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Question: Where did Sam get his piece of the Allspark? There was only one piece left - Optimus pulled it from Megatron's chest after he died and I'm assuming that is the piece that is under heavy guard at the military base, so where did Sam get his?

Answer: It was stuck in his sweater/hooded top. He makes mention of it on the phone with Mikeila. Obviously he hadn't worn it since the events of the first film. It dropped out when he was getting ready to pack it in his bag.


Chosen answer: A very good question - It is suggested by Paul McGann during the introduction that "rules mean nothing" to the Master. Assuming this to be the case, that would suggest that outside of Galifrey where a Time Lord's life is absolute, The Master would be able to "alter and cheat" time.


Chosen answer: Q is a rather nasty entity hell-bent on proving that the human race are NOT the nice guys they make out to be. Q and Riker simply don't like each other and Q gives Riker the power of Q to prove a point...that power corrupts. And it almost does to Riker who uses his Q power to help, then to squander. Riker finally realizes that he's being corrupted by the power and gives it up, showing Q that he can't be swayed to the dark side.

CCARNI Premium member

Chosen answer: Because he'd driven her insane by showing her the future and humanity's fate. (There's also the possibility that she might be The Rani in human form, but that's all speculation right now.)

Captain Defenestrator

Chosen answer: The ghosts are real.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Both Kubrick and King stated there were ghosts in interviews so as they are essentially the creators I would say there are.

In all fairness, Kubrick, unlike King, leaves the existence of ghosts somewhat questionable. The whole thing can just as well be just Jack succumbing to cabin fever: he loathes his family, and the long isolation just pushes him over the brink. Wendy witnesses the ghosts, too, yes, but she could also be suffering from cabin fever, not to mention the stress of her husband finally going insane, and trying to murder her and her child. In short, the whole existence of ghosts is a lot more ambiguous in the movie.

Jukka Nurmi

Question: What happened to the autobot twins after their fight with the constructicons?

Answer: Most likely remained around the construction site or were on their way to main battle site (but obviously not shown).


Question: Why DOES The Doctor give advice and information to people? surely, being a Time Lord he knows the risks of changing the future?


Chosen answer: A good question, and one that is posed by the characters themselves several times. It is feasible that the doctor having already been to that time already is aware of what may happen to them, and as he is at this point also able to travel to parallel points in time, may have also seen what may happen if they change events - which is presumably for the better.


Chosen answer: Freddy's mother was working in an insane asylum where she was locked in a room and raped repeatedly by inmates. Growing up, Freddy was teased for being the son of 100 maniacs and was beaten by his step-father. He killed animals before he started murdering the children of Elm St. His backstory is revealed over the course of several sequels.

Shannon Jackson

Answer: Grievous is general of the Separatist army. Ventress technically has no rank, being Dooku's personal assassin/enforcer/aide. In terms of personal power within the Seperatist movement, both are probably about equal, but, in rank terms, the Seperatist forces would obey Grievous over Ventress.

Tailkinker Premium member

Chosen answer: This is unanswered. Hopefully, during the Christmas special of 2009, it will be answered, as it brings back the Master.


Answer: A member of a cult the Master set up to get himself resurrected, as shown in "The End of Time."

Chosen answer: As revealed in "The End of Time" it was the President of the Time Lords who put the drumming back in time into the Master's head.

Question: When Spock throws Kirk off the ship, Spock intends to immediately return to Earth, something that we've seen to take about five minutes, and he would certainly want to get there as soon as possible. But Kirk is able to crash land, wander the ice planet, get saved by Old Spock, learn his entire back story, travel to the outpost, meet Scotty, and get beamed back - and the ship is still in warp. Why weren't they already back to Earth?

Answer: Because, as they clearly state, they're NOT heading back to Earth. That's what Kirk wanted to do, but Spock decided to rendezvous with the rest of the fleet instead - their disagreement is what gets Kirk thrown off the ship in the first place. We don't know how far away the fleet is, so it's not unreasonable that the Enterprise could still be in warp at that point.

Tailkinker Premium member

Question: The Tardis brings back Grace and Chang, so does that make them immortal, fixed points in time like Captain Jack Harkness?


