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Question: Why doesn't Roy ever kill Vic? The last we see of him, he is sitting in the back of the police car. It seems odd that the person who actually killed Roy's son is allowed to live. Granted he is in police custody so it would be difficult for Roy to get to him, but I'm sure the filmmakers could have come up with some creative way to make it happen.

Answer: I think you answered your own question - Vic was in police custody. A regular coroner is likely not going to be able to kill someone who is being held for murder. Additionally, in a more meta behind-the-scenes sense, I would assume they also didn't show Vic getting killed because it could potentially be too much of a hint/hat-tip towards the killer's identity. We already saw the Roy the coroner disturbed by Joey's body, so having Joey's killer get murdered would probably give away the twist that Roy was the killer.


Question: It's been stated that the wand chooses the wizard. Why then, is Voldemort able to use Lucius' wand if the wand chose Lucius as his wizard?

Answer: A wizard can use any other wizard's wand, but it will not perform as well for them as one that "chose" them. For example, although Voldemort could use Dumbledore's "Elder Wand", it resisted his commands because it was unknowingly (to Voldemort) aligned to another wizard after Dumbledore's death (first Draco and then Harry).

raywest Premium member

Question: After Shorty frees himself from the shackles, he's climbing up the ladder with the guard following. He's got something in his mouth on the way up, which he puts back in his mouth before pushing the ladder. What's he biting down on?

Answer: During Short Round's escape he's carrying Indiana's bundled belongings with the whip wrapped around it. Short Round is holding the bundle at his back by the whip handle, and when he needs both his hands free he puts the narrow part of the whip in his mouth, so he doesn't lose Indiana's gear. After Short Round pushes the ladder, when he climbs the rope and reaches the overhead cave, the whip becomes even more visible.

Super Grover Premium member

Question: Why did the paperboy keep saying "two dollars" every time he showed up?

Answer: The family owed him two dollars for their newspaper subscription. He's obsessed with collecting it and the family, for some reason, won't just pay him.

Brian Katcher

Answer: He wants payment for delivering the newspaper to their house. Paper carriers not only deliver the daily paper, but also collect the monthly fee. Every time he shows up asking for the two dollars, he is blown off.

raywest Premium member

Question: How come there are jugs beside all the beds in the hospital wing?

Answer: Presumably, the jugs are for the patients. Many of them will come into the hospital wing with injuries or fevers and will have to stay for a period of time, so the jugs are put there so they can stay hydrated while recovering.

Casual Person

Answer: They are water pitchers that can be filled whenever a patient is in the bed. It's just a convenience to have drinking water handy when needed. It's fairly typical in most hospitals.

raywest Premium member

It's also handy for Madam Pomfrey to simply use the water charm to fill it quickly if it's on hand as suggested.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Picard kills crew members who have only just been assimilated and justifies it by saying something along the lines of they will be better off dead and inferring that they will be put out of their misery. Yet Picard himself was assimilated and returned to normal and survived. Why is it different for Picard?

Answer: The Borg left Picard more sentient to utilize his Starfleet knowledge and so he could communicate with the Borg queen. The less-valuable crew members were turned into fully compliant drones. Also, the Enterprise crew were not in their own time and were actively fighting the Borg for their survival and to save the future of humanity. The Borg had infiltrated the Enterprise, so there was no time, opportunity, or means to try and save any assimilated crewmen.

raywest Premium member

Hug - S1-E11

Question: Ignoring the meteor metahuman powers, couldn't Jonathan Kent say the signature was a forgery, and he didn't sign it? It didn't seem to be notarized. He doesn't remember signing it or know what Rickman said to him to get him to sign it, so what would the courts or a lawyer say if Kent just said that's not his signature, or he didn't sign it? And how ironclad could the contract be without the date filled out?"Twentieth" day is typed out, but the month and year is blank.


Asylum - S3-E9

Question: How realistic is Lana's physical therapy scene? She says she broke her leg in 4 places and hasn't walked in a month. She's seen struggling to walk using the metal bars to support herself, which Adam seems to suggest she could do "another lap" but that she quit. But then after struggling to walk, she's given her crutches and the therapist leaves, leaving her to walk on her own with crutches. If she struggled with the bars, could she use crutches? Or would she be in a wheelchair?


