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Question: What was in the envelope he put on the mantel just before he left. It was already gone when his friend and maid ran to see him leave?

Answer: Earlier in the movie, Mrs. Watchit hands an envelope to Philby with a note inside to inform everyone that if George doesn't show up at 8:00, then they can start dinner without him. This is what he most likely left on the mantle before he started his journey through time.

4 x 4 - S5-E19

Question: In Nick's case, why is nothing shown happening to Jackie at the end? I mean, if it wasn't for her kicking out Chase and Andy, so that she could have the house party (while her parents are on vacation), they wouldn't have ended up at the laundromat where Chase dies.

Heather Benton Premium member

Question: Depending on child labor laws just how did they get the young Diana actress to do her own stunts?


Answer: Lily Aspell, (young Diana), performed many of her own stunts. She is naturally athletic and was already an expert equestrian rider (her parents and uncle are professional jockeys). Stunts are carefully coordinated, and she would never have been allowed to do anything dangerous. Stunt doubles perform the more dangerous action scenes. Often, CGI superimposes an actor's face over a stunt double's body. Safety harnesses and suspension cables are used and later removed digitally. Actors also perform many scenes in front of a "green screen" and special effects are added later to look like an extreme environment. I once observed a movie scene being shot. What looked like a wild car chase in the move was actually filmed with the vehicles driven at slow speed. The action was sped up during the editing process.

raywest Premium member

Thanks brother. Regardless of it being a hilariously "so bad it's good to watch and laugh at"movie I was concerned for the child. All the best and have a nice day.


You're welcome, and I'm a "sister." :-).

raywest Premium member

Question: Dan Akroyd tricks the Russians into revealing themselves by saying something in Russian,,,, What does he say specifically?


Answer: According to the IMDb trivia for the film, it's "Чем меньше знаешь, тем лучше." ("Chem men'she znaesh', tem loocheh."), meaning "The less you know, the better."

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: If Barbara had a dog named Muffy then how come she didn't speak about it the whole film? Didn't she even think about wanting her dog back if she decides to stay with the kidnappers?


Question: Why couldn't the crew put on their spacesuits, then go out and assess the damage?


Answer: That would involve depressurizing the command module and LEM. Given that a substantial percentage of their on-board O2 supply just got vented into space, wasting more at that point to only confirm what they already knew wasn't worth the trouble.


Answer: Even if they could go out and assess the damage, they didn't have the tools, materials, or knowledge to actually be able to fix it.


Question: How did Hendricks know Ethan and the IMF team were in the Kremlin that day?


Answer: Ethan's briefing said that IMF had "learnt" that Cobalt was en route to the Kremlin to destroy his identity records in the archives, at a specific time right down to the minute. As having IMF present to frame for the bombing was part of his plan, it is likely Hendricks leaked his own intentions to IMF knowing they would send a team to retrieve the records. After Ethan has his ID scanned, Hendricks turns and walks away like he was waiting for them to arrive, and may have scanned their frequency.

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: Why was Jason never recovered after Tommy drowned him at the end of part 6?

Answer: Because nobody but Tommy and Megan as well as the campers knew he was in the lake. If they did then they looked the other way.


Question: What do the symbols on Lil' Jack's onesie mean in the opening scene?

Answer: The symbols are pi, infinity and square root - they don't really mean anything together like that, but seem to be part of Jack's trying to tutor Little Jack to be a genius by teaching him mathematics.

Sierra1 Premium member

Show generally

Question: In season 2, I believe, Mike and Ed switched offices. Why?

Answer: It looks like it was just a set change. They switched what side of the set the offices are on.

Bowling255 Premium member

Question: What song was everyone whistling after Harris' car gets blown up?

Question: How did they get the 20mm cannon? Did they buy it legitimately, or obtain it by deception?

Question: How, when, and why did Phoebe end up in juvenile hall and how long was she sentenced for?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Question: Why did Marshall hire Madonna and O'Donnell?


Answer: Rosie O'Donnell auditioned for the role of Marla, but lost it. Penny Marshal thought she was a good actress and so funny she created the role of Doris for her. As for Madonna, she was like all singers getting offered movie roles. She was very popular back in the 90's, but reportedly a total diva to work with.

Question: How did Davian know Julia was Ethan's wife?

Answer: Presumably John Musgrave told him, as he was working with Davian.

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: How big are the characters in Veggie Tales?

Answer: The VeggieTales characters are fruits and vegetables that live in a regular human kitchen. So all the characters are meant to be the same size as their real-life counterparts.


Question: Why is Robin omitted from this film?

Gibson Rickenbacker

Answer: According to screenwriter Sam Ham, Batman started out solo in the comics.

Gibson Rickenbacker

Answer: Probably because this was the first movie in the series. It spends much time setting up the entire Batman premise and going into Wayne's backstory before he met Robin. Adding Robin at this point would only clutter and confuse the plot. It would also slow the action and diminish the conflict between Batman and the Joker. Robin being introduced later allows for his own history to be incorporated into the overall story.

raywest Premium member

Answer: In addition to the other answers, it may also be a factor that around this time the "current" Robin, Jason Todd, wasn't very popular, to the extent that a phone poll was taken which ended up with him being killed off not long before this film was released. Batman was Robin-less in the comics from 1988 - 1991. Given Robin's lack of popularity and strong association with the Adam West Batman series, the filmmakers may well have felt that a clean slate would be a better approach.

Question: At the end when they destroy Starkiller Base, did it become the new sun for that star system? Because it sure does have the features of one after the implosion.

Answer: Yes the sun was restored when the base was destroyed. Basically creating a new solar system.


Question: Two characters are named 'Mulligan' on the film: the absent priest (Father Mulligan, played by Larry Randall) and Pat Mulligan (played by Fintan McKeown), one of Maggie's suitors. Are they related? It's not very often that characters are named the same.


Question: When Richard's parents are building the treehouse, are the facts Richard states about accidents on ladders and trees true?

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