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Question: Is the T-1000 aware that the T-800 also travelled back in time? When Todd mentions a "big guy on a bike" looking for John the T-1000 gives a knowing look, but how would he know about the T-800?


Answer: He told the foster parents, "I wouldn't worry about him" (or something to that effect). It didn't really matter who the biker was - John (and his foster parents) were in danger from the T-1000 himself.


Answer: It's never made clear within the film; however, the T-1000 may have been programmed to anticipate that the human resistance might send a reprogrammed T-800 back to the same point in time for unexplained reasons, such as surveillance by Skynet in the future, or Skynet could have simply anticipated such an action by the resistance, especially seeing as how the resistance had already sent Kyle Reese back in the first film.


Question: Towards the end when Scrooge gives his nephew a couple, it looks like the bottles have a very modern wrap around the top. Is this correct?

Question: Who is the actor that got arrested with the landlady's son? Not Lonnie Sima, who played the son - who's the person with him?

Question: When Nora drinks with Nick Gable at the bar, she says "You know what Hugh Hefner says about ____? That 3 are too many and one is not enough." What's the word she said in the blank? What is she talking about? The subtitle was left out there. And from what I searched, this "Hugh Hefner" is a real person. The Wikipedia says he is an American magazine publisher. Is there a remark that became known to the public he has ever said? (00:14:10)

Bunch Son

Answer: She appears to actually be paraphrasing author James Thurber: "One martini is all right. Two are too many, and three are not enough." Hugh Hefner was the publisher of Playboy Magazine, but he doesn't seem to be the one who made this quote.

Brian Katcher

Chosen answer: The word she says is "breasts." I've never found it attributed to Hugh Hefner though. The quote seems to have originated from the film "The Parallax View" where Gail says "They say a martini is like a woman's breast: one ain't enough and three is too many." It's been re-quoted in several different places and has nothing to do with James Thurber. She's just saying it as a joke and I think they used Hefner's name since it sounds like something he might say since he founded Playboy, but also so Nick could say "he's one to talk, he has 19 girlfriends."


There are Internet sources showing that the original quote being paraphrased is by James Thurber: "One martini is all right. Two are too many, and three are not enough."

raywest Premium member

Yes, but that's not the joke and has nothing to do with the scene. They're two different quotes and the latter one has nothing to do with Thurber's quote. His quote is not being paraphrased at all.


Yes, but the way your response is worded makes it sound as if the quote never had anything to do all with James Thurber. Brian Katcher was citing it in his response to give context to the joke's origin and how it is being paraphrased, not the joke itself.

raywest Premium member

Yes, the quote in the movie, despite not being credited to Hefner, IS NOT Thurber's quote. Brian just brought up a random quote that had nothing to do with the scene or the question.


Question: Does the song The Darkest Side of the Night have anything to do with the movie?


Answer: It's hard to find information about the song online. From what I can gather, I believe the song was written for the film, and a few of the lyrics do seem to have imagery that's reminiscent of the film... but I don't think the song is "about" the film itself.


Question: Did John Carpenter not have The Street Thunder talk for a reason?


To Serve Man - S3-E24

Question: Mankind is trying to figure out what the book says. Why didn't they just ask the aliens "directly" as to what the book says?

Answer: It's doubtful the aliens would have been truthful considering they lied to entice humans to their world as a food source. The story humans were given all sounded so wonderful, that they believed what they wanted to believe.

raywest Premium member

Question: Are there any deleted scenes from this movie?

Answer: A quick Internet search shows there are deleted scenes. You can check YouTube.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why does the dysfunctional family let Rango and his posse take the father and his two sons to be hanged?

Question: What's the breed of the family dog, Chester?


Answer: Wire Fox Terrier.


Question: There may not be a definite answer to this. If the Baroness and her daughters are noble, why did she marry Danielle's father - a wealthier common person, but still not a noble? Does she not have a Baroness title, and any land and assets from her daughters' father? Why not seek a marriage to another noble?

Answer: You're correct that there is no definite answer. Many nobles have lofty titles without necessarily possessing wealth. The Baroness may have been married to a wealthy nobleman, but as she did not have any sons, her first husband's property and/or title would have been inherited by his closest male relative (females did not inherit) possibly leaving her with little or nothing. Her first husband may have been living beyond his means, leaving little to be inherited (a common occurrence among the early 20th century British nobility). The Baroness' lavish lifestyle eventually bankrupted Danielle's father. Marrying another wealthy nobleman would be a difficult prospect as the Baroness was older and possibly no longer capable of bearing children, in addition to having no money, making her an undesirable match to many. She had married the wealthiest person she could find.

raywest Premium member

It Didn't Happen One Night - S5-E2

Question: How did Steve and Laura get a hotel room? Neither of them are eighteen years old yet. Most hotels require the room to be paid for by someone who is eighteen, if not twenty-one.

Answer: Most reputable hotels/motels would not rent a room to minors. This was a lower-end motel, which may have had lax standards and requirements, engaged in unsavory business practices, and was otherwise unconcerned about who their customers were or what they did as long as they paid their bill.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why was Dr. Crews such a two-faced, corrupt, dishonest and manipulative person? He never intended to help nor cure Tina but wanted to exploit her abilities for sake of his own career, to the point of deliberately aggravating her. He was a psychiatrist so why was he so evil?

Answer: He's just... not a good guy. I don't think it's any deeper than that - he thought he could exploit her for personal gain. Some people are just slimy and like to take advantage of others for their own purposes.


Question: Isn't Gibson (Richard Todd) shown wearing a VC ribbon on his dress tunic? I thought he was awarded this for the raid itself.


Answer: I think Gibson is shown wearing the ribbons (and rosettes) of the Distinguished Service Order and Bar and Distinguished Flying Cross. He was awarded these medals before the Dam Busters raid. In black and white, the ribbon for the VC with its miniature cross can look similar to the DSO with a rosette for a second award.

Question: Hopper's brother, who died fairly early in the film and really didn't do too much fighting of the aliens received the second highest Navy award for valor, the Distinguished Service Cross. Whereas Hopper, who saved the world, who had the initiative after his own ship was destroyed to commandeer a vintage battleship and lead it into battle, knocked out the aliens' ability to communicate, etc, received a lesser honor - the Silver Star. Why the disparity?


Question: Why was Henry excited when he saw Carina's ankles?

Answer: It would have been considered "risque" to see a woman's ankles. Well-bred, modest ladies always wore clothing that covered most of their bodies.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why was the tape of Christine's suicide handed over to a law firm instead of simply destroying it?

Question: How does Evey manage to get V's dead body onto the train without any help?


Question: How come The Joker's not affected when he jumps into the vat with Quinn?


Answer: Because he's already been into the liquid, it's how he became the Joker. He wanted Harley to be just like him.

Question: When they notice there's a gap in the freeway they keep to that route. However, there were other routes available. Why not take them?

Answer: If they had, there might have been the possibility that to get to these routes they would have to go down a different road and depending on which route they take they might have to slow down to make the turn which would likely cause the bus to drop below 50 mph. Better to just keep going straight and keep the bus going. There's also the possibility that had they taken a different route, they would have to deal with a lot of traffic especially if there was traffic stopped at a red light. By using the highway, there'd be no traffic lights and less traffic to deal with.

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