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Question: Why would the main character send the obviously dangerous and unstable alien tech to his house? I could see no other reason then to just simply get the plot to move along but it's obvious he doesn't have a consistent stable relationship with his son and wife - why send the tech there? And on top of that with no explanation to them as to what it is? On top of that he seemed like he was a respected member of the military - there was no reason for him to go against that and hide this information.


Answer: He actually states that he sent it to a P.O. box because he didn't want it at his wife's house and potentially endanger her. But since he hadn't been paying his P.O. box fees, the postman brought the box along with some other mail to the house.


Answer: McKenna states that he assumed his estranged wife would just put the box with the rest of his stuff and leave it alone. He doesn't trust sending it to anyone else because they might open the box and have questions. As you suggest, it is indeed quite an egregious plot contrivance because why would his wife be any less prone to open his mail than anyone else? And in fact, Rory does open the box so the plan didn't even work. McKenna hides the tech from the military because he wants the credit for discovering alien life, and he also fears the government will try to cover up the discovery, which of course they do.


Show generally

Question: In the first part of Jr's graduation episode, after Michael says "Let's be nice babe" What does Claire say? I can't make out what her joke is. I thought it was something to do with Vanessa since Jay just said something about her.


Answer: After Janet makes the comment about Junior majoring in "Vanessa-ology" if he goes to Reddington, Michael tells her, "Let's be nice...," then Claire asks, "Yeah, what fraternity are you gonna pledge, 'felt-a-bit-a-thigh'?" which is a crude play on fraternity names.

Super Grover

Answer: "Rage."


Answer: Being regular humans without powers or highly advanced technology, they may not have been able to fight properly against Thanos' forces.


Neither did the Asgardians.

The Asgardians were there and they are superhumans.


The average Asgardians are all established to be vastly stronger, more powerful and faster than humans. Their soldiers even more so.

The remaining Asgardians were there.

Anastasios Anastasatos

Answer: Spoilers! Given what we see in Spider-Man: Far From Home it may be that they were offworld doing other vital work.

Answer: Since any reason given would be speculation, the easiest explanation is that they had something else to do in this, the one and only future where the Avengers won against Thanos.

Answer: Cassie was born in July 2007. So during the future scenes, she is either 16 or 17.


Question: Do they ever say why Mysterio's doing all of this? Perhaps revenge on Stark, making himself into a hero? What's his reason for causing all this chaos?


Answer: That pretty much sums it up yeah. He wants credit for his work. He felt cheated by Stark that he wasn't given credit for his invention that Stark so lovingly called B.A.R.F. Stark was Iron Man and a world renowned hero, savior of the world multiple times... even literally saving half of the entire universe from Thanos. Quentin Beck wanted to upstage him or make himself into a hero, but had no real ability to do so. So he manufactured conflicts with illusions and special effects to make the world appear to be in peril with a problem that only he could solve. This would allow him to swoop in, appear to save the day and be the only one that could have done it, and have the world praise him the way they did Stark. He's motivated by vanity, jealousy, and a desire for a passive aggressive revenge on Stark.

Quantom X

Answer: The transformation twirling was invented for the 1970s TV series only, to explain her quick change from Diana Prince to Wonder Woman. However, it would have been nice to do a little spin homage in the movie.

Answer: She does. However, if she were to use any of her abilities as Diana Prince, everybody, including her enemies would be able to make the connection that Diana Prince and Wonder Woman are the same person which could be used to get revenge on her. By not using her abilities in her civilian disguise, nobody would suspect anything at all and she could keep herself and her friends safe.

So it was more a choice that she decided an Ice Skating move was less conspicuous than say, ducking in a phone booth like Superman? If Clark Kent enters a a phone booth, and Superman comes out, don't you think even the dull of mind would get the connection?

That's because Clark Kent has super speed so he can easily run into a phone booth quickly and leave as Superman as quickly too or whenever Clark does need to change into Superman out in the open, there's never around to see him change. It's a plot device that's really effective.

Could one man or gal. We're supposed to just believe almost everyone these two are around can't figure out of the obvious. Characters like Spider-Man and Batman can do this because of their masks, so these excuses just don't pass with me.


Answer: As Diana Prince she didn't have the super powers that Wonder Woman has, although as an Amazon princess she does have greater strength than normal humans. Diana's mom taught her how to transform her ordinary clothes into her Wonder Woman outfit (as opposed to just doing a quick change like Clark Kent does). Her outfit, which her mother gives her when she leaves includes the "golden girdle of Gaea." The girdle provides enhanced strength and heightens her other abilities. As to why she spins, it was a stylized choice to add something extra to the show and hadn't been done in the comics. Although they did change it up a bit due to budget and time. Later, Wonder Woman comic writers would include the spin into the comics, but by then it was generally to put her into her secret identity, not to give her her powers. But as to why Diana Prince doesn't have super powers in the 70's show, as opposed to other incarnations of her; the original TV movie pilot had Diana powerless like the character was during the Bronze Age of Wonder Woman (late 60's) when Diana decided to stay on Earth and became mortal. That series was not picked up, but a 2nd attempt at it, starring Lynda Carter, was and the series loosely based Diana on the first pilot but through magic could transform into the superhero Wonder Woman.


