Question: In the deleted scenes, who was the woman cast at the gun counter?

Question: In the movie they state the colonel cannot be charged because the crime was committed outside of the United States. All active members of the US military like the colonel are subject to the uniformed military code of justice no matter where the crime was committed, so how did the colonel prevent the military justice system from being able to charge him?

Answer: You are completely correct. This is a clear mistake, the colonel could (and would) most certainly be charged for his crimes.


Though unlike the movie, it's not up the attorney to decide if a military member gets charged, it's up to the judge advocate general.

Actually it's not a mistake. The colonel is not a member on active duty in the service. He's ex military. He's the one running the contractor group that carries out the senator's dirty deeds.

Answer: "The colonel" was not active duty military, BUT as a retiree he is still subject to the UCMJ.

How are retirees subject to the UCMJ?

They're not, generally. Some service members who've served for more than 20 years but less than 30 are or were subject to the UCMJ. There was a recent legal opinion overruling this though.

Question: In the scene where Swagger and Memphis go to talk to the old man, why does the old man look at their hands? What is he looking for?

Answer: He's looking for callouses on the hands. Professional snipers end up getting hard skin inbetween the webbed part of the skin between the thumb and forefinger because of constant rubbing on the trigger guard. By checking the hands, he could tell whether or not he was talking to a proper sniper, and in particular Swagger.


The webbing between the thumb and forefinger would rub on the stock or grip not the trigger guard.

Question: Why does Swagger include 5 tennis balls on the list of medical supplies he hands to Sarah?

Answer: If you cut a slit into them and squeeze when the ball expands back it creates suction. So they could have been used to clear away any blood or pus when cleaning the wound before stitching.

Question: Where does Swagger get his new sniper rifle? He was given the .22 that used to belong to Danny, but that obviously wasn't the gun he used at the Montana ranch or the mountain top scene. Where did this higher caliber rifle come from?

Answer: In the deleted scenes on the DVD it shows Swagger and the FBI agent purchasing the items for their assault on the ranch house, including two rifles.

Question: In the movie the Ethiopian official is killed with a bullet that had been previously fired through Swaggart's sniper rifle, wrapped in paper to protect the rifling marks, then re-fired through another gun. Where did they get the bullet? The only round fired through the gun is the one Swaggart fired at the soup can. No way they could have found that bullet in the mountainous terrain. A needle in a haystack would have been easier. Even if they did find the bullet it would have been too deformed to be accurate at any distance let alone the extreme distance in question. Why not just use Swaggart's gun to make the shot, or at least produce a pristine round without deformation? Of course then they would have found it lacked a firing pin. What if they had replaced the firing pin and made the shot? Could you imagine Swaggart's embarrassment when he pulled the trigger on Michael Pena to demonstrate the lack of a firing pin? And the expression on Pena's face. Priceless.

jt brady

Answer: After Swaggart left his home, NO bullets could have been fired from his rifle (altered firing pin). What might have been done is to have fired the killing shot with paper-patching so it couldn't be matched to ANY rifle and then just "claimed" it matched Swaggart's barrel.

Answer: Why would you assume that the only bullet fired from the gun is the one at the soup can?

Because he attests that this is the only bullet fired from this gun in the AG's office.

Answer: Another way that works is to have rammed (by rod) a bullet down the barrel of Swaggart's rifle and then used that bullet (with the paper-patching) to load a cartridge used in the assassination. THAT would have Swaggart's barrel markings on it.

Question: At the mountain top scene. Nick Memphis is shot in the front and it the steel plate. But aren't all the enemy snipers behind him overlooking the helicopters and people?

Chuck 123

Answer: Yes, they were placed there in case Swagger tried something. Everyone assumed Memphis was Swagger. When Meachum saw who it was, Swagger took out all the snipers before they were radioed instructions.

Correct. But he was shot in his chest as he's walking towards the senator. And the snipers and Swagger were behind them. So how did he get shot in the chest?

Answer: The dog featured in the film as Bob Lee companion was trained by owner Drew Thompson. The dog's real name is Logan. He is a Bernese Mountain and English Mastiff X. Drew states that "he is easily the smartest dog I have ever trained".

Answer: He said, it'll end up being buried somewhere, locked away and never to be seen again. They wouldn't want it to get out that a U.S. Senator sanctioned a village massacre.

Question: The movie says that the senator who helped the colonel cannot be charged because the crime was committed outside the United States. Is that realistic? If not then why?

Answer: This is not realistic. The Senator would be charged with conspiracy regardless of where the actual crime took place. Simply being overseas does not give an American citizen immunity.


Not even being in a nation without an extradition treaty gives an American citizen immunity?

No, they'd still be charged, but the logistics become harder. Regardless, that's a legal question best suited for another site, not one about movies.

Jon Sandys Premium member

I'm sorry. I was just asking if the idea that senator cannot be charged for his crimes because the crime was committed outside the United States is realistic. I'm not trying to be rude or offensive. If I am I apologize.

Not rude or offensive, it's just that this is a topic with endless articles available elsewhere on the internet, and I try not to let things get *too* off topic around here, otherwise some entries would have pages and pages of unrelated back and forth debates, cluttering up the site somewhat.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Thank you for understanding. I really appreciate it.

I wouldn't know where to look for that says committing in a nation without an extradition treaty doesn't an American citizen immunity.

Question: What was that stuff that Swagger used to treat gunshot wounds?

Answer: QuikClot dressing, which has blood thickening agent (coagulant) in it. I've treated more than a few wounds with them.


Answer: It's a bit complicated, so here's some online info on how the gunshot wound in the movie was treated. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

raywest Premium member

I'm not asking how he treated his gunshot wounds, I'm asking what he used to treat his gunshot wounds?

The link I gave you lists the materials used to treat the wound. Please check it.

raywest Premium member

I've looked at the sources. He used quick clot to treat his wounds. I have a problem with that because he opens the quick clot bag with his mouth. Wouldn't he risk getting cotton mouth if he opened the bag with his mouth since he was risk quick clot getting in his mouth?

That's why someone put this in as a mistake (listed as factual but should be a character mistake). Some say the way he handles the quick clot is wrong and/or dangerous.


Continuity mistake: Mark Wahlberg cuts through the back seat to get access to medical supplies in the boot - other stuff is visible in there too. But shortly afterwards when he reverses it into the water, the boot pops open and it's now completely empty.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Trivia: When Swagger is recuperating from the makeshift operation, it's shown that he has a third nipple below the left nipple.

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