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Question: Why does Luke offer to sell the droids to Jabba the Hutt at the beginning? Would Luke actually have left C-3PO and R2-D2 with Jabba if Jabba had agreed to give Han back in exchange for them?

Answer: The Droids were his inside men. All part of his plan to free Han. Why do you think R2-D2 had the light saber hidden within him? C-3PO knew nothing of it.

Answer: In his hologram message, Luke offered the two droids to Jabba as a "gift" to show his supposed good faith before he arrives to bargain for Han. He was not offering to sell or exchange the droids for Han. Of course, Luke had no intention of giving up the droids and knew Jabba would never hand over Han. Luke's rescue included retrieving Han and the droids.


Question: When Luke finds R2-D2 after R2 runs away from Luke's home, and then R2 starts beeping something and C-3PO says, "There are several creatures headed from the southeast!" Why then does Luke go to take a closer look instead of simply getting the droids in his speeder and getting out of there?

Answer: Luke is focused on finding Obi Wan and delivering Princess Leia's recorded message, which has intrigued him. Also, Luke is young, adventurous, and rather rash; he's curious to know what he's up against and whether or not it's necessary to flee or stay and continue his mission. He has a Jedi Knight's nature, and they do not run at the first sign of danger.


Question: Why would Ephrain not break bread with Avnar at the end of the film?

Answer: Avner had refused Ephraim's request that he return to Israel and Mossad. When Avner invited Ephraim to dinner to break bread, it was a symbolic gesture to make peace between them. Ephraim's refusal indicates they will never reconcile their differences.


Question: Why does Michael turn on and kill Dr Wynn and other cult members?


Answer: Because they no longer controlled him, his evil was so strong it broke free, like a volcano erupting.

Answer: Thank you.


Question: The scene where Jamie flees to the clinic's basement because she thinks Michael's there, was it all in her mind or what?


Question: Why does Babe throw Szell's diamonds away when he could've kept a few? Why would Szell be stupid enough to risk exposure when going to the diamond district of New York where somebody might recognize him?


Answer: The diamonds were "blood money" that were stolen at the expense of many Jewish lives during the holocaust and also resulted in Babe's brother, "Doc" being murdered. For that reason, Babe would not want them, nor would he allow others to profit from them. Szell needed to risk being recognized in New York in order to retrieve the entire cache of diamonds from the bank safe deposit box after his brother, Klaus, was killed. Klaus would retrieve as many diamonds as Szell needed to sell to support himself in South America. Once Klaus was dead, no-one else could gain access to them for Szell, or if they could, probably would have stolen them.


Mr. Monk Takes Manhattan - S3-E1

Question: When Monk took the train I was confused as to where they were going to? It seemed to me they left downtown Brooklyn on a train going further into Brooklyn, not Manhattan?

Question: Could someone tell me when Gillian got her sunburn?

Answer: It wasn't shown on camera, but it happened the same night that Roy was also "sunburned." Jillian and other local residents had been going out after dark watching the UFOs as they were buzzing around the county.


The Jingle - S1-E2

Question: Did anyone else notice a few things that are weird about this episode. 1) Jim is known for his shaky voice and propositioning Jackie but in this episode he seems to talk normally and isn't even asking to see her. It's like Mark Heap forgot to do this or the showmakers were testing it for future episodes. 2) The camerawork is different. In all the other episodes the camera shots are shaky but still OK; however, the camera stays still and uses normal zooming in and normal camera switching methods.

Answer: This is most likely down to the filming order. If this episode was filmed before 'The Sofa Bed' then it could easily be concluded that they added in Jim's quirks to make his character more unique. Several shows have done this in the past.


The Violin - S5-E5

Question: All the way up until season 5 Nelly (the nice Grandma) and Martin get along nicely. In season 1 EP 3 they are joking with each other. In season 2 EP 7 he apologises for pouring water on her (and keep in mind he is being sincere here). But in this episode he hears that she had a fall and suggests that she have a bigger one. What happened?

