The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Continuity mistake: Bella's bite mark scar is not in the position it should be, compared to where James actually bit her in Twilight.


Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Bella walks toward the strangers on motorcycles, her mic wire is visible through her jeans.

Continuity mistake: When Bella is in the parking lot at school in the beginning, Edward walks toward her. Bella's hair is neatly pulled off to the side. When he leans in for the kiss it is suddenly stuck to her forehead, and when Edward tells her Jacob wants her, it's suddenly back to normal.

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Continuity mistake: After Bella awakes from the first nightmare, we see her Romeo and Juliet book on the pillow beside her. When Charlie brings in her presents the book is gone, but then reappears on the pillow between shots.


Continuity mistake: During the paper cut scene, when Bella is thrown against the table, there are 5 vases of flowers and 3 sets of candles. After she hits the table she lands against one of the vases and knocks the 2nd one to the floor, but the next shot shows only one vase left upright.


Revealing mistake: Just as Jacob enters Bella's room through the window, a stunt prop - white band on his right wrist - is briefly visible.


Revealing mistake: When Edward takes his shirt off on the steps in Voltaire, his nipples are different colors and sizes. The closer one is grey while the far is more pink as though the makeup had rubbed off.

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Continuity mistake: When Bella and Jacob are driving back to Bella's house after she cliff jumps, the glass in the back of her truck goes from dirty, to clean and back to dirty again.


Continuity mistake: When Bella pulls up at the Black's, she spots Jacob, gets out of her truck and her door doesn't fully close . Later you can see in the background that the door is firmly shut.

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Continuity mistake: When Jacob first shows off his tattoo, it is up at the top of his shoulder. Then when he is in the forest at the end with Bella and Edward, his tattoo is about 2 inches further down his arm.


Revealing mistake: In the scene of the fight in the chamber of the Volturi when Demitri throws Edward on the stairs you can easily see the body of Pattinson's stunt double, there's a clear six pack, a tanned body and no body hair.

Visible crew/equipment: In the very last scene, right before the ultimatum, if you look into the tail lights on Edward's car you can see various members of the crew reflected.

Continuity mistake: In Italy, Bella saves Edward and enters a room with him. Alice follows and a white lighting screen is reflected on her glasses.


Revealing mistake: In the scene where Bella tries to stop Edward from revealing himself under the clock tower, you can see his white make up on her green shirt sleeve when she pulls away from him. When they turn around the make up is gone.


Continuity mistake: Bella and Jacob are in the truck after Bella cliff jumps. During the green-screen driving shots, the rear-view mirror is hanging down low. When it switches to a live shot, the mirror is very high up.


Visible crew/equipment: In the scene when Edward left Bella, when Bella is running after Edward, you can see the shadow of a crew member briefly on the tree.

Other mistake: In Volterra when Edward has his shirt off, his face and neck are a different color than the rest of his skin.

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Continuity mistake: Bella goes to Italy to save Edward. Alice drops Bella off - when Bella gets out of the car to ask where Edward will be, first you see Bella in front of the car door, then she is suddenly behind the car door.


Continuity mistake: Bella just went back to the meadow and is talking to Laurent. Throughout the whole scene in the meadow, her hair changes on her right ear. It goes from behind the ear, to fully covering the ear, to half covering the ear, and back and forth between those. And in the beginning, her hair is near perfect, but by the end, her hair is more wispy and not-so-matted to her head.

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Continuity mistake: Right before Jacob comes through Bella's window, it shows her sleeping and "dreaming" of Victoria coming to get her. If you look, the camera really focuses on the dreamcatcher and how it's hanging above her on the bedpost. It is hanging off to the side of the middle hump. Immediately, Jacob comes through her window and focuses in on the dreamcatcher hanging on the bedpost which is now neatly hanging in a completely different way, perfectly laid over the center of the bedpost.