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Question: Kyle Reese finds Sarah before the Terminator - why does he need to wait hours, until the Terminator has his laser sighting on Sarah, before approaching her?

Answer: Kyle didn't know what the Terminator looked like so he waited for him to make a move on Sarah so he could identify him in future.

Answer: By saving her life he shows that he means no harm. The terminator on the other hand is out to kill her. By saving her, he's given her a reason to trust him.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Can anyone explain the dates in the first movie? I am very confused. The Terminator arrives on Thursday May 12 at 1:52 AM. The first killing is on Friday (although there is no indication that more than a full day has passed. Lastly, Sarah's timecard says it is 5/19. This would also be a Thursday (although we know it is a Friday). Has a week really passed? Makes no sense.

Answer: It takes the terminator time to gather weapons and find each victim so yes, time has passed. Easily several days.

Question: How exactly do both the Terminator and Kyle find addresses? We are led to believe that is the reason for the phone books, but none of the addresses in the phone books match up to the addresses where either the first Sarah is killed, nor the apartment of our Sarah.

Answer: My two cents: The T-800 Terminator does indeed, rip out the page of a phonebook for the address, but remember, he was looking for any and all Sarah Connors, not a specific address. He did not know which Sarah would give birth to John Connor, so by process of elimination he began terminating any woman with the name Sarah Connor. He did plug the first Sarah Connor (a housewife), then went to kill the other Sarah Connors in the phone book.


Answer: Kyle we are shown uses a police computer to find the addresses. The T800 just uses the phonebook as you mentioned. He rips the page out and takes it with him.

Ssiscool Premium member

Except 2 of the addresses in the phone book don't match. So how does the Terminator find them using the phonebook?


The Terminator is just blindly killing everyone in the phone book whose name is Sarah Connor (apparently a common name). Process of elimination. So, the day he arrives, unrelated women named Sarah Connor start dropping like flies, and the police believe it's the work of a serial killer. Our heroine Sarah Connor barely escapes this sweeping extermination by sheer luck and Kyle's intervention.

Charles Austin Miller

You just described the plot. Were you trying to answer the question? Because the question still stands. (As it is, it's either a mistake or plot hole in the film).


Perhaps I'm not getting the question. What is meant by "none of the addresses in the phone books match up"? Match up to what, the murder scene addresses? I wasn't aware that the murder scene addresses were prominently displayed.

Charles Austin Miller

Exactly. The addresses seen don't match. Specifically the first Sarah Connor's house number is "14239", but in the phonebook it is listed as "1823." And the real Sarah Connor lives in an apartment but the phonebook doesn't list an apartment number.


Perhaps though this all doesn't matter because phone books can quickly become outdated, the phone book he found could be over a year old. Someone moves but can still be listed in the phone book with their old address. He could have gone to the addresses but found someone else living there and then asked where the previous owner might be, and he was told (or he forced them). This might be how he found all the Sarah Connors.


Are any of the Sarah's listed as living at 1823? I've not got access to the film right now to check.

Ssiscool Premium member

The first is listed as "1823." The second is "2816." The 3rd is "309." Although after reviewing the scene and thinking about it, for "309" (which is supposedly our Sarah J Connor), the full address isn't actually seen and the apartment number could have been listed.


Question: When they get chased by the other kids Charlie asks Jack (the living snowman) to turn them to ice to which Jack replies he "doesn't even got pickets". Was this some sort of joke? Could someone enlighten me?

Answer: He says "I don't even have pockets." He's just saying he doesn't have the power to zap them into ice.


Question: When Jack went searching for the girl in the top apartment of the building he could hardly see because of the fog. As soon as the fire from beneath bursts through the floor the thick smoke has disappeared. Is this normal for building fires?

Answer: I'm not a fire fighter so I do not have a answer based on experience but I assume that when Jack was disoriented it's because there was no light in the building, then when the fire broke through it produced enough light to break through the smoke and make seeing easier for him to escape.

Question: When Peter and Harry were fighting while Peter was wearing the black suit and threw a pumpkin bomb at Harry's face, how did Peter know that pumpkin bomb wouldn't kill Harry? I know Harry had enhanced powers and all. But what if the pumpkin bomb was strong enough to kill Harry? would Peter will be willing to kill him if he was giving the chance due to the influence of the black suit?

Answer: The symbiote had clouded his judgement to the point he no longer worried about killing. He wouldn't likely directly kill Harry, but didn't hesitate to throw the lethal weapon back toward Harry, viewing it as self defense.

Answer: I wouldn't say so - he's loyal to Palpatine regardless. He saves him from Mace Windu, then kills Dooku/Tyranus on Palpatine's orders. I don't see the hypocrisy.