Chosen answer: Whereas Grace and Chang are both human, Captain Jack Harkness is alien - So the effect the TARDIS has is very different. In addition, as is revealed in the series as well, The TARDIS is more than a machine, it is alive... It also has knowledge even the Time Lords do not have - By making Jack Harkness immortal, it is also fulfilling his destiny.


Question: After the B-2 bomber launches the nuclear missile towards the city destroyer, the B-2 is shown to be retreating, yet the nuclear missile is in fact travelling even faster than the B-2. My question is, was the B-2 destroyed when the nuclear missile struck the ship? Did it get out of there in time?


Chosen answer: Cruise missiles fired from a B-2 have a 100 mile range, so it would have escaped.

Grumpy Scot

Logopolis - S18-E7

Question: The Master has shown himself to be extremely intelligent, so why didn't he know that killing all those Logopolitans would set off a chain reaction, resulting in the end of the universe? Also, why did he hold the planet to ransom? What was he hoping to gain by doing this?


Chosen answer: The Master seemed to know what would happen, and exploited this to his own ends. His goal was to gain control of the entire universe, by giving people a choice: die with the universe as it is destroyed (by natural means, no less!), or accept his as their Master, with the only way to keep the universe going.

Question: Did Mace Windu actually beat Palpatine in their lightsaber duel or did Palpatine let him win? Also, is Palpatine's scarred face his "true" face or was it caused by the force lightning?


Chosen answer: Palpatine needed to push Anakin over the edge and "fulfill his destiny", so he feigns defeat to allow Anakin the opportunity kill Mace and start him on the road to evil. The scarring was caused by the lightning.

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Question: Why does the technology in the original trilogy not look as good or as advanced as the technology of the prequel trilogy?


Chosen answer: The real reason is that our technology has advanced in the thirty years since the original movies were made, so better effects were possible. The "in-movie" reason is that he rebels are operating illegally, and therefore their equipment is all jury-rigged and pieced together from stolen or broken scrap, not manufactured like the devices featured in the prequels.

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Question: Throughout the movie it's suggested that Quaid/Hauser isn't experiencing anything at all and what he's experiencing is in fact a memory implant. My questions is, did the events actually happen or were they simply the memory implant Quaid purchased at Rekall?


Chosen answer: Its left deliberately ambiguous for the viewer to make up their own mind about what's real and what's fake.


Answer: Although left deliberately ambiguous, it should be noted that the director's intention was for it to be all part of a dream / delusion. Indeed, despite the ambiguity, more evidence exists to indicate that the story was imagined as opposed to reality.

Question: I've read that Anakin joined Palpatine because he felt remorse over the death of Windu and that he would have been expelled from the Jedi order for sure. Couldn't he have just lied and said that it was Palpatine that killed him and that he played no part in it?


Chosen answer: No, because it's wrong. Anakin joined Palpatine not out of remorse or fear of being expelled from the Jedi Order, but because he thinks that, with the Sith Lord's help, he can save Padme from dying. If he turns Palpatine in, he believes that she'll die and that's not an option for him.

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Chosen answer: In the book, after Danny visits room 217 (237 for the movie) the ghost of the woman who killed herself in the bath chokes him.

Answer: In the 80s it was the old lady's ghost who hurt Danny. This was a repeat of the 20s when the actual old lady lured Danny in her room and tried to bite him and satisfy her hunger. (Given the lack of food due to snow storm).

I keep seeing things relating to the "20s version" and the "80s version " what is this about? I didn't even see them mention the 1920s until the picture at the end.

Throughout the movie there are flashes to the 20s which is seen as vision of what has already happened or as Jack's "psychotic break delusions." Since his soul is linked to the hotel, he returns time and time again (shown by the photo at the end of the movie). There are 2 versions, the 20s and the 80s. The 20s is when Jack and his family were at the hotel, snowed in and they resorted to cannibalism (the lady in the room 237), as seen in the photo. In the 80s version, his reincarnated soul is drawn to the hotel and we see bits of the 20s through flashbacks or delusions. For example, the ball is a delusion or reincarnated vision of him there before. It is more evident in the book when he hears voices of the hotel. As well, the blood vision in the hallway coming from the elevator is a reference to the 20s.

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