Answer: From an article on the Saw-wiki: After being found and rescued by his father's fellow officers, Daniel was taken to the Saint Andrews Hospital to recover. During his stay, Daniel was nearly interviewed against his will by Scott Tibbs for his documentary in his obsession to find out more about Jigsaw's motives following his best friend Adam Stanheight's disappearance. To do so, Scott futilely tried about being Daniel's cousin and, after refusing to sign the papers to prove it, tried to sneak into Daniel's room, but a nurse and a security guard came across him and demanded him to leave so he would not disturb Daniel and other patients, which Scott reluctantly did. (The Scott Tibbs Documentary).

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: It's never explained in any of the movies, so any answer would be pure speculation. Likely, he was sent back to his mother since his father vanished. And I'm assuming he'd have some sort of trauma/PTSD and would likely need therapy.


Question: How did Hunter get back in the crib since Ali was locked out of the house? Security video showed him being lifted out of the crib but doesn't show how he got back in. When mom and dad got home he was back in the crib and Ali was outside the house.

Answer: More than likely the demonic spirits placed him back in, since they were shown to be frequently interacting with him.


Question: At the end, why did the Turtles decide to keep their existence a secret from the public? If they are introduced to them, the city would likely appreciate them for saving the city and seeing them as the greatest heroes.


Answer: It would be nearly impossible for the Turtles to continue their crimefighting crusade if the public knew of their existence. They would become instantly recognizable international "celebrities" who were constantly in the public eye, allowing criminals to avoid and work around them.

raywest Premium member

Question: When Gordon (also Fester), Abigail and Tully are trying to get to the vault by pulling some of the chains of Booby traps but fails, Didn't either of them notices something different between the chains? Some of them is the tiny wooden handles but when Gomez enters earlier with Fester he is pulling one and slides down to the Vault.


Answer: The idea is that there are so many chains, that they don't realise which one is the right one to pull. Fester has only been in the area once, so he can't remember exactly which one it was.


Show generally

Question: When Dick brings allegedly dirty dishes in hoping Nina can get someone at college cafeteria to wash them are they not clean as they can be and when she drops them, they remain in the box, next shot, they are on the floor.

Answer: This seems to be a mistake entry, not a question. And this mistake has already been submitted.


Question: In the short story, Fred Evans (from the assurance company) fatally shoots Mort while Mort tries to kill Amy. Amy marries Ted. Does anyone know why this was changed? Has Stephen King commented on it?

Answer: One reason was that the filmmakers wanted a more "realistic" ending. In the story (SPOILER ALERT), it is revealed that Shooter is in fact real, a supernatural manifestation borne from Mort's mind (à la The Dark Half). To keep the film grounded, it was changed in the film to Shooter being all in Mort's mind, a symptom of his split personality disorder.

In addition to your answer, I think the movie version makes the audience feel more sympathy for Mort. Amy is more "at fault" for having the affair with Ted. In the book, Mort considers how the marriage had issues before Ted. He wonders if his relationship with Amy never really "existed" anyway.

Answer: Movies often change details to achieve a different effect and/or add an element of surprise. In this case, it was to streamline the ending, giving it an unexpected dark twist and a sad fate for the victims which erases any sympathy for Mort's situation and his mental illness. Movies tend to like shock value and more gruesome scenes. It also leaves open whether or not Mort will ever be proved guilty.

raywest Premium member

I know that movies often have changes from the books - it's why I asked the question in the first place. I was wondering if anyone knew the specific reason behind this particular change.

Show generally

Question: Has Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt or Arturo ever found out what caused the Slider to malfunction?

Answer: It didn't malfunction. If I remember correctly, Quinn forgot to enter the coordinates to go home into the device.


The device (timer) didn't open up a vortex to their home world because they opened the vortex up too early, before the timer hit zero. They were on a frozen planet and didn't think they could survive 5 hours and Quinn didn't realise that's what his double was warning him about. The vortex expanded to engulf Rembrandt because Quinn added too much power into the vortex to allow 3 people to slide.


Question: What was the candy the Gryffindor boys were eating that made them sound like animals?

Answer: They are simply referred to as "Sound-producing sweets"

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Omi never lost her Christmas spirit, so why did the toys in Krampus' bag attack her?

Answer: Krampus was specifically conjured by Max losing his spirit. Krampus came to claim his family - including Omi - to essentially punish him for it. It doesn't matter if Omi never lost her spirit in the present... that's not why Krampus came.


Question: What sickness does the king have, which he apparently succumbs to at the end?

Answer: King Edward I died of dysentery.

Question: Who attacked Stratton and his mate in the bioweapons plant, and why?

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