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Question: Why was Brent so certain that there wasn't anything in the mist? Dan ran into the store and said there were things in the mist. When David, Ollie etc came back from the loading bay, they told everyone about the tentacle. Brent, Bud and the biker guy started laughing about it believing they were making it up. Bud and the biker see the tentacle then change their tone. Why would Brent still think David was making it up, especially since Bud and the biker were originally in agreement with him?

Answer: Short answer, monster movies tend to have that one skeptical character, to provide human conflict. Long answer...would you believe that there were eldritch monsters lurking in fog, if you hadn't seen it with your own eyes? Most likely not; you'd chalk it up to hallucinations, mass hysteria, mental illness, or any number of "logical" explanations. 999,999 times out of 1,000,000, you'd be correct, but in that one-in-a-million scenario where you're actually in a horror movie, you die.

Question: The pre-cogs had a red ball for the incident that happened at the end, but consider this: Lamar intended to shoot Anderton, but didn't go through with it (which we learn at the beginning does not trigger pre-visions). Further, he committed suicide, which we also learn earlier is something the pre-cogs don't see. So my question is: how could there have been a red ball? The pre-cogs shouldn't have seen anything.

Matty Blast

Answer: The red ball indicates a crime of passion, not something planned, that is a brown ball like Anderton got. Lamar did not plan beforehand to shoot Anderton, but he intended it and would have done so if not for the precogs. Because he knows the precogs predicted his intention to kill Anderton, he instead chose to go a different route, probably at the very last second as the precrime team closed in on them. It is the same choice Anderton had in the apartment. It's either do as you intended, or change your mind at the last moment.


Question: Who was Fletcher's dad in the movie? It intrigues me that it wasn't mentioned that Rachel had an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband cause it's normal protocol to suspect a former partner in case there's bad blood.

Answer: It's never stated. He could be dead, completely estranged, or have a rock solid alibi.

Brian Katcher

Answer: Because he simply fell in love with the car, knowing he could restore it to magnificence. It is possible the magic allure of Christine affected him from that first moment.


Question: Did Emily scream because she saw Samara going after Jake?

Answer: No.

Question: The scene where Ashley is taking control of the grabber vehicle is a bit off to me. Like, in which part of her life the US president's daughter - a spoiled university student - was instructed about how to handle heavy machinery?


Answer: During Prohibition, which lasted throughout the 20's and early 30's, alcoholic beverages were effectively entirely banned in the US. Illicit, illegal places (often referred to as a "speakeasy" or "rotgut room") were created where people could drink alcohol on the down low. They were often secret establishments or hidden areas within another business. The secret room in the bar is one such room. The reason there are peepholes in the room is so they could keep an eye out for unwanted company (aka, the police or other authorities) while people illegally drank. If they saw the police coming, they could hide the booze and try to find a way to sneak out.


Answer: As with a lot of robbery homicides, The victim is killed for not following instructions. The killer told him not to turn around, and he did. Another reason is the victim might have been able to identify the robber.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Why did Rusty attack the guy in room 17 when he did nothing wrong? He would've figured out pretty quickly that the only car in the parking lot with a CB antenna attached to it was the one parked outside room 18. This is confirmed by the fact that he followed the car after Lewis and Fuller leave the motel. So why attack an innocent guy?

Answer: Because Rusty Nail was a psychopath. That and he must have felt physically threatened. And the innocent guy was mouthing off. Hence, the jaw removal.


Show generally

Question: I know Bob Odenkirk wore a hairpiece in this series, but does Saul Goodman himself wear one, or is it his natural hair? I seem to recall some episodes of Breaking Bad in which you could see a bald spot in the crown area of Saul's head, so if he is wearing a hairpiece, it seems a little odd that he would have an uncovered bald spot, not to mention the flash-forward segments of this show saw him with quite the thinning head of hair despite not taking too long after Breaking Bad.

Phaneron Premium member

Chosen answer: He does a "comb-over", which is a really tacky way of covering a bald patch: letting the hair grow long on one side, then combing it to the other side, over the bald spot. We see him arranging it at the end of S06E09, after the time jump. It's pretty on-brand for Saul. Later, when he becomes Gene, he cuts his hair more "normally" and his baldness is more apparent throughout the scenes in that timeline.

Question: If the nerve gas doesn't infect animals, what about people's pets? How would they survive without being fed if all the owners are dead?


Answer: They would die or escape and go feral, as would zoo animals, farm animals etc.

Question: How exactly did Ben Sliney determine from watching the CNN report that the plane had struck the North Tower from the west, based on the position of the sun? Seems a bit of a reach given that there were huge, gaping holes on all 4 sides of the building, and theoretically, any one of those could've been the point of entry for the plane. (00:38:23)

Answer: The hole where the plane went into the building is shaped very specifically where you can see the outline of the wings, the middle of the plane, not to mention its size. The holes on the other side of the building did not have this same outline. It wouldn't be difficult to determine that was the point of entry. Not to mention the CNN report focused very heavily on the point of entry hole on the north tower and hardly focused on the other sides because of it until the 2nd tower got hit. They were very clear in the report where the hole was where it got hit. Wasn't difficult to determine with both witness reports coming in fast and the shape of the outline.

Question: When Shelby invites Annell to her reception and offers her something to wear, she says she's going to call the house. Who would she be calling? There was no-one there except Drum and the boys outside and the reception staff.

Answer: One possibility is that Shelby is calling a wedding coordinator or a relative at the house where the reception is being held. Someone like Jackson's Aunt Fern or Shelby's brothers could fetch an outfit from Shelby's closet and bring it to Truvy's shop.

raywest Premium member

Question: I tried to read up on what kind of accent Russell Crowe was doing, I assumed it was a Greek accent. But I don't know the accent well enough to know if it come across authentic or sounding like a stereotype. How realistic is his accent? Does it sound natural to someone who is Greek? At times, it sounded like someone does a bad Italian accent by pretending to be Mario.


Answer: I can't say how authentic Crowe's accent was, but to me it sounded like an Aussie Greek accent. There were some popular Greek comedy characters on Aussie TV in the 80s when Crowe started acting. Some were caricatures, and some exaggerating their own ethnic backgrounds, and they were generally good-natured portrayals. Crowe being a New Zealander who worked in Australia, may have been influenced by them.

Out Of Time - S6-E6

Question: Kryten states that their future selves can only travel forwards in time, how are they able to go back to send the message? (00:17:02)

Answer: They must have been visiting an era earlier than the 1600s (when the Dwarfers were) when their time machine broke.

Brian Katcher

Answer: It apparently just reflects their genders. Modern women tend to have longer hairstyles and men shorter ones. It creates a contrasting look (masculine vs feminine) to the two characters, and it would be odd and distracting for the Hulk to have long hair or the other way around.

raywest Premium member

Question: What happens if you watch the movie however you don't have a telephone to be called?

Answer: Notice that Noah doesn't answer the phone when he watches the tape, but he still dies. The phone call is just a warning. Whether you get it doesn't matter... you die regardless. So if you don't have a phone, you just don't get the warning.


Question: Morgan Fairchild was a stand in. What part was she in?

Answer: From Wikipedia: Fairchild was hired as Faye Dunnaway's body double, mostly in scenes that involved driving a car because Dunnaway could not drive a stick shift.

raywest Premium member

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