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New this month Other mistake: The Warner Bros. Studio Tour building is quite a distinctive high-rise, and it's located at the corner of Avon and Warner Blvd across the street from the Warner Bros. Studio backlot, which includes the set location of Stars Hollow town square. During the series, in a few episodes, such as "Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore," high-rise building from the town square, past Doose's Market, directly behind Sophie's Music store.

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Plot hole: In the episode when Jess arrives at Luke's, Luke explains to Lorelai that Jess' father walked out on his family two years ago. Jess is 17 at that point, which would make him 15 when his father left. In the episode where the father comes to see him, Luke asks him why he left when Jess was just a baby in diapers, and indicates that he hasn't seen him since.


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Continuity mistake: This was in season six in the Martha's vineyard episode (Valentine's day). Lorelai comes into the kitchen and we see a shot of Rory cooking. Next to her is the orange juicer. In the next shot, it is not there. It reappears as Lorelai is watching Rory cook and Rory reaches into a drawer and pulls it out.

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Continuity mistake: Episode 703: When Emily asks Richard a question at the dinner table, he is holding a glass. In the next shot, when he answers, he is not holding the glass.

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