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Question: Do both Meg and Charles Wallace go to the same school? I'm asking because I thought Meg is 13 and in middle school while Charles Wallace is 6 and they both get sent to Principal Jenkins' office.

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: Some schools can go from kindergarten all the way up to grade nine. My school was that way.

Question: I kinda don't understand the ending. Does Anne no longer blame Eddie for losing her job and ending their relationship? Did both Eddie and Anne get their jobs back or do they move on? What has become of The Life Foundation? Has founder Carlton Drake been exposed for the evil person he is for killing homeless people and Dora Skirth?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: Since Eddie is seen talking with Ann, she seems to have forgiven him. Ann decides to become a public defender and Eddie was given his old job back but, he chose not to take it. Instead, he decides to go back to journalism. As for the Life Foundation, it's only speculation but, with the photos that Eddie took, it's possible that it shut down and Drake's plans and the people he murdered were exposed to the public.

Answer: It is never mentioned, but it stands to reason that eventually they did find out. York's crimes most certainly would have been made public, he is solely responsible for several murders including the murder of a police officer at the beach. There would be very little reason for the government to cover up his crimes since he was acting as a rogue agent.


Answer: The dog did not die, at least not in the film. After Ben and Alex are released from the hospital, Ben took the dog with him.


Answer: They were just bullies making fun of Forrest for being weird and different.


Answer: For protection from the inmates.


Question: How did Mark manage to make the hab last longer? He said he was in a hab designed to last 31 days.

Answer: It was designed to last a month with six occupants, but with only one the supplies would last a lot longer. As far as the structure itself, the "design" lifetimes are always conservative, as evidenced by the Mars rovers still running around Mars, such as Opportunity was designed to last at least 90 days, but is still ticking after 5000 days.


I thought that after 31 days the hab would run out of air.

Air for 31 days would assume they were using only canned air, and NASA included no extra for safety (like if they couldn't leave on time). Assuming they were using canned air, then with only one occupant the remaining air would last 6 times as long, so would still go well past the 31 day mark, though they were almost certainly using systems to recycle the air by scrubbing the CO2 so the air would last a lot longer. This is the same way air is handled in current NASA spacecraft. An offset though is we have a flame which is using oxygen at a greater rate than a person would, and plants that are also helping remove CO2 to produce oxygen, though the net of this would almost certainly be to have a higher oxygen use rate.

It's explained in greater detail in the book. There was a plentiful supply of oxygen for him to survive a long time, even using up some of it to produce water for the soil. The real risk was a potential build up of carbon dioxide, which would prevent the diffusion of carbon dioxide out of his blood and into his lungs.

He had an oxygenator in the Hab. That meant there was not a finite amount of oxygen.


Question: The SAM missiles continuously chases the fighter jet for a few minutes. In reality, don't SAM missiles only contain enough fuel to fly for about 5 to 10 seconds?

Answer: Surface-to-air missiles come in 3 ranges (long range, medium, and short). Long range missile have a range of 100-150 km (there are some very long ranged missiles that can go up to 400 km). Short range missiles go about 3 km. SAM's are faster than Air-to-Air missiles and can travel around Mach 3 and up to Mach 8, with some that can go faster (so about 1 - 2.7 km/s) I don't know what kind of SAM was used, but long range SAM's are fired from a fixed or semi-movable position and medium ranged SAM's can be fired from vehicle mounted systems.


A behind enemy lines goof from IMDb, says that no missile is capable of chasing the F/A-18 as it is portrayed in the movie. A missiles rocket motor only holds enough fuel for one pass at a target. I don't know if you agree with it or not.

I would disagree with the statement that it wouldn't have enough fuel. However, even after a missile runs out of fuel it can still glide to its target at supersonic speeds for a time. I do think the portrayal of the chase scene is overly dramatic in Hollywood fashion though, particularly for the first SAM fired.


According to the trivia of the film the missile used was a 9m37m missile.

In that case the scene is completely Hollywood and unrealistic. The 9m37m is a short range missile, even though it's vehicle mounted, and has a max range of 5 km and doesn't even reach Mach 2. When the 2nd missile is fired we hear one of the pilots say "3 miles and closing", meaning the SAM shouldn't have been able to catch up to them or chase them down. The film makers probably wanted something cool looking without considering (or caring) what they had or may not have access to a midrange SAM system and pretended it was one.


But don't long range missiles lack the ability to turn fast enough to follow and chase a jet due to the weight of the amount of fuel they carry?

Answer: More than likely she didn't want them. Besides Barbie the toys never really speak of Molly at all, so it's likely she rarely ever played with them, if at all.


Answer: Then why does Andy have Mrs. Potatohead? From what I remember Molly got Mrs. Potatohead for Christmas at the end of the first movie so shouldn't she belong to Molly?

It is suggested Molly hardly played with Mrs. Potato Head and she was kept alongside Mr. Potato Head in Andy's room since then. The rest of Andy's toys are mostly "boy" toys, so Molly may well not be interested in them anyway.