Jon Sandys Premium member

You're missing the point, Anakin saves Palpatine because he viewed him as a Father. The point of saying Anakin a hypocrite is fairly clear. Because when he was asked to kill Tyranus he did it without mercy. But he even mentioned that "It's not the Jedi way" to Palpatine. But later in the film, he saved Sidious from Mace Windu. What a hypocrite.


Answer: This is an interesting question. Early on in Episode II and III he always talks about wanting to be a better Jedi, but breaking the rules by killing Tyrannus in cold blood, killing the sand people, distrusting his mentor and friend. Being a hypocrite though, that means he judges people for breaking the rules whilst doing it himself, he doesn't do that. Nor does he pretend to say he is the most powerful or knows more than others, not while he was still an apprentice. But Anakin is so lost and confused, the fear inside him clouded his mind tremendously, being corrupted by Palpatine without seeing it, up to the point he aids Palpatine in killing Mace Windu and thus completely and permanently turning his back from the light side. He does realise this right then and there though, doesn't go on pretending he is more than just a Sith or still a Jedi, he fully gives in to the Sith ways. Although some parts of his old self creep back when he talks to Obi-Wan later on, about how he will overthrow the Chancellor and rule the galaxy as Emperor himself. At that point he becomes a hypocrite, talking to Obi-Wan like he's the one confused, talking about his powers like he is the strongest. After being beaten by Obi-Wan and thinking he killed Padme though, that all disappears and he is the silent and deadly servant of Sidious we know in IV and on.


Question: In the Canyon, when Immortal Joe tells Nux to kill Furiosa and return his treasures, what does he mean that he'll personally carry Nux to the Valhalla gates?

Answer: Immortal Joe is trying to inspire Nux to complete the mission, and that he would be honored to deliver Nux's soul to Valhalla, the ultimate heaven for the warriors working for Immortal Joe.Everybody in the film fears and reveres Immortal Joe, to the point he is almost a god and some of his warriors are excited when Immortal Joe even glances at them. For Immortal Joe to tell Nux this is the highest honor and recognition that Nux could receive from Joe.


Question: Did people actually care about figure skating? I wasn't alive when this happened, but apparently it was one of the biggest sporting controversies of all time. Well I find that quite hard to believe, since before this movie came out, I'd never heard anyone talk about figure skating, I barely even knew what it was. Was figure skating ever actually a big thing, or do people just like controversy?


Answer: It used to be a lot more popular. The Harding/Kerrigan Winter Olympic figure skating competition was the 6th highest rated program in TV history as of 1994, with 48.5 million viewers, no doubt helped by the controversy. It's slowly declined over time - from 1998 to 2018 viewing figures for the US championships declined by 1/3. Opinions about its loss of appeal range from a change in the scoring (used to be judges rating out of 6.0, now it's a more complicated points system), to a lack of "star power", with recognisable names grabbing people's attention. In the UK at least, skater team Torville and Dean were household names for a long time, but I'd imagine a lot of people would struggle to think of skaters with that level of popular recognition nowadays. That said, viewing figures for the 2018 US championships were 60% up on 2017, and membership of the US figure skating organization has risen for the last four years - these things wax and wane like any other.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Question: When the warden goes to see Andy in the hole, he has a pin on his lapel. Does anyone know what it's for?

Answer: I can't say for sure in the movie but in the novella it is described as being a 30 year church pin. It's reasonable to assume that it's the same in the movie.


Question: Why was Merry's hand burned when he stabbed the back of the witch king's leg?

Answer: It's what is known as the Black Breath.

Phaneron Premium member

That's caused by his breath and I don't think he breathes from his leg.


It could be wrong, but the reference page I read specified that despite its name, the Black Breath is not actual breath, but an aura that the Nazgul project.

Phaneron Premium member

How was Merry even able to stab the witch king's leg anyway? It's been said that no man can kill the witch king.

Merry doesn't kill the witch king, but he hurts him. His power has grown, giving him more of a presence in the real world, a presence that can be hurt.


Going back to the books for more explanation: First: it wasn't a protection. It was a prophecy/prediction by Glorfindel a millennium earlier. Second: the weapon Merry had in the books was a barrow-blade recovered by Tom Bombadil while saving the Hobbits from the barrow wights and had been enchanted directly against the Witch King. Since the scene (and Tom) were not in the film, they went with a more specific interpretation. The Witch King was not killed by a man, but by a Hobbit and a woman.


Answer: Because of what the Witch King is made of, his blood (or whatever) burns the skin of a mortal. Maybe even being too close will cause burns.


