The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Trivia: The director was not expecting the unintentional movie audience laughter when Alice's vision to Aro shows Edward and Bella running in slow motion through the woods as vampires. Jokingly, he says it is because Edward runs like a girl. (Audio commentary.)

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Trivia: "Kwop kilawtley" means "Stay with me forever." This is the Quileute translation for what Jacob says to Bella before they almost kiss in the kitchen.

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Trivia: You can see Volterra's tower and the red-cloaked revelers from the festival of San Marco on the cover of Bella's copy of Romeo and Juliet when she wakes up in her bedroom. (Per director Chris Weitz.)

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Trivia: Director Chris Weitz did a little trick when Edward gets out of the truck after Bella's birthday party and they are arguing. They put Edward next to the camera on the right but used a double dressed like Edward in the driver's seat. When Edward gets out, it is the double and then when the real Edward steps in front of the camera it appears he got there faster than humanly possible. (Entertainment Weekly, Jan 1, 2010).

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Trivia: Right after the scene where Jacob begs Bella not to go to Italy, it shows Alice and Bella driving away in Carlisle's car; there's a glimpse of them heading down to the end of the street where a road block fence is visible. That fence is there to stop people from watching while filming.

Trivia: Towards the end of the movie when Bella tells Aro that he doesn't know anything about Edward's soul, he replies, 'Forse. Ne il vostro l'uno o altro' - 'Perhaps. Nor yours either.' (Per director Chris Weitz.)

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Trivia: In the movie that Bella and Jacob go to watch, there's a Wilhelm scream.

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Trivia: Sam Uley had to wear extra long shorts/capris in the movie because his stunt double hurt his knee and had to wear a brace.

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Trivia: The scene where Bella is sitting in her room, looking outside the window (after the Cullens left), if you notice her room, on the walls, there are fewer pictures of her friends and the room gets more sparse.


Trivia: The wide screen shot was removed when Jacob took his shirt off to help Bella when she fell off the motorbike, since Stephenie Meyer called it "Jacob's Chippendale audition." It was therefore not filmed in a wide screen shot and it was done more quickly. (Audio commentary.)

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Trivia: When Edward, Bella and Alice get on the elevator to see the Volturi, the music playing in the elevator is from Strauss' Die Fledermaus (also known as The Bat). (Entertainment Weekly Jan 1, 2010). (01:42:20)

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Trivia: The house the new moon cast picked for Jacob's cabin was built by a 17 year old. It was originally a green color, but the they painted it red so it could stay true to Stephenie Meyer's story.

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Trivia: When Bella is looking for the meadow where she and Edward are seen lying down together, she carries a golden compass clipped to her backpack (part of his baggage from the director Chris Weitz' previous film). (Entertainment Weekly Jan 1, 2010).

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Trivia: If you look closely, you can see the bloody gauze is actually in the shape of a heart and an upside down wolf(when Carlisle is mending Bella's right arm). (editor Peter Lambert, audio commentary).

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Trivia: Bella and Edward are actually in a swimming pool in Vancouver with weights in their pockets for the scene when she jumps off the cliff into the ocean.

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Trivia: The Italian policeman that are seen pulling over Alice's Porsche when Bella hops out to help Edward are not actors; they are actual policeman from Italy.

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Continuity mistake: Bella's bite mark scar is not in the position it should be, compared to where James actually bit her in Twilight.


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Bella Swan: It's my birthday, can I ask for something? Kiss me.

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Question: If Alice can see the future, why did she not protect Bella from Jasper's attack before it happened at Bella's birthday party?


Chosen answer: The way I understand it, Alice's power only works once someone makes a conscious decision to act. Since Bella's paper cut was unanticipated, Jasper's attack was impulsive, not premeditated.

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