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Corrected entry: 703: When Christopher professes his love to Lorelai in her kitchen, he calls her Lauren [her real name]. (00:37:40)

Correction: No, he calls her "Lore". And he actually does that a few times throughout the series.

Emily In Wonderland - S1-E19

Corrected entry: In episode 1, Lorelai says, "Sookie, please, I am begging you, please, pull yourself together, OK? I got no sleep last night and I think I put my contacts in backwards." In this episode, Rachel asks her if she wears contacts, and she says that she does not.

Correction: She asked if the blue in her eyes was contacts, not if she wore them. She obviously wears them as we see her in glasses numerous times.

Kiss and Tell - S1-E7

Corrected entry: When Lorelai gives a speech to Dean she says Rory cannot get on his motorcycle, and he responds that he didn't have a motorcycle. During the Double Date with Lane and Todd Dean says he works only on his bike with Todd, and a few episodes later when Christopher shows up in town Chris and Dean compare their motorcycles.

Correction: I think it's more likely that when Dean says 'I don't have a motorcycle' he's lying. Because ultimately, when Lorelai pushes again and says 'she's not going on your motorcycle' he capitulates and says 'fine, she won't go on my motorcycle'. It's entirely plausible that he does in fact have a motorcycle.

Help Wanted - S2-E20

Corrected entry: Rory is seated on the front steps of Dean's house. A car pulls up to the curb. Dean gets out of the passenger side of the car. But we didn't see, is anyone get out of the driver side or going into the house. I am assuming that Dean's mother or father picked him up. If that's the case, then why didn't they pull into the driveway? Had he used a car service, he most likely would not have been seated in the front seat.


Correction: Someone does get out of the car. They even say hi to Rory.


Correction: TV time and Real Life time aren't the same thing though. Unless the date is specifically stated by a character, the date a programme airs has no relation to the date the action takes place. So in Stars Hollow it is already a time when Real World Denver is showing.


P.S. I Lo... - S1-E20

Corrected entry: When Lorelai wants to go into the market Rory asks if it is Wednesday, since that is the only day she knows Dean doesn't work, and Lorelai says no. The next day, when Lorelai picks up Rory, someone says something about seeing them tomorrow. Their dinners are always on Fridays, it must therefore be Thursday, and the market conversation took place on Wednesday and Lorelai was wrong.

Correction: Or lying to get her daughter to go into the store and stop making a fuss. Even if she was wrong, so what? If it's plausible that Rory didn't know what day it was, why couldn't Lorelai not know as well?


Correction: Now, I'm not sure if this is a correction, but maybe more of a theory as to why this is? I know that when it is like a week before my birthday, I go ahead and tell strangers, if they ask, that I am already however old I am turning. So then I don't one day say, "Oh yeah I'm 15" when the next week I have to tell them "I am 16 now". And maybe Loralai just wanted to give a rounded answer, or make the point to the man more dramatic.

When Rory gets hit by the deer she is driving Lorelai's Jeep, however she still hadn't celebrated her 16th birthday. In most states you need to be 16 to have a license not 15.

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Corrected entry: The title of the show is "Gilmore girls." Notice that the letter G in girls is not capitalized. Rory's manuscript in the revival has the G in girls capitalized. Almost everywhere you see the name of the show the word girls is not capitalized. The references to "Gilmore girls" on this website has the G in the word girls capitalized. A theory exists that the 7 seasons of "Gilmore girls" is the first 7 chapters of Rory's book. In that case the letter G shouldn't be capitalized.


Correction: It's entirely variable. IMDb has it capitalised, Wikipedia has it capitalised. Some posters do, some don't. Netflix uses a non-capitalised banner image but the text has it capitalised. There's clearly no absolute right or wrong.

In the real world, sites follow title case stylization rules to identify the title of the show as "Gilmore Girls." But the show itself doesn't have to follow any stylization rules and identifies itself as "Gilmore girls." The mistake is saying if Rory's manuscript is meant to be the show itself, it should also be written as "Gilmore girls" since that's how the show has already presented itself, regardless of how we identify it in the real world.


