The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Question: If Alice can see the future, why did she not protect Bella from Jasper's attack before it happened at Bella's birthday party?


Chosen answer: The way I understand it, Alice's power only works once someone makes a conscious decision to act. Since Bella's paper cut was unanticipated, Jasper's attack was impulsive, not premeditated.

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Question: What does Jacob say when he tries to kiss Bella, in her kitchen? He whispers something in a native language. I put the subtitles on (DVD) but the subtitles just say "foreign language."

Answer: He says "Kwop Kilawtley" which means "stay with me forever" in his native language.

Question: This question is a plot hole question pertaining mostly to the films and slightly to the books, and wondering whether or not what I think is a plot hole really is. At the end of this film Bella tells Jacob that she loves him. In the book this didn't happen. Then in Eclipse (both the film and book) Jacob spends the whole time trying to convince Bella that she loves him. In this film Bella also tells Jacob that although she loves him, she will still choose Edward over him, and in Eclipse (the film) she basically repeats that statement by saying that her feelings for Jacob don't change, that she loves Edward more and will marry him. I am aware there two different directors for New Moon and Eclipse so could that be the reason for my confusion?

Answer: The change in directors makes no difference as the plot is based off the book. Bella loves Jacob but she feels that she cannot survive without Edward, and therefore loves him more.


Question: Why does that vampire group slaughter whole tourist groups? Doesn't this put their secrecy at risk?


Answer: As the Volturi vampires have been doing this for some time, they apparently have a well-crafted means to make people disappear without it being traced to them. The local humans may even abet them in this, as there is a long-standing agreement that the residents are never hunted.


Answer: Considering how badly Jacob was injured during the battle with Victoria's vampire army in which his ribs were crushed, it is unlikely that the shape-shifting wolves are bullet proof.


Question: Why are the Volturi even needed? If humans know about vampires, there's nothing they can do about it. What if a vampire uploads a video of themselves to YouTube, and it instantly goes viral?


Answer: People do not know vampires exist. The only thing known is through myths and legends, which no-one believes is real. The Volturi exist to act as a centralized, albeit loose, form of vampire government, that other vampires rely on to maintain their community. Any vampire breaking the laws or doing anything that exposes their world faces death, so it's unlikely any would violate the code of secrecy.


Question: What reason did Bella give Charlie for going to Italy?


Answer: It's unknown if she gave Charlie a reason. As she was 18-years old, she was free to go. She may have generally told him it had to do with Edward being in trouble, but would not have gone into details.


Question: If Edward had successfully revealed himself, would the Volturi have killed everyone who saw?


Answer: It's unlikely they would do that. People may claim to have witnessed some strange event, but unless there's tangible rather than anecdotal evidence, this usually, over time, is dismissed. Killing the witnesses would garner unwanted attention on the Volturi.


Continuity mistake: Bella's bite mark scar is not in the position it should be, compared to where James actually bit her in Twilight.


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Edward Cullen: I just don't know how to live in a world where you don't exist.

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Trivia: The director was not expecting the unintentional movie audience laughter when Alice's vision to Aro shows Edward and Bella running in slow motion through the woods as vampires. Jokingly, he says it is because Edward runs like a girl. (Audio commentary.)

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