Either Andy borrowed or even kept it in case Molly didn't need it or want it.


Question: Why does everyone stop and stare at the plane?

Answer: It's a bit complicated and subject to interpretation. They all look as soon as they hear the engines starting. For each one it signifies something different. Ilsa knows she must part with Rick, the man she loves, and stay with her husband, Victor, to support him and help with his work. For Rick, he knows he is losing Ilsa, by his own choice because he has chosen to stay behind to aid the war resistance and may not survive. Victor knows his wife Ilsa really loves Rick and he will be out of their lives, but she is staying with him out of duty.


Answer: Because the plane taking off meant that the people on board were on their way to Lisbon, and from there, America. Everyone is envious.

Captain Defenestrator

Chosen answer: Renton is wet to recall the toilet diving scene. See "The Story Behind the Groundbreaking Trainspotting Poster" on the Vice website for details.

Question: Why does Han irritate Leia so much?

Answer: Star Wars being for the young and the young at heart, Han and Leia's relationship unfolds in a deliberately childish manner that kids can relate to and adults will find comedic. Leia is irritated at herself for her attraction to Han, and certainly unamused that Han teases her over it, while at the same time he is not brave enough to admit his own feelings, either.


Answer: Because Leia is trying to bring down an evil empire while Han keeps trying to charm her. Also she sees potential in him as a leader and fighter instead of just a mercenary smuggler.

Question: How did Charlie get outside at the end of the movie? Jack made sure he was inside then after Jack closed the garage door Charlie was lying in front of it?

Reunion - S3-E11

Question: The burial vault which Matt and Karen hide in has the name "Edmond Cleary Cass" on the front of it, shown pretty. Does that name have any significance to the show or Marvel?

Jon Sandys

Chosen answer: After some research, I can say that no, Cass is not a character of Marvel, nor is he present in the Netflix show. As far as I can tell, it's either a real person, or a random name chosen for the coffin, most likely the former. In another season of Daredevil, the show utilized a real cemetery displaying real names in the tombstones.

Answer: I did a little research too. Interestingly enough I found a Friar named "Edmund Cass" who as far as I could tell is still alive and well. I wonder if that was just a coincidence.

Question: When Logan and Laura are in the truck together and he finds out that she can talk what does she say to him in Spanish?

Answer: She asks if he really expects her to talk when he yells at her and tries to abandon her.

Question: What became of the little girl after Riot left her body?

Answer: Like all other temporary hosts, she died. This was first seen when Riot took over the EMT and when he left her after finding a new temp host, the EMT died.

It depends on how long they are inside the host though, as Venom took over Annie as well but she survived. It depends on how much they feed on their host. In the case of the girl he was inside her for several hours or more so she most likely died.


A host can only survive if they are a genetic match to the symbiote that is bonded to them. If they aren't they'll leave the host and the host will die as shown with the three hosts that Riot took control of then left. Plus, as it seen in the movie if the symbiote can find some other form of food, it won't feed on the host at all.

If that's the case then Annie should have died as well or she just happened to be a genetic match as well.


Since Ann lived, this would mean she is also a genetic match.

That seems way too much of a coincidence.


It's not a coincidence. Dora Skirth explained to Carlton Drake that symbiosis falls along the same lines as an organ transplant. The only way for a host (recipient) to survive is if the symbiote (organ) is a match. This explains why so many of Riot's previous hosts died but Carlton survived.

That actually makes it a coincidence.


Answer: I believe he was referring to two things here. The obvious one is dying, however I'm thinking that's less likely. As even though Logan always would heal before and come back, he has "died" many many times in previous events and would have felt that until his body regenerated enough for him to come back. Other than on maybe a religious level and if feeling the soul disconnecting from his body differently on a permanent death, it would be the same. What I really think he is referring to... is love. He is a father now, and accepting of it. His daughter is right there with him and crying over him, something that probably nobody has ever done for him in his life or a very long time. He is feeling that genuine unconditional love for the first time. He gets to experience what it feels like to be loved as a father moments before he dies, and I believe that is what he is referring to.

Quantom X

Answer: Ducati Scrambler Classic.


Question: Why did Qi'ra choose to kill Dryden Vos and spare Han? Was it because she loved Han, or simply because she decided that she would rather work for Darth Maul instead?

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: Qi'ra's motivations are purposefully vague. It could be she killed Vos because she loved Han. It could be a simple power play, as she did not like being a slave to Vos. It could be a combination of both: she was able to save Han and also gain a position of power by killing Vos. We'll likely never know the answer as a follow up to Solo seems unlikely at this point.


Answer: Mary is highly religious and completely against any form of alcohol as shown in Big Bang Theory numerous times.


Answer: It's as simple as money is tight, it's not "George's money", it's the family's money so the expenditure was selfish.


Answer: It's because Mary is upset that George bought two cases, because it is a lot.

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