Answer: Most likely Bob was receiving cash payments from his new "employer" and depositing the money into their bank account himself. Back in those days, wages were given directly to the workers from the employers, then the workers would deposit their wages into the bank during lunch break or after work. If the workers were married, the only evidence their spouses saw of a bank transaction would be whatever record the working spouse brought home.


Question: What city is this movie set in?

Answer: We are never told where the movie takes place.

Question: What does "Spider" pull out of the stream bed? I really don't think it's gold. Gold isn't porous, and I don't think he'd be able to hold it with one hand.

Answer: It's a gold nugget. It is not real gold, of course, but is a movie prop. That is why it looks like some other type of substance.

raywest Premium member

Or it's a piece of quartz with a lot of gold in it.

Answer: Lava.

Question: Why did Mary get angry when the boy in the audience said that he could see her mouth moving? When a close-up of Mary is shown, she's moving her mouth.

Answer: Because he is heckling her and belittling her performance.

Phaneron Premium member

The Perfect Female - S2-E8

Question: When Andy and Karen are competing at the skeet shoot, Andy fires his last shot and Barney states "he missed." If you look closely, several pieces of the skeet actually break off the skeet, but the primary skeet is missed. Not knowing the details of skeet shooting, how much of the skeet must be destroyed for a successful "hit"? (00:19:50)

Dr. Thomas

Question: When Harry finds Eliot tied up, he removes the tape and tells him that the kidnappers have been caught. Why did Eliot confess to being the actual mastermind behind the kidnapping? Harry had no idea it was Eliot behind it all so he could have gotten away with it if he didn't say anything.

Answer: Eliot mistakenly believed that Harry had figured out what his part was in the kidnapping, and, exasperated by Harry's dumb luck, Eliot stupidly confessed. He was then arrested.

raywest Premium member

Question: I was wondering how the buffalo hunt was actually done. Were the buffalo actually shot (for meat or to cull the herd) or was there some computer graphics involved (I can see a truck running along side next to the cameraman with a tranquilizer gun to make the animal fall)?

Answer: While the fallen buffalo were furry dummies on wires (there were only a couple, filmed from several different angles), the buffalo stampede was real. A private herd of 3,500 buffalo in South Dakota was prompted to stampede five times, as seven cameras captured the action over eight days of filming. The illusion of arrows piercing the animals' sides was accomplished with simple special effects (including arrow shafts attached to body straps). The massive bull charging the little boy was a docile animal that was tempted with Oreo cookies. No animals were injured or traumatized in filming the scene; in fact, the only near-injury occurred when Kevin Costner himself (who did his own stunt riding) fell off his horse during the shoot. Https://

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: I did a little Internet research. It does not appear that any bison were killed for the hunting scene. Dummy bison were mounted on moving dollies and yanked off by attached straps to look like they'd fallen. Two live domesticated bison were used for certain shots. I can remember watching one of those, "Making of..." TV documentaries on this movie. They showed realistic-looking bison dummies lying on the ground and compressed air being used to simulate the "wounded" animals' breathing. A tranquilizer gun could not have been used on live bison for this purpose. It's a misconception that animals immediately fall unconscious when darted because it takes time for the drugs to have an effect. Films in the past have actually killed animals for films, but they were often ones selected to cull a herd.

raywest Premium member

Question: I can't remember if this is covered in the books, but at the start of this movie, the Dursleys are seen packing up and leaving (because Harry has turned or is about to turn 17 so they can't protect him anymore), but since they've always not wanted to get involved with the magical world side of things (Petunia hating Lily for being a witch, Vernon not wanting Harry to be happy or going to Hogwarts etc), why would they just pack up and leave on Harry's word that they can't protect him anymore by living with him because of what will happen when he turns 17? Was it all explained to them in the letter Dumbledore left with baby Harry in the "Philosopher's Stone" about how Harry had to live with them until he was 17, and that Lily and James had been killed by this powerful person who they needed to protect Harry from or was it another way?

Answer: This is better explained in the books. The Durselys did not wish to leave their home, but the Ministry of Magic convinced them it was imperative that they vacate the house or else risk being killed by Voldemort. He would target them simply because they were Harry's relatives. The Ministry arranged to move and hide them until Voldemort could be defeated. Aunt Petunia hated the wizarding world, but she knew what Voldemort could do to her family once Harry's magical protection lapsed on his 17th birthday.

raywest Premium member

And as much as she hated the magical world, she knew the importance of following the instructions as Voldemort had killed her sister and left Harry without parents. She would do anything to protect Dudley as demonstrated in Order of the Phoenix.

Ssiscool Premium member

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