The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Revealing mistake: Just as Jacob enters Bella's room through the window, a stunt prop - white band on his right wrist - is briefly visible.


Revealing mistake: When Edward takes his shirt off on the steps in Voltaire, his nipples are different colors and sizes. The closer one is grey while the far is more pink as though the makeup had rubbed off.

Revealing mistake: In the scene of the fight in the chamber of the Volturi when Demitri throws Edward on the stairs you can easily see the body of Pattinson's stunt double, there's a clear six pack, a tanned body and no body hair.

Revealing mistake: The rims of the vampires contacts can be spotted occasionally during the film, especially the Volturi's during the ending scenes, e.g. Jane's in the elevator.

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Revealing mistake: When Sam comes into the house and kisses his fiance, you can see the ripples in the edges of the plastic film used to put the tattoo on his arm.

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Bella tries to stop Edward from revealing himself under the clock tower, you can see his white make up on her green shirt sleeve when she pulls away from him. When they turn around the make up is gone.


Revealing mistake: When Bella and Edward return from Italy, Edward 'disappears' when Charlie enters the room. You can see behind the door when he is in the room that there is nowhere/not enough space for Edward to hide, but when Charlie leaves the room, as the door shuts, Edward steps out from behind it.


Revealing mistake: In the scene when the Cullens are voting on whether Bella should become a vampire, Rosalie's wig is pulled back and you can see the edge of the wig and her real hair.


Revealing mistake: When Victoria dives off a cliff to escape the wolves chasing her, her hair doesn't move at all, as if she's standing still.


Revealing mistake: You can see the wires on the motorbike when Jake lifts it from the truck.

Revealing mistake: As pointed out by the director, you can tell that Bella's eyes are "CGI'd brown" in the Bella/Jacob breakup scene in the rain. There is no "shine" in her eyes as would be natural, and the colour looks wrong.


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