I guess the first seven seasons could be Rory's book, however she does mention to Dean that all the characters would be given a different name to who they are in real life. (A Year in the Life, S1:Ep4, 1:18:05), so surely if it was the book they would have different names or maybe it's still the prototype so there aren't any different names yet.

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Corrected entry: We know Lorelai ran away from home and moved into the potting shed at Independence Inn with baby Rory but reference after reference indicates that she didn't meet Luke until at least ten years later. In a town that size she would've known hometown boy Luke.

Correction: The Inn isn't in Star's Hollow.

Dear Emily and Richard - S3-E13

Corrected entry: The book that Emily sends to Lorelai and Rory about Europe is dated 1986, however Rory was born in 1984, therefore the book cannot be the book that Lorelai was reading the day that Rory was conceived.

Correction: The book that Lorelai and Christopher were reading when Rory was conceived was dated 1978. The one dated 1986 was briefly mentioned beforehand.

The Breakup, Part 2 - S1-E17

Corrected entry: In season 1, episode 7 (Kiss and Tell), Lorelei tells Rory to go to the bathroom so it won't look like they were coming back to the living room (where Dean was) together. Rory opens the door in the small hallway leading from the kitchen to the living room and goes in. We assume it's the bathroom. Then in this episode, Rory tells Lorelei to get rid of a box in which she had put all of the things that reminded her of Dean. Lorelei agrees but when she leaves Rory's room she goes to the same place in the hallway where the bathroom presumably was and opens the door to reveal a coat closet, not a bathroom. It's the only door there. This space is confirmed as the coat closet in "Love, Daisies and Troubadours" when Rory finds the Dean box. (00:39:00)

Correction: So Rory didn't go to the bathroom. She honored the spirit of her mother's request by hiding and not returning to the living room at the same time as her, but saw no reason to go all the way to the bathroom for no real reason.


It is possible that Rory was hiding in a closet; however, in later episodes, they do reference a downstairs bathroom. Luke asks Kirk why he won't use the downstairs bathroom and Kirk says that the tile on the downstairs bathroom hurts his knees.

Sookie went into the infamous closet/bathroom and referred to it as a bathroom asking if "the silver bottle on the sink is soap".

Correction: There has been other references to the downstairs bathroom throughout the seasons but then yes it somehow turned into the coat closet, and I couldn't find any other logical place it could be.

I Get a Sidekick Out of You - S6-E19

Corrected entry: In this episode Lorelai tells Christopher that the girls met in kindergarten, but in 1-17 "The Breakup" at the party, Rory told Henry that she's had Lane for 15 years and is sick of her, meaning she met Lane when girls were one.

Correction: Rory and Lane have been friends for about as long as Rory can remember, therefore she could reasonably say she's been friends with Lane her whole life. It's hyperbole, but the gist of the message remains the same. Saying they've been friends for 15 years is tantamount to this, given that Rory has only very recently turned 16.


It Should've Been Lorelai - S2-E14

Corrected entry: When Sherry and Lorelai have their awkward talk in the kitchen, Lorelai is reaching to bring out glasses for apple juice. She places one on the counter and reaches for a second. In the next shot, as she is setting down the glass she has just retrieved, a second glass has already appeared on the counter.

Correction: If you pause it you can see she has two cups in her hand. Then she grabs two more cups from the cupboard, which makes sense since there were 4 of them.

Emily In Wonderland - S1-E19

Corrected entry: In the episode "That Damn Donna Reed" (1.14), Lorelai suggests that Richard and Emily go to Paris instead of taking their usual trip to Martha's Vineyard. Richard and Emily are strongly opposed to this because they only go to Europe every two years and only in the Fall. Emily feels so adamant that Fall is the appropriate time to visit Europe that she references Fall four times within a thirty-five second period (6:30-7:05). However, in "Emily In Wonderland" (1.19), when Emily meets Michel for the first time they share a brief exchange in French: Emily: Enchantée. D'où venez vous? Michel: Paris. Emily: J'adore Paris. Nous y allons chaque printemps. This translates to: Emily: Charmed [in response to meeting Michel]. Where do you come from? Michel: Paris. Emily: I adore Paris. We go there every Spring. This thoroughly contradicts going to Europe every two years and only in the Fall.

