member

Show generally

Question: I am still only in season 1, but have noticed JD and a few of the other new doctors sometimes wear black scrubs. I feel like at times it was used to code which of them was trusted most at the moment, such as Episode 7 where being the "top intern" seemed to be JD's main focus in the episode. Am I reaching or do the black scrubs have a meaning?

Question: Who was really responsible for the murders?

Answer: Mrs. Tredoni, the church housekeeper is the murderer. Although, it's left unclear if Alice helped with the murders at all.


Thanks. I could never figure out if it was one or the other.

Question: Someone I met years ago told me when you watch this film, it's a tradition to yell at the characters during many parts of the movie (such as yelling "SL*T" at Janet). Nobody else I ever asked heard of this "tradition." Has anyone ever heard of this?

Answer: Yes, whether you're watching a live play or the film, audience participation is encouraged, including shouting "sl*t" for Janet and "a**hole" for Brad when their name are sometimes mentioned. There's also a lot talk-back lines for the audience, including saying other insults. And if you go to a showing for your first time, like I did in the 90's, you'll likely be asked if you're a virgin.


Avatar - S3-E21

Question: What happened to Sharon Skinner after this episode? She and A.D. Skinner don't go through with the divorce, but in a later episode - I believe it was "S.R. 819" - Mulder asks Skinner if he woke up alone, and Skinner firmly answers yes.

Answer: The show never actually reveals what happened to Sharon and in "Avatar" we never really know who or what the old lady is or what it means. So there's a lot of fan theories out there, including that Sharon died in the hospital and Skinner putting his ring back on at The End signifies they reconciled before her death. But in the real world, it's hard for TV shows to keep small side character stories going for various reasons, which is why a lot of times a new character is introduced for one or two episodes and never mentioned again. The "X-Files" writers might have even intended to bring Sharon back later and never found a story to bring her into, or the actor wasn't available, etc.


In addition to this answer, I want to point out that Skinner said *he* would not sign the papers. Sharon said, "Listen to me", but the episode does not reveal if she definitely agreed to reconcile. I believe that she either died, or she lived, but she wanted to remain separated. Maybe he finally gave her a divorce later on. Mitch Pileggi, the actor who plays Skinner, says that Skinner developed feelings for Agent Scully at some point, but knew that she was closer with Agent Mulder.

Question: Where do the scratches come from? Did I miss something?

Question: Why does the fake case have wet paint if the swap was planned?

Answer: It's a while since I've seen the movie but if I'm remembering correctly, the meet was at short notice. Gregor had the case prepped for the swap but didn't have a chance to paint it in enough time for the paint to dry properly.


Question: Why would there be a tunnel system with an industrial bathroom beneath a house in a neighborhood? I know John Kramer was involved in real estate with his wife and lawyer before he became Jigsaw, so it would make sense that he probably designed it, I'm just not sure what purpose it would serve.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: The MPAA rating for this movie lists among its reasons "partial nudity." Am I missing something, or was this reason categorically false? The only thing approaching brief nudity I could spot in this film are the crime scene photos and flashback of Hoffman's slain sister, in which she is wearing a spaghetti strap top, and even then, there's hardly any cleavage.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Is there an actual drug that could cause someone's heart rate to slow down and muscles to relax for several hours, to the point where they can remain completely still?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: The drugs that anesthesiologists use for people undergoing surgery (such as IV drugs and inhaled gases) relax muscles to the point that the patient can't move and becomes unconscious. But with monitored sedation (as opposed to general anesthesia), there can be varying° of drowsiness perhaps with the ability to talk. If you've heard of "anesthesia awareness", this may be a condition close to what you are asking about. Not enough general anesthesia is administered (the amount needed was misjudged or deliberately lowered because of a dangerous situation but hoped to be enough) and the patient becomes aware during surgery but cannot move. General anesthesia typically uses nitrous oxide and variations of ether. Barbiturates/ sedatives/ tranquilizers - even enough alcohol - in varying amounts over time can keep a person largely immobile. (I'm not mentioning any specific drugs).


D-Girl - S2-E7

Question: After Christopher and Amy have been to bed together he shakes the water on her back and asks "hey you ever been with another Skinny Guinea?" What does that mean and why does Amy get upset?

Answer: "Guinea" is a derogatory or slur word for Italians, or Italian-Americans. So he was jokingly asking if she slept with (shagged) another Italian guy. Amy is Greg's fiancé and Greg is Christopher's cousin. So Greg would be Italian. Amy is cheating on Greg with Christopher and it just made her feel guilty. He wasn't thinking about that fact when he made the comment, which is why he immediately apologizes.


Question: Phil asks the landlady at the hotel if there is any hot water, and she laughs and says there wouldn't be any today. Why wouldn't there be any hot water? Wouldn't the hotel have boilers?

Answer: In a lot of old hotels those days used water heaters instead of boilers. A water heater has a limited amount of water heated, stored in a tank. So at the end of the week and every guest showering and using hot water during that week, the hot water will be gone before they refill the water heater at a specific day.


That's not how hot water heaters work. The water temperature is maintained by a thermostat. Once empty, it would take time to heat the refilled tank-but it's not heated on a specific day. The other answer is more correct.


Answer: Her laughter seems to imply that the rooms never have hot water when it's as cold as it was that day; maybe the pipes freeze, or her boiler just isn't very good. This isn't a five-star hotel, it's a small B&B run, it seems, solely by Mrs. Lancaster. Maybe she hasn't gotten around to fixing/arranging to fix whatever is wrong with the hot water, or it's just not something she sees as a big problem.

Question: Does anyone else wonder why Winifred decided to chase Max, Alison and Dani instead of brewing more potion for the kids that came to the house? She would have had plenty of time for revenge that way.

Answer: They didn't have time. They had until sunrise, brewing a potion and rounding up a town full of children takes a lot of effort. Besides, they hated that these kids managed to outsmart a trio of centuries old witches.

Question: What was the point of court martialling Doss? They said he couldn't go to war if he didn't use a gun, and they gave him the option to quit. So why wouldn't they just kick him out?


Question: What was in Cosmo's fish tank? They look almost like barracudas. If not, what are they?

Question: I know that in the original script Aragorn was supposed to fight against Sauron at the Black Gate. Why was this idea abandoned? Why were filmmakers against this idea?

Answer: Jackson and his team wanted Frodo and Sam's scene in Mt. Doom to be the emotional/dramatic climax, and ultimately decided that an epic battle between the Dark Lord and Aragorn would have drawn too much script (and audience) attention and weakened that moment.

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