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Question: The box art for this film shows all 12 ghosts in the scary face-except for the Withered Lover. Is the screaming face the Withered Lover?

Answer: Possibly. I remember seeing some version of the box art have blue clothing at the end. Not much, but you can barely see it near the mouth. That, and the bits of hair we see are brown, similar to the Withered Lover.

Question: After Cyrus dies, why don't the ghosts turn on the others, such as Arthur who is nearby them? A couple of ghosts such as the Torso and Withered Lover didn't kill Cyrus and are more or less harmless, but some of the bad ones like the Juggernaut, Hammer and Jackal did. Was this a minor overlook?

Answer: The ghosts are not stupid; they were trapped inside that house by Cyrus. They just punished him for that and then they leave. They have no quarrel with Arthur or the others, probably even realizing they were freed by them.


I do remember the Angry Princess wanted to stab a couple of the ladies, and the Jackal was pure insanity, but with those two they could simply have been tired of the whole mess. We see just before they cross over that the Jackal was howling with laughter.

They were really pissed off being trapped in that house, and not really rational thinking people, being ghosts and all. Anyone alive would be a potential target as long as they are trapped.


Question: What was the point of the "shooting the dog" test?


Answer: It was to test whether the candidates were willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. If they were willing to shoot the dog they had been caring for, it means they would be willing to make a tough choice in the field to complete a mission.

Answer: To see who is kind hearted or cold blooded, a spy has to make tough choices in the field.

Question: What is the actual reason given why the police couldn't find Billy's mom? Just the fact his mom didn't want to find him and left doesn't mean the cops would stop looking. It's hard to imagine a 5 year old isn't able to tell the cops his address, where he goes to school or where he lives in general. Teachers, neighbours, his physician or dentist, classmates, all can tell where the mom is. Next to that isn't his dad in prison and thus easy to find?


Answer: He was a baby when he was abandoned - all he knew about his mother was her name, not her birth date or social security number. He didn't know anything about his father and his mother went back to her maiden name. In case you're wondering not everybody has their DNA taken.

He knew his full name. He's a legitimate son born in wedlock. They would have easily tracked down the father who is an inmate: that is on top of what the original poster mentioned, such as his home address or other minimal information. Lionhead, I believe this belongs in the Plot Holes section rather than simply the Questions section: I am not informed about Pennsylvania's laws for child abandonment, but I think it's rather unlikely that someone could just drop their kid in the middle of a crowd and get away with it entirely, especially when the kid knows his own full name.

Sammo Premium member

I'm not too eager to put it in the plot holes section, because it is plausible I suppose that she disappeared willingly and they couldn't find her specifically. But you address the right point I was trying to make that the cops won't simply stop looking for his mother. It's a crime to abandon your child and they will look up and question a lot of people. And I mean a lot of people to find her. Even if there is literally no family besides mom and dad, the dad will be found since he is in prison. He won't be able to help much but contact will be maintained, even if he doesn't want it.


The thing is, they don't even have to question a lot of people since the kid is not a newborn left on the steps of a church or something: he was able to provide his own full name to the authorities. So it's absolutely straightforward for the police to see who his parents are - although it should be noted that he was born in a different state, I don't think it should be a particularly complicated research for the authorities.

Sammo Premium member

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Question: I've never seen the show so an explanation would really help. Why would Johnny open up his own Cobra Kai dojo? Since there was probably a lot of negative publicity due to how Kreese taught his students and how he attacked Johnny, a lot of people probably wouldn't go to a dojo synonymous with brutality but maybe to a dojo that taught karate the way it should be learned.

Answer: Just like in the original film, some guys want that brutality. Johnny in part opens the dojo because of his past rivalry with Daniel and to train a kid that's being bullied. But also, other kids that are being bullied want to join in order to learn to fight back. Johnny is also teaching the Cobra Kai creed (Strike First. Strike hard. No Mercy.") so that's why he opens his dojo with that name and the old Cobra Kai dojo's past reputation is exactly what he wants to elicit.


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Question: In what episode does Stevie say "You're talking to me about luck?" I've heard he says stuff like that in other episodes and could I please have a few?


Question: When the commando teams drops their gear did the parachute fail to open, or could the equipment survive a drop from a plane at that height?

Answer: Depending on how it was packed most likely.

