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Question: Is this true that Ed Harris punched James Cameron after nearly drowning when filming one of the scenes?

Answer: It's been reported, but never verified, that Harris did that. Harris was apparently angry that Cameron continued filming while he was nearly drowning. Harris found it so stressful working for Cameron, that he supposedly refuses to speak about the movie.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Not quite. She and DiCaprio got overwhelmed by a wave of water hitting them while inside the ship. While submerged underwater, Winslet was running out of air as she held her breath when her coat caught on iron bars as she tried to surface. Safety divers were nearby and freed her.

raywest Premium member

Question: Cochrane, the first terrorist that McClane killed, went through a machine that crushed his head. What was this machine, and what's its conventional function?

Answer: I don't think it actually crushes his head (especially since you see his uncrushed head screaming), so much as he just gets electrocuted by the equipment, as you see flashing and sparks. I've seen it referred to in articles as a "baggage press," but I can't find anything about such a machine online. If I had to guess, it seems like it's being used to lightly compress baggage/luggage that are in thin or flexible containers, like duffle bags. (Probably to create more space for storage and transportation). Otherwise, it just seems to be some sort-of general part of the storage/sorting machinery.


Question: What about the huge debt he owes the bookies, the retirement home, the hospital? He has no money at all, but seems like everything is all good in the end. Bookies don't just walk away from a debt just because of a stroke.

Answer: They left ASSUMING he was dead, AND had been the CAUSE of it. The dumbest thing they could have done was return to the scene of the crime if he actually WAS dead Since you can't collect from a dead guy, the filmmakers wish you to assume they just chalked it up as a loss. He wasn't their only customer I am sure.

Question: What is written on the toilet paper in Sarah's bathroom?

Question: Why can't David and his friends go into Max's store?

Answer: Spoilers ahead: As I recall, it was part of Max's cover as the head vampire. He did not want David and his cohorts hanging around the shop and looking like they had any connection or association with him. He has to look as if he disapproves of them. Mostly it's a plot device so the audience does not suspect Max is also a vampire.

raywest Premium member

Question: How did the Marshalls figure out that Dr Nichols was in Kimble's car?

Answer: Kimble mentioned in his police interview that he loaned Nichols his car the night of the murder. This part of his interview actually wasn't shown on screen. It is mentioned by Gerard's team as they attempt to piece together the crime and catch Kimble.


Show generally

Question: One episode has a very short scene with Rachel + Phoebe in Central Perk, just them, sitting near the door (not sofa). Rachel has a problem, Phoebe is solving, while Rachel eats cake. While chatting, but not mentioned at all, Phoebe tries to get Rachel's cake. End of scene, Phoebe succeeds and Rachel has gained advice but lost cake. Cake is not referred to at all in the dialogue or plot, making it pretty tricky to search for. Anyone know the episode?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Chosen answer: It sounds like you're describing a scene in S6 E3 "The One With Ross's Denial", with Phoebe and Ross when they're sitting at a table. Ross has a cookie and a coffee. Phoebe is telling Ross he's still in love with Rachel and Ross is denying it. While they talk, Phoebe grabs Ross' coffee at one point and Ross takes it right back. Then she does the same with his cookie and Ross again takes it back. At the very end of the conversation and scene, she grabs a magazine that Ross is also reading, and when he grabs the magazine back from her, she then grabs both the coffee and the muffin and starts eating the muffin.

Question: What is wrong with Frank? He seems to have some mental illness considering his suicidal behavior and his random outbursts with his family and at the hearing at the end of the film.


Answer: He's not mentally ill. He was an arrogant, high-ranking military officer who blinded himself in a stupid accident which ended his career. He is now bitter, lonely, and sad. His outbursts are fueled by his anger, regret and the total loss of his former life and independence. He has become so emotionally despondent that he wants to end his life. I have to add, this is Al Pacino, and his acting tends to be over the top in most of his post "Godfather I and II" movies.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why did the basketball teams at the cafeteria eat baby food?


