Gilmore Girls

There's the Rub - S2-E16

New this month Trivia: The Indian food Rory orders before Jess comes never actually gets delivered.


Trivia: In some episodes, Rory speaks Spanish (e.g when she is talking to her grandmother's maid). She speaks very poorly, typical "school-Spanish". This is just acting; Spanish is actually Alexis Bledel's first language. Her mother is from Mexico and her father is from Argentina.

Trivia: Although, Rory loves coffee in the show, she hates it in real life. So, whenever she gets coffee from Luke, a stand, etc, Coke is the actual beverage in the glass.

I Solemnly Swear - S3-E11

Trivia: To illustrate Jackson's love of Creedence Clearwater Revival: during his fight with Sookie, four lines of dialogue contain six uses of "CCR."

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Trivia: Liza Weil originally auditioned for Rory Gilmore. When Alexis Bledel was cast, the role of Paris Gellar was written specifically for Weil.

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Trivia: Jackson Douglas is married to Alex Borstein, who was originally cast as Sookie. Alex Borstein plays the snotty harpist Drella, at the Independence Inn.

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Trivia: Each episode's title is usually incorporated into the dialogue.

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Trivia: Lauren Graham was the only cast member who had the same initials as her character.

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Here Comes the Son - S3-E21

Trivia: This episode also served as a pilot for a failed spin-off with Jess as the main character.

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Trivia: Because of the dialogue's pace, the scripts usually run between twenty-five and thirty pages longer than a normal TV drama script.

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Trivia: Sophie Bloom, the Stars Hollow record store owner, is played by Carole King, whose song "Where You Lead" is the show's theme song.

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Trivia: Lauren Graham plays Lorelai Gilmore, mother of Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel). In real life, Graham is only 14 years older than Bledel.

Written in the Stars - S5-E3

Trivia: In the credits at the end, they list that Tanc Sade played Quinn, instead of his real character's name of Finn.

Emily In Wonderland - S1-E19

Trivia: While waiting for the movie to start, the actress portraying Lorelai sneakily gives the middle finger for a total of four seconds to the actor playing Kirk. The actress playing Rory seems to know this was planned because she looks like she's trying very hard to stifle a laugh.


Pilot - S1-E1

Trivia: The girl who mocks Rory for doing her assignment is Tristan's girlfriend at Chilton who dumps him at the party.


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