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Question: Would the doctors really been able to drink alcohol and get drunk? They are on call 24 hours a day and may need to do surgery at any time.

Bowling255 Premium member

Chosen answer: It's pretty much something that couldn't have happened in real life. They have no way of knowing when wounded might be coming and there have been many times when all four surgeons and all The Nurses were in the OR, and yet on multiple occasions, three or more doctors (as well as nurses) get sloppy drunk.

Brian Katcher

Answer: In some episodes, they ask Radar or he informs them that he received information that there would be no casualties coming in.

Also in real life there are strict rules in the military about alcohol, and different ways people observe them. Some would stay dry, only drinking when it was approved. Some would have an occasional drink, and their bosses might not care too much if they didn't cause any trouble. And some would be alcoholics who put other people's lives at risk.

Question: Exactly how did the Von Trapps escape after their last performance "So Long, Farewell"? How did a Nazi officer not catch them?

Answer: In the movie we aren't shown what soldiers, if any, are behind the scenes that would be there to catch them, so they could have snuck by. In real life there was no escape necessary, the Von Trapps actually just climbed onto a train saying they were going to America to perform.


Question: Why wasn't Johnny joining in when Dutch was making fun of Daniel? He hates Daniel more than the rest put together. He also wasn't even laughing.


Answer: This scene was intended to show that Dutch was actually the worst of all of them-cold, calculating, and cruel. Johnny was a spoiled rich kid punk, but not a bad person (as seen in Cobra Kai). He doesn't want to sweep the leg, thinks Kreese is crazy for ordering Bobby to put him out of commission, and even congratulates Daniel at the end. Dutch was legitimately a dangerous, possibly psychopathic, kid. He relishes in Daniel's pain and even urges Johnny on in the alley fight. Johnny was pissed, rightfully so, but it was Dutch who was the 'devil on his shoulder.' Also note in Part II when Johnny is being choked out by Kreese - Dutch is the only one who turns his back and ignores it. He doesn't help his 'friend' like the others.

Answer: He was being a good soldier standing at attention while his D.I. was doing all the talking.

Question: When Michael and Kim are chatting at the bar at the wedding, they say: Kim: "So, are you a friend of the groom's?" Michael: "Since preschool actually." Kim: "That's really cute." Michael: "Blocks." What does Michael mean when he says "Blocks"?

Answer: He means toy building blocks they use to play wirh.

Question: Alice wants to see her father die for all he did to her. How come Joe doesn't want the same for his father for all he did to him?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: Because they're two different people who have different emotions, different experiences, and would not react exactly the same way about their fathers.

raywest Premium member

Answer: I don't believe Alice said she "wants to see her father die", and I'm not sure what you mean by "for all he [Mr. Dainard] did to her." Alice told Joe that SOMETIMES she wishes her dad would have died instead of Joe's mother. When Joe replied that she shouldn't say that because he is her dad, Alice got his point and did not continue to say anything else, such as that she really meant what she said. What did Alice's dad "do to her"? He did say she wasn't going to Joe's party (which she made up). He told her to go in the house and wanted Joe to leave. After Alice went to Joe's and tried to sneak back into the house after dark, Mr. Dainard told Alice to "leave", just like her mother did. As soon as Alice was out the door, Mr. Dainard immediately followed to get her back and suffered injuries trying to do so (but the "monster" got her). Alice probably didn't know her dad told Joe's dad (deputy) that he did not want Joe seeing his daughter again - she was "off limits."


What did Joe's dad (Mr. Lamb) "do to him"? He tried to get him to go to summer camp, but didn't make him. He said he wished Joe wouldn't hang around a certain friend (Cary) so much because he kept lighting things on fire - but didn't stop him. When Joe dropped a flashlight on the kitchen floor, his dad told him to pick it up. Mr. Lamb told Joe to make sure he fed their dog Lucy. Mr. Dainard made it clear inside the sheriff's station that Joe was not to be around Alice anymore, so when Mr. Lamb caught Joe with Alice on the street, he put Joe in the police car, took him home, and demanded that he stop seeing Alice and said they could not be friends. I don't see any behavior by Joe's dad that would make Joe want him dead.


Question: Why would Joe and his father hug each other in the end? Mr. Lamb treated his son like dirt and yelled at him for being around Alice, bringing Joe to tears. The ending felt like an unearned father-son moment as well as an unearned father-daughter moment for Alice and her father.