Correction: While she does contradict what she says in the two episodes, it's not contradictory to her character. Emily Gilmore is all about pretenses and appearances. It would be entirely in her character for her to tell a little white lie in order to ingratiate herself.

JC Fernandez

I Get a Sidekick Out of You - S6-E19

Corrected entry: At Lane's bachelorette party, Kyon shows up double-dressed with an Avril Lavigne shirt, and Lane says, "My whole family is crazy!" But Kyon is not part of her family; she is an exchange student.

Correction: Kyon feels like family to her, she lived in the Kim house and Lane helped her adjust to their lifestyle.


Those Are Strings, Pinocchio - S3-E22

Corrected entry: In the episode in which Rory graduates from Chilton, she was talking to Dean, early in the episode. He said he has a nephew who was going to be the ring bearer in his wedding. But, Dean only has one sister and at the time, she was only about 10 years old. Maybe 12, but not old enough to have a three year old son. And, never, in any other episode, does Dean have or mention another sibling. How could he possibly have a nephew?

Correction: Actually, early in the show's run, Dean uses the word "sisters" when giving Rory the details about his family. We only ever see one sister, but that would presumably be because the other is older and no longer lives with her parents.


They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They? - S3-E7

Corrected entry: This whole episode is based on a 24 hour dance contest. When we see Lorelie and Rory going it is 5:30 in the morning and dark. It stays dark the whole day, and you know this because when Jess and Shayne show up he goes and gets a sandwich which is at noon but it is still dark out. (01:00:00)

Correction: It never says what time it is when they get the sandwiches. It could have been at night.

Rory's Dance - S1-E9

Corrected entry: Miss Patty wakes up Dean and Rory at the dance studio and tells them it's 5:30 AM. When Rory runs home through the snowy streets, it's quite light out. But at no time during winter in the northeast is it light at 5:30 AM. In reality, she'd be running home in complete darkness.

Correction: No, she wouldn't. The city (or town if you will) lights reflect off both the clouds in the sky and the snow on the ground, filling the entire area with ambient light. This happened where I live two nights ago. 3:00 AM and it looked like ten minutes before sunset.


Take the Deviled Eggs... - S3-E6

Corrected entry: At Sherry's baby shower, Lorelai and Sherry made a remark about having men carry them around like princesses. Then Lorelai gets alarmed at the guest popping party poppers, and in the next shot two women are standing up - away from the couch, popping some. The black woman, in a cream sweater, pops a popper, but in the next shot, she is sitting down on the couch.

Correction: Actually if you look carefully, after the black woman, Gail, has popped the popper and smiled to Sherry she turns around and takes a plate from the table. In the next shot she's shown she looks like she's sitting down to the sofa. So there isn't any actual mistake here since between these shots there is plenty of time for her to walk round the sofa.

There's the Rub - S2-E16

Corrected entry: When Rory orders Indian food, they say it is going to take 40 minutes. After that Paris arrives, Rory agrees to help her, and she changes her clothes. Just before Jess shows up, Rory says to Paris that her hour is up. The Indian food still hasn't come, and we only ever see them eat the food Jess brought. Deliveries can be late, but after over 20 additional minutes you would think someone would comment on it.

Correction: Someone could have delivered the Indian food while Rory was busy helping Paris, so she just put it away (in the fridge), and then later decided to eat what Jess had brought instead. These girls are known for storing fast-food for weeks and then throw it away.

Lorelai Out of Water - S3-E12

Visible crew/equipment: At the start of the episode Rory and Lorelai are about to open the garage door. You can see a crew member in the reflection of the glass moving his arms around the camera - you can also slightly see his head for a split second. (00:39:00)


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Pilot - S1-E1

Rory: You sound happy.
Lorelai: I am, kid.
Rory: Did you do something slutty?
Lorelai: I'm not that happy.

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Chosen answer: Lorelai and Christopher get married impulsively in Paris but they get divorced shortly after returning home. I don't know the exact number of days or weeks but they definitely weren't married for more than a couple of months.

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