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Question: Whose band is shown early in the story playing "I've Got That Old Feeling"? Sounds like Les Elgart.

Answer: Missy doesn't hate Sheldon per se. She resents all the attention that he gets and all the special treatment due to his intellect.


Question: What triggered the attack on Frank? I understand why he was attacked, but why did they decide to do it at that moment? Was it because they heard him tell Sarah he was going to be in Kansas City, so they decided to move in on him that night? Or did he suspect he was going to be attacked and that's why he was planning on going to Kansas City? Or was he never really planning on actually going to Kansas and was just gauging her reaction and then went knowing she was in danger after the attack?


Answer: The talk of Frank going to Kansas City was flirting on his part, he wanted to get Sarah's reaction, would she like it or would she be uncomfortable. The talk on the phone was so far friendly, not serious. The attack on Frank's house was just a coincidence. They were killing off the members of a black ops job, remember, when they investigated the reporter's death, her notes, said, that on a list of names only one was not crossed off. The C.I. A. Didn't know about Sarah, Frank knew once he escaped they would check every aspect of his life. When they checked his phone bill, they say the constant calls to Sarah's number.

Question: How is it that everybody except Bob mistook Peter for Luke? Luke was well-known by the whole town so it seems kind of strange that they would mistake a complete stranger with amnesia for someone they've actually known for a long time.

Answer: The father showed a picture of Luke. Peter and Luke were identical twins.

I'm hoping that this answer is implying that Peter and Luke are spitting images, and not actual identical twins, as there is no relation between the two men. Adele had her theories that Peter was not Luke, and Emmett stated that he knew at the reunion party. The town is fooled for a couple of reasons, mainly because he looks just like him. But also because they wanted to believe it was him. The town had suffered a lot of heartbreak after the war, and this was some good news, while it lasted.


Question: If she thought Adrian was dead, why didn't she immediately go back for their dog? She seemed to care for it at the beginning of the movie. When she goes back to the house, the dog is there, obviously in good health, who did she assume was taking care of him?


Answer: It's unknown, but having been so traumatized and terrified by what happened, Cecelia wasn't thinking logically and it probably didn't immediately occur to her. Returning to where one was mistreated and was essentially a prison would be difficult. Considering Adrian's wealth, position, and his large estate, she would know if there were others there, particularly after his supposed death-Adrian's brother, company employees, lawyers, security personnel, servants, etc. that would care for the dog. Cecelia didn't seem particularly attached to dog and she was mostly keeping it calm and quiet while attempting to escape. Also, Cecilia believed Adrian faked his death and she wouldn't risk returning.


Question: Why didn't Edward get the medication instead of letting Ivy go? I understand elders shouldn't be seen to go because they are trying to stop young people thinking it's safer to go now that an elder has. But this is his daughter! She is blind! And he knows the route, and it would have been much quicker for him, meaning less chance of the guy dying. Instead, he wants to put going through the woods, blind, onto his daughter when he could have done it in double time.

Answer: As his wife says, "You have made an oath, Edward, as all have, never to go back." In other words, when they founded the Village, the adults all swore never to go back to our world, and this is a promise they take very seriously. So Edward can't go, and neither can any other founding adult. Ivy, however, never took such an oath (she was born in the village and doesn't know anything about the outside world), so she can go.


Answer: In addition to the other answer that I agree with, Edward never intended for Ivy to go alone. She was supposed to be escorted through the woods by the two boys. They became scared and ran off. Ivy, knowing the truth, was determined to continue on to get the medicine to save Lucius, who she loved.


Question: As the Klingons are beamed aboard the Enterprise for dinner, one of the crewmen blows into something before they fully materialize. What device is that and what's its function?

Answer: It was an electronic boatswain's, or bosun's, whistle. It's used on ships to get the crew's attention, when honored guests boarded, or at a crewman's funeral.


Question: Gill claims all drains lead to the ocean. Is that really true?

Answer: Short answer, no. Household drains, which flush waste water, sometimes are connected to septic tanks. These tanks don't go anywhere. Other drains that connect to a waste sewage pipe lead to a sewer treatment plant first. There, waste water is purified and treated before going back into the water. Not all plants drain into the ocean but into rivers (which could lead to the ocean, although some lead to a lake, especially if the river is dammed). Storm sewers, which don't contain waste water but rain and other water run-off, can drain into a river, lake, or ocean.


Question: Why didn't everyone Barnabas bit turn into a vampire?

Answer: That's for the modern day vampire. The original myths state that a person who dies by the bite of a vampire will rise as one, watch the classic Hammer Films from the 1950's.

Answer: Along with the original answer, it was only those victims where he took enough blood over a long period of time, until they are absolutely drained, did they transform into a vampire. Those victims who were only bit in order to satisfy a bloodlust did not transform, even if they ended dying later from things like blood loss or infection.


Question: How is it that Apollo is killed after just two rounds with Drago, but Rocky is able to survive fifteen whole rounds against him?

Answer: Rocky is well-known to have a very strong ability to take punches, which is how he is able to keep his hands in punching position rather than a defensive position. In addition to heavily training for this fight, he also hurts Drago, which reduces his ability to fight.


Answer: There would be multiple factors involved, not just how many rounds were fought. Drago may just have hit Apollo in an unexpected fatal way. Apollo could have had some unknown physical weakness or condition making him more susceptible to the constant, hard blows. Also, it wasn't expected that Drago was so vicious, sociopathic, and unconcerned whether an opponent was seriously hurt or killed, nor did he hold back on the force of the punches. Rocky, knowing what Drago was capable of, was able to strategize and fend off Drago. Apollo was unaware and unprepared. Rocky was also motivated by revenge and fury.


