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Answer: KITT didn't choose to go off the cliff in Goliath Returns, it just happened as he tried to avoid Goliath. Just 'cus it happened, doesn't mean It's gonna cure his fear of "flying"

Question: Something I have always been curious about. Was there supposed to be a gnome version of Mercutio? After all, he is an important part in the play.

Answer: Gnomeo's voice actor stated he is a combination of Romeo and Mercutio.

Question: In the original Avengers movie, after Captain America breaks up the Thor/Iron Man fight, Thor goes to hit Captain America with his hammer, Captain blocks it with his shield and Thor goes flying. In Age of Ultron, they do the same thing intentionally in the opening battle scene, and it flips the tanks and vehicles but Thor is unaffected. Why the difference?

Answer: The first time it was unexpected. After that they realised it was a good military move. The way they did it, they most likely practised and have done it several times before. They said they've been hunting and destroying HYDRA secret bases for three years since the events of the first movie.

Answer: It's true. According to director, Nick Cassavetes, the two actors did not get along at all and constantly bickered during filming. Things were so bad that during one scene, Gosling wanted Cassavetes to have another actress read McAdams lines off-screen. Gosling and McAdams later overcame their animosity and dated, though their relationship ended after two years.

raywest Premium member

Question: How is it possible that the bullet in Jack's gun was still usable after 10 years?

Answer: He most likely cleaned and reloaded it constantly.

Question: Was Warren's story about general Smithers' son real, or he was merely making it up in order to provoke him?

Question: David knew that the guy in the stadium queue had a gun and likely intended to cause disturbance, so why he just let him to walk away? As a security guard, shouldn't he report him at least?


Answer: He never saw the gun, only psychically sensed it, and, at that point, he didn't really believe in his powers. He's not going to the police with a vision.

Brian Katcher

Answer: Per Wikipedia, the series originally aired in the US on Fox for its first six seasons from February 2003 to October 2007. However, the main storyline of the series ended after season five. Following this, the show was retooled with a new art style, comedic tone, as well as a new storyline. The show moved to the CW for its final season and aired from September 2008 to March 2010. However, it would not officially end until the broadcast of the TV movie Turtles Forever, which was produced in celebration of its 25th anniversary, and served as a series finale for the show.


Question: When Aiden is possessed by Samara he calls Rachel "mommy" but he always called her Rachel otherwise, so why did he call her mommy at the end of the movie right after she jumped off the cliff and Samara went away?

Answer: It suggests that after everything they've been through together, and how far she was willing to go to keep him safe, Rachel's son would finally feel close enough to her to call her mom. They have little connection in the beginning of the movie, and that changes by the end.


Answer: I agree with the other answers. Another possibility is, Rachel was close friends with both Monica and Mindy in high school. Mindy was likely friends with Monica, and therefore invited her to the wedding along with Rachel, knowing they were roommates. Richard has known the Geller and Green families for years and may also know Mindy's parents and was invited separately. He could be Monica's +1, or she his, but even if both were invited separately, they are still attending as a couple. Monica wasn't invited to Rachel and Barry's wedding because the girls had lost touch after high school and Monica moved to NYC.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Excellent question, and it's never occurred to me. My best guess would be that Barry/Mindy are aware they're asking a big favour of Rachel and realise it would be an awkward situation for her, so let her invite a friend (Monica) for moral support so there'd be a friendly face there for her.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Answer: It's never explained, and the writers probably didn't gave it serious thought, just using their presence at the wedding as a plot device. But since, as you say, Monica was not invited to Rachel's wedding, the most logical explanation is that Richard is the invitee, and Monica is his +1. Richard and Barry are both doctors and so could know one another, or perhaps Richard is friends with Barry's, or Mindy's, parents. If the latter, this would not be unbelievable, as Mindy's parents would likely be in the same circle as the Gellers, with whom Richard is close.

Question: There's something I was wondering about Galvatron. Joshua Joyce said he modelled Galvantron after Optimus Prime. If that's true then why did he end up looking like Megatron?

Answer: They were using the remains of Megatron as a template, and didn't realise that his programming had taken over the project and influencing the look of the final project.

Garlonuss Premium member

Answer: I haven't seen the episode, but generally in the show, Darrin was always suspicious that Samantha always used some kind of witchcraft for any situation (even if she didn't). He probably figured the same thing with the coat while in her possession.

Question: When Marty arrives back in 1985 in the first movie, he leaves the DeLorean behind near the clocktower to chase after the Libyans because it stalls on him. There are now two DeLoreans in 1985; the one at Lone Pines Mall that gets used for the rest of the series until its eventual destruction, and the one near the clocktower. What happens to the latter?

Answer: The Lone Pine Mall DeLorean goes to 1955, then returns to 1985 with Marty, and he leaves it at the clock tower, runs back to the mall and sees the point in time when he first went back to 1955. The "clocktower" DeLorean is then the one Doc takes to the future and gets converted to hover. So the DeLorean goes 1985 > 1955 > 1985 > 2015, in this movie. (And then in the subsequent films the "wrong" 1985, back to 1955, then to 1885, and returns to the "right" 1985 when it's destroyed by the train).

Jon Sandys Premium member

Question: Why does Costner change the shotgun shells when the shell in the gun looked intact?

Question: When Conan is at one of the gatherings wearing a follower's robes, why did another follower attempt to stop Conan from sitting in until Conan showed him the medallion that was the symbol of Set?

Answer: That he was one of Thulsa Doom's entourage, not one of the followers who worship him.

Question: What happens to Ruth's son Buddy?

Answer: It wasn't mentioned what happened to him in the movie.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why would Ike Clanton, who is cowardly when he's unarmed, outnumbered and/or has a gun pointed at him, be allowed to be in the cowboys? Considering the others are fearless even in the face of danger, they should never have let him in.

Answer: Anyone could join the Cowboys if they followed their code of conduct. Ike's brother was a member and there's no reason for him not to be. It's not like it was the Marines who require an ounce of common sense. The Cowboys were hooligans, Ike being one of the dumbest.

MovieFan612 Premium member

Question: Does Caesar actually love humans, or does Koba just think he does?

Answer: Yes, he does. He considered James Master and John Lithgow his family. A father and brother. Like all children, he grew up and find his own identity. Like Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker, they were raised in humble environments, until they discovered they true selves. Caesar didn't want a war, he wanted his people to stop being pets, zoo attractions and circus freaks. He felt remorse when ever there was conflict.

Answer: Ape intelligence in this series of movies was based on chemistry, not evolution, and the chemistry affected every subject differently. In fact, the chemical effects were only temporary in some subjects (the human character Charles Rodman, for example, improved from Alzheimer's Disease while using the chemistry, but then regressed). Very likely, Caesar experienced the optimum effect of the chemistry (with full mental development) while Koba only experienced partial mental development, and Koba may have even regressed. So, Koba may have never understood human-level love enough to question it.

Charles Austin Miller

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