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: The ending was rather weak and contrived in that it too quickly resolved the parent/child conflicts. The story's intent is to show that despite both fathers' faults and the conflicts they had with their children, that the dads do love their kids. The adversity brings everyone together, and the kids are able to forgive their dads and would not have wanted to lose them. Hopefully all will have more positive relationships in the future.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Mr. Lamb was overwhelmed by the possibility he could have "lost" his son that day. Hugging Joe tightly for an extended time and saying, "I got you! I got you!" was his way of expressing how relieved and elated he was seeing Joe was alive and well. Though not very good at expressing his feelings toward Joe, nurturing him, or engaging in positive communication, this demonstration of their deep-down bond suggests or indicates the father-son relationship will grow in a positive direction. Mr. Lamb's interactions with Joe had been more like a sheriff talking to a suspect or offender than a father talking to his son. The "monster", destruction, and chaos in the community (Lillian) created a life-threatening situation - but also served as a catalyst for rethinking one's roles, relationships, and priorities in life. Thinking back to the opening scene when Mrs. Kaznyk was at the wake and told her husband sitting next to her, "I don't think he [Mr Lamb] understands Joe", there is a sign at the end of the movie that this will not be true much longer.


Question: After Miranda escapes from the Institution, Rachel appears and forces her off the road. If Rachel wanted help, then why would she cause Miranda to get into an accident? Doing this might have actually got Miranda killed, then she wouldn't have been able to help Rachel at all.

Answer: That's the only way she knows how to communicate with the living world, she died a brutal and horrific death, her soul is tormented. Not every ghost is Patrick Swayze.

Question: Who played the teenager that got killed at the gazebo? It looks like Michael J. Fox but, when I checked IMDB, there's no name listed for who played him.

Answer: The actor is Randy Doke. He's uncredited for the role, but IMDB lists him as "Puppet Show Dude."


Answer: I checked the Internet and read up on the Killer Klowns production and there is no mention of Michael J. Fox being in the movie. I do not know who the actor in the scene is, and while it's possible that it was Fox, it does not really resemble him, in my opinion.

raywest Premium member

Question: When Jack goes into the bathroom intent on taking his own life, what did Mary do to the bottles? She puts her hands over the bottles and the caps move but nothing else.

Answer: It looks like she just switched the pills inside.

Answer: She didn't switch the caps but the bottles themselves and the contents.

But how could she switch the bottles? When she put her hands over them, the bottles stay in one place.

She used her ghostly powers to transfer the pills from one bottle to the other.



Question: If Salino was a hit woman for Lonnegan, why did he put a hit on Hooker, who he was working with to play the track? Also, who were, and why did the hit men arrive at Hooker's apartment to kill him?

Answer: He wanted to kill the man who swindled him out of his money. He didn't know it was Hooker. Same thing with the two hit men, they didn't know the hit woman was working the same hit.

Isn't one of the hit men who got Luther (and who would also know what Hooker looked like) the big tall security dude (on the train) for Lonnigan? I thought he was one of the black and white photos. Seems to me Lonnigan would eventually know that Hooker and Kelly were the same guy?

Question: When Vince turns up at the BBQ Leon says to him "Look who it is! Coyotes R Us! I thought you weren't hungry, pumpkin?" What in the world does Coyotes R Us mean? I have been wondering this since this movie was released.


Answer: I feel as though the saying is exactly what it means in the simplest terms. Since a Coyote is an animal and hunts for its meals, Leon could be referring to Vince being like a Coyote and having those traits. Vince has been aggressive and very territorial to Brian, especially at his advances towards Dom's sister. Vince is pretty much acting like an aggressive animal rather than a civilized human being.

Question: In the second safe house, the dialogue that takes place in the kitchen - how did Matt guess the housekeeper was not to be trusted? (01:00:00)

Question: Why would Valak tell Lorraine her name if that's her only weakness?


Answer: Valak was portrayed as a particularly powerful demon. In horror films demons are often portrayed as overconfident, and in this case it was thinking that Lorraine Warren would not be powerful enough to be able to defeat it. In addition, Valak revealed their name while Lorraine was in a dreamlike trance state, so it may have believed that she might not remember or make the connection at any point and be able to use it to her advantage.


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