Answer: Martin is simply making a joke. Even after this episode you see him and Nelly get along perfectly fine.


Question: When Josh is giving his presentation to everybody, why did Paul say he doesn't get it? Was he mocking Josh? If so, why?

Answer: When Josh started at the toy company, he torpedoed Paul's skyscraper transformer by saying 'I don't get it.' Paul is returning the favor.

Brian Katcher

Answer: The trustee may be knowledgeable about the symptoms and physical characteristics of being poisoned as opposed to a seizure.


Question: How come Wilson never deflates from the time Chuck opens the parcel to the time it falls off the raft and is swept away? A normal ball would go flat after a period of time, but 4 years on and Wilson is fully pumped. Does Chuck have a pump?


Answer: Look closely. In the later scenes, Wilson's entire top is gone, now filled with dirt and grass to give him the illusion of hair.

Brian Katcher

Thanks Brian.


Question: What is the source of that strange, echoing voice heard as Michael, in the hospital to visit his father, realises that all of Don Corleone's bodyguards are gone and even many of the staff seem to have abandoned the place (the better to facilitate Solozzo's second attempt on Don Corleone's life)? It sounds like a male voice almost chanting the words 'two-nine, two-nine, two-nine'.

Answer: It's a 45 (a small vinyl record that generally held one song per side...a "single") playing on a record player in the nurses' station. It is skipping, thus repeating the word "tonight" over and over. You can see it when Michael arrives at the desk; we also see a half-eaten sandwich.

Question: How many dead bodies are in the pool?

Question: John McClane's wife calls herself "Miss Gennero." Later in the movie her children are being interviewed on television - but how could Hans Gruber possibly know these are her children? And how does he connect her and the surname "McClane"?

Answer: He sees her reaction to seeing them on the news; he can tell she knows them, and from this, it's not a big leap to the conclusion that they are her children. Then, the reporter says to her daughter, "Your mommy and daddy...", but Holly has claimed to be single and her husband is not among the party guests, so he further deduces that she must be married to John McClane, or if nothing else that she's avoided mentioning her husband for a reason. A look at the downturned photograph on her desk confirms his suspicion.

Show generally

Question: At some point in season 3 it is discovered that Mrs McCluskey has been keeping her dead husband's body in the freezer so that she can keep drawing his pension. For a while the other residents of the lane ostracize her because they believe she has murdered her husband. When she explains the reason why she kept him in the freezer everyone just accepts it and it is never mentioned again. However, pension fraud is a major crime. Why was she not arrested?

Answer: Sympathy most likely. The husband didn't leave anything to her upon his death, so they might have not wanted to upend her life any more.


Question: Why can't Michael take Tommy with him at the racetrack with Gina and her dad instead of taking him to the Kiddie Zone?


Answer: Because Michael's family hates Gina's. They see her as a spoiled brat and not a good influence on Michael. He knew if he took Tommy with him, he would tell the family about not going to Disneyland but to the racetrack.

Question: Would finding the button during the initial investigation (or even at the end) really have been enough to overcome all the evidence against her? It validates her innocence and the morality of the escape in the eyes of the viewer, just not sure if finding a button would lead investigators/prosecutors to say "yep, we found a button. She's definitely innocent."

Answer: It wouldn't have been that simple to say, "We found the button, she's innocent." It would however validate her story and reopen her case. Investigating further the cops may have found further evidence of her innocence.

Question: Why was Aragorn so reluctant to claim the throne? While in the novel he is proud to be destined to rule Gondor and Arnor.


Answer: Probably for multiple reasons. For the movie, having Aragorn struggle against his own desires and an inherited destiny makes for a more conflicted, intriguing, and three-dimensional character rather than the stereotypical power-obsessed trope. Being king is an immense responsibility and a heavy burden. Personal wants and freedom are sacrificed to serve others. Not every ruler craves power and oftentimes were born into an unwanted, pre-destined path. Aragorn was raised in Rivendell, unaware he was the heir, nor was he groomed to become king.


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