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Question: How did Hunter get back in the crib since Ali was locked out of the house? Security video showed him being lifted out of the crib but doesn't show how he got back in. When mom and dad got home he was back in the crib and Ali was outside the house.

Answer: More than likely the demonic spirits placed him back in, since they were shown to be frequently interacting with him.


Question: At the end, why did the Turtles decide to keep their existence a secret from the public? If they are introduced to them, the city would likely appreciate them for saving the city and seeing them as the greatest heroes.


Answer: It would be nearly impossible for the Turtles to continue their crimefighting crusade if the public knew of their existence. They would become instantly recognizable international "celebrities" who were constantly in the public eye, allowing criminals to avoid and work around them.


Question: When Gordon (also Fester), Abigail and Tully are trying to get to the vault by pulling some of the chains of Booby traps but fails, Didn't either of them notices something different between the chains? Some of them is the tiny wooden handles but when Gomez enters earlier with Fester he is pulling one and slides down to the Vault.


Answer: The idea is that there are so many chains, that they don't realise which one is the right one to pull. Fester has only been in the area once, so he can't remember exactly which one it was.


Show generally

Question: When Dick brings allegedly dirty dishes in hoping Nina can get someone at college cafeteria to wash them are they not clean as they can be and when she drops them, they remain in the box, next shot, they are on the floor.

Answer: This seems to be a mistake entry, not a question. And this mistake has already been submitted.


Question: In the short story, Fred Evans (from the assurance company) fatally shoots Mort while Mort tries to kill Amy. Amy marries Ted. Does anyone know why this was changed? Has Stephen King commented on it?

Answer: One reason was that the filmmakers wanted a more "realistic" ending. In the story (SPOILER ALERT), it is revealed that Shooter is in fact real, a supernatural manifestation borne from Mort's mind (à la The Dark Half). To keep the film grounded, it was changed in the film to Shooter being all in Mort's mind, a symptom of his split personality disorder.

In addition to your answer, I think the movie version makes the audience feel more sympathy for Mort. Amy is more "at fault" for having the affair with Ted. In the book, Mort considers how the marriage had issues before Ted. He wonders if his relationship with Amy never really "existed" anyway.

Answer: Movies often change details to achieve a different effect and/or add an element of surprise. In this case, it was to streamline the ending, giving it an unexpected dark twist and a sad fate for the victims which erases any sympathy for Mort's situation and his mental illness. Movies tend to like shock value and more gruesome scenes. It also leaves open whether or not Mort will ever be proved guilty.


I know that movies often have changes from the books - it's why I asked the question in the first place. I was wondering if anyone knew the specific reason behind this particular change.

Show generally

Question: Has Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt or Arturo ever found out what caused the Slider to malfunction?

Answer: It didn't malfunction. If I remember correctly, Quinn forgot to enter the coordinates to go home into the device.


The device (timer) didn't open up a vortex to their home world because they opened the vortex up too early, before the timer hit zero. They were on a frozen planet and didn't think they could survive 5 hours and Quinn didn't realise that's what his double was warning him about. The vortex expanded to engulf Rembrandt because Quinn added too much power into the vortex to allow 3 people to slide.


Question: What was the candy the Gryffindor boys were eating that made them sound like animals?

Answer: They are simply referred to as "Sound-producing sweets"


Question: Omi never lost her Christmas spirit, so why did the toys in Krampus' bag attack her?

Answer: Krampus was specifically conjured by Max losing his spirit. Krampus came to claim his family - including Omi - to essentially punish him for it. It doesn't matter if Omi never lost her spirit in the present... that's not why Krampus came.


Question: What sickness does the king have, which he apparently succumbs to at the end?

Answer: King Edward I died of dysentery.

Question: Who attacked Stratton and his mate in the bioweapons plant, and why?

Answer: The sophisticated battering ram that Street created is aptly named Key to the City.

Super Grover

Answer: Then I would say it was about the overall color theme for the wedding. Viola immediately took over planning every detail for the wedding, even choosing what color she liked, without any input from the bride (Charlie). Viola was deliberately provoking Charlie to stop her from marrying her son.


Answer: If you mean the peach-colored mother-in-law dress, it was specially made for Viola to wear at the wedding. Instead, she showed up wearing a long white gown. It is NEVER socially acceptable for any wedding guest to wear white. That color is only for the bride to wear. It is her special day and no-one is ever supposed to do anything that takes attention away from her. Viola purposely wore white to disrupt the wedding.


I meant the peach photo album at lunch and the peach dress. I know about anyone other than the bride wearing white. Did Viola or Charlie say they didn't like the color peach?


Question: Why did Gabriel and his men go to Woodlawn? I thought he hacked into the servers and was downloading the data over the internet so how did the Warlock trace him to being at Woodlawn?

Answer: When they started the fire sale, all the data is downloaded as backup. By being at Woodlawn Gabriel and his team can download the back up. Thus eliminating the need for a constant internet connection.


Question: What does Sarah's Mom (in the picture) say to her while she's laying on the floor after Nancy cuts her wrist?

Answer: She says "Don't be afraid".

Question: I am positive I remember a scene in Annie from when I was little where they took her shopping and then another scene maybe with the shopping packages piled in the car. I can't find this anywhere now. Did I dream this?

Answer: I pretty sure I've seen that scene too, when I first saw the movie, but haven't seen it in broadcast airings. They always edit scenes for time. When they air "Scream 3," they cut out the scene where Patrick Dempsey says, "All I know about movie trilogies is in the third film. All bets are off."

Question: During the mink fight scene, Buddy pulls Dave up and falls backwards. Was this scripted?

Question: Why was Linus with them when they went to steal the pinch if he was just supposed to sit in the van and do nothing?

Answer: It's not explicit in the film but it would have been prudent to bring someone to stay in the van and act as backup in case something went wrong.

The Junk Mail - S9-E5

Question: When Kramer is at the post office, Newman tells his co-worker to take her three-hour break, and she walks away. Is she really going to take a break for three hours?

Answer: This is probably riffing on a stereotype that postal workers are lazy, and taking a break for three hours is not unusual for them.


Question: When Karl and Hans shoot all the glass in the office, why didn't they follow the blood trail left by John and then kill him?

Answer: Karl wanted too, but Hans said, "Forget him, we got what we wanted." The detonator caps, to blow up the of the top building. They were on a tight schedule, to use the explosion, killing the hostages, leaving the police to think the terrorists were killed. Despite everything McClane did, they still thought of him as an annoying distraction, not worth their effort to find him.

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