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Question: Why doesn't the FBI call at Alex's house when learning that he got the chip?

Answer: Imagine getting a phone call from the F.B.I. saying your son is in possession of a computer chip wanted by a group of international thieves and a terrorist cell. You either think it was from a crank call or a nutcase. Either way you'd be leaving in fear. Plus the F.B.I. didn't know the circumstances of how the kid got the chip. They may believe the kid stumbled upon it or the family was involved.

Question: During the arena battle, while Mace is retrieving his lightsaber, why doesn't Jango just shoot him there while he's disarmed and steady, instead of trying to steal it?

Answer: Because Mace Windu is a Jedi and if he gets his lightsaber he'll be able to deflect Jango's blaster shots with ease. If Jango is able to grab the lightsaber before Mace can get it, then he stands a much better chance of winning.


But if he shoots him before he got his lightsaber he can't deflect the shot.


Not saying it was either smart or prudent, but that was obviously his thinking. In his mind if he grabs that lightsaber before Windu can get it he's won.


Villains in movies don't have a lot of logic.

Question: When Kristoff takes Anna go to meet the trolls and they start singing mentioning Kristoff's name, why does Olaf say, wait "Kristoff"? I'm confused.

Answer: When Anna introduced him to Kristoff and Sven, and because of the way Olaf's questions were phrased ("Who's the funky-looking donkey?", "And who's the reindeer?"), he believed Kristoff's name was Sven.

Cubs Fan

Question: At the beginning of the movie, when Dean is asleep, Freddy holds a sharp knife to his throat and cuts it while in the real world it looks like Dean is doing it himself. When Kris falls asleep in class, she is trying to escape from Freddy but is forced into a chair in the back of the classroom. When she wakes up screaming why is she still in her own seat instead of a seat in the back of the class like in her nightmare?

Answer: It is not consistently portrayed throughout the series where victims will end up when attacked by Freddy. Some victims are shown running from Freddy down hallways and their dead bodies are found in their bed, others are shown "sleepwalking", and end up being found relative to where they were in the dream world. There doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason for this inconsistency.


Question: Why does George keep saying "Hot dog" after wishing for a million dollars and then using the lighter?

Answer: It was a common phrase at the time, like someone saying "oh boy!" or "hot damn."

Question: How was Lecter able to send the message "Dear Pilgrim" published in the Tattler if he was in his cell?

Answer: We see him use the phone in the film, claiming he's talking to his lawyer. That's likely how he did it.

Question: Right after Ralphie takes off the Pink Bunny suit his aunt Clara made him, the camera pans on Ralphie's younger brother sleeping in midst of Christmas wrapping and opened the upper right just above the kid's head is a head that looks just like Herman Munster (The Munsters TV series began in '63 I think) The story is supposed to be in the time 40's time frame. Doesn't it look just like Herman Munster?

Answer: That's not Herman Munster, it's the Frankenstein Monster. Specifically, it's Boris Karloff as the monster (from the original 1930s films), which is what Herman Munster was modelled after.

Answer: It's just a Frankenstein's monster mask, which Herman was anyways. I think a Herman Munster mask would have a bigger nose and a smile.


Question: Towards the end of the movie, after Sarah has smashed the Terminator onto the guardrail, she rolls over with her pickup. The Terminator is then subsequently hit by a truck. At this point Sarah is stuck in the pickup only a few hundred yards away. Why doesn't he simply run there and kill her but feels the need to hijack the truck and hit the pickup with the truck instead?


Answer: The Terminator's leg is injured after either the motorcycle crash or the truck hits him and he can't run anymore. He limps rather slowly for the duration of the film.


Question: Is there actually space enough for a ship of that size to make its way as far into the city as it did?

Answer: Yes, well if it stayed on a straight course.

Question: If the Spinosaurus was a fish eater, why would it go after the group?


Answer: Basically, this is a fictional version of the Spinosaurus. Simply because scientists didn't know the Spinosaurus was a fish eater when this movie was made so the movie makers made the Spinosaurus a land hunter. It's possible that the Spinosaurus in this movie hunts for mammals because it doesn't have access to the sea to hunt for fish, or doesn't know how to because it was bred that way.


Question: Why didn't Leo suspect Barrington and be ready for him when he obviously had the tape evidence of TWO moles, not one in the building where he was killed? He should have known to be suspicious and on the lookout for another guy.

Answer: The recording was of Costello and Sullivan talking...Billy wouldn't suspect Costello.he was "working" for him too.

