Gilmore Girls
Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally 4
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Pilot 9
2 The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton 4
3 Kill Me Now 3
4 The Deer Hunters 3
5 Cinnamon's Wake 3
6 Rory's Birthday Parties 13
7 Kiss and Tell 5
8 Love and War and Snow 13
9 Rory's Dance 1
10 Forgiveness and Stuff 3
11 Paris is Burning 3
12 Double Date 4
13 Concert Interruptus 2
14 That Damn Donna Reed 5
15 Christopher Returns 3
16 Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers 4
17 The Breakup, Part 2 4
18 The Third Lorelai 1

Lorelai Out of Water - S3-E12

Visible crew/equipment: At the start of the episode Rory and Lorelai are about to open the garage door. You can see a crew member in the reflection of the glass moving his arms around the camera - you can also slightly see his head for a split second. (00:39:00)


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I Solemnly Swear - S3-E11

Trivia: To illustrate Jackson's love of Creedence Clearwater Revival: during his fight with Sookie, four lines of dialogue contain six uses of "CCR."

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Chosen answer: Lorelai and Christopher get married impulsively in Paris but they get divorced shortly after returning home. I don't know the exact number of days or weeks but they definitely weren't married for more than a couple of months.

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