Answer: Apollo was much older and had retired as a boxer, despite his training (he was in good shape) he also had no fights in a long time, as a result his ability to shrug off blows were inferior to Rocky's Also if you focus well on the fight, he spends way too much time yelling for Rocky to NOT stop the fight, not only wasting lots of energy, neglecting to position himself well, focus or even block To me it seemed like Apollo wanted to die, his "Apollo Pride" simply wouldn't let him quit. I once had and wrote a "Creepypasta theory" in where the reader is believed that Apollo instead had been shouting "Help me Rocky! Throw the towel! Help me!" but Rocky was so sure his buddy would win that he heard what he wanted to hear (my theory was widely supported by the fact that the chance that Rocky would have heard anything at all during all the screaming and shouting is but impossible, also the fact that Rocky feels guilt and has signs of PTSD would support this).

Question: When Watney causes an explosion while trying to hydrate his plants with hydrogen, he states that it was because he didn't account for the oxygen he'd been exhaling. We exhale carbon dioxide, with only trace amounts of oxygen. Could such tiny amounts of oxygen actually be calculated in his circumstances?


Chosen answer: It's not about calculating the precise amount of oxygen. What Watney means is he failed to take into account the fact that he would be exhaling some oxygen, so he wasn't careful to make sure his exhaled air didn't get anywhere near the still (by wearing a sealed, airtight helmet/spacesuit). (Also, there's more than just a tiny trace of oxygen in our exhaled air - for example, it's enough to support someone receiving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation - as Watney recalls in the aftermath of the book version of this scene).


I did check the book, then did further research. You were right-we exhale about 16-17 % oxygen. I understand what you were saying about the percentage not being the issue now. Thx for the informed reply.


I looked it up before asking the question. That's how I found out only trace amounts were being exhaled. I'll recheck the book as you stated.


Question: When they start exploring the catacombs under the prison, where did they get a flashlight?


Answer: Exactly. How they got it, we don't know. Hence my question, to find out something I didn't know.


Answer: I don't recall that it was explained, but it was probably stolen from a guard at some point and later traded from another prisoner.


I could assume that, sure, but I was looking for a more precise explanation. The more likely explanation is that they needed a light and the writers hoped no-one would notice. Seems like they could have used some sort of burning torches instead.


There is no precise explanation because it's not revealed in the plot how they got it. What they "could" have used is fan speculation, which opens dozens of possibilities, none of which are substantiated or relevant. They obviously obtained the flashlight, so that is what they used. How they got it, we don't know.


Question: Was Air Force One actually 2 different planes, in the closeup shot a 747, but in the wider shot a different plane?

Question: Why was the robot who comes to life called "Number 5" when it seemed like there were only three others like him? Shouldn't he have been called "Number 4"?

Answer: There were always 5. You see the 5 during the demonstration. Then, before the lightning hits, we see 4 of them in line, but number 5 was still attached to the generator and not in line. When they go inside, there's a weird cut that makes it look like only 3 made the turn, but if you watch closely you can see there's 4 followed by number 5.


Answer: OK then...what ever happened to Number 4? Why does the Army only send numbers 1-3 to get Number 5 back?

Question: I can't see a connection between Benjamin and the clock maker. Did I miss it?

Answer: Only a magical one, the day the clock started running backwards, Benjamin was born.

Question: This question applies to both this movie and Howling 4. Was there some kind of hypnosis involved that made the husbands of the protagonist want to stay in the communities after they were bitten by a werewolf?

Answer: Whether it be dog or wolf, the primal instincts take over. Every creature, in nature, has an urge to seek out their own kind. When the husbands were bitten, they are consumed with the desire to hunt, kill and mate.

Question: Has it ever been explained what would have happened if the Sorting Hat couldn't decide what students should be placed into what house?

Answer: If the Sorting Hat experienced a "Hatstall" where, after a certain amount of time passes, it was unable to decide where to place a student based on their being suited to more than one House, then the student's personal preference would be considered. There were a handful of "hatstalls" over the centuries, but the Sorting Hat eventually placed the students.


Where are you getting this?

Brian Katcher

From the Harry Potter "Wizarding World" web site. The supplemental material was written by J.K. Rowling and originally published on "Pottermore." According to Rowling, Minerva McGonagall was a Hatstall student. The Sorting Hat had difficulty placing her between either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, finally settling on Gryffindor.


The term Hatstall was created by JK Rowling. It can be found here:

Super Grover

Love Hurts and So Does Art - S3-E18

Question: How did the so-called artist get a hold of Hank's X-ray in the first place? If the doctor provided it wouldn't that be breaching doctor/patient confidentiality?

Question: Peter, MJ and Ned were all rejected from MIT for their associations with Spider-Man, so why wasn't that the case with Flash, who wrote an entire book about his supposed close friendship with Peter?

Answer: Flash is shown to come from wealthy parents. It's possible they made a large donation to MIT and/or are influential alumni themselves. Writing and publishing a book also isn't something that happens overnight. He could have been accepted into the school before the admissions board even knew about the book.


Answer: As far as I can tell, It's never stated in the movie how he found out about that. Maybe Sam told him off screen when he "learned " that Billy Loomis was Sam's biological father.

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