Question: I have watched the move both on DVD and on TV. When I watched it on TV the ending was different than the one that the DVD had. The ending shows Emily in a hospital room of some kind - why was this ending shown?

Answer: The movie actually had five alternate endings, ranging from Emily having the dissociative identity disorder to her not having it and living happily with Katherine. Each ending depended on which theatrical market (U.S. or International) the movie was shown. You happened to watch two of the different versions, the one shown on TV and the other on DVD. The DVD has a special section showing all five endings. The Wikipedia article on this film has a section that describes the five various endings.


Question: Why did Joker poison everyone in the museum? If he wants to talk to Vicki alone, why can't he send her to a secluded area rather than send her to a public place?


Answer: Because he's a homicidal maniac, and he also wants to test his gas.


Question: Why doesn't Ozma wear her crown and green dress when she first meets Dorothy? Why does she wear a white gown and have a straight hairstyle instead of the hairstyle she has when she's in Oz?

Answer: She was in the human world so she was in disguise.

Question: After Sabor the leopard jumps on the net to kill baby Tarzan, it instead launches him up to Kala, who catches him by the diaper. Why does Kala move Tarzan up and down several times?

Answer: Kala, who was on the floor above the netting, was attempting to pull baby Tarzan up through the space around the pole, but it was too small for an infant to fit through. Kala instead pulled Tarzan by his diaper along the slit between the boards to the end of the floor where she could then reach over and pick him up.


Question: On Mustafar, why did Anakin think he was on the light side aside from the Jedi if he helped Palpatine earlier but now planned to overthrow him?

Answer: He's confused and becoming corrupted by the dark side. The dark side is making him see everyone as his enemy, including Palpatine.

People who do bad things don't always consider themselves as evil. Hitler and Thanos are good examples...they are doing what they think is best for the world, even if those things are unfathomable and largely considered evil. Anakin thinks he is becoming more powerful and in doing so, can save Padme. In his arrogance and with nobody keeping his emotions in check, he has become arrogant and believes he is the most powerful force user ever. He thinks he can make the world a better place and that the things he has done are to that end. Overthrowing Palpatine is part of the Sith way and would be a logical step for his current mental state.


Question: Is the young Woogie one of Red's friends at school? Possibly the guy who bets Ted $20 he's "full of shit" about prom.

Answer: No. Woogie goes to a different school. We never see young Woogie.


Question: Were John Silver, and the mutineers led by him, the same guys who burned Jim's mother's inn?

Answer: It's heavily implied that it is. But I believe it's meant to be a bit ambiguous.

Quantom X

Question: Why did Clara go mental at Doc for saying he was from the future? He'd dropped a few hints! He'd told her he has an interest in science, he had a huge refrigerator in his building, he had another big thing covered up under a sheet, he said he read Jules Verne when he was a boy despite it only been recently published. Was she not even a little bit curious? Doc could have easily stopped her during her rant saying he can prove it but didn't.

Answer: Because she thought he didn't like her and was making a bizarre excuse to avoid her. Come on. 'I'm a man from the future, so we can't be together ' sounds like a pretty flimsy excuse.

Brian Katcher

The Jacket - S2-E3

Question: Does anyone know the actual price of the suede jacket? It's been bugging me all these years.

Answer: It was never revealed as part of the gag. Jerry admits to Kramer it was over $300 and seems to suggest it was over $400. But then Jerry stays silent when George starts to question him about the price and George leaves thinking The Jacket cost over $1,000. Whether or not Jerry remained silent to tease George or because he did in fact pay over $1,000 is also unknown.


Question: Why is Claire upset with Franklin after he killed Dr. Wu?

Answer: He doesn't kill Dr. Wu, he tranquilizes him. And Zia was with him then, not Claire. Zia wasn't upset, just shocked.


Question: When Chitty goes over the cliff and the wings come out, where does the picnic basket on the back go?

Answer: There's no explanation, so any answer is speculation. It could have fallen out of the car as it went over the cliff. Most likely it's a movie mistake, and the picnic basket was overlooked while the close-up portion of the scene was being filmed.


Dick and Taxes - S4-E12

Question: At the end of their audit, the Solomons are ordered by the IRS to pay back-taxes, some of which for years they weren't even on the planet. Can the IRS actually make people pay taxes for years in which they had no income?


Answer: No, the IRS cannot make you pay taxes during years in which you had no income but this family hasn't reported any income for years. You are still required to report your income every year, and if you fall below a certain threshold you don't pay federal income taxes. The IRS is assuming they are humans who have a house and careers but they have only filed taxes for a couple years (if at all). To the IRS it looks like simple tax evasion.


Question: How did the Penguin initially cross paths with the Red Triangle Circus? Did they just wander into the sewer and take him into their custody?


Answer: It's never explained, but more than likely someone either found him or he left the sewer on his own accord when he was younger, and he ended up in the circus due to his peculiar features. That's where he met the clowns and performers who would eventually make up the "Red Triangle gang."


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