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Corrected entry: We know Lorelai ran away from home and moved into the potting shed at Independence Inn with baby Rory but reference after reference indicates that she didn't meet Luke until at least ten years later. In a town that size she would've known hometown boy Luke.

Correction: The Inn isn't in Star's Hollow.

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Corrected entry: 703: When Christopher professes his love to Lorelai in her kitchen, he calls her Lauren [her real name]. (00:37:40)

Correction: No, he calls her "Lore". And he actually does that a few times throughout the series.

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Corrected entry: Season 6 - Episode 7 ("Twenty-One is the Loneliest Number"): Rory is talking to Logan at her birthday party about how the reverend talked to her about her virginity being a gift. She says that Logan's got that gift now, but that's not true - she lost her virginity to Dean, not to Logan.

Correction: If Rory for some reason wanted Logan to think he was her first boy she made love to even though it's not true, it isn't a mistake, it's a character choice.


I would believe it to be the character misspeaking in the craziness of the story (because surely that is what the reverend believed to be true), but I doubt that Rory was lying to Logan about being a virgin when they met - especially given that Logan actually met Dean the night of the breakup.

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Corrected entry: During the episode titled "French Twist", which originally aired on 11/14/06, one of the characters mentions she is watching Real World Denver. Real World Denver didn't premiere on MTV until 11/22/06.

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Correction: TV time and Real Life time aren't the same thing though. Unless the date is specifically stated by a character, the date a programme airs has no relation to the date the action takes place. So in Stars Hollow it is already a time when Real World Denver is showing.


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Corrected entry: Season 6 Episode 19 ("I Get A Sidekick Out of You"): At Lane's bachelorette party, Kyon shows up double-dressed with an Avril Lavigne shirt, and Lane says, "My whole family is crazy!" But Kyon is not part of her family; she is an exchange student.

Correction: Kyon feels like family to her, she lived in the Kim house and Lane helped her adjust to their lifestyle.


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Corrected entry: In season 6, "21 is the loneliest number", Lane and Rory are talking at Rory's birthday party. Lane says "This house is amazing, I've never been here before", when in fact in Season 1 Emily threw Rory a birthday party there that Lane attended.

Correction: Lane never went to the birthday party Emily threw for Rory in season one.

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Corrected entry: every time some one opens the door to Luke's diner the bell rings, but the door never hits it.

Correction: The bell has a clapper. The bell itself has a clapper which rings by movement. It only needs to have motion to make the clapper hit the inside of the bell and thus ring. It doesn't need to actually hit another object in order to ring.

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