Answer: I couldn't find any info on the name "Teeger," but Monk got his name because they wanted to come up with a simple, single-syllable name for the protagonist that could easily stick in your head. They eventually settled on "Monk," which seemed to fit the character.


Just learned Bitty Schram's middle name is Natalie. Of course I'm overthinking it, but it's interesting.


Obviously without confirmation from a writer that's where they got the name, you can't be sure. But it is an interesting fact that makes it seem plausible that the writers used her middle name as a tribute when she was let go from the show.


Old Friends - S2-E1

Question: At the end of the first season, D'arcy has broken her hand falling the cliff, but in the first episode of season 2, which continues from the same sequence of the last episode, she is playing baseball, and her hand looks fine. Is it a mistake? Or enough time passed while Harry was in the hospital?

Nir Krasner

Question: Based on the answer on the above submitted question about the song difference between the movie release and the home video/DVD version, I was wondering what song title/artist was played on the home video/DVD version during the swimming pool scene where Damone pushes Mark into the pool. I know the original release played Never Surrender by Don Felder during that scene, but looking for the other song info from the other version. Does anyone know it?

Question: When Balin meets with Dwalin in Bilbo's home, he says "Sharp enough for both of us." before they headbutt each other. What exactly does he mean?

Bunch Son

Answer: They're brothers who greet each other with good-natured verbal barbs. When Balin says, "sharp enough for both of us," he jokingly means he's the smarter of the two and has enough intelligence for both. The head butt is their version of a hug.

raywest Premium member

Answer: No, she doesn't die. Summary from Wikipedia: Paikia climbs onto the back of the largest whale and coaxes it to re-enter the ocean. The whale leads the whale pod back into the sea; Paikia submerges completely underwater before being thrown off the whale's back by the tide. The spectators fear she has drowned. When Paikia is found alive and brought to the hospital, her grandfather, Koro, declares her the new tribal chief. At the end, Paikia and her family are on the beach, watching the completed canoe being launched into the sea for its maiden voyage.

raywest Premium member

The Last Haircut - S4-E19

Question: How could one of the three have been in prison during the murder at the barbershop? Did he have a twin?

Question: When they go back in time, you can see Hermione was tended to first in the hospital wing, but why did Hermione need to be tended to?

Answer: It was probably to check that she was all right before tending to Ron. She had been slung around quite a bit by the Whomping Willow before being tossed into the tunnel. She likely had some cuts and scrapes. She is wearing a bandage on her hand.

raywest Premium member

Should they not have tended to Ron first though? His injury was more severe.

From what I can see through the jumbled, flashing images, it looks like Hermione is in the infirmary before Ron. He is probably being assisted off-screen, then later is transferred to the bed, where we see him with his bandaged leg. Also, as he could not walk, transporting him from the Whomping Willow back to the castle would take longer. Hermione probably went on ahead and was seen first. There may also be a different treatment room he was first taken to.

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Question: Who is the woman that pops out of the lake and grabs Chris near the end? This is the first and last time that we see her, but who was she? And, was Chris dreaming/hallucinating or did it really happen?

Answer: It was the decomposing body of Jason's mother, Pamela Voorhees. (Who, as I'm sure you know, was the killer in the original movie.) And it was just a nightmare. It didn't actually happen.


Question: Why does the tank point at Guy when he asks for a cappuccino? The cop says, "someone's getting shot" as if the game will kill him if he doesn't follow his code, but we know that's not the case. (00:09:12)

Answer: The cops are there to enforce the rules of the game and Guy's not following them. In GTA-type games like Free City, when you get Wanted, every cop in the game knows right where you are. This is playing on that.

Captain Defenestrator

Answer: From what I could see, it was never specified what caused their strained relationship. Many sisters just don't get along for a variety of reasons-jealousy, resentment, rivalry, personality clashes, etc. Of course, it serves the plot and is a common movie trope that Cecilia has little family support to help with her situation, adding to the suspense as she tries to escape Adrian on her own.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Because an email was sent from Cecilia but really from Adrian (the invisible man) saying that her sister was suffocating her. And that Cecilia didn't want to see her anymore.

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