This is a genuine mistake in the narrative. Costello layout tapes of "All his guys." Costigan would have known about Barrington as well but maybe not have expected him to want to close ranks the way he did and appear at the meeting.

Question: What is the time frame after Sam's visit to the airport to see Joanna off, and the last scene, when the prime minister returns?

Answer: Approximately 1 month later.

Answer: The part of Winston was written for Murphy. He was unavailable because he was filming Beverly Hills Cop. The director and writer are on record as saying had Murphy accepted the part, Winston would have had a much larger role in the film.

We Can See the Light! - S1-E41

Question: Why was Eggman controlling the moon in order to con people into buying the sunshine balls he invented? Was he doing it to get rich?

Answer: No, he doesn't need the money. He was doing it to try to paint himself as the hero. Make it look like only he could save the the light and painting Sonic as a villain for destroying it.

Quantom X

So what if Eggman doesn't need the money. There are tons of people who don't need more, but still try to get richer.

But not Eggman. His goal isn't money in the series at all. He hardly even ever mentions it. He wants power, fame, and to rule the world. In fact, he comes from a world where money isn't exactly a thing or much of it. So he doesn't have that in his roots of desire, he wants power.

Quantom X

Question: What good would it do for Laurie to see Michael's face? She didn't see it in the first movie so how would she know what he looked like?


Answer: By this movie Laurie has been dealing with Michael for over 20 years. Michael had been institutionalized for a long time and Dr. Loomis had lots of files on Michael. There is no reason to believe Laurie hadn't read those files which would've included photos that would show what he looked like growing from a child to a young adult. Those pics would her a good idea of what he should look like as an older man.


Question: Under the waterfall men say their gunpowder is wet. Do they still have dry powder in their horns? Later they have dry powder to shoot their guns.

Answer: If the powder horns were tightly capped, then the powder could remain dry. Also, from what I've read, traditional black powder (gun powder) made from natural ingredients of charcoal, potassium nitrate, and sulfur, is actually made wet, then was formed into cakes and dried. If it got wet again, it could be dried out and be usable.


Answer: It's just a continuity mistake. The blade rips a hole in the shoe, but the hole disappears later on... that's a continuity mistake. It's definitely not a plot hole. A plot hole is more a gap or contradiction in a film's internal logic, or when a film leaves out vital information. (Ex. If a character is established as having a deadly nut allergy, but is eating nuts later on with no ill effect... that would be a plot-hole).


Answer: I would classify that as a plot hole.


It would only be a plot hole if somehow the lack of holes in the shoes was written into the plot that some effect on the plot. Of course, someone would probably correct the entry by saying she could have had a 2nd pair or they bought a new pair if it was integral to the plot.


Question: Why did her mother spare Carrie after giving birth? When they made eye contact was she suddenly sane and filled with love for her new daughter?


Answer: It's doubtful she became momentarily "sane" but the mother/child bond is incredibly strong, and apparently was stronger than Margaret's initial desire to kill her infant.


Thank you, happy new year. I found this to be a touching scene, they just love having Julianne Moore hold babies as she's done this in four or five movies now, latest being Still Alice, took them forever to give her an Academy Award, should've won at least for The Hours prior to this win.


Answer: At the end of the movie, Margaret tells Carrie that she wanted to keep her, and asked God to let her. There's also a small implication that Carrie's powers may have stopped the scissors blades right as they were about to stab her (remember that Carrie doesn't always have control of her powers, and the deleted scenes reveal that she's had the powers since she was very little. They aren't new). This may have led her mother to believe that God himself was stopping the scissors and allowing her to keep the child.

Question: Why did Christof not get rid of Sylvia earlier when it's seen that Truman fancies her? He could just have taken her off the set and had the other actors tell Truman she "transferred" to another school, so as not to have her be alone with Truman and attempt to tell him what was going on. Also how could Sylvia predict that Truman would fancy her, thereby making it easier for her to tell him about Seahaven being fake?

Answer: They fell for each other, the feelings were hidden enough for the show makers not to notice until it was already "too late." I don't think they minded Truman looking at other women or female actors flirting with Truman, as long as they held to the script and understood who Truman was supposed to end up with. Sylvia broke those rules, because of her feelings and only made the decision to tell him the truth after she realised she was going to be removed and never see him again (in person I mean). It wasn't her plan to fall in love with him, nor to tell him his life was a lie (although that could theoretically be true, but not the falling in love part).


Question: Why doesn't Arthur's doctor recommend a new doctor after their sessions end so he can keep getting his meds?


Answer: Arthur's therapy and medication are paid for by the city government. The entire program was cut and Arthur can't afford it on his own.

Brian Katcher

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